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The gate to my soul
chained shut and overgrown
It's been so long
I've lost the key
I've forgotten who is me
I sing forgotten tunes
to the echo of a twilight tomb
none in attendance that can be seen
just the awkward echo off distant walls
my song like a sirens call
will someone come and set me free?
I could be a blessing
or perhaps a curse
I'm not sure which is worse for me
The sand that fills the hour glass knows
but never speaks of secrets as she flows

Journal Entry - July, 2018

I keep calling my mother's voicemail,
though she’s been gone for months,
to hear her voice again

I consider leaving a message, but don’t
I will though, but not just now
Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow

Even with loss in bloom,
I’m sure I’ll be stronger soon
Maybe I’ll think of something to say
when the memories aren’t crashing in all around me

It’s just a simple message to leave
You’ll be there one more time for me
so we can talk about how we’ve been,
here, among the ashes

McPherson Park

You’re a photograph:
Brilliant forsythia
On a sunshine day,
Everything in full bloom.

Walking the walkways:
Fresh memories.
You make me young
Or at least feel younger.

Graceful the movement
From gentle breezes,
Working willow strings
Under fair weather clouds.

You are McPherson park
Creating your effects:
Crisscrossed fragrances
Newborn wholesomeness.


Represent it cause you’re in it,
don’t you love the way life lies?
Deep in the despair, rise in originality,
there dwells loneliness, it's embellished.


The message icon on the home screen
beckons with pregnancy
just as the email icon does
yet neither are what i’m looking for.

Traveling into the unknown
venturing away from certainty
trusting that there will be adventure
in the stepping into uncertainty.

Wanting someone special to sing out
“let me know when you get there”
in a soothing soprano or alto voice
hear the loving interest.


In an empty field
I can hear the wind calling
I can see the sky looking at me
All alone, in peace
The soft grass touching my skin
The birds singing my troubles away
Animals walking towards me with glory in their eyes
The light bringing me hope
In an empty field
I was healed

Elder's Fire

Great creator,
Around this sacred fire,
Hear my prayer,
As I sit.

Mother Earth's,
Beauty in the sky,
And earth below.

This offering,
Of pemmican and pine,
Giving thanks to brother crow,
A friend of mine.

Of the winds,
Usher me home,
To a place,
Where the elder’s roam.

Mystic smoke,
Rose around my head,
As glowing flames,
Seduced me.


Stars strung like Christmas lights
across a midnight sky
Moon looking more like
a child's beach ball
lightening tears a jagged line
fabric torn
then thoughts bleed through
and tumble
to late
they have run amok
misbehaving children
gone wild
no self control
memories flood

Three words

I need to hear three words,
gotta know,
I Gotta KNOW
3 simple words
the world could be right
put an end to what seems like endless night
Just 3 little words,
held back
makes me wonder
makes me wander alone,
on a broken path of cobbled stones
not a clue which way to go and
3 simple words
to light the candle in the window
in the tower on the shore
3 words
3 words
to guide me home, seal the fractures in my soul


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