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2024 1st Half Of The Yearly Contest

The Winner of the 2024 1st Half of The Yearly Contest  is MermaidMaster  with the following poem



In Another Life I Live Bravely

Submitted by MermaidMaster

I want to live in the tallest apartment in New
York City, and peer my gaping eyes through
my window to see only dancing beetles below.

I will wear expensive feathers and furs, I’ll
dance with strangers, and I’ll party for a while
with headliners after sold-out shows.

I’ll walk the streets wearing only perfume and
watch men stand agape as I strut past, too awed
at my nakedness proud and aglow.

I’ll rebel and I’ll wail and I’ll cry out,
“Change will come! Justice will prevail!”
And I won’t shut up until Change comes and goes.

I’ll play poker with CEO’s, and kiss strange men in taxis,
and spin through the nights like a globe on its axis;
to live with honeyed hi’s! And never with lows.

I’ll do pilates and yoga, drink only red wine,
and I won’t dwell on the men who used to be mine.
I’ll live fast and so furiously young,
and I’ll die gentle, soft and divine.



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Neopoet Weekly 07/7/24 to 07/13/24 Winner!

This week’s winner is hippiemoon with the following poem


Coal Mine Canary

Submitted by hippiemoon

Do you know about coal mine canaries?
They used to take caged birds down into the coal mines,
And when they would die the workers would know to leave too.

Let me be a canary in your chest.
Let me live inside your rib cage,
Feel your heart beat for me,
Watch your blood flow through your veins.

Keep me safe next to your heart
And I’ll keep you safe from all that’s bad.

Use me as your compass,
I’ll tell you to run when things get hard.

Let me be your coal mine canary.
Let me sacrifice myself to save you from the inevitable.



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This week’s winner is Candlewitch with the following poem



Submitted by Candlewitch

We mellowed...
reclining by the camp fire
after a day of splashing,
swimming, and water games.

I shivered as
evening came in to surround us
with a cooling breeze.
Your fisherman knit sweater
you placed about my shoulders,
staved off a slight chill.

Your glittering orbs
held me intoxicated.
As I felt the last of
the sun's rays
leach out of the sand

Quietly exchanging daydreams,
I noticed, wood-smoke, was
the color of your smiling eyes!


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June 2024 Contest Winners

         June 2024 Contest Winners


The winner of the 06/24 Living With Depression is Rula with the following poem


A Way Out

Submitted by Rula

As night pulls down its wild dark curtains
And heavy eyelids drop lazily,
I ponder with spider-like loomed shadows,
Thoughts torture my broken, weary soul.

Everything around my room plays tricks;
Shadows with shattered hearts wander,
Carrying bloody, slaughtered dreams,
All howl, moan in pain, "that's insane, that's insane."

I seek a way out, is there no escape?
The door's locked with heavy chains.
Windows, it seems, are all covered with tar,
Behind the sill, bars add weight.

Then more spirits seep in, multiplying,
From nowhere, to heighten the scene.
I try to cry, but my own voice chokes me,
Then a louder voice declares, "There is no way out."


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The winner of the  06/24 Bucket List is Clentin with the following poem



My Bucket List

Submitted by Clentin

I fell in love with a heart so true,
I cherish moments, both old and new.
I learned from failures of the past
I pray these actions will always last

My bucket list as a young man, so vast,
A journey of self-discovery, meant to last.
I chased my dreams with passion and might,
In the pursuit of life, to find the light.

Now that life is closer to the end
My bucket list begins to bend
A list once so big and wide
Now is small but full of pride

I no longer wish for cars or money
I seek love and comfort and a bit of honey
I want to see my family live with success
Free of illness free of stress

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The winner of the 06/24 My First Internet Memory is Hon with the following poem.

My First Internet Memory-Google Search

Submitted by Hon

My first internet memory
this brings me to the
introduction of the
tutorial study through
the google online
surfing with the
fascinating of
opportunity to acquire
for a learning desire in
a science technology
of today’s global world
This interest starts from the
online searching to discover
unlimited learning ability tools
like an encyclopedia collection
with the resource information
for one share a broad
knowledge of understanding
through the adventure of
Internet Explorer with many
interesting selecting topics


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The winner of the 06/24 Five Percent Battery is RoseBlack with the following poem


Five Percent Battery

Submitted by RoseBlack

Running off fumes,
choking on smoke.
Sucking exhaustion
through pasty lips.

