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Jesus, Brighter Than All

Brighter than all the stars in the sky
Shining together to form galaxies
Brighter than anything on this earth
Brighter than anything I've seen
Shining to illuminate ways for me
Revealing the wonders within them
Your power works to glorify Jesus
Showing the way and helping to follow
The wonder and glory that I have in you

By: Leona Chaput

The bottles

Standing near the still lake.
As the chill wind blew across my pale face,
Uncontrolled tears rush down my cheeks
As I remember good days with old friend.

I open out a bottle of Liquor
and look around but nobody to share
Then i drown myself with the alcohol
Yet more tears gush out my eyes

I empty the bottle and open a socond
Bending my head towards the ground
All I see is the Desolate graveyard
Where all friends and family at

Made up Memory

Snowy courtyard. In the cold,
willows draw leafless lines.
Ice performs a windy dance.
In the window, a winter rose
stands against the frosted glass.

I am cooking, stirring hard
a summer memories preserve.
Shrunken berries swirl and float,
syrup splashing on the floor.
It smells like a pine sap.

Memory droplets of amber
with insects suspended within,
faceted eyes and delicate wings.
It will be a necklace  to wear
on my naked skin.

Your Love Is A Mystery

Your love is such a healer,
nothing could have been better;
despaired,with my heart broken,
it salved and built me a haven.

My heart was on the verge of damage
your love swiftly came to its salvage.
It became a light to my pathway,
in gale of cruel fate, a belay

Your love is slow to judge,
and never bears a grudge.
Errors once filled my slate,
and I didn't know my fate.

My future was dark and bleak,
it was chaos at its peak.
My best you sought and found,
and my errors you left behind.

1344 Enjoyed my Summer

Many Summers Past

Many summers past, we were standing,
For each others dates anxiously waiting.
It was then our eyes did glance,
And their arrival we forgot, perchance.

It was then your eyes transfixed mine,
Yes it was with in our domain, we felt fine,
We stared and glanced and blushed,
At each others arms, naturally we rushed.
It was at the spur of moment God granted,
It was our union for ever which was supplanted.

My Mote Of Dust

One can look at a cooling cinder
in awe
of it's once brilliance

The way I now look at your kinder
in my remembrance

The one corner of my Universe
I know for sure
the Laws of Nature
to transcend
the physical bounds of my life

I know my value
you showed me
that in our cosmic neighbourhood
I was unique

Our mote of dust
is the only place
where love exists


I. 'in the embrace of the old armchair'

You depart in the embrace of the old armchair,
Pushed out into the sun room;
How pleasant there, below the Conachair print,
Wearing the same tired slippers,
Your carpenter's shirt.

For three days you wait, unclaimed,
An imposter in our world of the living;
Your eyes still open I heard,
The clockwork travel radio still playing.

I miss you brother!

Now the man who shares my DNA
Suddenly had to fly away
And the greatest brother of them all
Couldn’t pick up one missed call.

A memory

There’s something about a memory
How it keeps coming back endlessly
Remaining vivid and heartwarming
for no-one knows the heartache
that lies behind my idle tears

I remember when I first saw you
Swayin’ to the rhythm of the waves
on a lonely stretch of sand
I walked up to you, Iooked into your eyes
my heart beating like a baby’s first heartbeat
saying hello
I knew I’d met the girl I thought I’d never find


mutual desires
ecstatic blast soon coming
fruition waiting


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