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AC Election: Announcement (February 2021)

Our election begins today, with the following individuals on the ballot:

Ray Whitaker
Michael Anthony
Alan S Jeeves

The election will continue until Saturday, March 6th (5 pm Eastern Time).

You may view the voting guide (and candidates may update their responses) here:


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It is time, once again, for the elections to take place for all of the three positions on the Neopoet AC.
The new AC will be the 27th. Neo AC and successful candidates will hold the position for a one year term.
At the end of that term of office new nominations will be invited and an election will take place to determine the 28th, AC.
My compliments to all candidates.

Kind Regards, Alan ~ Current chair, 26th. Neopoet Administrative Council.

February 2021 Contest Announcement

Come dive into this month's poetry contest. Bring your creativity and live on the wild side since there are no rules.
Your poem has to be for all audiences so please no explicit content.
Good luck to all our contestants may the best one take the prize of a 3 month premium.


January 2021 Contest Result !

Congratulations to Mark
For winning the January 2021 Neopoet poetry Contest.
Please view the winning poem at

Thank you to all the contestants of this and all contests.

Open Nomination Period

The open nomination period for the next Administrative Council is underway:

Nominate yourself or any other member for the AC at:

Nominations are accepted until midnight Eastern Time (NY), February 12th.

We expect the election will follow approximately one week after the close of the nomination period.

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There was a time when I preferred wolf packs yelping and howling...
Seamus Heaney, from Sweeney Astray’s Last Poem

In the first instance
that sight of this Umwelt sewn
there was the coming along of a youth
around warriors, and being in that booth
up in the close clan of the warrior that held this bit
serving the greater good was best done by fighting for it.

Taken From 'Grief in Brief'

'So shed a tear if you wish to
then move on
as one day
you will too be gone
as the next wind
like a gush comes along'

© lovedly (loved), 2014


'The Wild Wind of Antiquity'

The wind is come to sojourn once more
Delivering tidings from far away, yonder.
It expires its breath and wheezes veracity.

Eyes may not see but ears are alarmed
As the wind calls out its blustery voice
And those who listen will know it well.

Prisoner In Disguise

Energy and passion waiting to be released
a prisoner of my own thoughts
far to long
The energy and passion
of living and loving life
for what may be left
of mine
Thoughts rage to and fro
a mind gone wild
with what was , is and can be

but where does it start
and where does it end

Twisted thoughts go round
so many paths to follow
but to where do they lead

Old Coat

I wake up adorned in the raiment of grief
Like an old coat, worn and threadbare
in all of the usual places

The pockets always seem full
with memories and images of the ones I’ve lost
My familiar acquaintance, sadness, is in there too

These things fade for a bit,
but they are always safely tucked away
avoiding the holes in the fabric time tries to put there

Despite appearances to the contrary,
the coat has been very well made
by all of the tailors no longer here

Jack in the Box?

There’s no easy way to say this
So I’ll just be honest with you
I was stuck in someone’s garage
And I needed to do a poo

I was really desperate to do it
Obviously there was no loo
I found a box,
It was bound, bound together with glue

I hope at least your laughing?
This story does get worse
With my package here beside me
I drove off with my curse

Sonnet 13 to forbidden Love

Your beauty did not wane with fleeting cheer;
What bold adventure would I not accept
On your behalf, but for this truth: it’s clear,
Your love broods in bewilderment, and kept
From mine—all for the sake of being true.
So I concede; I know you cannot break
A solemn pledge that’s still upheld by you,
Not likely to be shattered for my sake;
But since I must depart, one final thought;
I pray you won’t forget these words I say,
With which I end a love that’s been for naught?
Then know: If you should think of me some day


Battles are not necessarily ages old
Neither are they fought with strychnine incense
Invisible wealth are samurai cobras in a mold
Young sweet dripping apples and cherries (intense)

The battle may only last the chocolate moon phased
And so the weary retreat within vanilla perspiration.
There are no loud wounds on the battle wearied tased
Only the sad thoughts of sundown esteem and inspiration

Honoring The Grapes

I applied to an offer
For my dream job
The other day

As Chief Sommelier
At my favourite winery

The first question
They asked me in my interview


Are you a binge drinker?

Of course, being such an honest person
I answered...


Conversing with the Moon

Moon, in your silence,
you wander
high above my troubled life.

Wish that I, too,
could hide
behind the clouds,
conceal myself
from all.

Jealously, my eyes
your own untroubled
and I wish that
my own path
should be
as unencumbered
as the one you tread.

He who would travel
must travel light,
you say?
Not with this,
my constant burden.
Here, see the lines
of sorrow on my face?


The doc said to my better half
so that I don't hear
deaf me
but I did
He said he will die of heart failure
as if that was unique
all humans who have a heart
die when their hearts stop.

since that day
now two years gone by
the docs way daily I pray
O heart keep knocking me
it says pray I do
till today it asks me
did you not pray today
it would have stopped
the doc would have asked
my heart beats like a woman
reels a Rosemary
my heart beats


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