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Here it's biting cold
the beginning of frost
take care all
lest it bites your feet

slowly winter is setting
life is becoming dull
and boring

no work old age is a curse
but not yet not as worse

life is like Christmas Bells
at times only
you feel like asking
for whom the bell tolls

read my tribute to

You will see me

Patagonian Child

Sunlight dancing on her tousled head,
a child wanders barefoot by sandy shoals;
waters that cut fierce furrows
in lone stretches of cracked riverbed.
She’ll stick her finger inside hollows,
shelter for fertile pools;
life teems in cool underbellies of stone.


Illusions of you
entwined in my memories
love, can never fade

The light you once shone
flickers in moonlight's shadow
my love for you, stays

Visions, that once were,
have gone from my sparkling eyes
I, now weep my loss

But still I’m aware
Your presence is around me
And I’m so grateful

You stand beside me
Your light that forever shines
Is with me always

Old '64

You still didn’t have your license
- at eighteen! - I thought it was kind of funny
since I was driving at fifteen or so

We practiced in my five-hundred-dollar car
with your slightly bruised ego for company
The radio playing music we liked
keeping demons barely at bay

But I could really only think about
your peculiar smile competing with the sun
wrapped in a flower print dress
trimmed in white lace

The Poet At Christmas Time

Who is she -
she who has ample time
to follow birds,
listen to the streams,
to spend hours with head in book
or pen in hand
reading, writing of death,
or love,
or seasons of both the year
and a lifetime.

She seems oblivious -
lost in denial
of the world
around her,
far beyond the news,
the traffic, the blinking lights
and the red and green tinsel.

The Passing Star (an opus one)

You wander as a passing star
high above, beyond all earthly care;
I knew you in our younger days
when we were lovers, long ago.

In the park, beneath shade trees,
the golden daffodils once bloomed,
but that was many years in the past,

and they no longer sway and bow
in a warming summer breeze. Autumn's
chilly winds took their bloom and scent,

and now, Death’s even colder hand
took away your breath and clutched
your slowly beating--and then silent heart.

SILENT STEALERS WE..... two versions

When you steal a kiss
seal it
it is a stolen one
never will be forgotten..

every time you vibrate
with a different one
energy changes drastically

depends on how fast you are
to bring about drastic change
in your own life's game

be it day or night
change is always deservedly right
use all your might
two in one
silent moment

Second Version

When you steel a kiss
seal it
it is a stolen one
will never be forgotten


behold the passing hour nigh

when death through spineless pride
one's life of dignity deprive
when woe its tedious gloom cast
o'er innocence immured
shall not I, in the aftermath,
serenely life's unchastity rewrite?

behold the passing hour nigh
permit thy soul not the warmth
of death's final kiss, unwittingly,
perceive as of the breath of life
thus thy heart in passion's wake
despairingly be betrayed

We’re The men of many scars

We tried and died
To reach for
The stars.
But we’re
Blocked by prisons
so in a cell
We do dwell.
Been bludgeoned beaten bloodied
and gone through hell .
But even when
all our friends
Are gone.
Well still keep
Fighting for freedoms
Song .
We have to keep moving on.

Hall Of Fame

It takes a lot more than a Pretty face
To be a Hollywood Star
And she had it all

Elfin features
Flawless in Beauty
Lady of Elegance
With pure spirit
A delicate charming voice

Her modesty was photographed
For the whole world to embrace

Passion was God's gift to her
And she gave it right back to him
With grace


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