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August Contest Results

Congratulations to the winner: B9Pat
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July Contest Results

Congratulations to the winner: Sparrow42
This month we have an honorable mention: B9Pat

Thank you to all participants for entering this past contest and all contests.

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A crowd of busy clouds gather between,
Up above a blue blanket spreading through
That sometimes seems like the angels robes
Dancing with the ceaseless wind by day.

I adore the butterflies in colors too
The sun, the stars and the seasons as they change
The earth at night when the darkness swallows all
But doubt God's great love for humans still.




Just one drop, I requested
For the great red sea
Burns like a volcano.

Just one drop, I pleaded
For my bones are like a feeble foundation
Carrying a five storey building.

Just one drop, I begged
For my skin is folding
And I'm just twenty years of age.

Just one drop, I needed
For my heart can't produce tears
Which flow round my body.

I saw plenty in your house
Yet you declined my request.

Into The Forest

The distant echoes
into the Forest
I move in alone
how far I shall go
that’s yet unknown
but deep enough to gain my right
still not remain out of human sight

but then the forest is far too deep
how much will the darkness sweep
my mind will be a vast lonely desert
with none to converse
the darkness is now most intense
how will I observe

am I still moving into darker ravines

Dawn Of A Beautiful Day

Filled with antipathy
Ecstatic with frustration
No Compassion for the oppressed
Dictator of inhumanity
Ruler of the soul in despair
Completely insubordinate slave in servitude
Taught to love is to hate
To live is to suffer
To weep is to be weak
As I am weary with woe
Falling into a bottomless pit
A nonentity with nothing to cling to
Driven beyond the bounds of reality
Into a world of fantasy
Darker than black

Just A Moment

How could I feel emptiness
That life its self was passing by
Where are those feelings
I had promised myself.

This as I found out
Was in my own youth a fact
Then I turned inward
There I dwelt for an age.

Moulding all feelings
Learning from others
Not in love but just so
There in my pure dreams.

A shock of simplicity
Stole that quiet inside
Turmoil in my thoughts
Made drunk my ways.

There was this vision
It would haunt my ways
There in gentleness
You shattered my days.

A Dragon-Mouthed Lunatic

Oppression everywhere; people scurrying,
scurrying away from a lunatic,
a dragon-mouthed lunatic drunk from a cocktail of blood.
No one is safe;

safety is old and abandoned;
no, crushed,
ground to a dusty pulp,
by its steel-ripping claws, terrifying,

the rocks tremble and fall a splitting fall.
Soldiers hooves thudding,
raging boots with teeth as a saw,
the walls yelping cracks,

Purple Heart

Some things you don’t ask for
Some things just find you

Like the purple evening
When I was young
Pushed deep into my chest
Like a Depeche Mode song
Surrounded me like a panoramic ghost
And whispered in a baritone
“You belong here”

Ever since I’ve been looking
Like a tuning fork
For what would resonate
Like a cat wandering
Through fields of lavender
Sometimes Elvis, or Jeff Buckley, or Coldplay
Sometimes Faulkner, or Oscar Wilde,
Or Haruki Marukami

Black Head Verses White Head Composition

at first a small bump underneath the chin
take a pill to drawn out my friend
then a volcanic splash that nearly kicks my ass
Black head smiles back at the scene
Whiter head approaches fine

Sleeping Wind

Crazy birds swinging at a peaceful wind,
Stirring up its slowly anger,
Yet claim to only touch its tail,
But the onlooking trees are to tell the tale,
For their ribs and bones are broken.

A moonlight tale so translucent
The night think himself so light
And bluffs at the beckon of the moon,
That his sight went up in flames of darkness.

My Feathers Eye

My feathers
still flies
the mist
‘. ‘. ‘.
of crystal
sea blue

A sailors day
on horizons port
running rum
slicked masts
on lingered breaths
where sugared
lips once kissed.


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