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Editing - rough draft


of meditation
Many times out of my own minds common knowledge, over the years I have preached meditation as one’s mind flows all over the immense vastness of wilderness at lightning speed. Thoughts only spread far and wide rapidly and without the human minds control. It’s then we must need to concentrate our thoughts at a place and attend to the task in hand .Many times that does not happen .At such times we need greater attention and to concentrate our thoughts we need to utter some words of intent .A simple a line or a psalm ,but very brief like an

A poem to Your Childhood Self...

"Hey Guy!"

What? [looking around]

"It's me, your older self"

Ummmm, yeah? Who is this really?

"It's me, yourself, really"

Okay, suppose I believe you, what do you want?

I want you to believe
that there is always hope
that no matter how dark the day
It won't stay that way, nope

If you have a problem
we can work it out
I'll always be there for you
you won't have to shout


ideas can spread like cancer good or bad to combat this think more objectively
think of people who love the way you are if you have strict or demeaning parents or relatives
dont let that change you to change ideas or conceptionsof people you know or friends
just say something positive forget about high school and things like appearance


A time is coming
when men will no longer
beat their wives
but only to cherish and adore them

A time is coming
when women will have the authority
and take charge of the people
and all will be served better

A time is coming
when women's femininity
will now blend into men's masculinity
because she had endured a lot

A time is coming
when women will no longer be
a second-class citizen
but a first-class citizen



Whenever they go,
the sweet chimes sing
through wind and snow.

And when they go,
they give us rings
or cufflinks, and tears flow.

Past holding all these things,
they go, and so come to us
who are their true belongings.

Under warm hands, gray God ushers
us. The undertaker’s hands are slow
and silent at the font. The sign of crossing.

Then under the warm stream
of the choir’s reticulating voices,
the Antiphon. Incense, communion,

IF You Knew Her You Would Know (Maestro Moon)

If you knew her you would know
The moon that played her in its light
Made cello ripe and fecund
And the timbre, mellow in response,
Gave birth to this, her plaintive tune,
That she's an instrument of the maestro's touch
But not her own.

So robbed of the harmony between her strings
She props herself on one long spike
Between his legs and lets him play
Instead of playing on her strings
Her own melodic sweet refrain.

One day when I was out for a drive
I spotted an old homestead and couldn’t believe my eyes
The roof had caved in the veranda was gone
The garden overgrown dirt for a lawn
The picket fence was now on the ground
Weeds in the paddocks no crops to be found
There was a rusted old tractor left under a tree
So sad and forlorn it seamed to me

New Poets

Immerse yourself into this realm of poetry -
move within the rhythm
play with the rhyme
dissect each pause and period
study the style, form, and structure
dissolve into what you read
absorb and ingest its energy

While here, you shall meet poets -
dreamers, realists
sages, discoverers
protesters, peacemakers
messengers of a world
unpolished and bold

Lovers of the written word
voices of the spoken word
travelers in the passionate
paradise of verse and rhyme


i dont allways like falling asleep think about what i could have done or just love being wake
sometimes with alot of coffee i also get deeply deppresed over reationships that didnt work out
one did workn out beautifull together every day all day for thirty years right now age66 no realtionship i also think i could have a college degree and i daydream of young blondes
with atleast some college

dog walkers ...lovely eyes first week OCT CONTEST

There is no sexicity
O child
this place has only dog walkers
trained as kids once
become old enough to ride a horse
siblings take on

I have watched you from a distance
were always shy
could rarely hide a wink
bareness of beauty
hiding within
planted some on these pages
wonder if you ever read me

just now as you passed by
within inches
dog and lovely sweet kids romping...our
eyes pierced deep within


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