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Alphonso won't be here today
to toss a ball come recess time
or run some wacky football play
while rapping some old TuPac rhyme

Alphonso won't be here today
in his desk come history class
his nervous legs won't twitch or sway
he won't give his teacher sass

His many places where he went
won't feel the tree of his big feet.
Someone older Had to vent.
Al's story ends now incomplete.

A frog leaped on a floating leaf
When on its downstream drift.
In and out of reeded reef
As placid currents shift.

Observing all things in his view
Through popping, bulging eyes,
Taking in a snack or two
By swatting flitting flies.

The river bank went ambling past
Quite slowly, so it seemed.
The frog, upon the leaf, at last,
Just drifted off and dreamed.

Lulled by splashy, rippled rings
That swirled and twirled him round,
He dreamt of calm and tranquil things
As blandly homeward bound.


When it rains,
it puddles.
When it pours,
it floods.

When I shed a tear,
I crumble.
When i shed more tears,
I fall.

When a puddle dries up,
a little flower can bloom.
When a flood dries up,
the whole world can resume.

After I cry,
I feel like i can fly.
After I breakdown,
I have a choice to stay down,
pick myself back up.

Charged (rhyme patterns workshop)

Grey-blue eyes
capture photons
scattered from your form.

Cool skin
senses infra-red
feeling warm.

And tho our atoms
are mostly space

when we embrace
we do not merge
like ghostly wraiths.

Our attraction
may be impulsive

yet our electrons
remain repulsive.

I Wept For Thee (Rhyme Pattern Shop)

I wept all day, my love is gone,
She went away and tarried none;
It teared my eyes as daylight broke
With no goodbyes, she never spoke.

As the daylight lits the land
In the daybright here I stand
And all alone I wept for she
As on my own I think of thee.

Then as the day comes to its end
I think and pray my heart will mend.
But think, I should, why I cry for?
She's gone for good! I weep no more.

SHOWTIME( rhyme patterns workshop)

Edited poem

As the evening sun lays his head
Onto sweet summer nights bed
The moon she rises up once more
The Stars they twinkle and just adore

A meteor strikes through the sky
Lighting up, much like a fire fly
Once more the moon, her head will tilt
And sun will rise from nightimes quilt

Showtime is Mother Nature’s twist
Sun and Moon, are skies great gift
Of course, they share the same stage
Yet, never on the same page.

original copy


These are mere words
they will not vibrate the air
then throb within your stomach's pit music will

These words...
Won't reflect the summer's light
then burn an image into your mind painting does

These words....
will not be touched or caressed
by finger tips and eyes
like sculpture can

These words....
are just ....words.
but on occasion
once in a great while
they Might by chance become
something more
than mere

My Sleep Vanishes

silence entails
secrecy prevails
light music does play
get out of our way
all say

smaller mercis display
some quietly betray
yet some remain astray
in an inaction state
in such a way they berate

just no love they all hate....++++add on a verse '
in similar taste
time do not waste
be chaste
make haste

they say
no pay

so my sleep vanishes today
hence why anxiety display

Walking in the Cold (Rhyme Workshop)

Each bitter winter night we leave the house behind
and walk, gloved, veined hands entwined, to remind
ourselves that these are still the days of wine and roses.
In cold starlight, we feel it in the bones, death closes

in, not boldly, but like a vandal who tags and defaces
us. Still, these knotty hands can embrace, bring the face
of the beloved forward for a kiss. The path is icy, we steady
each other. Tonight we are alive for wine and roses. But ready

The Dancer (Rhyme Patterns Workshop)

She stepped on to the waiting floor,
paced herself: one, two, three, and four,
while both admiring and envious eyes
either wished her triumph, or dancer's demise.

Softly she spun, gently she swirled,
with each flawless fouette her passions unfurled
onto the dance floor, swept into the crowd
where sighs, no longer silent, inspired aloud.


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