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July 2020 Contest Announcement

Tell us about your most memorable outdoor concert.
Poem can range from 12 to 32 lines. Written in any style
For more information please visit:

Remember to have fun and good luck to all contestants!

June 2020 Contest Winner

Congratulations to the winner: Lavender
Please visit the winning poem here:

Thank you to all participants for entering this past contest and all contests.


Message from The Administrative Council

The current (26th.) Neopoet AC has been privileged to be able to work alongside the Trustees and Cabinet of a wonderful poetry workshop site providing a great learning opportunity for all poets, established or new.

We can assure members that, during our administration, we have worked hard to help make Neopoet a strong, safe, and fun place to be and we shall strive to create a better environment for all.

June Contest 2020 Announcement

Come make us laugh with one of your poems for this month's contest!
Any type poetry that ranges from 12 to 32 lines .
For more information please visit

Remember to have fun and good luck to all contestants!

May 2020 Contest Winner

Congratulations to the winner: Teddy15
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Thank you to all participants for entering this past contest and all contests.

The stream (all workshops)

This is the stream - you can see all poems on Neopoet, live, as they are created.



When you get pinned
Like the donkey
On the walls of sin,
Remember this key,
Choose it wisely~

Be set free
Throw away dis-ease
Be the key
Not the lock-ness monster.

When people pin you down
Get back up and dust off,
Never give up trying to own,
Ever be your own true self.

Be true freedom,
Throw away fake views,
Be the door
Through which love comes after.

Take Me Away

Take me away
from the environs
where I now stay
like in a desert
on an isolated island
far from the touch of neighbours
six feet away
Under the taps
washing hands and face.

My Sister | I’m Gonna Miss You My Sister

I remember when you were 1
and I was 2
You would fall in the ditch at noon
and ladies of the barn would yell
the baby fell
she’s in the ditch again.

We worked the farms together
Picked cotton as babies,
Sucked and topped tobacco,
We picked okras, beans
cucumbers, sweet potatoes

We strung up tobacco at the barn
took it off the stick in the pack house
better than the adults
Me and you nobody else.

Come step into my dream
I'm sure you will find
things are not what they seem

Your host is in the kitchen
he has become the main course
the places that are dined on
are his pleasures source

Now what is going on over there?
how many people can fit in one chair?
arms legs assorted body parts
hard to tell where on ends
and one starts

Baby kisses
from neck to spine
linger,linger please take your time
You say it's ok dear
just go along

Rainbows and Unicorns

Hi, I'm one of the rainbow kids,

You know, one of the children
Caught up in the Covid-19 crisis.

Mum told me to paint a rainbow, so I did

Then I started to realise, it wasn't just a picture

It was a symbol of hope.

We stuck it on the window
And shared it with the people who walked by,
The few that did, had a smile,

At least that's what I believe
Under their mask,

A giant upside down rainbow smile?
Or maybe they were unicorns in disguise?

Large or Small, have your fill

I thought for a while,
should I or should i not,
I had just finished one
then remembered the gospel
"only one per day"
be it large or small,
sounded cruel

so I made a large one,
then one more before bed,
then another,
finishing them one after the other
to put my mind at ease
before calling it a day,

did I cheat anyone?
I chuckled
"certainly not"
because in the end
I unchecked the option to Publish

My Love

She has slender hands,
They caress with care.
Her skin, soft and tanned.
Wild like a horse mane flows her hair.
Piercing and deep is her gaze.
As a moon lit ocean crashes its waves,
my heart stops when I hear her breathe.
Perfectly curved her body lays,
Like sunset; on lazy desert days.

Psapfo 16

In her hand
the lyre

is the male and female
sex combined

Muscadines And Fine Wines

I'm still uncertain, my mission here
a lot to say, no one to hear
no one to care, the words I say
but expected to play their karmic games.

I have a lot to say, no one to care
a lot to give, a lot to share
no one to receive
the love I have to heal.

I live alone in my home
though not physically alone
I live my life in a zone
vibing distinctive tones.

I'm lost most of the time
like muscadines on a vine
left out in the sun to dry
never made fine wines.

Deathly Romance

Angus and Enid
fell in love
on a different plain

(the one up there)
(Or down there)

They met, when Angus
lost a toe to dry rot,

their bones chuckled
as their teeth chattered

Enid loved his bony arse,

They walked hand in hand
knuckles clicking and clacking,

knees sounding like
knives being sharpened

It was a beautiful affair,

Until Angus, bent over and snapped.


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