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November 2019 Contest Result

Congratulations to the winner: Eumolpus
Please visit the winning poem here:

Thank you to all participants for entering this past contest and all contests.

October 2019 Contest Results

Congratulations to the winner: Mark!
Please visit the winning poem here:

Thank you to all participants for entering this past contest and all contests.

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ragged ann

under virgin white aprons and forget-me-not dresses
bloomers beneath the knees
raggedy anns all hide their hearts
while some little girl holds them tight at night
in the absence of light, safe and secure
unaffected courageous little stuffed dolls
same appearance in shape and form
your mistresses sit you in the exact same place
in the morning, alone, while the day goes by
and then hold you safe in the darkness again
sleeping with you in the closet


Millions of miles across the Negro rivers
to a place where the carrot eye is roasted
with a metal cross on our neck
and a grey bracelet on our feet

The long edged iron
Screwed on our memory
a blessing of missiles
and pots for cooking our brothers
which our hands finds delight at doing

A Tale of Dresden

The bombs fell down on Dresden
And so many other annihilated German cities:
Hamburg and Kiel and Pforzheim...
I could go on and on...
Hundreds of thousands died
In agony and terror and fire-bomb flames;
Burnt to a crisp, fried in their own fat.

Cycles Of Life Continue

No new bees ever bother about history

Times and Circumstances change

even now genes intermix

travel all over the world quickly


seed anyone you please

a newer kind of progeny


wow the Environment is also quickly changing

all have to bear in mind

we are every year born

as a species of a different kind

Must this I all world remind

suitable answers to present questions

each one of his own has to find

Even you O LORDS and POETS


Women sometimes need a little gentle coaxing
To get them in the right mood for rumpy-pumpy,
But contrary to widespread popular opinion
Prawn Vindaloo is not an aphrodisiac
Especially when washed down with seven pints of ale,
Or a bottle or two of old rare cheapo brandy.


<p>Why will you not speak?
Do I terrify?
Is honesty a scare,
For you young one?

Tip toe around, bounce,
She is coming.
My head is held under.
I taste the salt, the pearls

That grow on my skin.
Pain is all over,
All within.
Run for cover -
She is set to land.

Look in my eyes,
What do you see?
Egg shells perhaps,
She has cracked me,
Not only here,
But turning back,
The hands that define now,
Will guide you and show
She has held me too long.

THE STUFF OF TRAILS ( December Contest)

I recall the early miles
walking in Mississippi lowland clay,
all the loved ones' laughs and smiles.
All sight of mountains far away.

Then the pathway became sand
where breakers mixed with the gulls' cry
still far away were mountains grand
reaching almost to the sky.

And the years and miles passed on
till all my trails turned rusty red
while so many folk I'd depended on
finally slept in their last bed.

People think that Calais is just a charming port on the flat French coast
Replete with exquisite restaurants patronised by touristes anglais
Who have crossed the Channel to get a decent meal for once,
And who want to take advantage of the wondrous savoir vivre francais,
Even though they will get wittily insulted for their English accents.
There is more: the town has some of the finest early 50s architecture
To be found anywhere in the western world, spontaneously thrown up

Save Me...

Mr. Policeman, I don't want to die
I just want to go home to my wife and children
I just want to keep the fruits of my labor
I just want to support my family

Silence... There are no policemen, because
anyone who joins the police force is a retard
who just wants a reason to kill someone.

Please Mr. Soldier
Use your skills to save me
From the bullets and the rage
Of those that want my land, to enslave me


Have you seen the Nazarene?
Did you sup his wine?
Did you break
His bread and take
Sustenance divine?

Have you seen the healer?
Did he cure your ill?
Did he touch
Your forehead much?
Did he warm the chill?

Have you seen the teacher?
Did you hear his voice?
Did he say
Warm words and pray
And did your heart rejoice?

Have you seen the saviour?
Did he save your soul?
Did he give
You will to live?
Did he, you, enthral?


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