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Fading with you

Back before
our first words
were spoken .
We’re all born
to be bashed
and broken.
Always left with
scars to mend .
As we dismally
dwindle down
towards the end .
Seeping through
each passing day
searching for a
fading friend
to stay .
While our lives
bashfully blow
away .

If only I had met you...

If only I had met you...
ere a flickering candle threatening!
my life would have been worth the salt all are tasting
just imagine this olllllllleleee soul facing flattering
one day
some day
if not yet today ........

folks like you shall come to read
again and again

''Pay no heed to anyone ole man
you have performed
still at eighty -3 you are'''

thanks for the pat you give
may I bow to Neo
for letting us friends be

Crossing paths

I could see the center of her agony
Inside her book with her glossary
Stated clear and seen bright
Capture all the meaning in her light
Shine like no other dreamy state
Mind awaiting rest in a neutral haste
Her temple remains high in spirit
Resemble the sky with her poem lyrics
Vibrant as the story of her past
Likeness of the Glory in our Lord, Dad
The soul unites while the childhood is sad
Nights followed by a set of stars
Quite the romance for a long lost heart

Black ink

Time, a continuum of broken hearts.
I'd like to see,

thou I shall not see the light.
Every time I ask myself if I would be someone,

a difference.
I know then that sharp,

act won’t be my answer.
I just go back

Back and back

i wonder.

sun drags itself past sparse clouds
above thick wet fever air at sea level
like a drip of melted butter
stained the great blue blanket.
the worst has passed, but the foul-smelling streets
are still partially flooded in many places
yet to completely dry.
there are patches of floating green algae beginning to clump
into masses resembling tiny islands seen from space,
while some bigger ones are reminiscent of river deltas
in the shallow obsidian glass water
obscuring my reflection.

Autumn's golden leaves miss me

Autumn golden leaves miss me
every time I chilled
in November.....
time's old age said ----
turn over...

came to a place
fairly warmer
you enjoy your golden
autumn leaves
turn over

knock knock
friends are
now over
feel warmer
dinner or whatever....

the ego and reality

dont let an overpowering ego weaken' or change who you are
pollute or' dawn damage your spirit. there are too many spaces between pertinent things in reality
lucid;acceptance clarity. dark brownland is gray or cloudy sometimes foggy
remember your inteligent handsome or beautifull
we cant live without points of light or masses or color
allways be positive people or religion or whateverand green
wolves in the fall winter love the sunshine on snow and white fur


hurry inside before the breeze pools in
you can keep on your shoes
i know you must be freezing

come in, this way
tell me, how was your treatment?
i set some pillows up by the fire
relax into them please,

you musn’t lift a finger
but tell me how to keep you warm
should i play the music you like?
or am i misinformed...

would you like some coffee?
tea it is
don't mind me
i'll be warming your drink

The Nurse in Blue

The nurse in blue
Is sick like the ones who go through
The doors each day, and all they say
Is help, I’m not well, but she tries to not dwell
On others’ emotions; poorly paid, no promotion
Just like her clothes, blue is her mood
She’s seen much death, and has no time for food
Then she gets worse, like the patients she’s taken
Cos she’s rushed off her feet, but do not be mistaken
She worse in herself, not in her job, it is safe
But push her too far, and you’ll leave it too late

A New Light

As morning breaks, the early bird whistles their tuneful song
A calling to the sleeping world to embrace the new
The soft dew falls to give bloom to a rich and vibrant scape
With the warm finesse of the arising sun gazing upon the breathtaking sight


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