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October 2019 Contest Results

Congratulations to the winner: Mark!
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Thank you to all participants for entering this past contest and all contests.

September Contest Results

Congratulations to the winner: Samary!
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Thank you to all participants for entering this past contest and all contests.

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For the greater good

Our views are skewed,
Dreams shattered into bits
We only saw the bigger picture
Which beclouded our judgment
What have we become?

We were saints who
Champion the cause,
Darkness allures us and
We lost our human empathy. The chasm
Between good or bad became void

Our sins are like ice shards
Beautiful but deadly,
The decision is made already,
A Machiavellian method,
All done for the greater good.


the world is sick of love
it’s abundant on the carnival of streets
everybody says they love everybody
jesus loves you god loves you
salami and baloney sandwiches love you
amazon prime loves you
your facebook friends send hearts and kisses
your dog loves you
you even say you love yourself sometimes

but of compassion
tres peux

excuse me

It was a cold day in hell
Fire had flickered and sputtered
Ultimatums uttered
On angry ears words fell

..... Disbelieving.....
Arrogantly perceiving
Simplicity compounded

No timid dossel flower here
I stand proudly on my ground,
My message glaring, blatantly clear
A frozen hell is all that's found!

A Seaside Idyll

We walk along the beach at night,
Arms entwined and hearts entwined,
Waves lapping 'gainst our feet,
Pebbles scurrying like sand crabs 'twixt our toes.

Talking about crabs, we are both
A little tickly in the naughty bits department,
As the gentle summer breeze
Wafts through our matted pubic hairs.

Just a brief hour or two ago,
We were strangers at the Pier disco,
And now our histories are to be
Inextricably linked by fate.


The shower has become a lover
How it’s warm touch caress skin
Like she used to do
And it washes away the pain that she has caused
I’d like to give the water a name
But I can barley speak in its presence
Choking back tears I refuse to acknowledge
Pretending to forget a live I had built
Now forsaken
How it holds me close
And fends of the reality beyond the curtain
A world without a soulmate
A live where love no longer exists
Where forever means months
And never means tomorrow
Where promises made

Don't break down!

Don't break down

Too much Hookah - November Contest (Humor)

Said the night wind to the little lamb
"Do you see what I see?"
The huge friggin' gargoyle
It stands sentry at the opening of the Frigidaire
Well aware of my nocturnal sneaking

You don't?!

What about the lizard in the shower?
It's iridescent blue... purple.. no - PINK!
It listens in on my morning song
And washes my back
Very helpful is he

Scoff you?!
Better watch it - the basilik in the attic will get you

Onward Zionist Soldiers!

Onward, Zionist soldiers,
marching as to war,
With the star of David
going on before!
US, their wealthy Master,
has sent you lots of dough;
Whizzing through the night sky,
watch your missiles go!

Onward, Zionist soldiers,
marching as to war,
With the star of David
mopping up the gore.

children and sports

they move all so fast

your eyes could not ever see

power of their minds


I'll try to write a sonnet now
but I know I will not succeed
it will stumble like some drunk cow.
Writing sonnets make my brain bleed.

Maybe I'll write about true love
and how rare finding it can be,
a free gift sent from up above,
how it grows strong as an oak tree.

Or how the sun shines off her hair
on the porch on a clear spring day
as she sleeps in her rocking chair
and warm wind makes the poplars sway.

Maybe with a smidgeon of luck?..............
No, at writing sonnets I suck.


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