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Love my dog more

Love my dog more

Even though
I am a dog lover
lost all/many of them
small puppies variety

now one is a Golden Retriever
presented to me

My, he is so lovingly and big
really loves me

I simply adore him
he nudges me
if he wants anything
he knows
he can overpower me

The Cutting Room

What I was missing you found.

A poster in a desolate city,

city cell frequented by mortar monks

                strong with shrapnel and the lingering sound of

acedia. Waiting, I undid an old girl’s 

orchid prayer beads rotting in her curls,

and sprinkled Frankincense on her Book of Hours.

You had no time to search for me; especially during

the day of my solarisation,

so your Tarot script, painted in 8mm 

Took a life of its own,

Summer's Coming

By the changing weather

And it doesn't matter if I'm ready

Or if Betty my love is still far away

Or that my fishing pole isn't repaired

Nor that my glove is worn and tattered

Summer's coming...

In the fields growing green

Along banks on the streams

Where the grass grows then someone mows

For the animals which teems

Upon the mighty revolving ball

Enjoying the sunshine most of all

Summer's coming...

When the feeling in school

Is often in the mood of not learning

Sonnet (my earliest poem)

I knew silence after the thunder
like a hatchet damned these hills,
yet you felt a promise under
this muteness, gracefully still.
The winds had been dispersed
and my blood was an asylum
for the rain which burst
unapproachable to you, separate from
your own separate blood. What need
was left hid in some hardened shell-
a thin whisper which could feed
on wanting, on the rain that fell.

That promise you held soft on your lips
believed the rainbow a lover's eclipse.


Sometimes you've got to break down crying about the bad things.
Cry about the queens and all the kings.
Cry about the baggage cry about the loss,
Cry about loosing you because loosing you cost.
Cry cause you know that you messed up.
Cry cause you have scares from that depression stump.
Cry cause you know you should run from this town.
Cry cause on the outside you smile but on the inside you frown.
Cry cause I need you to hold my hand.
Cry cause I'm falling and I'm afraid ill never land.

A Bride to Be (My first Poem)

I woke up one day
I thought I'm in dream.
All the people were happy.
Nothing felt or looked the same.

The stunning birds were whistling.
Singing and chanting all around.
Giving the best of melody
Up, the skies echoed the sound.

The stars descended from their milky way,
Like the diamonds, towards earth, found a way.
Flowers and roses nicely bloomed.
They sent their scent away.

“What could be the day”? I wondered
Trying to find someone to say.
Why are women so pretty?
And men so gay?

(first poem) Endless Time

"Endless Time"
Freedom searching where to stay
Love wanting, soon to stray.
Everywhere they put you down
Life unfolding, this I've found.
Tareing, smearing, haunting 'til
Yet far away, it's there so still
Never stopping endless way
Beseeching wind, calling prey.
Yes I see I hear so well
wander far, this go still
Passing running eternity lie
On it goes never die
Persued with anger hiding be
On still chasing just to be free.
Time sonsuming, in my heart I'm there

Good Guys Lose

Good guys always lose the fight
because they hesitate to pull the trigger
it don't take rocket science to figure
it ain't easy to put out the light.

Bad guys always lose cos they spend
time gloating and telling their story
of how clever they are, all spattered and gory
till the writer works out the proper end.

Memories afloat

Moss grows in damp dark
Split tree leaves
Reveal a long lost scent
Of what I've learnt was Sassafras

The water flows
Floating memories away
Bubbling down the brook


Breathe to live
Live to experience
Experience and explore
Explore to learn
Learn to understand
Understand to let go
Let go and embrace
embrace this journey
Cause this journey is all I got
For fuck sake.....
Learn to breathe!!
Said the conscience to the ego
Said the spirit to the mind


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