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AC Election (October 2018)

Our election continues with the following individuals on the ballot:

Barbara Writes
Roscoe Lane

The election concludes on Friday, October 19th (5 pm Eastern Time).

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Thunder In the Tundra

Like a night without stars
I wonder where you are

I feel the cold
All the way in my bones

Like a tree without leaves
The way my heart grieves

You never answer
Your phone, anymore

Cause it’s thunder in the tundra
And I’m feeling twice as lost
It’s trouble now on trouble
I feel like I’m losing the coin toss

Like I’m in a country far from home
And I’m all alone

The Favorite Beach

They turned me on and off like a light bulb.
Lying in the surgical stage with needles
And tubes wired inside me.
I heard the anesthesiologist say
"Think about your favorite beach."
My mind went to several in a second or two,
And then went blank.
Next I knew I was in a different room
With a cast about my repaired ankle-
A simple job of cut, sew, and staple em’ up.

Leave Me Alone...

I wish the trees would keep their leaves
Then I could keep my cool
For raking leaves and bagging them
Is a job made for a fool

It never ends, there's always more
The trees hold them until tomorrow
Just when you think you have them all
You need the rake that's borrowed

Pile them high, great big heaps
The second time today
Come back from lunch to bag them up
Had to chase the kids away


Once more I walk through predawn light
as autumn stars fade over head
old eyes requiring a flash light.
I could be still home warm in bed.

The old game trail forks right up here
as it has for years gone by.
My destination's growing near.
The dimmest stars desert the sky.

I take the right fork on the path
although it's worn less than the other.
Was it long ago Cherokees' warpath?
I first walked on it with my brother.


when i want inspiration to write poetry
i watch a heaving tempest of kisses
they have a better flavor
than cooking shows

what's prettier than pretty pretty
in pigtails
shaking her delicious
derriere whipped Soufflé?

i'm kissing butter princess
witchy tits
spread lickity splits
eating her
with a big wide shit eating grin
like an open face Dagwood

One Person's Wild is Another Person's Tame

If only my life
had a weather vane

Growth a clear E
& W
N & S

When I feel like I’m going forward
Someone tells me
I’m falling behind

When I feel like I’ve graduated
I find I have to cover
The very same ground

Like light refracted through water
The "truth"
Juts at a strange angle
Out of reach

Like wild horses
I wonder if it is better
More beautiful and right
Never to tame them at all


Time is a manifestation of the
Human Mind
Once man FINALLY established
that the Sun was actually static
and the Earth went around
then one circle
became equal to 24 hours
‘’Sunrise to sunrise’’

All else is conveyed in the
Modern Zodiac

Hence everything happens in
Phases and natural Time periods
With slight variations
Interdependence on

Time thus becomes the
True and Valid God

Burning Land

there are women who love demons
you can see it in their eyes
like a sick hunger
silence in a straight jacket
smiling limbs on a pyre
staring entranced
whiskey blind
as if marveling
at a howling blood-spattered dingo in a crater
to wander off half-naked into a bush of thorns
fingering barbed hooks for heroine kisses
women on fire who believe in nothing
except their atavistic compulsions

What to answer to a questioning child?

Fossils turned to fuel
fuel stoked fire
fire caused smoke
who's to blame?

some folks say
it's fossils

some bloke says
climate change is a hoax
it'll turn around
show me the scientists
they've a political agenda

whom to believe
asks a child
who has no school to go
because it's been turned to rubble
by hurricane Michael in Florida

A reflection

A reflection of mind
Dare you look at the reflection
Of that gaping mouth
That gave forth truths

Sometimes cruel words
Crossed those aged teeth
Glowing sickly yellow
Where bleeding gums
Had lost interest in their use

How strained bloodshot eyes
Strained against old dirty bulbs
Clad in cheap fragile glass
Where flys had deficated with ease

Electricity flickered irritatingly
Screaming at modern tubes
Lost in time their story of saving
What is this Martian landscape


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