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The stream (all workshops)

This is the stream - you can see all poems on Neopoet, live, as they are created.


Face Up (February Contest)

black ice
fracture echo

lay back
frozen bed


warm day
frozen night
shifting thumping

Sunku 14 Workshop

cold and ice
comes to an end

dead trees
grey twigs
abandoned nest

green foliage
brings forth new life

Eye of the Tiger

Millions of years ago it was
it crawled out of the sea
to stretch its trunk and twist its limbs
to swinging in a tree.

If only then it shut-up shop
on standing up for man
I'd still the gear to watch my rear
and rear cubs in Bhutan.

Instead I'm here, mouth agape
without the means to roar
staring up at tropical fish
while furnishing its floor.


Shooting stars
Meteor blast
The sky is alive

Peeking moon
Its many shapes
Illuminous wonder

Planets spin
Axis shift
Life interrupted

Sunku 5

The devil
He beckons
With arms open

Come here
It's different
I swear

Let me
Hold you
One more time

Star Struck [February Contest]

In daylight I follow my shadow
come night it crawls behind me
and disappears leaving me alone
when I lie under
a blanket studded with stars.
They wink at me in the darkness
from light years away
yet they feel so near
my hands try to grasp
to fill my pockets with joy

Sunku 4

Foggy night
Cold town
Broken car

Blonde hair
Blue eyes
Ruby lips

Pulls up
To assist
Unsuspecting last ride

A Thief In The Night

I was born to discover the free love to explore so much more
in time I would wander up a yonder carrying on with a song
as a young G in the hood I was up to no good rapping like you knew I would
looked at the rolling hills with the cheap thrills thought to pay my bills

Transitional Sunku...

Raining hard
Flooded creek

Black dirt
Smelling bad
Skeletal skull

Ebon night
Scary howl
Immense anger

Dark skies
Shadows haunt
Muddy waters

Brown clay
Stuffy nose
Broken down nag

Silent ear

Cobalt blue
Floating on clouds

Green field
Sweet scented
Centaur hoof-prints

I saw
I heard it
Feeling happy

Sunku 3

Black box
Jeweled box
Temptation great

Locked box
Pretty box
Key underneath

Open box
Demons out
Darkside release


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