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Senryu # 3

breaking does make noise
is mending fences unwise
youth is in turmoil

Big Brother Bug:

Ubiquitous assignation of guilt
Targeted persons accused of treason
No remorse for the innocent blood spilt
Knee jerk rule devoid of rhyme or reason

Coddling potent criminal elements
Constant monitoring of victim’s kin
To try and prevent the truth issuance
Relentless actions convict the vermin

Kaleidoscope of Clay

after years
of being together
sometimes you the pot
sometimes me the wheel

our love
like choice

held liquid
and soft love
and hot boiling chemistry
cooling to taste
with each of our lips

I did not expect
for us
to be dropped
upon the floor
a million jagged pieces

now my heart
is a kaleidoscope
of broken clay
and I think yours, too

(and some of our pieces
have made it into
each other’s pile)

Light Brevity

thoughts of brevity about the city
stay close to me a whole host next to me
got rhymes of choice stretched to the opened door
the willingness to be explored

stand firm in the wheel chair you know my condition
to what I've been dishing
twisted stereo lies by the bars swift no surprise

captivated by her smile
still to know all the great while
as if a little child
faith pierced the scene

River Song Lyrics

sitting by the riverside
bordering summer and fall
I listened to the lyrics
of the river song

I saw the autumn leaves
bursting in shades and hues
some of joyous mood
some on tenterhooks

on this side of the shore
the grass was greening out
other side though wore
a sort of sulky pout

soon I saw some leaves
leaving their home
sailing through the stream
they were on their own

I wondered if they wrote
lyrics of the songs
on strings of gentle breeze
the river was streaming out

Lead err less

The elites have failed us he admonished
Rightly stating the crux of the problem
But his own record was also tarnished
Being for eight years the elite emblem

Ignoring massacre violations
Of allied regimes, yet giving them aid
While victims not supplied even rations
Nobel Peace prize prematurely outlaid

Talking Head Force Fed

Like bootcamp
where they drill
the idea
of who’s your enemy
and who’s your brother
what’s your nation
and who’s dispensable
into your head

the nonstop
news cycle
has created in us
militant behavior

we’re up in arms
and all of humanity
has become the casualty

we need a Mr Rogers
or a Jimmy Carter
or the Dalai Lama
as broadcasters

we need something
measured &
that we can ingest
and then chew on
for some time

A star is born Senyru

A new star was born
Traveled through the birth canal
Nova Skye is here.


mother superior jumped the gun
bang bang shoot shoot
you took my nephew Shane
let me be the first to explain
Shane used to live with us so long ago
until he shot up heroin he died in are house
such a dark force
it starts with a promise to relieve
then one gets too deep
falling apart at the seams
beg, borrow & steal
for your next fix to even the deal
some take it with a needle others snort it up their nose
but do you suppose there's always a shipment coming from Rhode Island

Love is blind

I have been scanning
since morning
to find some poetry
which will excite me
as I have already composed
so many over here
all have been read
my dear

But what I have found
in truth
only bestest poetry about
ones youth
in wholesale truth
are the ones
which upsurge from within

compose with love
and you all be read

So grateful must one be
now to readers like you
who honestly confess they lie
never tell the slightest truth


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