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Hello “Minute Poem”

Hello Adam, it’s me your Eve
Please do believe
never forget
so glad we met

my love so strong can never die
in truth not lie
I give my heart
never do part

forbidden was the apple ate
I didn’t know that it was bait
such travesty
and tragedy...

From the Soil

I saw an apple tree
Standing calm

I saw an apple tree
Standing strong
In peaceful soil

I saw the wind turn violent
I heard the hellfire roar
A scourge of hatred
A vicious plot

And from this tree
I saw blood red apples fall

Into the sea they fall
Thought to be lost
Forgotten by the earth
But their seeds were strong

And as time went on
Across all lands
Through salt and rock
Against fire and war

The seeds grow strong

mood ring

cracker jack jacket and gumball mastication
plough into this haunted wind
shoe lace trailing
dog hauling but slow
not even blood tracking in her
fevered skull
she stops staring up at the great
hill...tame woods in suburbia
rising like a giant of a wave
the land humped
we hear things up there
hackle risers
we turn back
the dust shuffling papers
the tree branches clatter
like dry whispering
the store lights come on
the streetlights power up
we are glad to be in

(L) Idee Fixee

I've eaten Gnostic berries,
tongued the Etruscan worms
fallen from ancient mummy mouths.

I've bit magic flowers,
and smoked the codices
from Fu Manchu’s hookah.

I’ve swallowed anemic moons,
their breviaries airtight
and sung the heart
of sappy treehouse initials.

Skip the artificial paradises,
skip the ideal.

I have frozen
as an oasis
in stained glass
rapture and found
a tooth in them single.


I waited for you to come to me
There in the glow of evening
I was disappointed nothing for miles
Where are you that I have to seek?

I realised that you had moved away
Departed they say or passed
Well it should be easy for you
It needs you to learn new ways

I feel you there comforting my mind
It didn’t take you long did it?
Now we can talk of many things
Our love will hold us near


If there's no man up there, then I look to the sky and I see infinite in blueness.
If there's no art to being, then I think there's something even deeper
than the past dead human sages can describe.
It's as close as the mirror when you see yourself look in it
and as vast a non-terrain as you can spy.
There's a coldness within it then six trillion miles of clouds
of dust that give birth to the stars, says Acharya.
If there's no man up there, when I look down on the valley I see intenseness in blooming.


In the hour of the
only two things count
self meditation
that is the voice of
an angel
you know not really

except as Loved or Lovedly
free verse
not worse!

Crap Gem and Machine Gun
all like a Hamburgher
chilies and sauce
then a laugh!

Wishful Thinking

If I could rewind
the moments in my life,
I'll erase the first time
I met the shameless liar.

I'll free myself from heartaches
and live my life with lesser pain.
I'll make a better plan to reach
the hopes and dreams I've attained.

I won't know her, won't see her
and I won't be hurt by treachery,
the masterpiece she has woven
without remorse or a shred of pity.


a mad thirst
plodding textual
a dry wind
evaporating thoughts
like the 'Touchless Wash'

she rides higher now
clearing the ruts
my steerhide trusty gloves
on the old floor matts
dried pools of white salt
glistening on my armpits
my good shirt

Humming to the radio
my arm scorching in the
my ring tapping the big
suncracked wheel
the fox tail whipping from
the rear spring radio mast eternal reward


Trade me for a magic carpet in an ancient tale;
I can be bartered for the lost scrolls of Petronius;
I am worth at least as much as a chunk of comet
That was discovered in the desert;
You can borrow great sums against my library,
Go buy an island and fill it with bonobos
Who have found the secret of living without prayer;
My fortune allows me to live in a vast kingdom
And in my castle is a desk of ocean wood and pearls;
I own giraffes and peacocks in my gardens
With rouge and scarlet maple trees;


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