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I eat and drink; I sleep and dream
I sit and think; I plot and scheme
I laugh and cry; I live and learn
I trudge and try; I sweat and earn

I love and lust; I fret and fear
I doubt and trust; I smile and sneer
I cope and care; I hurt and hate
I steal and share; I watch and wait

I tease and talk; I give and take
I woo and walk; I feign and fake
I bleed and breathe; I wear and tear
I sulk and seethe; I stop and stare

Roses and Supposes

Maybes And Supposes….

Rain plays gently on
the hood of my coat,
I hear though I choose
to play the fool.
Weather torn sounds
escape from my throat,
I’m glad nature doesn’t
understand cruel.

Wonder what stirs man’s base desire,
perhaps a jolt in his cerebral thought.
Maybe it’s like a heat radiating from fire,
or a starts gun, with more than one shot.

Humbled Before Him

My God is so awesome, majestic
He's worthy and glorious
So beautiful to me
My God is living within my soul
Leading me gently through
Green valleys and peaceful streams
My God is so wonderful to me
I seek Him daily and call out His name
Bowing before His precious throne
Humbled and contrite longing to see
The way to heaven and be with my King
Humbled and thankful that Jesus loves me

By: Leona Chaput

Tiffin by the sea.

Lapsang Souchong
two sugars n me,
are owft on a charabang
jaunt to the sea,
with pickled egg Mary-
her three pekinese,
who are hairy quite scary
n chopped owft at the knees,
we are bringing darjeeling
and Oolong along
to twiddle their tootsies
and partake of our bong.

Wonderful Love

Wonderful love, love overwhelming
So awesome to me
Beautiful thoughts, beautiful glory
That is in God
Songs of praise and offered
As worship
Praising Jesus with my songs

By: Leona Chaput

The Wendigo Bush

The strawberry haired Wendigo blows in excretion. Breathing vegetables, spoonfed, wear toupees done in heatstroke.

Blushing in the thermal doorway. Teeth exposed in tinfoil increments out of The Reader's (hypocrite, brother) in blue opal doorbells. Halls of trance mirrrors, borders, nooks and crannies with hatchetheads all float in gravitational

Doll cinderblock eyes.

The strawberry reed breathes, and smiling sugar cubed hieroglyphs slowly exposed in numbers of cuneiform hexes spiling in a Chinese flypaper flask.

A Longing Touch

There in the glow of evening
I feel your touch in my senses
Then you close your form to me
I retouch as senses reel away

In years of being no comparison
Soft silk, of skin against skin
Drifts minds on a journey new
I have found you, I am overwhelmed

Dreams made that float away
Cares dimmed for another day
Please, Please, just say you’ll stay
Ah! Your thoughts joined my way.

Touch and touch some more
Let dreams be fulfilled for us
To me I feel we have at last joined
Distance gone so has the time


If it is for her
Then I’ll kill my blame
All men aren’t the same
Her appearance speaks pain
But revenge is vain
Emotion stolen
Gate broken
Oh sweet tongue of mendacity

God punish love
The rat eating your heel and fanning you
I rather be
The Mississippi of tears for your sake
her hate hovers like tsunami
Can I still love?
She laments

Round and Round and Round.

Tie yourself up in knots again, then
crouch behind some cowards stone;

He is;
fear turn despair turn apathy
turn beautiful nonchalance.

Pharmaceutical induced daydreams
of soft rain in France.
Windowside, in bed.
Biscuits and hot tea.

And white-coats speak bluntly,
"you can't outrun a shade of grey."
But I can't see the sparkle in $100 bills
I think that's a factor too.

In quaratntine.

There Was

There was a hundred acres
Covered impressively , humbly
In baby green grass. Perfect in height,
Perfect in toe wiggly softness.
Sprinkled in baby blues, buttered yellows,
Sweetened orange and oh so vivid violet.

There was a hill in the center of a hundred acres.
And the stone found there read:
"She loved her children till it hurt."
It hurt for a life time and nary a twinge
Would she alter.


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