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September Contest Results

Congratulations to the winner: Samary!
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Thank you to all participants for entering this past contest and all contests.

August Contest Results

Congratulations to the winner: B9Pat
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Thank you to all participants for entering this past contest and all contests.

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Two Short Silent Poems

Your silence
is meaningless

why do you wish to be silent
when nature has given you a voice
even the silent waves
wish to roar
cancel their silence
will or can you
I dare

so do the seas adore
much more
as they are not silent
they continue to love you
as before

your silence
kills for sure
stay silent I pray no more

praise all
the world will adore
for sure

see the sun set's in silence
what a shame
you silent still remain

Now Second One


through the dark deranged portals you evoke fear
filled with angelic fervor on it's textual base
yet we dig much deep then ever before

cries in the dark will light the spark of what we need to know
still we stand idle as the average novice introduces its spell
along again then the sadness evokes a newer feeling
dwindling through the vain extraction of the never world

October Plans... [October Contest]

October is a scary month
In more ways than one
It means the end of summer
For me, that means the fun

Endless raking leaves
Temps are dropping fast
Get everything winterized
Ready for Winter's blast

The streets are looking spooky
We got some fog last night
I've seen my grandkids costumes
They're some scary sights

October's almost over now
Halloween still to come
Hey kids, I take you "Treating"
Make sure you save me some!

Maintain silence

At times silence
is appreciated
much more than noise

I always remain silent
as deafness overpowers

others simply hate
screeching voices at the palate

silent folks
don't realize
others are not deaf
they yell
at the top of their voice
breaking absolute silence
they have no other choice
they yell
get out of here
go to hell

O friendly poets
your silence
is so soft and sweet
my noisiness

Blue Moods

It's summer. The shore's busy.
Bright colors are everywhere
Blue prevails.

Alone she sits, with naked thoughts,
could never get the peace of mind that she sought
no matter how long she meditates.

Her garden, once with flowers' blooms,
now crowds of weeds.

It's summer. The shore's busy.
Bright colors are everywhere
Blue prevails.

Easy Is Hard To Do

I could really get into you
Easily love you even
But there are differences and
Friends can be cruel.

I could be your best friend
I could say it; just fill your ears
But with friendship comes trust
And you trust to easily

I could marry you
Live and thrive between the walls
But with love comes devotion
And you love to easily

I will not say goodbye
It would be the nice thing to do
But with nice, comes your smile
And I cry to easily

By: K. Mulroney

Elliptical machine

Run today fast shoes short shorts water bottle.
You’ve Nowhere to be
and here is sweat fledging face and hands and back, away up
and down into small wet crowns on the plastic.

Run today and run and run and run the breath through chapped lips,
lungs thick and filled from purging air that gag the steps.


We staggered and uncovered the graves
With this savaged blood
Drawing out of the fissures
Or at the center where nothing living grows
And on which ambush comes pulleyed.

Our fingers shook as we punched the wits out of the fresco-crypts
But at a turnout flesh along the sweat...the walls didn't move a tear.....but we did
Were we mug enough to hit ourselves?
Were they with the gloves!!

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

I only wish you had been to Niagara
romance never ends there ever,
I would love to have one each day
come what may
winter spring or snow
the Niagara always does love grow

upon my life’s arc
there is a permanent glow
how I wish all of you
sooner than later to Niagara go
to make the most beautiful
of all God's presentations of love
naturally flow

Death Of A Broken Planet



Often it seems like I have betrayed my world
like a rough lover, mauling
bruising his woman in the dark -
leaving marks upon her skin

In my bomb shelter - I perch on the very edge
as greenhouse gases befoul the air
and choke me like traffic fumes.
I watch my planet burn out like the woman I once raped and left to rot

Along my streets the newsboys cry
the old burnt-out world is dead - a stillborn babe
as sick cities fall like crumbling Babylons


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