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alight my dear you are home

You can think alone when times train …or spacecraft…takes you there …your final destination arrives …reaching ones destination is not always as exciting…. as is the sojourn …your journey …alone you have by now...through tunnels of time have gone… and sad enough to say …though you have alone found your way… there will be no one …no Baldies …nor Godly …no kith …nor kin … no fat one …nor thin … no damsel …no damned guy …all would have already wished you a very happy forever goodbye… you shall alight at the junction of eternity…where there will be no fraternity….


Cold wind with prickly particles of sand,
Washed out lace of shells and silver foam,
Footprints of birds, warm pebbles in my hand
Driftwood and waves will be forgotten or
can be suspended in the depth of time

Where memories preserved as poems
It's up to me to live them through and drop
Like moths to die near the lantern or
Pick up a pen and give another life.
I am a poet after all.

they say to right what you feel...

I hid a note
underneath my shelf yesterday,
it's in my throat,
stuck on all the things I'm scared to say.


I shall not cover eye, or mouth, or ear,
nor shall I cower, kneel to a cold hand.
My will must surely be more consistent
than clay new molded by a hollow age.

The First and Last Death

Who cannot remember the deep incision
Of the first death, of the telling that all things living
Will die and follow in a parallel universe,
Up above the clouds, up where all is wonderful.
But all was wonderful all the time
Down here...

You sensed it might be so. No matter:
You will be the one who lives forever.

Account Ability:

Instigated preemptive invasion
causing collapse of state unstable
triggering death and destruction
but who is uniquely accountable?

Will not allow anyone to demonize
as past iniquity entitles prosecution
to punish perceived evil and lies
engendering permissible persecution

Continual assistance from patronage
allowing reshaping neighbourhood
for future geographical advantage
enforcing own greater global good

The Giant of Africa

hail the giant of Africa
with a head bow and a gun salute
as she approaches from within
with her flowing gigantic green white green
your green which had been sold and your white stained
by her beautiful diverse fingers that hunger for a division.

hail the giant of Africa
the only giant that lives in the behind
it seems modernization is your enemy
it seems those rancorous termites with their succulent grows fat
though appears strong but weak
oh, hail the giant of Africa indeed.


I am me because you are you.
My eyes are brown
because yours are blue.
I use my left hand
because you use your right.
If it wasn't for darkness
there would be no light.
If it wasn't for space
there would be no form.
Death would not exist
if life wasn't the norm.
By now I hope we're beginning see.
That we depend on otherness for our reality.
So never scorn your neighbor
treat everyone as a friend.
Be for them a safe harbor.
For our existence is inseparable from them.

Just Suppose

just suppose,
the opened door...
a closet to a never world
fought back the furtherance with a smile
one step in the woods a brigade of C.S. Lewis land marks;
exquisite for taste
in hallow concrete waste;

there branches twisted in the wind
I'm your biggest fan
circulating with a smile
to know all the great while
a Walt Disney encounter
Mickey the mouse cleaning house
a ripple in a pond
faintly come along
whispers in a song

Either side of Niagara

Either side of Niagara

In spring it's snowing
in USA
as you all say

Ice breezy snow
come and see
Canada will ye

on either side
stand you and me
the daffodils are blooming
the birds chirping
in your place

come over aside
and look over my shoulders
no you won't recognize
covered in the blue rain coat fully
here it is still chilly
snowing like the winters' freeze
come and see me


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