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Gypsy Way

this weather
is like a mirror

my soul is crisp
like the
autumn air

changing, I swear

I am shedding
the past
like dead leaves

the sky is now

on my healing heart

after three quarters
of a year
of doleful rain

a relationship lost
internal pain

I am ready
in a gypsy way

to move on


I stroll along the shoreline
my hair now turned to grey
waves whisper at these feet
it is almost break of day

Ahead a young girl walking
with long and golden hair
turning she watches her footsteps
slowly disappear

Her clear blue eyes fill with sadness
not to be matched by my own
for mine are old and tired
from what they have been shown

Side by side passed the lighthouse
that had stood steady all of this time
it's ever winding staircase
that I was destined to climb

Autumn Equinox

Every leaving
Is a coming

Summer ends
And we mourn

No longer laying
Beneath the fiery stars
On our backs

But orange and yellow
Stars are now falling
On our heads

When the world
Sheds its skin

A new adventure

When in Loneliness think of me

When in Loneliness think of me

In the loneliness
solitude of time
just think of me
a friend of thine
upon my shoulders
lay your head and weep
if you wish to instead
when your tears flow dry
you will then know
how loneliness too does fly
a smile shall come upon your face
as when a lonesome stranger
like me the face you try to trace
in the mirrors of time
the shadows of life
when ever you are ever in strife
think about me and my lonely life



Pregnant Sleep

I look forward
to my daily

when I'm horizontal
in bed
and my spirit
takes on the vertical

omens of things
to come
unfettered dreaming

my subconscious
coming out of
the clown car
of my brain

a day or more's
of inward rumination
fears I didn't
fully feel

a million remarkable
photos and possibilities

the future
is a horizon
like that, too

with the most

Winning Moments

beneath the carpet
lie loose threads
obscured over time;
but for me
it's my past
gathering dust

I turn it upside down
only to notice
a collage of
weathered storms
tied up in knots;
a mute witness
to what I was then,
but for which
I wouldn't have been
what I am now

I frame the collage
captioning it
"winning moments"

The Power of Silence

She was powerful
For the words
She didn’t speak

If she opened
Her mouth
You knew
It would be

A rudder
Or a cleaver
A stitch
Or a glass of water

She chose
Her words well

And her silences
Even better


Restless is the storm fed ocean
where she has left a bounty
there upon the shore

But seagulls will not venture
knowing where the danger lies
if the truth be pure and simple
they'll be no need
for alibis

The wind is high and wild
fires sweep the land
as I stare out of my window
my coffee cup in hand
a wry smile upon my face
for now I understand

The story is from times of old
over and over it has been told and
oh by the way
my coffee has gone cold


I was lost
standing beside the ocean
listening to the tumultuous waves
lapping at my feet;
leaving me reflective
to relate
with the bigger picture

surrounded by
air, water. wind,
and a fire in the belly
I was searching
for that Eureka moment

I turned
only to notice
my footprints were consumed
by the receding waves


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