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Community News

Referendum #7 passed!

Referendum #7 (text below) passed, with 11 votes in favor, 1 abstention, and no votes against.

Referendum text:

Neopoet Referendum No. 7

Do you agree with the following proposal?
We will create a unique workshop called "The Lab" in accordance with the community discussion ( Submissions to "The Lab" would have special visibility in The Stream and elsewhere. Submissions would be restricted, both by how often a member can post, and on the basis of credits, which are earned by posting quality comments. More detail is available in the community discussion page (linked to previously). 
This initative, if ratified, may take several months to implement.

The stream (all workshops)

This is the stream - you can see all poems on Neopoet, live, as they are created.



Between the western hills a glaring eye peered
Leaving a simmer that lit the golden seas
Between those coconut trees our castle stood
As ignorant as childhood, we honed the world.

Here gigantic ambitions took baby steps
Just like roses, we watched our pollen dreams bloom
In sacred embrace, mushrooms grew in our hearts
True love left her footprints upon the sands of time.


over the eyes
beautiful vacancies
and folded hands

our true home
land of inanimate flesh
in sunken grave beds

we are already dead
waiting for our boat to float out to seas vanishing point

age; a slow erasure
the mind still wreathed into the torrents of life
morals transmute into desires lost
every inhalation
a going going gone

the only savage kisses;
crypt tongues slow unwinding


Open your eyes walker,
Open your eyes and see the world
Looking around with every step,
Being one with nature
Being one with you.

Open your eyes walker,
Open your heart and feel
‘Cuz what options are there,
Oh walker walking in the walk
Walking through the road,
What option are there
When there are no options?

Like a jewel

Sparkling Shining Dazzling
A Diamond ring
A Ruby set in a stone
Polished Opal
Glittering Emerald
Splendid to see
Just like a jewel

A Pristine Day (February Contest)

As darkness prints down with its claw,
they would share the same room, the same
bed and the same pillow- the dame
and her poisonous fellow.

Every night, the snake would crawl in
with its bold, green shiny eyes
while twitching along with its tail.
It starts the hissing, spitting
and growling then tightly twists
around to torque the frightened lady.

Injecting in its venom, the snake
would send her forever dead.

Call of the Raven

Black raven atop Golden Corral
calls out to me in the parking lot
sitting on its rooftop.

aimed by brush tip
measuring this big bird
to capture it on canvas


Look at me and you’ll see a body
A body covered in bruises and scars
A body that has been worn and abused

You’ll see a body that has been kicked and punched
A body that has been used and tossed aside

Look at me and you’ll see a body
A body without a soul
A body with no light no warmth

You’ll see a body that has been robbed

Look at me and you’ll see a story
The story of me
Look at that scar that hemorrhage that wound
Do you see me, do you see where I’ve been?

You'll Put Your Eye Out... February Contest

Target practice; not supposed to be me
Paper circles in back of the house
Birthday boy, reloading after a win
Bang! Someone punched me in the eye

Walking to Catherine's house
I'm afraid the party's off
She faints and brother Johhny says;"Shit!"
Fast ride to the hospital

Walking, reaching and touching
Was a new learning experience
Not always good
Like a new born with small steps

Patchwork Wings

You stuck a pin
through a butterfly,
yet promised she
deserved the best,
a slight stroke along her
delicate wings of velvet,
she was yours.
She was yours.

You said you loved her
eloquent hues,
lilac, ebony, and violet,
patterns you’d never before seen,
eyes like kaleidoscopes,
entrancing; a lost art of
fluttering within her own spirit.
You loved her eloquence.
You loved her.


I distance myself from me
away I move a million miles
beyond the homicidal floor of self
and its narrow dead sticky
fly paper walls

away from chatter castrati
and miraculous mirrors
away from vanity and horror
and the voices of shadow

I distance myself from me
I step from lunary worlds and big blue marble

and I have only
a river of breaths
like transparent shaped hands
dominion of air
in a cage of bones
all petty fetters


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