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Delivering Male

I'm secure in my maleness,
never give it a thought
but after events this morning
even I said " what "?

To me it was cold,
sporting two shirts,
had to get up the girls,
for school and work.

My daughter had made
a delicate bracelet,
pink and yellow beads,
in my hair, she placed it.

I turned off the fans,
my wife likes it cold,
but here I was shivering,
needing a coat.

Pastoral poem

A cool summer rain is a blessing,
a panacea.
A wild winter wind is a cursing,
a cursing of God.
A warm autumn gale is relieving
from mad summer heat.
Spring has a special breeze sent from that God-
a cool summer rain.

Bright brittle light allows no lies
on my country's ancient hard worn lands
where indifferent spirits stay uncaring hands
from us who swarm it like so many flies.
Unlike the misty intimacy of Eire
for the numinous is ever present there.

But come the night over southern skies
the brittle bright light disappears in hued sands
sublime opens high over this outstretched land
as ethereal webs unfold a thousand eyes.
Unlike in the misty intimacy of Eire
the numinous shares the spacious outback's prayer.

Pastoral Poem Number One (Pastoral Poetry WS)

I close my eyes and hear it beckon me
recumbent countryside of being’s realm
a voice that whispers, come, be city free
with such desire, my heart is overwhelmed

to leave the dank and dirty urban street
its people tired, too busy much to care
to find a place with friendly souls to meet
and taste and feel and smell the rural air

see animated murals as they form
feel ever-changing landscapes, as they push
intensely fragrant pure ambrosial storm
from multispectral flowers of the bush

******G L I M P S E********

Hot charade

melting in the glare
of winters cool dare
fitted upon the wooden
legged logic
of an ego

Haunted is the rock
an auburn glide
the wild eye
stripped to the
essential beauty
the essential depth
lashes like palms
mirage of mercury
sotto straddle
cherry rosen
the promised lips
a window

Mirth decandent
ruinous doubts
the broken hearts
like ghosts linger

From here to??

It came to pass.
As the deep darkness was touched with light.
There an entity stood without shadow.
Then in the blink of an eye the entity
Expanded and was without form.

The without form reach out.
It touched a nothingness.
From which it recoiled
Forming countless groups.
Atoms without purpose.

There the purpose was born
A vibration was sent
Felt throughout the entire nothingness.
The groups became the stars.
Then the stars formed into spinning galaxies.

SUNSET (Collaborative pastoral workshop)

In a rocker near the sliding door
he stares outside this winter's day
not saying what he's looking for.
Look close, his eyes are far away.

For they are focused in the past
and forests where he used to roam
or streams on which he used to cast
far from this retirement home

The rocking went on forth and back
as the sun set and rose again
while in his heart he kept a track
of dearly spaces which once held his pain

Stray Cat (Pastoral Poetry WS)

I used to befriend a stray cat
who was abandoned by his master
His once white fur has turned filthy
from his many adventures

My heart longs to keep him
but my parents won't allow it
so all I did is play with him
whenever I can make it

At times I feed him
just to watch him eat
there's some happiness
in doing a good deed

Then a day came
that made me cry
I found him dead
from the acts so vile

The busy city street, the quiet country lane
I know which one of these that I would choose
only one conveys me away from cluttered pain
so watch me as I don my walking shoes

As busy buildings fade with each unforced tread
and the raucous noise becomes a freeform mantra
I slowly lose my constant source of dread
and all the world becomes my growing tantra.

Pollonated and Picked... ( or Pap )

Pollinated and Picked… (or Pap)

It’s not just that I’m a Bee,
that gives my life a bit of
buzz. But being a Bee is me,
so you being a being and
being here once suited all of us.

I’m buzzing about here being my
planet, and sharing this planet’s
space with an all seeing human being.
I pollinate he or she picks it’s one of
life’s little tricks, he and she being
the beings all seeing.


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