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Moving up
on the escalator
climbing the steep stairs
the same way I did ten years ago,
I feel the same burning sensation in my muscles.

It’s certain to be cancer,
or something I ate,
perhaps the undigested bile
of someone I hate

Mostly it’s the Nazi gnome
his domain his practice
he assumes godlike power
by the hour
demeanour sour.
He treats you like a slacker liar
but I’ve got better things to take
than his unearned ire.

I’m gonna get the prick,
I know where he parks his wheeled penis
slashed tyres and a brake fluid paint job
may just make him consider this

Don’t fuck with me.


The skies are blue
when the sun descends,
the trees are green
and the birds dwell.
all plants smile gladly
when the breeze visits,
for its a joyful day
a call for a feast.

An hour of conceiving is blessed,
the day of birth is marked.
Amongst your mates just smile,
with your siblings give a smile.
When friends and loved ones
celebrates you.
For parents and members
are bold and proud.

Self - Deception

Until I make out the shadows
by the light of a candle.

The wick, it wears thin.
Flickering schemes on the wall.

Disillusioned by the glow,
and I lose myself once more.

I see the truth.
I know it.
But I allow this fusing wax
to slowly drip
onto my polluted soul.

It burns....

occluding me with transparent lies.
The lies that I see through
and I deem myself to believe.

To The Dreamers

You say you have a vision
but you treat life like a fiction,
imagining trophies in your grasp
when your life is loaded with crap.

The car's engine is running
but no motivation to start moving
and then you complain
when you don't make the change.

If you live only in dreamland,
then you embrace denial,
how can you rise like a man
and see your own potential?

I refuse to say it's wrong to dream
but surely you must know
dreams will never be real
if action is just a no-show.


Sing no dirges when I'm gone
loss isn't how I've lived my life
so do anything but grieve
for passing won't result in strife.

Think of me, if you're inclined,
and picture me when in my prime
long before the years began to bind
and built up on me like white rime.

Or next time you are in a wood
close your eyes and listen close
to how the forest doesn't brood.
I'll be near where a small stream flows.

silken pyjamas

or not
silky are hot
some like to silhouettes
show off

All like to show
the sides
the woods
the forests too
without pyjamas
would you like
also too

The smell of skin
the hollowness
of rattling bones
we love to hear
deaf may one be
but would you too.
without pyjamas

yes these softy things
all see
speak for the desire in you
wear no pyjamas
will you try to...

Dear Cell Phone (March Contest)

You’re six gigabytes worth of pain
Everytime I turn you on
I’m watching a video when you shut off
You’re driving me insane!

I bought you a new battery
And then cleaned up your screen
So what is the problem here
Why are you so mean?

You twitch from drops of liquid
Pop open all your apps
I can’t even hear my ringtone
You act just like a kid!

Hours, Days, Weeks, Months
Our communication’s ghost
I can deal with you no longer
This relationship is toast.

Poem in two movements

Time is composed from seconds
like music from notes.
There are a few rules to follow
it more or less flies.
Life is from smiles
of millions of solders complying
with birth to death march
from the first hug
to the last breath,
from the first cry
to the last time being cried about.
A cozy confinement of love
from the first touches
to the last phrase
in photographic frames,
letting the cars to pass
sitting in traffic.

Take your Chances

Do not postpone,
do not anticipate,
just take your chances,
because one day
you might awake
to find your sail
has stopped advancing.
It’s not too late
to learn new things, to fall in love,
to travel.
what you choose to get
and how wild your party
there will be something to forget.
between postponed and done,
missed opportunities
and randomly selected choices,
unsettling voices
whispering “undo”
-regret and hope
kaleidoscopic marvel.


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