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To Capitalize or Not

To capitalize or not to capitalize
That is the question?
And this is my answer

Capitalizing the first letter of
Each beginning word in a line
Of poetry,  came first
It is traditional, been around
Since the beginning of poetry

But nothing stays the same
Not even poetry
And why should it?

And one day a young poet
Decided he didn't want
To capitalize,  so he didn't


I slumber
into a sleep
deep foreboding, and am pulled
into places
familiar and strange
– a Fellini world
of dark and darker.
my mind reels
in the surreal
as dream begins
to break
into a fractured reflection
of the self.…

I Trusted You

I hear the floor creek
Closer and closer toward my bedroom door
I try to stay quiet hiding under the covers
Though I know he will find me

I hope he doesn't hear my heartbeat
Or hear me praying God will protect me tonight
But as I do I start to cry because I know
Tonight's one of those nights
When GOD just doesn't HEAR ME


notions know
rain fresh cloud kissed
am glow drips
fm hiss from flat phone
tangled sheets
rampant dreams
stirring moans
and icy window
breath on nape
an toes

so the story goes

room of tombs
lit hallways with
dizzying dirty
numerical door
ember red EXIT
signs glow

Complex Persecution:

Imperiling sovereignty
With impunity

A Radiant Beach

A Radiant Beach

The ocean has a way to soothe the average beast
Hidden folly promoted with basking red hot tans/
There is a promise that was made in the dark that now has come into the light
A crystal clear rainbow that sparkles through the land/
Promises that were made in the dark have now come into the light
The gravitational pull will bring some down...,
Through the surface of the wet exterior the decor will bleed
One can see the forest from the tree's
The locusts from the actual honey bees/

What is Normal

What is normal?
Is there such a thing?
What is normal for you
Is not normal for me

I lost my sense of balance
There is nothing good
Nor evil nor eternal
Although I fumble for it

It's twinkling miserably
It's beautiful, isn't it?
That's why I live in a fantasy
Even though it's real life
I see what I want to see



We rose up slowly
As if
We didn´t belong to the outside world
Any more
like swimmers in the shadowy dream
we didn´t need to breethe

Tanka [hurricane]

lying bent, broken
from natures worst gone up-coast
by magnetic force
we cling to remaining roots
praying the earth shall hold tight

i wrote again today

i missed you before i ever knew you
i would think about you during the nights when i wasn’t alone
but i was lonely
i'd reach over and feel the body that shared a bed with me
i knew the patterns
the way to move
and where to touch
but my mind was a blank canvas
and you had the brushes
i didn’t know it
but i wanted you to paint me then
and i want you to paint me now
now that i am alone
but not lonely
i am ready for you to fill up my mind
with every colour you imagine


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