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Time to show our community your creativity. In our new series you will be provided a topic in our chatroom and you must produce a poem off the cuff. We would like to ask our community if they would like to take part in this fun event. If we gather enough interest this could be a Saturday night filled with fun and poetry. Please leave a yes if you are interested and where you are from so we can try to pick the best time for all involved. Thank you for being awesome!

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Neopoet Random Challenge 4 wants to challenge you to write poetry about random subjects that are provided

Objectives: If you so accept this challenge, all you have to do is write a poem about one or more of the topics presented. Each link is a different topic. Please make sure your poems are between 12 to 32 lines

This month's topics.

June 2021 Poetry Contest Announcement!

This month we ask our community to write a traditional haiku on springtime. Best of luck to all our contestants
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May 2021 Poetry Contest Winner!

Congratulations to atorn
For winning the May 2021 Neopoet poetry Contest.
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May 2021 Contest Announcement!

This month show the alter ego you always dreamt of. All entries must be 12 to 32 lines and written in any style. Good luck to all that participate in this contest
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Voices cries out afar
In a tick forest discovered by strangers
Who trespassed for a quest of exploration
Though their quest was successful
and they we're called masters
It cries aloud nonstop
Perhaps, seeking for a rescue
A freedom yearned desired

Freedom they yelled
Yelled long ago in one tune
But different thoughts
They gained their flag with two colors
Green and white
A land full of natural resources
And in peace the claimed it
But the minds of greed and evil
Flee many away

My Only Request to Myself

My Only Request to Myself
An active mind
can never rest
@82 nearing I must confess

staying idle is what I can't tolerate
though all say I am a true poet
merit to be given is by educated folks
great poets more o doc like you

I am always in blue
since I was just two
never rested a day
wish to go for my cremation
walking and say

hello friends now I go away
having come so far you all make my day


I think about you often
But once you start dry coughing
things will quickly escalate
Let's take two weeks and isolate

When will we kiss you ask
You look so beautiful
In that medical grade mask

I could be your friend
At least until
This pandemic
comes to an end

We could do the boom boom
Over the phone or on zoom
In this relationship I'm invested
Just don't want to get physical
Until we both get tested

Diamonds In Our Galaxy.

I have more friends
across the Internet
they all are like Diamonds
in the bright galaxy
just searching for poets like
wee wee
here so many with fragrance of poetry

Poets many like you all here still
and I
waiting at the estuary

someday the wind will submerge me
more newer ones will be born
human existence
will continue to carry on

Covid will become just a distinct memory
many more worse may creatively emerge
human race of course will never converge

liddle lobster me.

I'm goin' sideways when I perish,
want to end up in a rock pool
in the sands.
I'll have a shiny shell
that I can cherish,
with two claws, fer my chores
not two hands.

Sharing my abode with thirteen rag worm
who'll confirm,
that it's sunny
by the sea,

We can wish mick the fish a happy birthday,
n the weather,
we can also,


bulls bellow for mates
on floating water lily
tadpoles in shallows


I dressed two hares this morning
harvested on a morning stroll
through a near silent peaceful pasture
just as dawn gave way to day.

They were tough and old and lean
unlike I (at least the lean part)
so now they will tenderize
in the pressure cooker
which has yet to come to a boil.
So I leave them be,
go to my familiar recliner,
turn on the tube.


I believe
his eyes betokened
the pioneer spirit,
as did the jut of his jaw
- so forcibly -
the farsighted gaze,
the winglike structure of his mind.
He gerrymandered
the boundaries of my heart
- my heliocentric constituency -
to include him at every turn.
He’s my memory now,
a surface hard
with incised marks,
that he made impassable
to temptation and doubt.
I feel again
infinitesimal pain.
My whole being cries out for him.
But it intimates - the silent Paraclete -

Old Copper Coins

We're tying up memories to sell, but the rope we use is frail
We stole it from our childhood tire swing
'Cause now we're older and we've got no time for games
But is it worth it? Just for a gain?

Last spring they poisoned the soil
Cause we were stealing what we thought was free
But it turns out in life that there's always a price if you wanna take the fruit from the tree

Stunted Personality

Thoughout my young life
Words split though my lips
Tearing aimlessly like a knife
Until my peers dug in their grips

I watched as my words fell flat
Expressionless faces looking back
Wanting to end this feelingless vat
I bit my tongue and let my smile crack

But still theres good news to be had
I've found friends much better, I wouldnt go back
They listen intently, sitting so glad
It's a damn shame I find my words now lack


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