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Heavenly Home?

Striking Mother lode
Many light years beyond abode
To enforce our code


Endlessly, oh, so endlessly
The ships sail on so endlessly
The waves roll in so timelessly
From distant ocean blue.

And I loved thee so faithfully,
Had loved thee, oh, so tenderly.
And pain I feel ferociously
Since you became untrue.

While I looked on so foolishly,
Thought you behaved so blamelessly
When breaking my heart fearlessly
While I still loved you true.

Your voice sang like a symphony
I listened, oh, so breathlessly
Lay on thy breast so carelessly
As knife from sheath you drew

It's your Life

Live a life
as you have no other viable option

Think not of what others
said or say
live your life
in your own imitable way
there must not be another
I must say
as you have more brains than they

But if a follower you want to be
then there is nothing
that anyone can do to help ye

Just polish up your brain daily
as you brush your teeth

If you can't use your brains my dear
for your own health
you must fear
all else will simply endear.


Black skin glows
Tough and toxic we are,
The strength of the horse attached to the hoe of the earth.

The black head is far from light, he said.
The squirrel hole you should probe
Our hunchback distinct theirs,
Which pushes us back to our root, again and again.

Our affliction is born before the sun,
Even from the footage of the ancestors it lies
The mastermind of the rancorous vultures,
Feasting on a beautiful dream to come; I guilt them not.

Everything's a Pipe Dream

I've learned at this point
that everything's a pipe dream,
for me at least.
woe is me.
Everything's a pipe dream.

There's no up,
or even side to side.
There is only down,
where there is no bottom,
because my old bottom
has shown me
that any barrier,
any boundary
no matter how low
can be crashed through.

Breathing is a pipe dream
and everything I've learned,
or thought I had learned
I've had to rethink.
woe is me.

Rainbow Dance

Moist, bright, and green, the landscape laughs around.
Full swell the woods; their every music wakes,
Mix'd in wild concert, with the warbling brooks
Increased, the distant bleatings of the hills,
And hollow lows responsive from the vales,
Whence, blending all, the sweeten'd zephyr springs.
Meantime, refracted from yon eastern cloud,
Bestriding earth, the grand ethereal bow
Shoots up immense; and every hue unfolds,
In fair proportion running from the red
To where the violet fades into the sky.


My love is like a clear spring day
whose golden sunbeams go their way
and suddenly explode in dew
to sparkle once again like new

Like spying a small calf just born
a'frolicking this sunny morn
crying out with joyful bleat
while running 'round on tireless feet

It fills me with a joy profound
like spotting a quail upon the ground
her young ones following around
this bird not sure just where she's bound


applaud yourself for living
while the left brain
keeps the secret
from the right
that your only comfort for the day
had been in thoughts of some...acide
now your applause is nothing
hitting nothing
in the dark

Imaginary Imagery

Imaginary Imagery

Continue to bask
in your lovely imagery
why delve in misery

There is nothing beyond what is here
the distant horizon
but live in hopes to have children in heaven
all is your own imagination

This young bard
says no more
than what one ought to know

Life is here only
all else is just
illusive and imaginary
Time pass if you will

Who am I to in you, knowledge instil
'tis thy own will

The Columns

I’ve been shooting at stars

in lazy floods

all day in this Rapture

hoping I strike a piece

of you so it will fall in toy diamond,

citrate frost, something I can chew on.

Your braided dream lilies looped

together with dowsing rods crafted

by an alchemist in a deleted scene

from a shelved noir.

For this space ordained

you, this panel graffiti in obsidian marker,

the confessional alarm

in your belly button,

and your bitten lilypad


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