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Oh !
night runs so mysteriously
gradually slowly
like the River in the darkness

all sleep
none can hear it
even if it is snoring/roaring

O what a night
tonight can be
the devils are watching clearly

Is it the last night
o no no no
not at all surely

but it is just another silenced night
passing by steadily
like that last night

"Men are from Mars, women are from Venus"

If Coron becomes a fashion
every woman decides to follow,
will they then maintain the passion
for shopping, today and tomorrow?
Will they give the safe distance a heck
or care not to exchange kisses?
They'll sure at least have a hand-shake
-(guess that part no lady misses) :)
But men are much wiser, aren't they?
They care more for health issues.
They'll only risk going out to pay
for sanitizers and tissues.

But saying women don't care,
Man! Mum's the word, be aware!

H2O Recycled

She wipes garish makeup from her lips
because she's stoned,
a loner in the silent metropolis.
She flushes me down fauces,
labyrinths man conceals
in a maze of urban paradoxes,
forgetful of my sacred heritage.

Unreal age, rush and noise of city days:
Mums and lunch-hour dawdlers
unroll synthetic mats on grass
to broil their skin with U.V. rays,
sacrificial beasts on beer-can altars.


My love; do not delude yourself
by coyly pretending that I cannot reach you
within your bedroom walls.
No, you are not secure, for I am
near you--even though the stalking moon
does not raise my shadow.

You see, I have obtained
a cloak of invisibility, made
of my boldest dreams—
this garment of invisibility, for which
I bartered my soul; it is a small enough
price to pay, well worth damnation.

Be encourage

Stay positive in times like these
this to shall pass
life changes
managed times

A lifestyle.


Dresses all in black
gently tiptoeing into the room
heading into the shadows like a
brooding beatnik waiting
for a turn to speak
golden tresses cascading down her shoulders

she subtly makes her presence known
smells like the start of winter and whispers
like the first snowfall of the year

you can taste her in the pristine snowflakes
falling on your tongue as you face
the heavens

in her down-time she
crochets custom-fit blankets from clouds
so you can feel her comfort when you
need it most

DAWN OF THE NEW YEAR (April Contest)

I sit and shiver in the dark
awaiting this year's first new day
bathed in starlight cold and stark
as the old year quietly slips away
...My thoughts wander as I wait

The silence gives me room to brood
about the last year's fails and foibles
and the wrinkles I've accrued
from twelve more months' toils and troubles
...My breath fogs as I contemplate

Right now, I feel that a decision we should make,
Which only means that distance one should keep,
Lest there be cause for us to stay awake
And deprive us of our innocent sleep.
There shan’t be games of which you seem so fond;
That playing “footsy” ‘neath the table game
Which may result in an erotic bond,
But lead to guilt and even utter shame.
Be gone you toe, so sensuously unclad,
My own big toes are spoken for, I think.
But, well--I think--why not? This can’t be bad--
Then, I detect my own wife’s amused wink.

The Imprudent Wager (April Contest)

I'll wager my man drubs the bout,
I'll wager my cards win;
I'll bet you think, without a doubt,
That gambling is a sin.

I'll risk my bottom dollar
That all the good and wise,
Or any learned scholar,
Despise the gaming guise.

I'll wager my horse takes the race
And I enhance my stake;
He'll run and run to gain a place,
The winning post to make.

#What doctors say: Stay Home_Stay Safe

Let's see what else can we do
Other than locked down:

Maybe reading more
About this crowned thing
Called Corone;
How does it behave,
How does it's behavior
continuously change,

However, let not this take your whole time,
Remember not to forget
to keep in touch,

Reach friends and neighbors
Through the safe distance
Or through the phone.


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