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Meditation ere medication Now read it!

Meditation ere medication

We all have
the will
the strength
the acumen
if we keep our self busy
pain will be left far behind
and as
Lord Buddha hath said
to reduce suffering
cut off the pain
so from medicine in all cases
never abstain
take them as prescribed
I do my own prescription
when I know a block is coming....
I take my medicine ahead
for cramps
there is no medicine
even docs laugh....

A Requim (written as a song lyric)

“I never saw you cry,
though often heard you sigh
above my bed,
you were instead
my first encircling sky,
but that was yesterday and now you’re gone.

Your laughter was to me
a song to oversee
I heard you sing
and blossomed into me,
but that was yesterday and now you’re gone.
But that was yesterday and I’m alone.

BEHIND THE MUSIC (1st poem I ever typed raw to post)

Listen to any real good song
then filter out the noise
you will find before too long
what's hidden behind the toys.

The drums and the bass guitar
reinforce the deeper beat
which carries the sound so far
from the stage out to the street.

Then other guitars supply rhythm
the leading one provides the drive
to leap beyond cognitive schism
and helps to bring the song alive.


she signs her name as "shawna"
flourish nourish
the black beneath the fingernails
like darkness on the soul

convertible justice
down the turnpike
the warm fall rain like winter ice
shine slick beneath the eave
as she passionate dives deep
slips it far and gives the ease

under the factory seat
the oiled articulated machine
the trooper cruiser rolling
like the sheep in wolves attired
he hunts the compounds
for the buyers

Hi five mama I've come

Hi five mama I've come

Mama’s upstairs
Many always call mama
When they have it at night
or when they are white in fright
and now you are also right
mama is awaiting her sonny upright
but not ever in sight
as many mamas will be seen
floating once you are there
God knows where
is our mama up there....?


No breath of air stirs August leaves
hanging near worn out as summer ends.
A lone gold poplar one gives tease
soon to be joined by all its friends.

Too early to hear the crickets sing
or the bass of burping frogs.
The world is waiting for... something,
some pause between the turn of cogs.

For autumn will be coming soon;
the world, it seems, is resting up
for the bustle of the harvest moon
and tangy toasts from cider cups.

exstaticus extendus

gathered about smoking
their cigarettes
the tan Holden bored
out a sleeper
simple weave seats
the girls in their wide white
headbands like groupies
and mini's

the telly advising of a storm
the haze of weather hunched
like a mad dingo
the red band growling in the
dry air already steady and
rising..the flags snapping
on staff office poles
the grass parched...the reservoir



Emeralds, rubies, and diamonds
black veils of sweet perfume
eyes blinded by sun's reflection
on waters blue
all things shiny and new
monsters and demons smiling
through the masks of imagination
bright jewels of sublimation

Gift of misery some married one's

Gift of misery

Why now endure agony
When we rely on others choices
remain choked within our voices
what else can you expect?
My Love

we married out of compulsion
and had no choice of secret divulgence
parents tied our knots for us
but didn't care much for the' nots'
which will remain within us?

they were obliged and perhaps throttled too
that's the case she doesn't love you
had someone on her mind then
even now


I met a ship on the Ocean
Its sails all ripped and torn
With two of its masts broken
Will it reach the distant shore

Was it beautiful or
Will it become beautiful
Or has it never changed..


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