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Awake again with only this
Pen to place me back
To sleep
Slipping from a quiet majesty of
Velvet darkness --- I've emerged the
Half-sleeper caught between two worlds
While the night shift keeps on working
The honey of my mind is
Challenged by the drug of time
There is a time when all men should
Sleep forever or should have
Slept forever
I am still asleep
Or ---not awake
Sitting here pounding at
Keys with numb flesh


In every droplet of water
lies the future of a generation
that has yet to come.

To waste it
is to invite tears of regret tomorrow,
the mark of despair.

Once lost,
it can never be replaced.

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My Word Is My Bond
Not For Persons Who Abscond
But Those Honour Bound

Cool Water

Sultry days of summer coming real soon
No breeze, still trees, parched throat needs
Cool water - still can't quench this thirst
Clothes dropped in stages, hastily peeled
Water can't cool this fire I feel
My soul is surely doomed to burn
Without the cool water of your touch
M E Wilson 04152009

Unconditional Love

Sometimes words of wisdom come too late.
Each one of us learns the secret of sharing,
with the patience given through trial and error,
honest and sincere efforts and caring,
open the doors to a deep and meaningful relationship.

Sacrifice of self and unconditional love
provides a basis for real love.
The depth of human love exceeds all emotions and
opens the door to personal growth.

Vital Values:

Fads and styles do trend
Fifteen Minutes Fame portend
Values last till End.

Concerns send her away

ending sunshine
nighttime looms
she leaves
becoming someone deserving
enlightened enchanted
excited romancing

Killing creation
she leaves
loving arms
soft smiles
gentle touches
deserved elsewhere
beyond simple leagues
she leaves

-materialistic values
means to ends
ends to beginnings
she leaves
dreaming hoping
free flying
her ways

Memories my Life’s Memoirs........ since 2010 only

Memories my Life’s Memoirs

Memories are imprints
everlasting ones,
on footprints,
finger prints,
of time,

but all evade us
even does time,
but memories take
much longer

these none can erase,
it’s an inevitable phase,
a yesterday
we hope to play,
again as a today

then memories, more will form
friend how then
can one wash them away
can you, friend or anyone
that ever say

A Springtide.

All eyes and breath,
I call from rest
my favourite one

and beneath a witch’s moon
I’m scooped out
with that sixteen bliss
of spring;

it mirrors my haunt

with the ache of knowing
what to say,


But then I am in the den
with death –

“let me kill my own;


what are we but for
broken parts?”

I put my ear to its shell,
listen, and sea –

the roll of your leaving


where there’s a farewell,

The quintessence of Autumn

Muddied rubber cause a crisp shattering of leaf spines;
as frigid air bites at exposed ears turned florid.
Whilst naked trees caress the air with animate arms,
relived of their conventional adornment of green.

Cameras capture the aesthetic of autumn weather,
as the scheming winds muss hair styles;
appropriating hats and summer in a bitter swipe,
but with more so mischief that malevolence.


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