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The Tarot Reader (free-verse)

The Tarot Reader

Canto I
“If truth lies in the Tarot cards,
then strength and weakness
will be revealed in such a deck;
with joy should one embrace the signs
that promise guidance through our lives.

Canto II
“Then, let the stars restore our troubled souls,
bring serene quietude and quench
the searing sadness in our hearts;
whatever grief tore them apart,
surely, we will find our peace.”

(The soothsayer lays out her cards)


Spend years teaching an elephant that he isn't free,
and he will never break the chains.

A warrior will not pick up the sword,
if they believe the hand cannot wield the fight.

The artist won't sweep her brush strokes,
if the canvas is already dripping black.

And the swan will never spread it's downy wings,
if it has been called ugly it’s entire life.

The lies we believe are the lies we live by.
The mirror is a liar if we so wish it to be.

Soft Sandal Feet

Soft Sandal Feet

Soft Sandal Feet

A line drawn in the sand/

Immersed with heavy fallen tears..,
A beat of sweat
One word would often calm my fears !
With both waiting hands/

Torn amidst the heavy burden of the sun..,
With solace of peace and inner tranquility !
The pitter patter of soft sandal feet/
Would you now open your heart's door to him ?

There really is no other way/

Memories of a fond guy

Fondness is a love word
I was nubile then
she was from
a different world

Beautiful as a new born
which daily
in front of our eyes
does fly

their life is short
not our memories

they die in flames
of candle
we die in arms
of flames

So let it be
life is a long thrill
experience alone
happy memories
does till

Thanks Mr Beary
hope you have no intention
to scare me with your name
never mind
now I don't worry...

Debt Disaster

Debt, dragging me down
A black hole
Scooping out hope
Never gives up
Neither should I
At times it seems lost
The idea of overcoming.
Dig deep, try to enjoy
Life is ending, you only have one
Difficult choice
Live now or save
Save now for what if
What if, never comes
Debt, you ugly disaster
Let me live!
Freedom to get out
Deep hole never gives
Keep fighting, i can still get free
Can I?

Model Mavericks:

Benefits humanity
For posterity

Light Of Heart

Light Of Heart…..

Who hunts for the wizard or witch,
finding words go to the fore with ease.
Leaving nurses to gamble or re stitch,
cuts through life like a malefic breeze.

Who can shine blue in a mothers eyes,
have a warring chest with black heart.
Watch while another innocent dies,
then carry them off in an ancient cart.

Empower those who are well heeled,
helping them live their lives in style.
keep them under a protective shield,
as their poor subjects starve a while.

Insanity and Freedom

The mirrors image is fading
Everything is so distorted now
Were once pieces of a hopeful soul
Now whispers of tangled truths
Scattered to the winds without
Care without thought

Nothing else lives beyond
But emptiness - trillions of miles
Full of emptiness
I'm alone
Aimlessly roaming in the air

I don't know where I'm going
But at this moment
I don't really care
Days that will never return
I watch as they float
Throughout the horizon


Oak filligree and brass
squeals open
protests its task
dry leaf husks
chase eache other
on limb draped tired
giant oaks
Hulks of trunks like
Keeps and the sleek
rounded coupes
lie submissive in
the shards of night

A Walk in Iraq

On this morning walk
Birds sing, cool breezes touch me
The world is at peace
My home here will protect me
My God walks with me today

Come my children gather near
The sound of the guns is nothing to fear
We shall walk much further today
A black flag flying it’s coming our way.


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