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The stream (all workshops)

This is the stream - you can see all poems on Neopoet, live, as they are created.


This is me (Feb Contest)

I became aware
There in the evening of my time
I looked at things past
I had to smile no chaos

I watched for many years
There the world turned
It was kind to my ways
Quiet thoughtful days.

Now as night comes
It seeks to bend my time
I resist saying I am fine
These days are the best.

I watched as stars shone
They have always stayed for me
Twinkling in the night
The sun shone during the day

A Love (Sunku)

Felt anew
Born of the wind

Touch inside
Time no obstacle

Love tasted
Forever joined..

As always Sparrow in Spring..


Sweet corn
chicken soup
served steamy hot

of corpses
in each spoonful

Goose bumps
of guilt made
me chicken out


Blue skies
dark as night
jazz on my mind

can’t shake
lingers inside

no gift
to sing jazz
I write the blues


my heart string
home for Christmas

no water
a week in
at the hotel

hung out
with grandma


Bold world
No shadows
Open thoughts, no words

Nothing to hide

If only
my head is
less transparent

Chapbook Submission I: Love and Death

Chapbook Submissions I: Love And Death
Andrew Barham

POETS (Sunku)

Cry not
for old men
who took pen in hand

their lot
indeed, sin
is to enrich the land

bones rot
beneath fen
time is a quick sand

SunKu workshop

break my bones

like sticks and stones


to my soul

I’m dyslexic


poetic style

I will master

Conflict of Emotion (co author Geezer)

Confronted my demon
It’s been a while
There is a familiarity
ghosted in his smile

And so it begins
“Hello baby,
how you been?”
Here we are again

“If you had only
Done things my way
But you are the one
That went astray”

“It wasn’t me
Said those nasty things
It wasn’t me,
Taking your wings”

Lost in emotion
The conflict is real
I’m dancing with the devil
He’s trying to deal


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