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Spirit of Butterfly [Sunku]

I flutter

utmost joy
in living life

to embrace

Pressure fissure:

All political correctness
Needs to be evenly supplied
Else it becomes a pooled mess
For special lobbies misapplied


Free at last,
don't owe anything 
to anybody 
- I'd worked enough
in the past -
and now like a child,
do only
what I want, 
still not completely old,
I don't ask
why I have to die first 
I am excited
by the fact.
every minute of my life
- what has left of it -
must be mine.

A hound carved.

Bare the brittle bones of night
let them eat. those that sleep
won't mind

Let the rumble clatter of timber
combust in its iron cage,
while one slaves

Let the other sleep, and whimper
dreams of running deep
into woods

While you cover strange ground
while the sleeper, sound
investigates the nocturne territory

Of a night, you once found,
once shared,
now a gnarled possession

A bone flint impaired by joint memory
let then, the night compare, while
one whittles words


"I want my son to grow rich and successful through the pursuit of science"--Rimbaud

I crossed the sand

It tried to drag at my feet
Then the ocean
Tended my needs
The rippling surge

Crossing over toes
Caressed my ankles
Wetting my shins

The art of falling
As if to welcome
The insistent waves

To caress my body
Floating forward
Feeling the choppy tide

Careless breathing
That splutters interrupts
Freedom of an Ocean

Holding my frame
Firm yet ignoring me
Seeming to laugh

I paused to look back
Then strove to be released
Becoming part of the whole

Dementia [Sunku]

I hide
my turmoil
with shaky palms

my lips fail
to voice my mind

I follow
hands of the clock_

A Simple Read

While folding the pages
of the life's book
page after page
in search of happiness
between the lines,
a period or a comma
might hinder the journey,
don't stop though,
the book's still open
your epitaph isn't written yet.

Bipolar (Lambic Pentameter Quatrain)

My mind is boggled down
My chest feels wrapped too tight,
Just wanna curl up in a ball
Sure as hell don't wanna fight
I wanna lean back in my chair

Close my eyes and float away
Cause the sh* that's piling up
Is just too much for today.
My eyes are feeling heavy

My heart is beating low--
Insides bunched up in a knot
Don't know where the heck to go.
They tell me not to think about it,


One hot spring day not many years past,
not so many as to have labeled me young,
but enough to have still been steady of pace
i grew restless within abode's walls
and set out on a quest.

So in my old truck I went
(Not my old red one, this one was gold)
down almost every type of road.
Four lane highway, two lane asphalt
through a few small towns
bypassing a nondescript middling city.
Finally a country road
which became gravel.
My kind of road.


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