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A reflection

A reflection of mind
Dare you look at the reflection
Of that gaping mouth
That gave forth truths

Sometimes cruel words
Crossed those aged teeth
Glowing sickly yellow
Where bleeding gums
Had lost interest in their use

How strained bloodshot eyes
Strained against old dirty bulbs
Clad in cheap fragile glass
Where flys had deficated with ease

Electricity flickered irritatingly
Screaming at modern tubes
Lost in time their story of saving
What is this Martian landscape

Rainy Day

it’s a rainy day
and all i can think of is
God watching me disapprovingly
brushing your pink soft feet
against my wet mouth and nostrils
entranced by the smooth curve of your arches

is that spiritual, i wonder
adoring their scent
admiring the cotton fluff
from your socks
white as angels
soft as indigo silk
floating like little puff clouds
on your shapely pinkish toes

your red nails
remind me of bloody daggers
while i bleed troupes of silvered tears upon them


What separates a human from a beast
both have instinct
one tells lies
other doesn't know what lie is
and is sacrificed
world watches in disbelief
at the injustice
realizing it's politics
where the beast is sworn as Justice
believe it or not, that Just is

reminding me of George Orwell
"some are more equal than others"
in the Animal Kingdom

MAN (October Contest)


Man found knowledge.

Man made money.

Man made God to protect his money.

Man made war.

Man made everything nature did not instill.

Wearing The Sleeve Of My Heart

I wear stripes like a sailor of old
Sailing the seas of love

I wear checkers like a player of chess
Making the moves to win your heart

I’m not always strategic
But there’s a meaning to my fabric
I’m wearing
The sleeve of my heart

I wear paisley like wallpaper
I just wanna be in a room with you

I wear polka dots ‘cause I’ve spotted
The one I love, yes it is true

I’m not always strategic
But there’s meaning to my fabric
I’m wearing
The sleeve of my heart

From Daddy with Love

Daddy still loves me

After 1969
you have returned
hope daddy still loves you

a friend wrote to me
past time
is now no time
future time has yet to happen
what is the time
is this very moment

I am typing you are reading
in seconds this too
has become history

so each next moment
be happier will thee

this moment has become
a past so quickly

did you not observe it

In The Giving

eyes bright

legs open

grace in submission


an exquisite intrusion

ooow love hurts

blood gush

pain for pleasure's sake

a yielding exorcism of shuddering curves

haunches poised to welcome

that which is taken in the giving

The Bell

Again tonight a hazy hue
Suspended there within my view
I watched in awe while wide awake
then said a prayer, "my soul to take"

I have no fear of the unknown
and do not feel I am alone
Good or bad I have no clue
I hope and wish that it is you

Is this my mind just playing games
Or have I finally gone insane
A sign from you, that ringing bell
or something evil straight from hell

Before Man [B.M.]

I's watching a film "Before Man"
the world was pretty spic n span
air was clean, landscape green
before man arrived on the scene

seasons followed nature's clock
rivers flowed freely without a block
no one was there to mark a line
to claim the land and say it's mine

oceans kept their cool without global warming
icebergs kept melting with no need for warning
birds kept migrating without any threat
of border patrol or security gate . . . .

the flow was interrupted by an intermission

I am

i have enjoyed my stay
in your reality
but i long to be home
alone, to hear my
own voice again

i am filled with
everything that
is not me
i need to wash
away all these
words that do
not belong to me

to hear my own
soft noise in
the still of the night
i am the only place
i have ever belonged

the quiet
corner of solitude
the grace of my strength
the ageless dreams
of my mind


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