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tanka [fowl life]

Like her sister flies
Her brother struggles onward
Keen is their mother
The father has flown the coup
Fowl kingdoms ever endure


I suddenly take two long steps
to get down wind from me
and check on how bad I might smell.
How bad could it be?

I was almost soaked in sweat
on this hot late August day
so it likely was an even bet
my pits might chase blow flies away.

Then with a cautious sniff or two
to see how bad I might have stunk
the light wind brought the news to me:
that I could run off any skunk.


If the reign of love stands supreme,
on gloomy earth there will be gleam.
Over the earth let us allow love to reign.
Across the universe let it be sovereign.

The reign of love on earth is not a myth.
we can nurture love to reign on earth.
Love does not only exist in above.
let us open our hearts to reign of love.

The reign of love we all await,
for its dawn on earth to break.
But this reign starts with loving oneself.
Then our environs completely it will engulf.

Cheating ("poem")

Carnival stars masked as streetlights
lead you to a dark green house
at the end of a street you’d never

dare go down, for no real reason,
of course. People have found here
reasons for living, reasons for dying,
And the cracked paint is patterned;
you just don’t know how.

Where is the line you came from?

The line that led here?
You can find no doorbell inside
You can find no anything
Only footsteps, a few heads
saturate in colors..And the man
that holds your letter just approaching.

Old Men

old men with dreams

what do they know that I don't
what do I know that they don't
doesn't matter
they are not going to tell me
neither will I tell them
we are old enough to know
to leave each other alone
old men with egos

Random Haiku 3

How big is my love
for you? Moons wide,
Heavens high, Oceans deep.

A Pigeon Speaks @ Robert E. Lee Park

"No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion...People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love...For love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite." ~ Nelson Mandela
Hey Mabel--you see that?
They're going to come to blows,
I'm telling you.  Some stupid human
is gonna get killed, I'm telling you.
(Pigeon talk is repetitious.)


A breakfast of yogurt, honey and tea
On colorful carpets in a stylish yurt.
Yesterday, clouds from a window seat;
But today the gorgeous Gobi Desert
Where wild camels are known to be.

Feeling the wind of Asia in the open jeep
Cooled from the far Himalayan peaks,
We hear the honking calls of the pack
Rising on the dune in single file, gliding
On the silken sands and leaving tracks
At the edge of a white misted sky.

Juliet's window

But, Soft! What light through yonder window breaks?
It is the mother all life gives who stirs awake
The face of all Earth's wondrous dear
Appears up by the window near
Hair blonde by Midas' touch;
Light leaving at Almighty's clutch
Eyes as rich in blue as the locker of the sea,
Merging all the colours of the world that is thee
Out of every window there's the same kind of view
For Capulet's all over,
Belong to this Montague.

A House

The calm of the field
glares an emptiness back,

against the window
neither aghast nor sure,

the sun turns
a million blinding
ears of corn

to face this house
which may not be home.

The floorboard's sweaty wax
of childhood
are exposed,

the carpet now stripped
in my prodigal absence.

And if the scent of
polish decays
to reveal the dust of
wasted years;

where is the mop
that would wash?

How many windows
need be opened?


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