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Neopoet Random Challenge 5

This month we are asking our members to use four topics in one poem. Are you up for the challenge? Show us your creativity and have fun at the same time
All the following topics must be used in one poem.
1) I'm going to be an hour late
2) I didn't make it
3) Are We there yet?
4) Lost in Cyber space

To submit your poem please visit:

July 2021 Poetry Contest Announcement

This month we ask our members to write about a foreign country or culture that you find beautiful
or intriguing. Use any rhyme-scheme, structured or sporadic and It must be within 12-32 lines and written in four line stanzas.

To submit your poem please visit:

June 2021 Poetry Contest Winner

Congratulations to Arrow
For winning the June 2021 Neopoet poetry Contest.
Please view the winning poem at

Neobeat Open Key Board

Time to show our community your creativity. In our new series you will be provided a topic in our chatroom and you must produce a poem off the cuff. We would like to ask our community if they would like to take part in this fun event. If we gather enough interest this could be a Saturday night filled with fun and poetry. Please leave a yes if you are interested and where you are from so we can try to pick the best time for all involved. Thank you for being awesome!

Visit this forum

Neopoet Random Challenge 4 wants to challenge you to write poetry about random subjects that are provided

Objectives: If you so accept this challenge, all you have to do is write a poem about one or more of the topics presented. Each link is a different topic. Please make sure your poems are between 12 to 32 lines

This month's topics.

The stream (all workshops)

This is the stream - you can see all poems on Neopoet, live, as they are created.


If You Don't Love Me

If you don't love me
Someone else will love me
If you don't need me
Someone else will need me
If you don't care about me
Someone else will for me.

When first my morning wakes
It's you that romance my thought.
I approached
And accepted you with all my heart
Because with one glance of your eye
In a garden of sweet remains
You steal my heart from a mountain high.


A gent tipped his hat
in a gesture of greeting
his smile hid a hint
of nostalgia fleeting
not a rod did he speak,but I understood
he had come from a time
when life was good
when a simple thank you
was all one need say
when a little kindness went a long way

I saw an old couple
walking arm in arm
their smiles hid a hit of old world charm
not a word did they speak,but I understood
they had from a time when life was good


She was a real beauty
from Faroe Islands
North Atlantic
but very lonely

She showed all the beauty
of her place
swam in the nude
wow wow wow
my mouth opened wide
she did not smile
id not hide
but glued her eyes

Then she vanished into the sea
jumped from such a high level
my heart sank

I never got to see more
neither of her
nor the Island
she vanished simply banished
into the sea so blue
I wish I could see her once more
but sadly no more

Tender heart tied tears

heart tied tears
trickle down
my foggy forlorn
face .
me back
to those
days dripped
in satin
and lustered
in lace .
The memories
my mind
will never
erase .

Perfect, After you're gone


Better and better everyday,

    Every moment you walk away,

                  Everyday you fade away, Piece by piece by…………………

the horizon

when you look out on the horizon,
tell me what you see
the reflection of what is supposed to be you,
the person on display whom you claim to be
i see nothing but your gentle gaze
staring right into me
put your hands on my heart,
ill show you once more of what i can see

Stretching wings Part II...

This is Trisklion's poem.

Dream 01

I dreamed last night -
And a little this morning -
That I killed nine people in three different ways:
One I pushed under a semi,
Speeding down the highway.
Hear me out – I didn't want to
But the dude was trying to kill
And I realized how much I want to live.

One I let go of while
From the top of a frickin' Skyscraper.
I didn't stay to watch him hit the ground
But I knew by the sound
Of the sirens
He'd made it that far at least . . .

this house

in what ways do you feel that you have made it safe to be in this house?
in what ways do you feel that you have made it safe to be honest in this house?
in what ways do you feel that you have made it safe to be vulnerable in this house?
in what ways do you feel that you have made it safe to be authentic in this house?

in what ways do you feel that you've made it safe to be Queer in this house?

My Hottest Summer...2021

I love the warmth of all fellows
we all are bi everyone knows
but hesitate to admit
science tells us we both sexes
have testosterone and oestrogen
in varying proportion
that's why some guys are
than gals
some gals have the balls
bigger than many hollers up
after all

it's our summer on the beach
let's see who how far can reach
ultimately we will be in open arms
of lovers we beseech
don't you have your own likes and specialities


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