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Wore Your Grace Like a Charm

The day that shame was invented
A paradise was lost
A universe separating lovers
Made of black holes and dead stardust

Floating untethered
In the dark
We lost our only true spark

The day that shame was invented
Love wrapped us in its arms
Although remorse made me naked
I wore your grace like a charm

Caught by your
Forgiving hand
And given back to the land

Ooooo Ooooo

The Usual Picture

Quiet dawn.
Snow snores through the black nostrils.
Alder cones are scattered all over.

A few paw-steps. Something urgent
forced the animals out to gallop and dive back
in a warm coziness of dens and burrows.

Weed-stalks tremble, what has left of them.
After the storm, wind is still strong.
In the tangled thicket, empty feeders swing and turn.

Only one figure is on her route
to leave another flower to wilt on her bench,
to say another word to her late lover
and quickly come back.

The Bitch and the Bard

she said i'm a bitch
he said i'm a bard
its a fucked up fairy tale
that might get you hard

what's with all the metaphorical indiscretions she chided
i don't know he quipped
but metaphors dearie
gets me excited

what do they mean
who the hell knows
you can read them forever
and cant afford clothes

a poem a day
sometimes two
i can't buy a house
or even a shoe

what's for dinner
a big words stew
its a low calorie meal
it will have to do

In the rain

Jude kyrie Poems

In the rain

Do you remember my darling
we were just children way back then.
we played in the summer rain.
Dancing in puddles.
Splashing in colored rubber boots.
Drenched with happiness
in the summer rain.
I think that's when
I first fell in love with you.
I knew even back then
we would marry one day.


I am born black, the color of mourning.
No one cares to listen to my music.
If seen at bird feeds, I'm scorned.
Only the aged have crow's feet.
A devil in bed time stories.

Yet my spirit is buoyant.
I can look down at the world
Touch the clouds
I've followers who believe
"shortest distance is how the crow flies"

Imagine a world without black.
A day without night.
It's like being color blind.
White stands out by contrast
The Raven Brings.


is a word that which I am
Loneliness is a disease
When I'm around people
I instantly become ill
People leave me
people hurt me
I've been hurt for the last time
alone is what I ever will be
alone is a word that I use quite often
lack of love
lack of honesty
lack of people to protect me
what makes me alone?
That is my name
I am Alone


To lift the weight
he met her for coffee
9am St Martin in the Fields

& because it was gentler
not to speak
they performed the dance
of noncommitance

beneath the soft veil
of changing day
a pocket of time
church bells uttered
Angelus Domini
feverishly they smoked
shielded by a gentle shower

she in her untarnished
northern marsh
unplotted the fragments
of humility in nothingness
the tender was wxchanged
they swallowed the black liquid
and were gone

What i like and what i love

I like when road leads to the sky.
I walk and see ahead only clouds
slowly sliding on the wet asphalt
as if they are about
to sit down with me and chat.

I like the smell of wet dust
after the first drops of rain and how
they fall on the ground
with resonant thumps.

I like when shadows manifest
as lilacs and better yet palaces
lost in meandering tracks.

I like to steal green apples
from the absentminded trees
and make love under their nearsighted
and questioning glances.

Killer Queen (Tribute To Freddie Mercury )

Each of us has been given a special gift in life.
Part of being human is we make mistakes.
Yet we don't let the mistakes dictate the path that we are to tread upon
Poetic free verse provides a format to be voiced by the poet in a very positive way.
It allows growth in the character for the true writer at hand.
Having written so far several poems on their site
I'm forever humbled to be connected to such a venue with talent to abound.
His presence took us a way,
Far from tie your mother down..,
Freddie we love you still

How to Treat Your Slave

her happiness is everything
her pathos; be kind with cruelty

blood and tears, a royal jelly
merciless kisses like blazing pyres
she cries through a night prayer

my push pin princess;
a crimson petal
nerves edge;
jutting nipples seeking cleavers kiss

to serve
to serve
to serve

smiling for a relish of wasps
she knows she is loved
a loved red faced surprise
cunt mouth, red chirping sparrow
wax teeth melting
succubus, fuck flower


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