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Cartel Love
you ride in hidden case
emerge in rooms dripping
with hot energy
closed curtain lust
Leopard print
Holster sex
a warm piece
on my hips

sopping footprints
and smeared tiled
The Dark Sedan
in suns blaze
We drink delicious
the poisons of
knocking the bed bare
with voyages of
savaged delights
carnal scars
Trophy beings
coming up for air
Like tigerz in tall grass
filling the paper covered
glass with prints

Life. Cup 3 exploration workshop.

The black cup is hot.
I would drink from the black cup.
The cup is still hot.

memorial Day

Memorial Day

Since first our nation came to be
bequeathed by sons of liberty
in many conflicts blood was shed
in many places rest our dead

on native soil or foreign lands
they paid what freedom oft demands
that all give some and some give all
so that democracy stands tall


Anytime , Anywhere darling I'll be there , I swear. I'm at home all alone wishing you were here. All I do is watch T.V. , That's not the way. I want to be with you on a walk and talk maybe down by the beach , by the bay. The love I have for you has no end , you are way more than just a friend. I would follow you to the edge of the earth , because I have never found anyone like you since birth. So to you my sugarbear , I will love you always ANYTIME , ANYWHERE.

Bearer Of Secrets (Exploration WS haiku)

Hidden compartments
filled the president's table,
with secrets untold.

funny how the ouch
with a simple c in front
spells couch - a comfort


soft cushioned pasture
even though cultivated
still nature's sofa


Beaming Joy ( Exploration style, subject, critique WS)

Sun beams through crystal
a dioptrical rainbow
marked joyful fraction

Retrospective in Clay: Epilogue

Broken pottery,
a bowl held in winter's hands;
eternity paused.


Broken pottery,
a bowl held in winter's hands;
shattered shards of love.

love tis HIS

he came to go

You have gone like a summer’s eve
the desert wind to grieve
leaving mankind to believe
there is no love to relieve

gone with the summers eve
the wind
the breeze
now tis time for love to freeze

come back as the tremor does
fly on the back of the wind in turn
come from the wilderness
where I believe
from where you your loved one
want to retrieve...
make it a belief ....


Chair (Sonnet) - Exploration of Style WS

I could have left you many months ago
to save the sanctity of my young mind,
but I would not have had these scars to show
you now; though you were cruel, you were kind.

Throughout those lonesome nights, your shadow grew,
you cast a wicked spell that held my hand
and let my mind discard all that it knew
so that it spoke your words at your command.


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