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The stream (all workshops)

This is the stream - you can see all poems on Neopoet, live, as they are created.


From The Mist(Horror Story Workshop)

From The Mist

Ancient forrests grew thick and tall
upon this forrest a strange mist would fall
enshrouding all in a shimmering light
casting an eerie glow ,throughout the night

A creature emerges from the mist
with eyes ablze as he spat and hissed
talons on the end of each sinewy hand
here the beast took it’s final stand

The rotten stench,of burning flesh
is interwoven in the mesh
of this ageless ones being
known by all,yet never seen

Sanity's Madness ( Horror Story Draft )

Sanity’s Madness

Reflections of darkness invade the eye
limitless worlds of pain
walking on slivers of broken glass
shedding your blood like rain

crying the tears of a thousand souls
killing a thousand more
crawling through jungles of tortured green
shouting out “Nevermore”

another guy

another guy

I wouldn't have asked ...
if she came all the way...
she wanted to with FIRE play...

in the jungles alone with a guy with a sharp spear...
without any fear ...
she'd endear the valleys cooing beyond yonder.....
why friend do you wonder?

All is well under the covers of darkness ...
they also know!
but alas fail to hold on to it...
as you replace ...
leave her unlaced...



The sky hung black and low
air heavy and crushing
the stench of reptile from the Everglades
was hidden in a gray-green mist
looking through the window panes.
the lakes and canals began to overflow.
after days of torrential rains,
Sudden streams rushed down the
streets and walkways.

Then there was a foreboding still
and this stillness was broken
by heavy winds and hail began
to plummet with fury the earth below.
doors and windows locked shut,
tornado headed this way.

Coffee Cheques

Hammer on the fresh patches
tape of old rivet holes
sing in the wind
when they work loose
Jacket on a hook
rumpled as the Pines
Top fuel add weight
already the days dimming
the schedule late

crates a barrel
villagers and the crews
They dont know we
will this airborne

Bounce hit hard
then grabs the sky
like the eagles do
Left pedal
in a slipstream

Lucky charms
and little prayers
Number two
runs a hand
through thinning

waiting to smile with you

waiting to smile with you

Smiler's follow me
nice smile yours ....
people must be on all fours..
my salutations...
I love all smilers...
you are added on..

Smile is the elixir of life...
that oils the rusted mind...
we all then move along....
happily in smiles...

so smile along with me...
as we all walk the poetic mile....
kindly smile all the while...
all you young ones out there
in poetic glare

all young ones
smiles with me do share...

sans only.. sans!

'sans all will you...'''

this is the most creative desire
of all human
man and woman

I have composed so many
as Shakes...too did...

'''sans all will you...'''

fill in the gaps as teeth fall

mouth smells and ink dries et al
kiss now my balding head
when dead just fly a flying kiss

but with tearful eyes
when there will be for momentary
no smiles
but sparkle in your eyes
see how time flies?

Hunters Assemble!

Word has reached the team
Digit is back to blow off steam
Still Killer and Nevermore
have yet to make a score

The insider is ready for action
Grace is waiting for instructions
while Dr Chaz dreams of facing Digit
to end the king's heartbeat

The reporter is their informer,
gathering datas to brief the others
When the key players are in place
they planned the first phase

This is the war council
where hunters assemble
in the fight against the ruthless,
monsters wearing human faces

On the Bed of Hypnos


The notes are ingrained
by the blue petalled flames,
burning them into my bones.
All other colors fade,


suspended in a waking dream;
Here, in the lingering lucidity,
this maddening gnaw of pain
leaks the little whispers,
stealing rhapsody from pleasure.


Tightrope treachery,
a daringly dancing gypsy
spinning about on a narrow wall,

balance risked for the
momentum of grace;


blood pressure needle
its little arm
the echo voice
in the chamber room
Hello..How charming
I fade in
I fade out
Locked to the table
The demons
are lashing
the needle
pour in ur poison
ur plan
the cameras in the
the crash bus the rear seat
constabular ride
Here they plot my future
or end
send me to a coma
like before
But Im here
watching outside
the glass
while the rain slips


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