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Personifications Of Oceanic Thoughts

sun lit morn
the surf hits the turf
smells of salt air through the moment
savor each moment as the memory lasts
bask in the vast expanse between time & space

sounds of children playing
seaweed next to the rocks along the cobblestone walkway
solace torn up in the derision of peace with solidarity
we were made for moments such as these
seagulls flock overhead

Deific wisdom

I yearn for that deific wisdom
that would bring me total freedom.
Freedom from all obscurities,
into a life of utmost clarity.

A hallowed wisdom to veer me from a doomed path.
Guide me through,to the threshold of truth.
Adorn me with a worthy dexterity,
to attain my desired superiority.

If sageness has no stipulated age,
then now i want to be a sage.
Divine wisdom is supreme .
I want to fetch from its stream.

First Love True

At fourteen, when my Father died
As fathers often do
I found a gorgeous goddess girl
Who helped me make it through

My grief, I’d buried and denied
She made it safe to feel
The pain that pride forced me to hide
Her true love helped to heal

At nineteen, when my girlfriend left
As girlfriends often do
I found no friend or goddess girl
To help me make it through

My heart, with parents’ full support
She went and tore in two
I never thought I'd heal or mend
Now love had been untrue

After departure.

You were once my all,
My happiness, my love, my heart,
I knew this during our fall,
In the last tender moments of our depart

What I would give to hold you again,
To have another feel of those sweet gentle lips,
Your warmth that transcended through rain,
To touch your silky curly locks at their tips.

In your absence, the world has lost its shine,
The future holds no other description but bleak,
Now that I've lost all in the world that was mine
Cheerful songs fail to escape a bird's beak.


The largest oven is the South on an August afternoon.
Blinding light from reflects off the singed grass and parched ground,
Heating every surface to 350℉ for 30 minutes,
Making a cobbler of the world.
They say in Texas you can cook an egg on the sidewalk.
The coil of the sun radiates penetrating heat
Roasting the flesh and cooking the brains of laborers in the fields.
No relief from the humid convection that bakes dust and dirt to your sweat-steamed skin.
Permanent head in the oven breathing searing air,

Stainless lovers Year 2010

Stainless lovers

This poem was composed
after reading a poet's version
of self love
a state of idealism.

I do hope
it does justice
to the poetic love
one of idealism...

Stainless Love

I have no doubt
that you were sleeping
as those words rolled out
neither the sun had set,
nor were you dreaming.

I Won't Find the Real God in This Place

I won't find the real God in this place
with woodcuts and paintings,
and crumbling marble.
I won't find Him
in the Egyptian, nor Greek galleries either.

And this should come
as no surprise,
since I never found Him
in a church or temple, for that matter.

I don't know
if that is what
makes the depression drip so thickly from me.

In Every Sip

She watched me.
Eyes closed and shoulders feathered,
Hands cradling my cup
As if I was holding my own soul,

Escaping into the steam
and red clay of the rooibos leaves, traveling
To a place beyond life's troubled horizon
Where the fog begins to clear.

After three sips of tea
I have new ears. And the cinnamon
Has silenced my echoes of worry
Ricocheting off walls

Sugar Cain

Was born a child of nightmare darkling
A demon dog with collar sparkling
My Ma and Pa were Eve and Adam
Preferred their son to me their madam
So when the moon rose red and bloodied
I stalked Abe by the stream when flooded
Then shot him with my gun – a Glock
Was more precise than stone or rock
I dumped him in the flowing water
Then heard old Adam calling, “daughter!”
I then seduced my dear old daddy
At brothel – so he’d be the baddy
I’m Sugar Cain: Love-child of goddess
Ma says I’m such a soulless soddess

Am I late early snow

My nude trees
are now not bare
who will at them
openly stare

autumn has come and gone
today it snowed
my trees are
with silvery white gowns clothed

they are no more nude
but who cares
about Lovedly
who now only
love shares
yet guys and gals
still move about me
as lovely in pairs


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