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Why Did I Love You?

like two fish
taken from different parts
of the sea
and put in the same
pet shop aquarium
I liked your stripes
and your smile
you my spots
and my mind
so we swam
everywhere together
under the arch
by the seaweed trees
beneath a golden “sun”
until you were bought
for $10.50
the price of our

For Mia

In the golden light of forever
shes skipping and dancing about.
She's running along with unicorns
of this dears I have no doubt.
On earth she was a treasure
that god had lent for a while,
gentle blessings were bestowed
from her laugh and in her smile.

Warm baths and warm hands
some of her favourite things,
nail polish of various colours,
until she heard an angel sing.

It is quiet again

There is a quiet that cannot be filled.
The songs of time are memories
Filling the air with make believe,
If only there was a continuation.

I asked the universe what is happening.
It replied to me in quiet tones
A purpose has been removed
A need must be found for think.

I understand you, I said to the universe
It is late, and I must hurry
Before winter quiets my mind
Just believe, it will happen it said

Break of Dawn.

It was but 'A Midsummer's Night Dream',
Of my lover and I in warm embrace,
But before our lips could meet,
Or become acquainted,
The envious Sun parted us with its piercing rays,
I awoke from the dream suppressing a scream,
Pacing lifelessly,
All I had was the whisper of your name
Sung by the sympathetic wind to my ear,
I called your name Ife, Ife,
The heir,
To the throne of my heart.

On the record:

Nixon was demonized for his taping
Others have been lauded for recording
Only correct reaction is stopping
Illegal action that is just a sting

More than trapping the intended target
It captures the planner in a poor light
Covert record invalid in docket
Leaving instigator in legal plight

Hate haiku

I will insert hate
which orifice is your choice
cry harder, nazi


For far too long we've had just hacks
and Obama likely was the worst
placing undue burdens on our backs.
Government morphed into a curse.

Now invaders infiltrate the south
and ANTIFA is running wild
spewing hatred from a masked mouth.
Leftists pitch fits like spoiled child.

Too many leeches on the dole
living off working people's toil.
Socialism's emerged from its hole.
Freedom wilts in poisoned soil.


There in the forest of dreams, I lost my way,
Trees whose names I knew, just nodded and swayed.
They moved aside to let me free, but I couldn’t see,
Yet to wander here, was destructive just to be.

How did I become lost in this grand array?
Was it something said, or did I hear others say.
I must break free before the dawn creeps in,
Then to another try at life, Oh where to begin.

Soliloquy of Love.

If Faustus would give all souls for Mephistopheles,
i would give all the World for her love,
I will even shatter the laws of physics,
if she be Linette I'll turn myself to dove,
like Jason i will venture for the golden Fleece,
like Kratos i will overthrow Jove,
like Sin bad i will sail the deadly seas,
all these and more will i do for her love,
if she's the devil then I'll gladly sell my soul,
i will fight epic battles greater than the trojan war,
i want her so badly not friendship i want more,

Strength [Runic Symbol:Uruz]

S t r e n g t h is a phenomenal energy that makes impossible possible if there is a will.


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