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January 2021 Contest Announcement!

This month our contest is about the boundless sea. There are no restrictions on the amount of lines in the poem.
Good luck to all our contestants for more information please visit

December 2020 Contest Result

Congratulations to Michael Anthony
For winning the December 2020 neopoet poetry Contest.
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Thanks to all who participate in this month's contest

December 2020 Contest Announcement

This month we are asking our members to participate in a poetry contest that could give a modern twist to one of the ghosts that visited Scrooge on Christmas Eve. Let us see what modern twist you can put on a Charles Dickens classic. Best of luck to all our contestants.

November 2020 Contest Results

Congratulations to the winner: Miriam Louis
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Amber alert! Where is my heart?


A Mortician’s “Somber” Reflections

Cradle to grave, the destiny of man
is one from which there’s no escape.
Born he was without teeth in his gums
but it is the tooth of time that tears and gnaws.

Aging gracefully, oh, such fleeting dream;
man finds himself prisoner of old age.
Dogs may grow old without showing their age--
some old ones still run, but this one lies still.

This shadow of man, once stout,
now his legs are withered and stiff;
the skin is loose and saggy like that
of a plucked goose. The neck

San Francisco's Waiting

I always used to asked her;
But how could you know a City
You've never actually seen?

She always replied; " I just know"

She told me, she was in love
With the Golden Gate Bridge
A truly spectacular sight

She said;
It always had the possibility
To make dreams come true

Wow, even now I often sit and wonder
What she meant,
Slowly, I think I'm getting it

She saw its potential
It had created a pathway
People could connect
It's a Bridge of Hope, she would say

I Breathe But Slowly

The doc says
take long and deep breaths
so I breathe slowly
hold it
then release
the doc takes his fees

He leaves

do breathe daily
till you live
after that 'twill
be heavens will

depends on availability
of an invisible bed
out there
till then keep
holding your breath


Late evening in this little town
tucked away in a southern valley
just after the sun's gone down
before mosquitoes start their alley.

Street light igniting one by one.
Some dog yapping at a who knows what.
Children laughing having fun
all their worries are forgot.

The sidewalk resounds with each foot fall
as I slowly make my way about
worried we might lose it all.
Has our nation's light gone out?

The Wisdom of Cats

The phone rings late in the afternoon
She says she wants to see me tonight
I take another drink and contemplate the dance

Dark hair and a smile that cuts to the truth of the matter
Taking what she wants and leaving the rest
She turns over and draws the covers to her

And the damn cats look at me disapprovingly
I let them out to search for better company in the alley
She says, "Leave the bastards to the night and come back to bed."

The Other End of the Table

It is harshly distant -
as if looking over an unearthed field
stretched out beneath a thin, gray sky.

There is your chair,
your aura timely wrapped
around the wood, the frame,
the scratches in the paint.

I pass the evening with a slice of toast,
one small potato -
reflections of things that are only
part of something else,
something once whole.

At Night

Clad in the dark garment of night,
you walk into my dream,
wearing a diadem made of all the stars
I see in the night sky. Each one
of those countless sparkling gems
represents a single thought of my love for you;
Cupid gave it light to let you know,
I’m thinking of you; always.
How desperately I try to hold on
to each minute detail of your face—
and recall your loving words.
You are my passion; my longing;
my undying soul.
Where you are not, I cannot be.

The world replies

The world
in soft
With the
Pitter patter
Of rain against
My weak white
wooden window frame.
And oh the sensational
sight of that
Superlative light
that loves to
illuminate my
room with the dark
audacious yet filled
Immense animosity.
The brotherly
color of blue .


Another friend of longer times
left today without taking leave
he had no time to say good bye
he simply left
this world bereft
none can ask him why
he couldn't have had an answer
leaving unknowingly in silence

Now we bid good bye


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