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Editing - rough draft

Suddenness of Life

Suddenness of Life

Yesterday we spoke

This morning he did not call
day before
he excused to say

I am going for my walk

Time just comes

Spiritual or NOT
He has gone

My only friend
philosopher guide
more than a brother

He said when he is
he will never be

I know
we all have to follow
the same route



Living is a plaything,
a daily exercise with exception of perfection,
rather a falling and a rising
as everyday closer and closer to its end we gallop.

Living is an amusement,
a rollercoaster on mountains' circumferential highways,
a circuit of vertigo in endless spin,
that makes us laugh and cry in turning circles.

Living is a judgment,
a reminder of our sullen mortality and sacred immortality,
an umpire of fast and slow we jive and go,
and a roiling air that at dusk takes the bloom off our laughs.

My Leaves

The seasons change but I remain the same

Standing firm in my failures

Rooted deep in remorse

If only I could be like the trees

And shed my dead, burdened leaves

I cannot shake them but at least

They start to change tones

Slowly, subtly, their colors emerge

Beauty from decay

Waiting to drop and sway

Helplessly to the earth


The seasons change but I remain the same

Swept silently like the sea

Receding ceaselessly on the shore

Fading in and out of existence

Always half there

in a forest near as still as death
as i walk beside a frozen bog
the first month of the new year
when heavy frosts greet every day
brings memories from far away
where i sit to rest a while
after hiking a mere quarter mile
how many winters have i left
both behind and yet to come
one day i'll leave these woods bereft
then head back to where i had begun

my version:

The Demise Of A Witch (October Contest)

In a dress of red on an ocean bled
Finest of silk thread, finest in the land
Perhaps she was dead some of them said
Maybe you should come take her hand

She laid upon a seedy bed
Broken broomstick in the sand
With a warm bloody bedspread
Her head broken where she crashed on land

They fled from what witches all dread
Seeking shelter in a broken down shed
The two were wed with wedding bands
Not daring to take chances instead


<p>i want you as much i want die.</p>

The dragons of Delusia

Nothing grows on fallow plains
in the land of Delusia
The seeds of loves fiery passions are gone
destroyed by the elixirs of man
Over barren fields they fly
searching for the reason why
not an ember remains
of what was once had
They've not yet learned
a fire can burn
by tending with different hand
Radiant and shimmering their colors were
yet now they have turned to grey
and evermore they will weep


I am a sponge, I absorb

Nothing passes through me

These thoughts can't ever leave me

I feel myself getting heavy

weighted down, pulled down, forced down

by this terrible collection of things

that never seems to end

sopping wet with my sorrows

a barren burden

too close to escape,

can't talk, can't think, can't BREATHE

My skin itches, my head pulses

with the pressure of piercing pins,

pushing deep through me

Refusing to let go.

If you won't let me go,



Hello skimpy
happy swift glide
on our ladies pattern path.

entrenched are you
in their costume Constitution.

You delete differences
between the thighs and the legs
all is on for deliberate display.

You pacify the crying shoulder
who weeps for being cowardly covered.

You help the air view
the sacred cage
where the abdomen nests.

skip closer skimpy
view your pictures of our little ladies

Peace at the River Bank

Around this river banks
are pear trees tall as lively colonnades
whose green-yellow leaves spread as wide swaying umbrellas,
wherefrom quietness as sparkling peace springs
and moves, fleshed in Harmanttan's breezy air
that animates the celestial light roaming the wide sky,
whooshing across the warm landscapes in melodious waves.


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