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October 2020 Contest Announcement

This month our contest is about real, imaginary or mythical windows and doors. All poems can be written in any form and must be between 12 and 32 lines. Show us the window or door to your creativity. Best of luck to all our contestants.
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September 2020 Contest Results

Congratulations to the winner: Viviana Smith
Please visit the winning poem here:

Thank you to all participants for entering this past contest and all contests.

September 2020 Contest Announcement!

This month our subject is personifying where you live in either present time or in the past. Poem must be between 12 to 32 lines and written in any style. Come show us where you are from and it's personality. Best of luck to all our contestants. Please click below to learn more about this contest.

August 2020 Contest Winner

Congratulations to the winner: Eumolpus
Please visit the winning poem here:

Thank you to all participants for entering this past contest and all contests.

The stream (all workshops)

This is the stream - you can see all poems on Neopoet, live, as they are created.



Soon, Dajjal will come.
Oh colossal will he become
Over Adam, no he won’t be shy
No place but two left to hide

Call out to the police
“Oh no, they are corrupted, Denise!”
Man, you won’t be prepared
I will go to Madina, this land will be shared
No, in Madina he won’t come in
Growing less time until he arrives

But, until he comes
Entitled will man become

Ah, many will lose
Won’t be one of those fools
Aware I will be
Returning of He (AS)
Enter to what the world will become.

The Dust Bowl

Barren cradle in the nursery
Cold kettle on the stove
Withered stubble in the fields
Empty baskets in the grove

Forsaken table in the kitchen
Useless broom by the screen door
Yellowed paper on the sofa
Frayed carpet on the floor

Tangled hangers in the closet
Tattered sheets across the bed
Haunted boots on the porch step
Rusty hammer in the shed

How the dust and wind battered
Swept away a life once lived
How a farmer and a family fled
When the farm had no more to give.



Beautiful Owl we all are why have you o poets left the path which leads to salvation only of death you talk that is known to all who come on the earth to walk
we all have to our lines chalk walk and erase those memories WRAP EM in the balls of time reclaim the past as and when without observing the distance of events we had passed has no meaningful sequence
why be blamed of delinquency you have yet to live
X24 hours in physical tense ...till these moments pile up in the veil of time you just left behind

Emindor ~ Part 1

The dark was deep and suffocating,
Mute he stood, still ruminating
On what he knew would soon begin,
On what he’d done and what he’d been
Which would repeat upon the bell:
A damning or redeeming knell.
Cries rose beyond the double doors
From throats of haters and adorers
Cheering on or cursing down
The warriors as they fought or won.
For bets were many; once entertained
The crowd grew wild and unrestrained.
A thrilling hush swept through the air
And no one had a breath to spare

Space Cowboys

There was a pretty looking boy in my class
I really fancied him a lot
Nice face - lovely smile
Broad shoulders - slim hips
But I know he's a space cowboy.

My history teacher is gorgeous
Tall and just the right build
I go could go crazy for him
But he's married to an older man
He's another space cowboy.

Space cowboys, space cowboys
Why are all the good-looking ones
Space cowboy fairies?
Are football, lack of hygiene and beer
Pre-requisites for heterosexuality?

The return shopper

Is anyone watching as he slips through the door?
Please God let there be no one within who knows him;
His eyes are dazzled by the array of bare flesh,
Printed in lurid colours on glossy paper,
Inviting him to dig deep into his pockets
If he can squeeze his hands in past his erection;
And just looking up at the screen on the far wall.
He can't believe a girl would do a thing like that
With three such unattractive men at the same time;
(She really must have fantastic muscle control).

The Treasure Seeker (a translation after Goethe)

Penniless, in deprivation
I face my lot each endless day.
As utter want is my life’s plague,
the search for wealth leads me astray.

To end my, oh, so wretched state,
I set out to find rich treasure,
content to give my soul to Satan,
sign a contract for good measure.

Within a circle I drew circles
lit up by trembling candle flames,
placed therein old bones and incense,
then cried out unholy names.


To hold her for so long
as the sun promises
not to set but to her belong

He wants her
to remain within him
as long as the night
an eternal life

they both want
to weave into each
without the distance
of sun and moon
they both want to entwine
like summer vine
ere sets in the autumn of life

soon the weather will change
they still within each others arms
want to for ever remain
permanently like natural glue

Cage of Words

See me peering through the letters
That are swarming down this page.
See me struggle in the fetters
Of my Muse’s authored cage:
‘O’s are manacles, and ‘T’
The cross-bar braced by double-‘V’;
‘C’s are chains linked to a ‘Q’
Which is the keyless lock I drew;
‘L’s are bars – ‘D’ one great floor;
‘X’ joins the walls without a door;
Periods are scattered dust;
Commas, colons – flakes of rust;
Exclamation marks are blades
Upon which my ink is made;
‘F’s the quill wherewith I write


A siren is sounding,
My heart is pounding,
Anticipation is flowing
Through my veins.
No use fighting,
A feeling so exciting
Just let your heart take the reins..

Look into my eyes,
Don't look so surprised,
I've been watching you all night.
No time to hesitate,
Don't even speculate
Because I don't care
If it's wrong or right
tonight is the night.


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