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Planting Bulbs in Autumn

Sitting in cold dark dirt
hands hurting in the cold
and black with digging
I asked myself was I too old
for this.

Yet even as the question came
my thoughts turned to an answer
of golden flowers
nodding in the warming sun,
with spikes of color
rising up to
waft a sweetness
gently on spring air,
and my woman's smile
as she's returning
home from work,
seeing her new garden
awakening from winter slumber...

From The Scrapbook

Tiny hands found a place, for a leaf beside her feet,
there it stayed, pretty safe, where no one but her knew.

Those tiny hands kept growing large, but kept returning to the page,
it made her smile, to see it there, beaming at her face.

What was said in silent words, no one but they knew,
for being there is all that mattered, without being said.

A Kiss is Not an act of Savagery

A kiss is not an act of savagery,
so let your lips purse,
my darling,
and let them become tender
for me
in Stan Hywet's garden.

A kiss
is not an invitation to war,
so let your guard down
as we make our way through my hallway
and into my bed.

You gave me
the tenderest moment there
when you caressed my back.
The smallest things
can make me feel loved
even among the biggest things.

Simple times solace shine

break with the promise of a new days dawn
simple taste as the dear with the fawn,
mechanical taker forced fed capper
through once getting better
swing type the remote tropics
in your unique charm
paradox to a shortened harm
made less simple light to flame
as the faint heart short of insane

that's the beauty of the spring
share with others skilled now together filled
simple times solace shine,
bread and butter nestled rooter
a great shaped caped crusader

(repost) shadow

I wish I was as pretty as my shadow
I wish I was as easy to hide
I wish it was easy to tell the truth
and harder to tell that I lied.

No Final Kiss (November Contest)

Forty five damn years of absence
Thirty years of heart break good byes
She was still a magnetic force
Same as rolling in autumn leaves

Her memory, sweet affection
Aroma of clinging soil
Filled my senses, warming autumn
Filled yearning years with dead desire

Northwesterly winds immature
Just like my life in our youth
When naked we held each other
And believed only we could know

Forty five years after the dump
What the fuck was I expecting?


Clouds over the skyscraped sky,
Their bodies emerge on the wind- O Gloria!
Shapes in stampede illusions, shapes
With hues of the October sun, sun
Which rips in leaps from wall to tower.

I attach myself to the fast clouds,
To the mythos of angelic, angelic,
As I attach myself to the autumnal wind, loud
Are the fugues of sound, proud
Geometries of steel and mirrored glare,
The sky, sky fills with fleeing dragons!

PRIMAL STALK (November contest)

The hunt begins
for hunger gnaws
while the mainspring slowly spins
and the stalker gives no pause.

Sun sinks slowly in the west,
fellow carnivores join in the fray
each hoping they can pass the test
of filling belly at the end of day.

Many targets are passed by
in the quest for the right one.
This hunter is choosy, sly.
His prey when found will soon be done.

Graceful Fall From Grace

Its cold sitting at McDonald
my fingers are chilled to the bone
my hot breath soothes the freeze
in my bony fingers.

A great fall, I experienced
to the floor, slippery wet, down I went
my hand, wrist, up to my shoulder
still hurt a little.

I laid on the wet floor for a moment
this filled restaurant, blank stares got me annoyed
I'm feeling crazy, gathering my senses
they help me up off the floor.


Ass The Horse Shit Until Head
What's wrong with society today let me say
It's not fashionable anymore to hold open the door
You just nod your heads and claim that was so 1964
Through field and stream were living in the land of mean
Snap shot moments of celebrity's in their prime
It was the 80's and everyone was dropping and doing a line
Let me tell you I get no respect said the famed of Rodney D,
Flip flops were all the rage with hair spray in the ladies braids
Regarding those times we would often stand in line


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