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A Reason To Exist

Landmarks of generation lost
Nuclear fire de-animated
Sand casing city in glass frost
The bombs done decimating

In ashes it sleeps
As the lone wanderer stirs
Sifting debris with his duster
Hanging low raking the earth
Waiting for renewal

How has history taken this turn?
How did the leaders let the innocent burn?
Contemplation lost in thought
The farther he walks

He doesn't understand
How could he?
War has rocked this whole land
If not in skeletal remain
Where could salvation be?

Documents and history unwritten
Without survival no one was there
In ignorance this city bitten
Challenging its neighbors, a dare

The man wants the answers
He'll sift through carnage for them
Risk disease and rare form of cancers
In hollow for reasons that condemned

The forefathers have failed this lot
A lone survivor with too little to live
Closure for victims of this spot
Something to keep him active

A black mark in history
A tick, a notch, a symbol of misery
The man stands in its remnants
Closure, revelations, a need for penance

In active motion
The people once moved
Sprawled out in an ocean
Until flash! And boom!
He stood in the world
bombs had grooved

Silently searching
For things not to find
Something, anything
God! Please clear his mind...

So he will never know
The thought of answers
Still making him look
One day rebirth
Rebirth of the Earth

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Review Request (Direction): 
What did you think of my title?
Last few words: 
When there is nothing to live for is it better to exist to find a reason to exist or just give up and give in? This man exists for the sake of finding the answers he seeks. He knows he will probably never find what he's looking for. But as long as he's looking he has a reason to live.
Editing stage: 


reason to fathom rather then set indignation
flushed cheeked or the blind acceptance
of the rush towards the edge and beyond
no admittance of trouble
no acceptance of question technology
or ideology....following happily
no looking...
Ignore that camp
ignore that jet
ignore those techs dressed
in civvies

the water is safe
we can take these pills
the ship will not sink

and yet...

one can

Thank You!

a very good write. Long time haven't heard from you, dear friend. How's life been for you? I hope everything's fine.

can you find the pearl of joy
within the great oceans of despair?
tears and laughter is a cycle
none is the ultimatum in this world

there lies the difference in one
who sees pain as a sign of life
and one who sees it as a burden
when it is as little as a fly

the answers are within you
locked in your mind
your own point of view
and encrypted signs

you can see death as a tragedy
or a release from agony
sometimes living is curse
when life heads for the worse

So I say don't just exist
but try your best to live
for each struggle for peace
is a step away from grief

your heart didn't just beat
for you to exist, dear friend
it beats for you to live
to feel both joy and pain


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