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Editing - rough draft


blank sheet
of paper is all I’ve
ever known
lying in wait for someone
to come along
out of nothing
to create
a work
of art
paint or
lead or words.

that flow
from my pen
to the worn pages
of this ratty old notebook.

Tomorrow is another day-Time

Time is the essence of life

with each minute

of breathing

that is counted

Precious and priceless

like the grain of sand

drifting slowly

inside the ceiling hourglass

is measured with

each hour is passing

through the days of spending

So, are the days of our lives

After All ...A memorable moment in Time

After all the times passed by
today we gather at the River of life
to immerse our thoughts and visions
of our long time association

Rest in eternal peace
that's all we can wish
today as always

we shall you miss
may life where ever you be
prove to be bliss
Our Dearest
most loved one

The Age of Innocence

This is the age of innocence
Where ignorance is bliss
These are the days, when in a sense
And at no expense, life just is.
No thoughts of the future
No regrets, and no shame
Can’t see the great big picture
Life is just a game
This is the age of innocence
These days won’t remain
Your mummy’s like a deity
You’re the moth and she’s the flame

Am I Awake

Am I awake or asleep I cannot tell

Am I trapped in Heaven or roaming free in Hell?

Am I who I am, or am I someone else?

I look in the mirror, and I do not know myself

I took a long trip, and I went far, far away

It lasted all night it passed in a single day

I fell down a rabbit hole; I fell so deep

I almost drowned in tears I did weep

When I returned, I was in an awful state

Could not tell if I was asleep or if was I awake

Traveling At The Speed Of Ignorance

Dedicated to Mother Earth ~

"What of that red sky?" asked one.

"I'm certain it's nothing," said the other.

And they traveled along.

"What of that smoke over the mountain?" asked one.

"I wouldn't worry," said the other.

And they traveled ahead.

"What of these flames, this scorched earth?" asked one.

"Everything will be fine," said the other.

And ignorance and arrogance, at last, traveled no more.


The ruddy moon
leans over a hedge
to light with a reddish glow
the country side
what ails you?

I have come
to spy the sky
with a wistful stars
thanks to the sunset
for this revelation

©® Onyinyechi Cosmos Etu


I step across the roadside ditch
to rest my bones upon a stump
then indulge a mild knee itch
beside a honeysuckle clump
on this mid winter day.

A sip from my old worn canteen
rids my mouth of road's red dust
which was inhaled but never seen
while time accrued the years like rust
as I have slowly made my way.

This road has varied through the years.
I started crowded, now I'm alone.
Early laughter turned to tears.
Limber joints now bone on bone
often causing my gait to sway.

Mind On Paper

Mind On Paper

Mind spilled

On paper

Too many thoughts

Where’s the stapler?


They say I’m a poet

So, I guess it’s time

Dare me to show it?


Life throws knives

I’m still here

Must have nine lives


On this page

“- Bacon sammich -”

liddle green apple 'pon my plate,
shit- you ain't ever gonna satiate
my hunger- lust- for something more,
a bacon sammich,- you know the score!

Home made bread, cut nice n thick,
whid full fat butter, yheeaa, that's the trick !
streaky bacon whid chewy rind
just cut off from a pig's behind,


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