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Editing - rough draft


Tower walking.
Exquisite designs intertwine.
Finds tenderness behind the thorns.

Neopoet (A X STICK Contest SEP2021)

Neopoet is the only critically critique site of poetry
Everyone is an expert like a doc after the postmortem
Only few now indulge deeply into other's marvelous works
Poets like Lovedly watch silently simply no intrusion
Only few have masterly powers here very few do hear
Entire lot of initial poets all know have forever gone
To other unknown destinations Paul and I just hold on

As my eyes dim

Tendrils of being
filigree off my frame,
a blossoming hope
now reigned in, tamed.

Powerful yearnings
deep in my gut,
I've had to let go
his door is shut

I remember his birth
him smiling a frown,
sweet smells powder
and snow to rain down

Riding his bike
for the first time,
arms outstretched
I'm in the sublime

Glittering laughter
he brought into my life,
tear filled giggles
and hitting the heighths

I Once Composed A Poem Come Closer TO ME

''Come Closer to Me.''
An old friend of ours
in the neighborhood played the violin
whole night for unlimited hours

After two kids
his only love now
was his violin
something that only
a true musician would know
The whole world heard
it in these moments
his fingers would brace her face
as his violin
her hair- the strings
his eyes would look no where
with his lips
he kissed the violin as hers

hairs stood up
of those who his violin did purse

Surrender to Infinity

Good morning sweet fate,
I never thought we'd really meet.
My bill is due, it cannot wait.
Let Karma have its choice box seat.

I want to fight a final stand and
Have my defects come out swinging.
Torch it all to the ground;
My disease the lone one grinning.

If only did I know that
I could win if I just quit.

If only I could trust that
I could finally have a rest.

If only I could see that
I could step into the place

Where calamity
Meets serenity.

Boys Charm Not Sex

On the beach within easy reach
all were enjoying a lovely son
even he was having fun ~~boy's dilemma

this is abs imagery
a guy was simply surrounded by younger gals
wanting to buy lips sticks

perhaps negligees
this just struck my mind
what a lucky sweet guy

maybe just 17 plus
beautifuller than all gals
enjoying aroma at their expense


Lost in the wide dreamspace
where surreal places are timeless

that place where there are no fences
to corral the wild horses

it is the Bermuda Triangle of experience

it is the red house ‘way over yonder ^^
flying there, while wingless,

flying in a blue sky, gives way to grey rain
in turn, becomes the pink orange of a beautiful dawn.

In the kitchen, Mom’s cooking
spatula in her hand deftly flipping

her eggs framed by biscuits
all is seen as if from the ceiling.


Nightmare snatcher,
Take the bad dreams away,
Leave me softly slumbering
Until night has broken into day.

Chase away the shadows,
And the bad thoughts within my head
Letting me sleep soundly,
As I lay cuddled up in bed.

Keep me safe and sound,
Until the night comes to an end,
Thankyou for your guidance,
My mystical, feathered friend.


Pixie dust sprung from Jimi's eyes 
   as he rolled in microdot dreams, 
            purple phased out blades of grass 
                 waved - then heaven screamed , 
                      We watched smart pebbles line the beach 
                          marching to a psychedelic Sousa band
                       we know must be playing somewhere,--
               discarded notes were strewn in the sand.

HISTORY (September Contest)

How will we be judged
by distant descendants
far in the future?

Perhaps they'll think us unevolved
still fighting wars over religion
although violence leaves questions unsolved
or worst lead us to being cursed
to kill again....and again.

Or perhaps their thoughts of us
will be...kind
(if they think of us at all).
Perhaps they'll overlook the bad
and realize we did the best we could.
Worst? Best?Is our time here simply a test?


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