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Swear Wear and Tear

All words used to curse
That cause reactions adverse
Dump them in a hearse


What is the genius of human kind?
Is it the magic captured in the folds of the mind?

The unique capacity for original thought.
Endless constructs exist that challenge what we are taught.
Leaving us unsure grasping for clarity,
aware that we unsure of our reality.
Questioning the source of our mortality.

Drawing us in closer persistence and recognition
that we are linked by compassion and empathy.
Bound in spirit and love together.
Prepared to escape wherever we gather
one spirit, one power, one soul combined.

twirlers and twisters..... lovers

You twisted your desire
as now you could not her fire
as she had kids two
which you never knew
as you wanted her
only for you

but with kids
two or three
you would never have ever wanted
a virgin you were wanting
laughing all your while
you had your fun

son till she gave away
her secrets that day
blasted rain
why did it have to come
a divorced
as your share
where is your God
ask him

Intelligence Decimated

There are those who should refrain
after inheriting a brain
from their blind inane beliefs
of god, witchdoctors, indian chiefs
blinded by the tales
of a man held up by nails
their version of good and badness
evokes a sickening sadness

Rhyku Rules!

No inanity
Refrain from profanity
Retain sanity


I guess I'm running a fever/despite hydrating with the thoughts of the reaper/every soul should give them self to me/only I can help the grief/by ending it, forgetting the racism/neverminding the fake and any other ism/especially carrying the prism highly/while fools cry please/no more money, power, respect/ is only for cowards left/with no choice but to give in/ignorance lead by a false third eye/dividends making women of men/my question is what is a citizen?

Plantation of Roses

Rose on a plant or many roses on plants
spread but little fragrance
see you gave roses to mummy
she smelled them
and shared with all she knew
some passers by
got the flavour free
that was the kindness of your mummy

and Ah! gfs so many,
give them a rose
like bees they shall come running.

Chocolates too they'd love off you
when in secret darkness
they could only smell roses
in their hair
for which you spent searching
in many a lovers lovely locality

scour the rain

craving excitement and
chosing clothes
guessing what they like to know
to see the scene
dream of the been
a drink in hand
the musics throb
club scene clan
A and B to make the Plan

make up mascara
glitter band
a toot or two to
stake the stand

shimmy shake
and shiver
taking over
the pot to simmer
meld and thresh
a mill that delivers

I am You are

Why do you tear at my thoughts?
This is a weakness of mine to allow.
Thinking that I should be seen
Such a state of mind. Who am I?

I was going to make a bucket list
It would be so short, not needed.
I have been to everywhere I need
I have done all that was asked of me

Can you see those things you have done?
Those which stretch out behind you.
They are you, that stands alone
Be kind to yourself, and know who you are.

Global Ideal

Shift of paradigm
With new superpower prime
End of conflict time


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