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Editing - rough draft

spring life

Pink Blossoms floating
Orchestra of frogs
Sunlight beams across leaves


Lovedly returns as before
hope all will be well as afore
Thanks NEOS

Testing my might once again
thanks all

not much of a poem

The Yellow Rose of Friendship

This yellow rose of friendship
a tie between two friends

Someone to give me a hug
When life seems at an end

Someone who understands
all my hopes and fears

Someone who is there
and wipes away my tears

Someone who knows
of my sad loss

Of my best friend
so far away has gone

someone who knows
Why I am so forlorn

Someone who has seen
my ocean of tears

Thank you is not enough
For you. my friend

Your here


Neve before had these
been seen
by me:
tiny, active, blue-winged
flitting in oblong orbIts
chasing each other
into a purple sort of aerial dance.

I have looked for signs
since you left
that you might be

The aerial butterfly show continued
at my feet, i stepped a bit
to watch them
swoop, sail, bank and turn,
a pattern emerged.

Suddenly, i saw
your face in amongst
those sailing blue wings

smiling at me.

Awaiting The Finale Of Lovedly

How long one needs to wait
for getting back ones weight
On Neopoet

But I will wait

Lovely has no mate
I state

Last bus home.

When yer o rings split
and yer gaskets blown,
the wife's done a flit
and yer on yer own.

when yer fan belts slipping
the sump guards dripping
and that twat behind
just won't stop pipping.

When the hill yer on
goes on and on
and the coasting days have
long since gone.

Then!! alight the
charabanc of verse
afore yer pistons seize--

and yer in the hearse !!


haiku (spring contest)

old man's last hurrah
in yellow fields of laughter-
fresh tulip snow-cones!

The Sun The Moon and Lovedly Again Back Soon

I am ceasing my breath
but gradually
come some Neos help me
to breathe

My heart is palpitating slowly
will they snatch
Lovedly from me

My lungs are still gasping
would they pray
the Covid for me
twill be blasphemy

let my remaining years
stay with me
I beseech as
this is just a quest
later may become
a request

Psapfo 9

O Kypris slow
The night between us

For Love's vision
Has journeyed so far

Place your lips
To every cavern of my body

Let the rites burn
O Lady turn back the sun

With your
Unearthly beauty

If my beloved must remain
In Afroditi's shade

Let her shadow then come
To drink from my vineyard


Blue eyes blink open
across tattering gray sky
to watch storm depart


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