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coming for an audition

coming for an audition

When eyes meet
we smile
but look away for a while
then again through the corner of an eye
we look glancing by
and then one winks
it’s always me

then the wink is returned smilingly
we come forward simultaneously

a step on her foot
she says ouch
and I say vouch

we kiss
then dance
it’s a beginning of a romance

we sing
she is happy we fling
then when time's up
we get the band roll


Where now the eagle which guarded our land?
For far too long we've missed your patrol,
the political class has grown out of hand.
All facets of life they want to control.

The sound of fast rolling from Jefferson's grave
over our freedoms' slow but sure decay
as we all become the government's slave.
Even our speech's freedom eroded.



We all strive to find a special place
above all others; a unique space
that rises above the commonality
of the human race and belies mortality;
we storm the heavens in conflagration,
like fallen angels, and curse the inequity
of Creation only to live in constant anguish
not to know what we are not meant to know
for all is beyond our understanding.
ignorance is our peace and our salvation
arrogance Is our Fall.


You frustrate me
You who gives just enough
But never too much
And never till it hurts
Who shares but keeps secrets
Who is honest but lies

You anger me
You enrage me
You hurt me
You confuse me
And I love you
Then I hate you
Not really you
But the way you make me feel

And I want to show you
And I want to teach you
I want you to hear
Listen, not just hear
And know
That you aren’t always right
And you don’t understand
Because you don’t take the time

why compose poetry

Very often I wonder
Is it worth my time...
to waste my invaluable time
humouring all who read me for fun
then I think it's time to wind up ...but the cold outside
ooooo so cold... all snow
my mind beckons me
composing poetry is best for all ye
as I pass time and spare the mind
the eyes are partially blind
so I have you all in mind
as you read poetry sublime



It’s been so quiet and still,
silence broken only by phantom
voices in my dreams and the sound
of my own thoughts when I wake.
how lonely it has been, how sickening
to the heart, how lost the soul in
the Shadow of the Cross.

Richard for Joe


God went down to the earth
Just to have a look
Hadn't been since Jesus' birth
Been writing his new book

Said to himself; “It's been awhile”
Thought about what to wear
“I wonder what's now in style?”
Brushed his teeth and combed his hair

Yes, there was his deep, blue sky
His trees of green and brown
But wait; What's this in his eye?
Smog I think; He frowns

I RECALL, I recall.........

Too many years now in the past,
awakening to a feast's fragrance
and the sound of kin folk gathering
as final leaves desert the trees.

The battle fought 'most every year
to keep "pluckers" from an early sampling
of turkey or some favorite dish
with resultant hand slaps and laughter.

At last a gathering around
the adult as well as children's table
while Grandpa offered up our thanks
in that still remembered deep bass voice.

The Road

The road is a grey
misty fog
an enigmatic stream
leading us to ambiguity
Beauty awaits around
corners of mindsets
set in tranquil reachings
tangling stairs
going up or
down dependencies
on windowlit sight
to cocoon and become
to wallow in idle
Better to walk a misty road
that ends in light
than to run through a bright
road that ends in death



The world is shrinking and from my window
alI I can see is an old mango tree.
I open the door and wait to hear footsteps
that will stop to chat a while with me.
the walls are closing in and every day
something else of me is taken away.
but my mind surrenders to my
changing worlds and I learn to love
the little things that still twirl
around my dying star,.


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