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days run too nights...nights
run too days...
no ashpalt blacktop out
here...B-ball on an intel
wire post...
reel too reel
Buddy from cleveland
says it beats changing
We gamble him
batteries....but the bastards horseshoes up
his ass and out in the jungle
U use everything U got
to get back
git back


No money,
no credit card,
net worth below zero.

living on food coupons,
debt approaching twenty trillion,
each newborn in August 2016,
shouldering sixty thousand,
born drowning in the debt,
dead-set dollars, US dollars.

Piles of promises,
millionaires and billionaires
seek donations from the worthless,
God bless America.

Mockery is the election
a quack potion,
but billions in business,
nevertheless, who I am to say?
just a worthless in disarray.

Cain and Abel

Dying Abel Bled
Now There Was No Need To Dread
But Cain's Soul Was Dead


Colorful dots on plastic - let’s party!
Landscape patches yellow, blue, red - white hedge.
Tangled ragged curves inverted bodies.
Plants caged anticipation roll over.

Heavenly bodies pour down tapestries
Opening up upon brown and gold shag
Faces mingle in eroticism
Within folk of John Denver’s fancy flight

You’re the eagle that lives in high country,
so we all thought till dreams became shaken;
inevitable re-configuring.
Spin the dial, empty the vial, no returns.

may we be friends please

Seek not friendship
of a tree in a forest
there are so many
the next time you pass

the same lane
you wouldn't know
which tree came

smiled back at you

did you me woo
for friendship

I wish you knew
there are a million trees like me
which kind are you
will you tell me true

all trees lovers come and go
place hands on bare skin
to their love show
then they simply go
are you not one
like the same one
I said so
now you may also go

Better Off

I don't have anything.
And I know how funny,
what a gas that is to say,
given the opulence by which I live.

I was married once,
married twice,
married yet again,
to a woman who despised me,
to Church and career.

And no I can't say
I'm better off for any of it.

Wherever I go from here,
wherever I go
I can be assured
like I was before
of people judging
and I can be sure
my cyn(icism) will get in the way.


beneath a torn
atop dust irons escape
wind fingers cool
the slip of nape

dirty denims
ragged shoes
no one here
disturbs the blue

no one here
too make
or break
the devils
idle angry

but secrets
buried in a kiss
closed off in
years a bend
a twist
shelters bureau
stolen scenes
alive like
wicca wicker

The fire sermon.

Beyond the bowed mountain
land that had seethed through its teeth
cracked a thunderous crack
so bold, so low, so ominous
that it sent shivers through the air
and trapped
trundling angels in their tracks.

It brought the scurrying miracle of men
in a nocturnal flurry to the inceptive scene
where lightning greeted the ground
conducted with a petrifying sound
the spark that lit the sibylline tinder world.

We’ve been hitched for a year and
you just don’t get it.
I do what I please
‘cause I ain’t down wid it.

I’m the king of my castle,
don’t want no queen.
Just a cook, a maid and
a sex machine.

Now your booty is a whopper,
your cooter lost its bang
your cooking ain’t no stopper and
you think that you’re Miss Thang.

You spend money like a mutha,
run your mouth nonstop
sayin’ buy me, give me, take me …
shudda fuk up.

in memoriam


I lost a dear, dear friend this day.
the pain of death has no words
that measure the depth of emptiness
and the sickness of a heart torn and bleeding
and itself near to dying.
the soul surrenders to its sorrow,
and tears are shed for stolen tomorrows.


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