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Empty Spaces

I dwell in this silence for a while
The echoing thoughts are empty
They await the truths of others
Where are my friends, where are you?

I turned to you in my pain
Seeing nothing you walked away
Why did you not look at me?
Here I am shouting to you.

This silence drains my strength
Where have you all gone
This is why the world is false
We make our own peace within

Many times I have cried out
There the darkness absorbs
The sounds are lost in nothing
Have faith in what, I ask laughing.

Remembering S R Nathan (A Dedication)

I'll remember you as the man who rise
from humble beginnings to represent a nation's pride.
You were the unrelenting natural born leader
who defended our law in spite of foreign pressure.

You always place your country before yourself
through years of services, playing many roles
that earned the respect of everyone in the country.
Among them are the two years of your presidency.


From a Lawyer and Poet

Legality and poetry
are two different things
when you post a snap or poem
'tis yours,
as time is recorded

but you also permit it
for sharing and commenting
see the guy coming
with cement behind
he will cement poetry
with legality
both will solidify into one bulk
so don't sulk

poetry is simple emotion
legal guys
work is to exploit
well up tears
so the jury may feel
how hard up may
one may have been

wake up to the fan....

Im still in Tuesday...

Cessation Modes

Like an evil demon
or a nagging nagger
destroying mind
destroying body
you messed it up
brought it down
took it out
all in time
measured in modes.

With each fly in
landing with a punch
or shock
to your structure
(your muscle structure)
you cannot bear it,
stand it


Bouncing knees
Tensing muscles
Hell by the minute
White pills
Green pills
Brown pills
No pills
It's one big pill!



Windscale gardens are reading hot
below the high box chimney top
equipped the bomb to join
the race
Uranium oxide
saving face
and cesium too
strontium 90
particles spew

in 57' they stopped
the two
no more toxicity
too the blue



Painful to forget
painful not to forget,
not a pleasure to remember
not a pleasure not to remember,
haunted by the shines and the rains
the snow does not soothe the pains.

If time is relative
existence is also relative,
in the nexus of relativity
life moves on weary
since past and present diffuse away without clarity.

Dream of Universal Conduit

Swim free
raise arms
push up
float down
touch gravel
bend knees
stretch up
lower arms
struggle blind

-no light

-no air

break surface
deep breath

-gone fishing


tapping on the tin
the dark wing of
eve falls fast
like a hush
thankful the windows
only on the east side
far enough away
from the detonation
that nothing burned
the wind
was blowing
and not in the
good way


In cosy Western Camelot
(on humankind , another blot)
seems Aylan's been remembered, not.
The world forgot. The world forgot.

So now we have another sign.
Another icon for our time.
He's only five, concealed in grime.
He could be mine. He could be mine.

I watch him slowly wipe his brow
then stare, confused it seems, as how
his hands are dirty, bloodied now.
My head I bow. My head I bow.


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