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Is love really blind

Teenager falls in love with a senile one
all hearts throb and the minds sing,

Each one has one’s own melody,
some hilarious
others moody

Our inhales and exhales
now can never match
but we feel intensity!!!
are we a mismatch
just tell me

She is a teen
but I far from anyone’s desire
now to be seen
why does she love a decaying tree
someone simply console me


We thought of revolution
we dreamt of transformation
we thumb printed upheaval
suddenly here comes a knock-
on our heads unexpectedly.

they call it change though
it's chain is at the opposite
change you said begins with me,
what happens to you?
if all eyes can see the
same fact justice shall reign.


This heart that was once fresh and soft like the morning dew
When I cared, I wanted to care more
This heart that had been chewed and vomited severally,
This heart that had passed through the eye of the needle
When we thrust it to angels who abuse it,
It’s a simple phenomenon play or gets played.

Silent Synergy:

Mindful empathy
Extraneous apathy
Comes telepathy

Practice Mindfulness

being in the moment you can do this
you have been here before
breathe deep
create a chasm in your mind
spectrum of sound


Flakes bounce and dodge through the bare limbs
completing their journey to below
as this day's evening starts to dim
and a slight chill wind begins to blow.

The winter world begins to fade
all turning almost black and white
especially in cedars' shade
whose canopy bans ground from being white.

Then into a land turned almost dark,
like bright paint splashed on a grim gray wall,
the contrast between them bold and stark
flits a bright red cardinal.


Sometimes they are rowed
There are times that they are towed
Some just chug along
Some have engines strong

There are those that run forever
Ones that shouldn’t be, no, never
Ships passing in the night
Ships fading out of sight

The friends that make you smile
Friends that go with you the miles
Friendships carry loads
And friendships travel roads

Build them all in friendship yards
Just be a friend, it ain’t that hard
This is all I’ve meant to say
My friends, I truly see that way

You are what I was dreaming of

I am not scared, maybe I should be
because I think you are what I have been missing
my whole life—
when I was moving with my heart full beneath the moon
pierced by the most aching of longings,
pulled towards a mystery that I could not place or touch,
I think I was dreaming of you—
and this dream bloomed
by the sea, beneath a glowing amber moon—
she was looming above the rolling waves, demanding my soul and body to open
in ecstatic dance
and oh, open I did
I was dancing like an angel on earth


Two wrongs can make a right
When two fighting elephants die, the grass enjoys peace
If 73 men must die, a single hair must not fall
If we must sober for our crops being grazed
and our loved ones being butchered, then we get drowned in our own tears
If we must sleep in the cold breeze of the night,
With our eyes wide open, and our mind hanged to our hands,
convenient the cattle.
Let me cry now for my brother’s headache,
Not until I catch it,
Is this the change you have in mind?

Feather Light Tipi

Midnight, sharp, frigid air,
walking a forest path to watch stars stellar,
with time out of mind,
making a path for others to find,
with crunching snow under his boots,
crunching fallen Mountain Ash fruits,
unfamiliar terrain he came across,
he took a spill and was tossed,
down a steep slope into a ravine,
a part he had never seen,
with a twisted ankle and bruised knees,
he cursed himself he wasn't pleased,
his bad judgment,
placed him in a predicament,
he couldn't retrace his new made path,


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