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Oak Tree

The tall oak tree stood on hill alone,
Each day the girl would visit,
This hill was home,

She would sit beside the large stone,
It was a comforting pillow,
She was no longer alone,

As she sat, she thought,
Her mind was a ticking bomb,

The oak tree had meaning & tears it brought,

She sobbed till she could no longer cry,
She surrendered to life,
What more could she try,

Vision In Your Eyes

through a window port onto soaring heights in flight
as the Hummingbird dwells to tell
we stand in ovation to the servanthood
of a new day's dawn, a portion of dust on the patio

a tug at the heart will light the inner spark
to where we need to go to— places unknown
there's a falling of embers, sad
but we have bitten off far more then we could ever chew

above the law

If the bees can’t sting
Within their wax
How can they attack outside?
If a snake can’t swallow a dead rat
What about a flying bat?
The lion has shed tears
When a rabbit intruded his territory.

A tilapia had drank off the ocean
And the sharks are desperate
The hawk has taken away a food
From the eagle and flew freely.

Fishbowl Memories

Time stands still
Final test quest
Mid-June hot
Everything remains undone
Piled at once
Hours and bubbles
Fishbowl my dreams
Rest on bottom
Grown up break
Finals to wake
Pass the test
Unwind choking time
Pan fish lake
In my prime

Cold war (part 1)

well it started off one day with detente
which means a warming of relations
between these two nations

these two didn't really like each other
mistrust and power struggles at the epicenter
so listen up and let this be a lesson
this is our confession to the ending of the cold war
history's past and why it's no more

Russians did some lying and spying
evening the threat of nuclear bombs flying
USA realized that it was no time to mess around
slowly, steps were taken to find common ground

Nike high lie?

Female ambition
as voter card Caucasian
but no confusion


Frustrated with the self,
the conclusion is put on the shelf;
decisions drive the mind insane,
the strain on the brain;
belligerent thoughts pound when they hit,
all of this is just bullshit;
feels like the head is going to explode,
hopelessness tries to slip in the mold;
the wish of being simple minded,
peace of mind? can never find it;
all of the worlds nations,
live in societies frustrations.

Good, greenlight.

Good green light so I floor it. I have to get past the
few blocks of dark, abandoned buildings and
deserted streets that lead me to the highway
After all I insisted to all " I would be okay. "
But from my beloved second home back in


Man! – they sure fucked things up!
In less that forty years of trickle-down bullshit
Designed to screw the Working Class
Out of everything they fought for
For almost two centuries
The Middle Classes are now being squeezed
And bled dry!
It costs more than a million dollars
To buy a rundown shack in the former slums
Being gentrified
By absentee owners
Or ripped down
And replaced with hideous condos
They sell in far distant lands

alight my dear you are home

You can think alone when times train …or spacecraft…takes you there …your final destination arrives …reaching ones destination is not always as exciting…. as is the sojourn …your journey …alone you have by now...through tunnels of time have gone… and sad enough to say …though you have alone found your way… there will be no one …no Baldies …nor Godly …no kith …nor kin … no fat one …nor thin … no damsel …no damned guy …all would have already wished you a very happy forever goodbye… you shall alight at the junction of eternity…where there will be no fraternity….


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