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I saw an old gate today
made of wood on a stone wall
it sagged so badly it wouldn't sway;
deteriorated says it all.

The stone wall reclined toward eternity
some stones were tumbled to the ground
all mortar loosened which set them free
to let gravity pull them to the ground.

The iron pins and their old hinges
rusted into brown lumps of immobility
with rust stains painting the wall's fringes
looking like dried blood to me.

And the planks which made the gate
were rotted where they touched the ground
decay will be their final fate
as it burns them with a silent sound.

This old gate reminded me of words
and how some are said will last for ever
yet they also shall flee like birds
on their trip to ...wherever.

But words and what they're written on
will seldom last a century.
A puff of years and they are gone
at best un-recalled memory.

These truths made me realize
as I stared at the grey sky above
listening to a crow's coarse cries
the only thing that lasts is love.

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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when our human electricity
fades towards eternity
our electricity is earthed indefinitely
and we become memory
like this lovely marking- time poetry

but yes as Molly 78(MAYBE BORN IN 1978)
says above
we must wait for younger generations
coming up this 14th (FEB)
as we all once did
let's help them not yet to be like the gate you depict
Stan the Western- er poet
Scribble for next month's free verse competition
on Valentine

I caught the "Then/them" typo and a few others this morning. I guess late posting doesn't work well for me lol. Seems "Molly" has disappeared. But the younger generation can have their own worries about valentines as after about 48 valentines with Susan it's getting pretty hard to come up with something new lol......stan

author comment

your poem rests on foundation of the last line"the only things that lasts is love"...while reading through i never thought that it would lead to this which was a pleasant surprise....

i wish to draw your attention to a couple of typos:-

on there [their] trip to ...wherever.

A puff of years and the [they] are gone

as usual you are master at th art of creating imagery with words...


raj (sublime_ocean)

I actually spotted three typos when reviewing just prior to answering your comment. But I appreciate your eagle eye anyway. "For ever" .....for most people that is defined as their life time. So with most thinks left unattended won't even last that long that leave only love to stand the test of years. Appreciate your dropping by........stan

author comment
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