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Editing - rough draft

Pillow Note #3

before leaving for work I want to say
about time when in our arms we lay
songs you sung were enchanting
your soft sighs too often enticing
those notes you sung in high pitch
made nerve ends tingle and twitch

tonight we shall replay that song
with all it's notes short and long
each time we touch cloud nine
we'll play our songs in rewind

when you wake up you'll find this note
with your pink lipstick just now I wrote
when i return home please stay tuned
wearing your best smile like full moon

I Walk.

I walk where the weeping willow sweeps the soil
It hides me from the world, and all its toils
I cry, it will hide my tears, I hurt, it hides my fears.
Yet here I am safe from all that troubles me.

Then that beauty of rain, hides my tears once again.
It sets me free to roam the world, to seek rainbows
A scattering of sunshine lights my world anew.
Where would I have been without the support of you?


I accepted his explanation to stay inside
He is a boy of course, he can be outside
Boys are strong and powerful
They have the luxury of inherited freedom
To be and see beyond the horizon
Without restrictions to their own being

I long to be a boy to go outside
Being inside was like being in a crowd
Girls are delicate and fragile things
Everyone around reinforced such things
Your hair is beautiful! That’s a pretty dress
A show-piece for my mother’s glory

All Falls

Ringa ringa roses etc
then all fall down
so do all kids

then we have Niagara
when guys grow bigger
night falls
when we fall out of love
everything crashes

Kings fall
Queens fall
indiscreet women fall
stray guys fall
lovers and cheaters fall

what is this life for
if all are subject to

True strength is the mother of courage, the daughter of wisdom, and the sister of confidence.

Female [Runic Symbol:Mannuz]

F e m a l e is the core of procreation, an artist's delight, a fountain of love; to whom all living forms owe for their existence

Love Is Listening

like a child
who repeats the same
question over and over again

we forget
that love is listening

that it can take a lifetime
to realize a cast of dreams

that there are cycles in life

that boats
take their tallied time
to travel up and downstream

crops to take gnarly root
and grow, fruit
to sweetly ripen

we are like children
and parents both
inside the same body

one repeating
the urgent requests


Because they can’t talk or speak
Because they cannot hear us
They are still dwelling afar
You ought to count yourself lucky
Because the all-time silence
Does not have angry mob there
If not, they will showcase their vengeance
For their long falling asleep
The all time dwelling of the silence
Never sees nor speak from his quite place
Nor react for the mantle left for the mature
They mature is never on fire to execute judgement
For his own reason best known to him

F E M A L E: Mannuz [Runic Symbols]

When Adam sought a companion, God gifted him a Female

Joy [Runic Symbol:Wunjo]

J o y is whelming of the heart, rousing goosebumps, beaming in a smile; as buoyant as the first kiss blushing a maiden's cheeks...


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