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In your mind
the snow,
but within your
picturesque fantasy
you also feel no cold

do not fool yourself

and in your mind
dawn is
the honest
but you forget
the gruelling hunger
that curses your soul

no milk or sugar please
I do not wish
to be fooled
with fantasies of grandeur

I want my truth true,

bitter and black

T i m b r e V e l v e t o r s i o n

Fan motor gushing
The vertigo green

Deep the depths
torrid bound
the floor found

eyeglass world
bent eyeing cherry
summer jets
lifting went

the motor stunned
discarded tilted

dreamland vend
discard token
fallen to the slot
from rails broken

Lay lay way
ward the screen
world a crawl

Skipping Rhyme

I made my bed with Jesus
the scarlet robed king
drank from the river plenty
til I was overcome with him
drank from the river plenty
til I was overcome with sin...

I made my bed with Mary
the blood-robed whore
she taught me the naked glory
of a solemn naked law
she taught me the naked glory
til I could fathom nothing more...

Anzac mourn

Soft shuffles in the still shadows
sound beneath solemn postures.
We stand in unison,
surrounded by an aura of profound sadness,
as all, silently, await the rise of sun.

Face Your Destiny

Do you believe you can attain your dreams
without the sweat of true dedication?
You hope to receive when you've done nothing,
but there're no rewards for missing actions
A stagnant life, collecting fantasies
worth nothing in the face of reality

Never take anything here for granted,
commit your heart and soul to a purpose!
May perseverance be the steel of will.
and you'll be, a gift to all, not a curse
Face your destiny wiith pride and courage
Your struggle be a legacy, so great

In their blood a nation raised

Before the yellow sun
tips the blade of long grass
Gently waving in the hand
Of not yet morning,
but not yet light

cliffs shimmer and shiver
of a memories journey
through offerings of life
cast in the utter horror
of the bloody
berth of a nation
Trembling deep earth ...

A lone poppy now stands firm

Before the silent throng
begins our Anzac morning dirge
I will stand in contemplation
Of the sacrifice made
In your blood

it is stained, tears rolled the page

V i o l e t t e c o u e r

Nuzzle vanilla warmth
extinguished in its
pungent push
like petals swoon
in jealous suns
Bask in vivid
sing the sighs
that Loves refreshment

Devour constitution night
each succulent and tender
star like sweets upon
supplicant tongue
innocent airs
tinged with dark need lairs

Slip hips into steady step
streamlined gallant
heady depths

mouthed pronunciations
glossy paragraphs
on thorn gloves
of tenderness

WHEN PETALS FALL-- second updat


We turn in circles mysterious
from first breath to last
fearing what is to come
clinging to the past .
we search for meaning
to our existence.
We pray for epiphany
but there is none
Time rages against
this human soul
with envy and hate
and suddenly we find
its all too late
and we are done

the princes of infatuation

in the kingdom of the fallen, broken princes chariots,
undead, but the feet cogitate threadbare stumps ,
the soul that the body thinks ignoble, is disappearance
and if there's thought of life's mission, omission supersedes
no more court jesters, no more armoury, the praise,
since it lodged him in a quarterly of the full moon
in quantity he is a sandcastle held by childrenbeach
though there are none of them that still steel.

A lone park in a golden prison

In a golden prison
seething with
black tar and bubbling gravel
crowded by
twitching minds and half-crossed faces
lies a park

a sole survivor
of reverent values
of deafening solitude
and quiet,

it is here that the trees whisper
of secrets
unattainable to beings
such as ours

it is here
we will find what we’ve lost
through false friends
waking fear
and pleasure
rampaging and wild


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