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So many voices silenced by time,
too many ravaged by the years.
too much waling, too many tears
nothing can fill an empty heart
no music can bring a soul to rest
there is no courage, honor, dignity
the moment we breathe our last breath.
all is unknown and we follow.
we have lost the battle in the war
too weak to struggle much more.
Ten little Indian and soon all will be done

~ B R Y Z A ~

smoke and sparks
are whisked into
the dark
bending low
across the grasses

wall of stone and
a window full of
tongues and fallen
beams flame

the diesels idle
men in long coats
the bodies sway
last of the cattle
have been found
and shot
and its time to
riders mount up
radios crackle
cigarettes are
Atikah brand
In the Carpathian
the hot winds
will stir
like this breath
of unrest
this madness....


Written by: Mario Vitale
Brass balls & eyes with a sliver of sin
Hence, where do I even bother to begin?
In fragmentation out on its desolate isle
We will know all the more in a great while

In sesation we get desperate & loneliness sets in
Enflamed by passion from within
Marked on its blotted page yet clearly intact
Working too hard can give anyone a heart attack

Sunflower Recollections

Colt in the quiet light of morning
Sunflower light meets the light of his big brown eyes.

In the world just 2 and a half years
No petulant toddler
Today he is awake to his toast.

Truth, if you can catch it.

Patient Portent

There is a deplorable depravity
To try and distort the veracity
For the affected a time of uncertainty
Requiring patience and tenacity

The methods to defame are reprehensible
And the justifications are indefensible
For the instigators, it will be unpardonable
As the evidence will be incontrovertible.

A quiet time

I needed rest,
for my thoughts,
had gone astray.

A walk in the woods
Would quell my fears
There I am one

There I drift
The quiet engulfs me
calming my soul

Legs become vague
Then are gone
Floating with the breeze

I touch the leaves
Yet they remain unmoved
It is my way

I see the drift
Of problems dismissed
Then peace descends

I wonder should I join
The rat race out there
It is a part of me

A Wedding Poem

A Wedding Poem

It took us both a lifetime,

This is in order to arrive at this present time...
Slowly, we both walked down that long awaited isle,
Now it's hand in hand together...
For when I look into your beautiful eyes,

Suddenly, then I see my future...

A future that's filled with both blessing and promise,
With this one solemn vow that we both had taken together...
Along with a lifetime that's filled,
With melodic happy endeavor's...

Taken For Granted

Taken For Granted

When we take things for granted
We can’t help but miss out
Like the leaves changing color
When did that come about?

I swear yesterday
They all were still green
But in today’s sunlight
'Twas a magical scene

Technology too
Is playing a role
With communication
Now paying the toll

As for friends, we don’t talk
We’ll text them instead
Then presume that they know
The thoughts in our head

To Capitalize or Not

To capitalize or not to capitalize
That is the question?
And this is my answer

Capitalizing the first letter of
Each beginning word in a line
Of poetry,  came first
It is traditional, been around
Since the beginning of poetry

But nothing stays the same
Not even poetry
And why should it?

And one day a young poet
Decided he didn't want
To capitalize,  so he didn't


I slumber
into a sleep
deep foreboding, and am pulled
into places
familiar and strange
– a Fellini world
of dark and darker.
my mind reels
in the surreal
as dream begins
to break
into a fractured reflection
of the self.…


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