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Signs Of The Time

politicians in drag
Manson is finally dead
robots for men
more claims of sexual misconduct to explain
Beer pongs in college room dorms
Fetty Wap making a comeback
sign of the times
Fat little boy from North Korea
Trump in his ivory tower
why do we even bother
we didn't start the fire


Still falls the rain
The veils of darkness shroud the blackened trees
which contorted by some unseen violence
Shed their tired leaves and bend their boughs towards a grey earth of severed bird wings.

Among the grasses poppies bleed before a gesticulating death
And young rabbits born dead in traps stand motionless
as though guarding the silence that surrounds and threatens to engulf all those that would listen.

Last Decision

This choice will be the Last.
And everything will become the past.
Your passionate kisses will become memories
And your tight hugs will become mare memories.

I have to choose between my life
and the best thing God created.
If I choose my the best under sunlight
Then I will die in the best jet that man created.

The greatest treasure in the Univers
and My most important thing
Are at death risk
and I must decide.

The choice is my Life.
May your soul rest in peace.

Stripping Kipling

a gentleman from the west
considering his culture the best
chronicling what he felt certain
penning The White Man’s Burden
policies provoking native unrest

The Falcon fall

Watching the falcon's wings
At 200 mph
I realize what freedom could be
Attached to nothing
How it would be to swoop
To tilt and invert the earth
To career through
Olive groves
To fly above and out
And beyond any mind

Writing Poetry and of Poets

I will write of the gems I have held
Some in my mind others in my heart
Yet they are held with a love so pure
A thought that will fill eternity’s hold

They are a band of poets striving away
They are from all places with all thoughts
Here they play with words in tidy rows
Though we must take each word carefully

When you talk of their words talk with calm
Be gentle with their lives as they burden you
Think of all they have been through or why
They come to us each day poetry to unfold

A moment in the mortuary

stagnant bodies
starring continuously,
as if to talk, to walk, to jump
one asked a question
why toiling, why struggle?
this manure body of the earth,
and the divorced breath soul.

take a walk here with me,
where stars seize to shine
golds seize to glitter
where the strong and the weak harmonize,
where the poor and the rich unites
life is a journey, journey it well,
I took a moment to the mortuary.

Naked Autumn Trees.......NOVEMBER CONTEST(REVISED)

Naked Autumn Trees

Seeds- Root-Trunk-Branches –
soft feathery leaves
small still
Spell bound nudity,
I am the autumn tree
lanky trunk
in cold winters breeze
I freeze...

My bark -like thin skin
the warmth within me
I ought to contain
Autumns will come again and again
but for many years
I have to sustain...

Peace on earth starts in our hearts.

Let us flags of peace hoist
Across every land, hill and coast.
Warlords sheath your war maces
Sing peace songs, cling in embrace.

Hate, wars made earth a labyrinth .
bliss, joy retracted into myth.
Peace again must reign on earth ,
for us all to bask in mirth.

Blast the horn make it known
to all, peace on earth must dawn.
Don't ever relent in delusory
that peace on earth is illusory.


Life, has many precious moments
Each one, in our mind engraved
So when we’re old, we reminisce
To rediscover what we’ve saved


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