Engine's down a quart,
burn out,
Dark circles tell all,
who is about to fall.

Mercy lights,
Low battery,
jumper cables ignite.
Knock down, drag out fight.

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The winner of the 06/24 Overdraft is Geezer with the following poem


Overdraft the Monster

Submitted by Geezer

As the wind howls, I am reminded...
Reminded of the rippling sheet of rain,
a silver curtain billowing across the roof.
There will be water in the attic.

There is an overdraft there, going over.
The spirit of the storm, travels so fast,
it carries water over the edge, to the window below;
dropped, it clings to the wall, and sneaks in.

I've known about that overdraft, for quite some time.
I watched it as a child, awakened by the wind.
The monster that ate at my home, needed company,
I heard the pitiful moans, as the spirit tore at the shingles.

Now, we are together again, the spirit and I;
I am tempted to join it as it drags its familiar water
over the edge and into the draft, but no!
I cannot cling to the wall and re enter the house.

That would be an overdraft that I could not afford.

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The stream (all workshops)

This is the stream - you can see all poems on Neopoet, live, as they are created.


Who Am I, Even?

I look in my
purse, and my
wallet is missing.

I sit down to
give it a more
thorough look.

The wallet is lost.
An existential
crisis arises.

No license.
No pictures.
No credit cards.

I grapple with
who I am
and if I am.

A Conversation With Grief

“Why so sad?”

“Well, it’s you Grief, actually.”

“Oh yeah, it’s kind of my thing.”

“Why do you make people so inconsolable?”

“It’s really Love’s fault. We’re pretty much a package deal. Eventually, you’ll get to know us both quite well.”

“Your timing is terribly inconvenient.”

“Love doesn’t have a regular schedule. It’s a bit hectic for me too, to be honest. I’m very busy, so I’m probably not gonna get better at that.”

“You can be a bit of a bully too, inconsiderate at times.”


Our private spaces,
Peering into our lives,
Collecting data and secrets,

Thank you, Laughter...

And I thank you for Billy Collins,
George Carlin, and the Archie Bunkers of the world.
The laughter of our inner-most children
making snide jokes without rancour.

Too long have we been sleeping,
and not yet awoken
to the truth of halarious and loud laughter,
hidden behind hands of protest.

What freedom to imagine the joke on us,
letting no one in or out,
holding the rest of the world hostage,
with words of wisdom and grins.

A fair review

Come sit and talk with angels
about what it is they do.
The wormhole souls that wander
through time and space with you.
Release your inhibitions,
fear not to follow through.
If you have found new portals
to speak with them, please do!
I wandered somewhat aimlessly
through months and years to find
their secrets lost through ignorance,
the truth about their kind.
To make a way past consequence
to find a neutral view.
A place where I could speak my mind,
receive a fair review.

Where wild horses run

Where wild horses run
Having fun
Across western sky


Slowly to the river.

I walk, every night. Just.

To see the world of my blank page.

The letters of my imagination.

Move on over ole Joe...

and let the youngbloods take the reins
infusing our promised land with hope.

You done good for America,
serving as laudatory President
from 2020 to the present
Vice President from 2009 to 2017,
and in the United States Senate
from 1973 until 2009.

Move on over ole Joe...

and let the youngbloods take the reins
infusing our promised land with hope.

You done good for America,
serving as laudatory President
from 2020 to the present
Vice President from 2009 to 2017,
and in the United States Senate
from 1973 until 2009.

Higher and Higher

I've been on my back lately
I haven't tried getting up
I've embraced the tears
But enough is enough

I won't just get up now
I'll rise like a Phoenix
Shaking the ashes off
The life that I'll fix

I will not be passive
It is time to ravage
The fear inside me
I'll attack like a savage

Wipe the blood from my lip
Dust the dirt off my hands
For victory belongs to the one
Who runs, not who stands


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