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My 4th of July 2020

Strapped to a chair,
Trapped by my own mind,
Looking at the open entryway
With demons dancing in my head
Feeding my mind with bitter thoughts.
The outside comes to my window,
All is vivid and near but can't be touched
It's so lonely, so dreadful,so frightful
In my room, my isolation.

Apple Picking Time

I sat beneath the apple tree
with sketching pad upon my knee,
took colored pencils, pad in hand
to draw the beauty I might see.

Blunt pencil points I'd soon restored;
both eyes fixed on the laden tree,
I found the perfect subject worthy
of that day's pleasant drawing spree.

From drooping limbs smiled ripened fruit,
but on my pad just one crude sphere
became the globe that shone in red
and filled my mind and heart with cheer.


My boots wore out a month ago
so rags now wrap my feet
as I go through December snow.
I'm hungry, nearly beat.

That river crossing was a pain
and now we've seven miles to go.
My coat is just a great big stain
but I continue even so.

I now have nothing left to lose,
my farm destroyed and family gone
so I've but one route left to choose
as the night approaches dawn.

The Song I Couldn't Write

Inside my head the tune does play
the melody so sweet
Like the rhythm of a summer rain
as it falls upon the trees
As I feel it flow throughout me
it gives me inner peace
But as I try to add the words
the pain brings me to my knees

It's not for lack of knowledge
nor are there too few thoughts
It's not for lack of love
battles won or battles fought
The words are all around me
drifting in and floating by
When I piece them all together
they come out a woeful cry

Horsing Around...

Vague memories of a noble steed
and the paladin I was
My horse was of a humble birth
I rode for justice' cause

He reared way up, hooves a flying
against the country dawning sky
There in the distance, the quarry
The proverbial, wanted bad guy

We raced along the grasslands
We dodged bullets and I hung low
Caught the bad guy and I jumped him
He drew his gun, but way too slow

I socked him in his jaw
and we tussled all around
he tried to hit me with a rock
that he found upon the ground

Has She found A Hubby yet

not 6 months yet
I cannot bet

she instigated him
may be
as too dependent on
was always she

but now in one stroke
got his belly
full of mint jelly

no- not a new hubby
she'll find a better baby
not whole time drunk actually

ah he must also be enjoying
games in heaven
no condoms
no restrictions
glad he must be

saved himself of
doc was he

as the final hill comes into view

I’ve loved my life
I never had regrets,
I always thought people who had them,
Never really pushed the boundaries
Of this old life, enough to embrace it

Now I’m at a time in my mid-life
I have done most everything I dreamed of
I’ve lived a humble existence,

I never really needed anything
Because I was born poor

And as my final hill comes into view
Which it will, one day for me too,
I shall be glad I had this time on earth

To cherish

A Day At the Beach

A flash of white makes me hard
thinking of what is below,
and I have taken time
to oil your canvas in my mind
finger painting my desire
as you dance across the sand.


Slip into your familiar fiefdom sealed to me;
I’ll say adios now, as I release your angel arm,
admitting the unattainable.
Go with your peers through nether
portals of the mind, stranger than witchcraft.
Dark shores bordering lightness.
Maybe I too will traverse their sands,
beyond reason, more cryptic than art
or the poetic word.


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