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Blog entryNovember contest scribbler529 min 52 sec ago
poemSic transit gloria Americanae. Edna Sweetlove131 hour 15 min ago
poemSt Obesity's Pentecostal Church Is Calling You! Edna Sweetlove31 hour 35 min ago
poemMemories of a Train at the Worthing Central Level Crossing in the Historic County of Sussex Edna Sweetlove21 hour 48 min ago
poemLast Night lovedly023 hours 47 min ago
poemJust Flashed My Mind lovedly91 day 5 hours ago
poemFaith lovedly101 day 5 hours ago
poemIn The Dark Quiet Rottiestyl51 day 18 hours ago
poem• Last letter from the girl I love • Umeh Collins Ebube81 day 19 hours ago
poemOne Eye On The Weather... Geezer61 day 19 hours ago
poemYard Girl lovedly01 day 19 hours ago
Blog entryOctober Competition Sparrow 4222 days 5 hours ago
poemWhy The Silence lovedly22 days 22 hours ago
Blog entryresponding c lynn brooks43 days 3 hours ago
poemFood for Thought lovedly23 days 7 hours ago
Blog entryCom'on folks!... Geezer103 days 8 hours ago
poemSilence lovedly53 days 21 hours ago
poemOur Golden Anniversary lovedly11 week 2 days ago
poemI Thought The Summer Was Young Basya51 week 2 days ago
poemI AGREE WITH YOU Yes I Do lovedly21 week 4 days ago
poemThe Sun- sets lovedly31 week 4 days ago
poemMY NEW YEAR( October contest) scribbler72 weeks 21 min ago
poemAre you He/She lovedly62 weeks 3 days ago
poemShe The most BEAUTIFUL SHE lovedly22 weeks 3 days ago
Forum topicSomeone Critiqued My Poem. What next? Pugilist52 weeks 4 days ago
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