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Not A Good Man

I am not a good man
but I'm not a bad man either.
I have a conscience.

just walking down the street,
I remember
a crime committed thirty years ago
and walk into a telegraph pole.
Double over in pain.

Professionals say to forgive myself
and yet I still commit wilful evil.
When I think it's deserved.
But I know that's not my right.

I adore life.
I get a bit of wood
seeing a plane take off
or a rocket launch
or using my new SSD computer.

" Dragon and I "

I, the fair maiden

so weak and frail,
trapped without hope of escape

In a tower so tall
even rapunzel’s hair, wouldn't have eased my plight

dark cold damp air, sometimes razor blade winds

alone with only my voice “I sing”

ravaged are my thoughts stripped away

echo of loneliness bellowing through my ears
whisteling sorrow as I lay

sometimes I glimps the shadow of my dragon
raging eyes of yellow and green
his reptile scales so big
on its plate, I could have a dinner fit for a king


I want to take your pictures over the sea.
Honey, honey breakdown. Honey, honey breakdown.

I want to crouch upon the highest tree.
Funny that you came down, funny that you stay round.

I want to skate upon the thinnest ice.
Done and put you fate down, gone and put your weight down.

I want to plummet to the deepest dives.
Honey, honey wait now, honey, honey breakdown.

Appreciating God

Appreciating God

Praise thy woman at length

God will be happy
as he has created so many women

yours is the first exception

lovely woman

a life of a handsome man

ask good how much time he took
to make a poet romantic one out of you

a daring love couple are you
god smiles in appreciation
of both of you

Happiness Begins

Happiness begins with blessings from heavens above,
Happiness begins with all that I prayed for,
Happiness begins with what every man dreams of,
My true happiness only begins with your love...

Happiness begins with sacrificing my whole life,
Happiness begins with bidding loneliness goodbye;
Happiness begins with crying all my tears away,
My true happiness only begins with you everyday...

By The Farm

If I were made of stone,
could you be touched by me?
And if I fall, I wonder,
would you understand me?
If I were alone
could you hear me tumble?
And I wonder, also,
would you see me?

If I were a wall,
could you talk to me?
Would your good will become a habit?
Will you take the chance,
be my friend? Neighbor...

Haiku “ The Sonnet”

singing lines with lot’s of rhythm
four quatrains
and 1 couplet of tea

how to write a great sonnet
don't listen to advice
Shakespeare didn't

he woke one day
and decided to be
or not to be a poet…

Fort Res

Idle winter don't go outside, just trust the feeling of home,
steady living inner campsite, watch the world as it falls.
Days of desert freezing outright,
tough to peel it from your bones,
there's a war on let it pass by,
knell of more than many souls.

THE 3:05

The far whistle of the three oh five
echoes through the winter night
and coyotes' answers soon arrive.
It seems they're barely out of sight.

Does it carry naught but freight
or perhaps one lone passenger car
which might carry six or eight
folk bound to some place afar?

The whistle resounds in the night's deep
then slowly takes its fares away
after waking me from sleep.
I close my eyes and drift away.

Back to be me

Be yourself
is Genetic
No one can direct you
to do,
do what you want to
as you is an

The day dawns
just as another normal day
but for some there's
Happy news
A child is on its ways
others dismay

this is what all life is about
any way
today we live
die another day
Who? can that

So live today
as if you were to die
the following day


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