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Little Magics

“Your coffee is ready”, she says
in her soft morning voice
The smell is subtle in our house,
its promise bringing us together
with purpose in our tiny kitchen

We shuffle between each other, reaching for some sugar,
a spoon and some well-worn cups. Food for the dogs too,
tails wagging so furiously, causing their bodies
to careen from side to side,
barely able to contain so much anticipation

We put their food down quickly;
first things first when you have dogs, of course

Hospice Home is Best

Home is the best having been born half dead my doc pop kept me alive he delivered me in his own room later called it a Hospice..for his 13th child I survived Tasted all diseases of those times even survived the most criminal ones worse than Covid that now comes..did meet with many accidents survived how you need to cell the guy MASTER of skies coz
I have always said nothing beyond~~~ beyond lies

sick a minute

I've been sick a minute
sinking deep in it
The never ending stress
Had me depressed.

It's a blessing since 2017
To live my life pain free.

After the Melted Time

At the length and width of time,
At the golden setting of the sun,
While in the midst of the gathering and scattering,
In the ripeness of this labor, it surely shall be.

On that day, the sun shall from its abode rise,
The sky shall wear its face of blue,
The rain shall where it may fall,
The raptors in feathery arms shall roam the air.

Oh, a day, like any other,
Certainly, certainly, it shall be.
This earthenware in which we reside to the earth shall return,
The senses which we now have like fallen rays shall be.

the call of the canary

upon my
Colorless canopy .
A canary
cleansed and carefree
it calmly cries
out it's plea .
“ Oh come
with me .
your eyes
and see .
The world
we know
to grow and glow.
The air so clean .
The grass
green .
The blue
bird sky
beckons me
to fly .
Just you
and I
leaving the
world of why .
No cares
no cries .
Getting lost
within your
eyes . “

The Sun Came by Etheridge Knight [Spreading Wings]

The Sun Came

And if sun comes
How shall we greet him?
—Gwen Brooks

The sun came, Miss Brooks,—
After all the night years.
He came spitting fire from his lips.
And we flipped—We goofed the whole thing.
It looks like our ears were not equipped
For the fierce hammering.

Bladder stones.

Aching bones n bladder stones
are signs of gettin old,
missing teeth n droopin beef
two more - or so I'm told.

Hairy backs n saggy sacks
are afflictions of old men,
havin rants n pissin pants
happen - now n then !

When the gut is sagging more n more
nearly dragging on the floor,
when bollocks are banging on the knees
and armpits smell like cheese,

When teeth they sleep within a glass
upon the bedside table,
and as for giving girls a thrill
you find you're - quite unable,

Wishful Thinking... [Spreading Wings]

Born To Be Wild
I float upon stormy seas
Forever in my youth
Can't bring me to my knees

I'll ride the blustered winds
All my care-free days
Don't think of me a fool
I won't ever change my ways

I'll tame the ways of age
Figure out the road
Keep on jumping all around
Like Spring's hoppy-toad

So, don't tell me to "Go slower"
I just won't comply
If I say I will, my friend
Just take it for a lie

The Fog

It’s coming. I can see it.
Huge, ominous, void of hope.
Like a cloud of fog.
And I can’t escape it.

Light doesn’t go far.
Terror of knowing where this goes.
I’ve been here before.
Here it comes.

Encased yet lost in it.
The coldness seeps in.
Every moisture drop is a thought.
So many it's overwhelming.

Can’t think, it’s in my brain.
It’s in my lungs, can’t breathe.
Panic starts to rise.
There’s no one around, alone.

My Flowery Youth

Youth is that fountain
.which must one day dry
no matter how much one may try
youth does die
but in form of aging skin and balding hair
but the heart within remains youthful
till aging
is an age passed dream
youth remains within we still need only watering
what a youth we all have enjoyed
reading our past in your lovely verse
‘tis as if yesterday we were in youth
now 'tis worse
left in memories as in this youthful verse
let youth be the comma of our life


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