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Mellifluous Sky (Primal Poetry)

Out of darkness you fall
Land on weeping limbs
Wash over my spirit
Mind-tap sweetness

Erratic like the wind
Summer breeze evocative
Pleasant delights
Your voice amplified

Soothing repose
Your sadness summonses
“Join me”
Essence lifted

Clean and pure
Needles dripping euphoria
Who are you?
The kingdom of consciousness?

Everywhere, so becoming
I am in your demesne
Joining a melancholy
Bonding with your nature


The Quintessential Homecoming (June Contest)


ancient pond --
the frog jumps in
sound of the water

my poem inspired by Basho's:


The sound of
A raindrop in water
Like finding kind
The quintessential homecoming story

It is the “fwooop!” of friendship
The serenade
That starts with surface tension
And ends in equal

It doesn’t have the hubris
Of a fish’s splash
The royal rumble
Of a river over rocks
Or the whisper of a walrus

Mom’s Smiles (COMPOSED BY Lovedly) Inspiration JUNE Contest
Very sentimental poetry
I recall my mom’s last eyes
no tears
Smiles as she passed by
tears did not then come into my eyes I too smiled
Then it rained all day and night
mom’s smiles went away
now I thirst for those looks till today
as she passed away

it rains till today
nearly five decades away
she still smiles daily at me
I my mom can see
smiling with me

From Time To Time

He drinks a little
from time to time
it's how he explains
the loss of his mind
The spouting of this
the spewing of that
The blurring of lines
where lies become fact

He's a good ol' guy
he'll tell you so
Good father
husband and friend
Incredibly loyal
honest and true
Always faithful
to the bitter end

A conversation

While fragile mind beckoned to heart,
shouting out pretenses of doubt and sorrow,
the heart began listening with the dark.
Patron of truth, yet now, and tomorrow.

"The choice of thee to push me far away."
Still you beckon and believe lies!
Egos victory, looming each passing day.
Thou lack of faith, portraying slow demise.

While eclipses pass and stars set to burst;
agony of your soul will come and go.
Timely glimpses within our universe.
Eternal peace I hope you come to know.

Your Perfect Pitch

Like a 1970’s Marvin Gaye sample
Your life has been
Such a powerful example
Of what dedication and melody
A refrain like “Mercy Mercy Me”
Can roll
And rock
Like a sea of sound waves
With your lifeboat of smiles
Your scent of aftershave
I’ve seen in you
Two super powers meet
‘Design’ and ‘desire’
Like friends in the street
Nod and take each other’s hand
Strike a deal and start a band
The best I can do is make a remix
With my own education
Faith and politics

chance (June inspire contest)


Do we not have same head?
Same soul, heart,mind,and body
Do we not feel as you feel?
Do we not feel same pain as you feel?
When your woman is behold by another man

Do we not have same blood?
Running through our veins
Do we not feel the same agony?
When a woman watched her man
with another woman

The Raven Returns

The Raven
Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore—
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.
“’Tis some visitor,” I muttered, “tapping at my chamber door—
Only this and nothing more.”


There is a boulder which divides a river
which I first saw when in my teens
way in the mountains where hemlocks shiver.
The water rushed in white and greens.

Every year or so I'd go fish there.
Sometimes a fish held in the slack.
Sometimes the eddy was cold and bare.
The smell of freedom always brought me back.

My wand would wave, the line would whisper
the feather'ed lure carried by line's weight.
Over time my delivery grew crisper
luring a few trout to their fate.


Shelter Lies Dormant

beat from their heat of the street
shelter lies dormant onto its beckoning plough
where to go firm & complete
structured...complete...their machine in works,
call out your father take claim to your mother
discover from up yonder...

suffer in silernce
suffer from its quaint silence
burden with a fly...
close their closet door


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