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September 2020 Contest Announcement!

This month our subject is personifying where you live in either present time or in the past. Poem must be between 12 to 32 lines and written in any style. Come show us where you are from and it's personality. Best of luck to all our contestants. Please click below to learn more about this contest.

August 2020 Contest Winner

Congratulations to the winner: Eumolpus
Please visit the winning poem here:

Thank you to all participants for entering this past contest and all contests.

August 2020 Contest Announcement

Tell us about your expirience during this pandemic
Poem can range from 12 to 32 lines. Written in any style
For more information please visit:

Remember to have fun and good luck to all contestants!

July 2020 Contest Winner

Congratulations to the winner: C Lynn Brooks
Please visit the winning poem here:

Thank you to all participants for entering this past contest and all contests.

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Smile like a sunrise
not like a clown

never let your smile
turn into a frown

for as frowning is quite hard
a smile is easy as pie

so lift your face, think
then look up at the sky

have joy in your heart
and you will never cry

A Sonnet to Mistaken Love (Sonnet #40)

It does occur that passion fans a flame,
However small, into the fiercest blaze;
Then, newness’ thrill becomes a bore, a game
That all-too-soon recedes at rapid pace.
What are the telling signs that love has ceased?
When slowly reserved chill sets in and words
No longer have the truthful ring that pleased
And led, in bygone days, to sweet rewards.
Desist! Your silence now commands, and I
Retreat and ponder how once fervent love
Regressed to less than friendship, one that by
And by must be discarded like a glove.

Seven Deadly Sins (Sloth)

Realizing my talents
could lead to a broken nail
If I acknowledge self-worth
I would have to do something about it
I lack the urge to do better
It's a gift I was born with
Eating the bread of idleness
keeps me from hunger
I'm nobody’s boss
I'll leave that to the unfortunate slaves
who believe in doing better
Laziness that I have accepted wilfully
will be my personal failure.


Soft waves wash across our feet
and wipe our footprints from the sand.
Board walk provides a deep backbeat
from a sixties tribute band.

We've walked along this beach before
and heard the plaintive sea birds cry
as they patrolled this stretch of shore
wheeling within a clear blue sky.

But now my gait is not as fast.
My love slows down because of me
unlike the times far in the past
when we splashed this east coast sea.

Population Will Regrow More

You speak on behalf of 7.5 billion now
2 billion was good enough when you were born

Now you can take part
along with the virus
no villain
will ever make the world rich again

many will be re-routed
fresher electronic billions
will come per chance
to be born in the
gardens of Eden or Victoria
or Melaboree
roaming naked l
like birds are free

you a brand of electronic generation
will as usual smile again with me
yeah at me
so be happy

"By the Pricking . . . ."

“By the pricking of my thumbs
Something wicked this way comes.”
From Shakespeare I did steal that line,
What follows next, that’s partly mine!
(A horrid man is that Macbeth!
His witches aren’t much better yet.)
These strong gusts of wind last night?
Those were witches, doing spite.
Lightning did not cause weird power glitches—
No, with darkness came three witches
And, “Double, double toil and trouble”—
They sure meant to turn my yard to rubble.
Now my cactus leans there, less one arm;

So Secluded That I May Be

Another me,
There was another me
But not the better me,
But so carefree,
A better me,
That’s who I am today,
So secluded that I may be,
A better me,
I brought
Happy-go lucky-joy,
To many,
You might say I was a golden boy,
A better me,
That’s who I am today,
So secluded that I may be,
A better me,
I can’t be the me that
I used to be,
I would not wish to be,
A better me,
That’s who I am today,
So secluded that I may be,
A better me.

Seven Deadly Sins ( Gluttony)

Over-indulgence has led me away from the needy
My desire to have everything for myself
I take great satisfaction in knowing it’s all mine
Temptation is my vice and it's delicious
If I could I would devour it without shame
No thought for others
I will jump into the deepest river of chocolate
and drink it dry.


On a daily basis
finally at the evening twilight
they''ve found the darkness
entwine the lapsed daylight
only with a hope
dawn twilight
will be born aright
for all to look bright
as long as there's
day light today
another lovely good day
another life's dawn gone away

Beyond The Rain

Where have all the raindrops gone
Spilling from on high?
Which once would fall about my head
But now my head is dry.
Where have all the snowflakes gone
Ambling down from space?
Shivering in the winter wild
And melting on my face.

Where have all the rivers gone
Dashing to and fro?
They once would splash across the land
As seaward they would go.
Where have all the oceans gone
To crash against the shore?
All that's left is salted sand
Upon a seabed floor.


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