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VOYEUR (summer fun contest)

Small limbs stir in the day's heat
as a less warm wind begins to blow
while across the road young neighbors treat
nearby folks to a bikini clad show.

Rapidly thunder heads build
and limbs go from stir to bending
while the sun begins to yield
to dimness that the storm is sending.

Then suddenly a flash of light
explodes within the heavy air
sending songbirds into flight
seeking out shelter somewhere.


My Angel
The gel
Soothing my sore
Forgiving my flaw

My Angel
The well
Watering my dry heart
Making a heavy heart light

My Angel
The jewel
Gotten with no price
Yet priceless

The nectar that
Sweetens my heart
Making me merry
When weary

Oh no! She I adore
Yet shows her the door

Stanley Meets Samantha

Bearing pods of eternal bliss,
the seeds of nuptial hope,
more glorious than *'Stanley meets Mutesa'*,
*Stanley* meets *Samantha*.

Of aeon years yet countable,
a forlorn story not left untold,
the seeds took a time in planting,
seeking germination truncated.
Dead are the dreams, phantom is the hope.
To The One Who Knows, to the mind clear of understanding,
Stanley meets Samantha.


I happened upon you
like Shennong
the Emperor of China
who boiled water
by the Sinensis tree

you fell unexpected
in my cup

and the rest
is like thousands of years
of history

world changing summits
and sagas of trade
and private afternoons
over tea

that one falling leaf
has led to a million times
of falling for each other

and reviving

the story of tea
feels like the opposite
of chance

Cyber Gender

I have a problem...
A very serious problem.
I cannot talk to machines.

I try to reason with them,
But always go into a surrealistic episode
Ending with a tirade of foul insults.

A syrupy voice says with a British touch
When you hear your choice please
Please say yes or press one,
Followed by the hashtag....”
I scream such vulgar things!
But I cannot get the her angry.
Has she taken a Socratic oath?
Did she take some cyber LSD?

Dip Dip Treat

dip dip dip
then have a small sip
till you feel
the brew is just right

then dip dip dip
this time with a biscuit
it tastes pretty good
soaked in tea

if you dip it too long
making it strong
have tiny little sips
for a longer lasting treat

dip dip dip
with a little flip
to let the spices
stream out

dip dip dip
till the bag goes to sleep
put it in the bin
with a squeeze

dip dip dip
not with finger tips
else you'll go
lick lick lick

Ancients II

the dregs of combersome ways
at first glance passing in the wind
soon to pretend
a thought of a faithful friend
lean on me with a surprise
look through the eyes
learn to grow through the flow
a beg or bargain
a path that leads to a water spring
the water is so very clean
with amazement
foaming at the mouth

Pillow Note #2

your pillow was missing a silken touch
like the bedside vase without flowers
the bed sheet was without a wrinkle
absent of its tell tale tattoos --

the clock on our wall kept stalking me
with its ticktock all through the night
every hour and half I heard its gong
resounding the beats of my longing

I knew not before what's life without you
now bring home your sunshine warmth
the flowers I brought don't lift my mood
because none has your charming gloss


Once I was a younger guy
not yet thirty years of age
with no appreciation for my youth.
A foolish youth on life's fresh stage.

Fate brought to me a place to hunt.
I now realize how special this place was
though at the time I had no clue
as I consumed life without pause.

There dwelt upon this remote place
a huge buck, Bigfoot was his name
which I sought for many years.
The years went by, he never came,


In the rambling of feathers
Feelings tremble.

In the movements of your faith,
We backstep toward a frame.

We are the sky
We are the moon
We try for you.

Drifting forward we offer
Sparkling glycerol
Constant for your taste,
Brimful for your day.

Weak and immune
The dreams dissolve.
Wavering we stare.

We are the sky
We are the moon
We appear for you.

Thread dyed fragments
Unravel waste,
Welcoming the very same.


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