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There in
gutters lie

to decay,
degrade, pass

of you choke



in the moment
a shower
feel the water
trickle down your spine
the warmth of the water droplets
hand towel to soothe your impurities

bask in the vast expanse between time & space
it stops
a towel to dry
stay with me now
caress a perfumed fragrance

hear the birds chirping outside
the light on
a song in your heart
silence again
etched through the frequency of time & space
captured in time

Dialogue with my dog (February Contest)

Every day there are 
about three stars explode
around us in the visible world.
On a good day we detect them all
and on a cloudy one - none.

Today is one of those.
No point to be in the lab.
Instead I've taken my dog 
on a long walk to the park.

We wade in leaves, knead the dirt.
Under the blanket of
low hanging clouds and raising fog
we wander thinking about
melted snow and burned out stars -
they are not simply cooling off rocks
but newborn atoms
sent flying in dazzling curves.


roofs in the fog

it drops
from the eaves
and black branches

lost toys
dressed up in ice
raise their hopes


Bleeding out
Emotions raw

Same foe
Past regret

Hate me
Go but stay

And In Turning We Might See

What I was lacking you returned
I was sculpting marble columns

the ones you fall from every night
whistling in the dark

each time in a different posture
as if it will make any difference

a striptease for a skull
spinning on a black gloved finger.

But this is where I live
Eyes lit with moonlight musk

In the Tide Pod's hieroglyph
in some fraud's lexicon

In the mime's bodiless de ja vu
in his sudden touch, spinning

the mannequins to face other
as driftwood

SunKu 11 Workshop

white winter
killed my battery

Oooh hooo
my car
sits in the yard

Yes yes
she’s under

Crossing Zebra Lines

Bands in
black and white
across the path

Wish they
would rather
crisscross in life

road to peace


Death, there is none a cruel as you.
Taking countless lives in cold blood.
Yet you are never satisfied.
All human lives end with you.
With none being able to escape.

Death, without a warning you came.
And left those behind pain.
With their lives an act of vain.
Wow. Why suffer to live?

How did humans offend you?
To live waiting for you?
Today you spare me
Just to call me tomorrow
Why not take all in one night
To satisfy your blood thirst.


When the tantrum is lost,
gods become men,
They lost their youthful hue,
Divinity turns to humanity.

I'd rather return to infancy,
When I'd growl as a cub
Yet with my fangs and claws infantry
And wouldn't serve the pleasures of my heart.

Today I am a man and human,
Lost in the deep and depths of gory experience
I do not growl in frustration
I yank and bite and tear.


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