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Fragile Illuminate (Inspired By A Name)

Why are you brittle?
Just weakened or little?
Or splendid shine just fragile
Shooting light swift and agile

Tiny flame in darkness
But touched ready to bust
Or powerful inferno fearless
Waiting to be snuffed

Would you illuminate the way
For millions lost in void
Or be silent content and stay
Lost in loneliness and avoid

Are you afraid of the dark?
Afraid of the creatures that dwell there?
Do you burn their flesh and leave your mark?
Or are you blissfully unaware?

If they turned on you
Could you blind them?
Or is that what they would do?
Turn and tear up your light at the stem...

While I don't know your story
Let your light shine with words spoken
Let light shine with glory
Stay brittle but unbroken

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
Based this poem off a username on this website. Was genuinely curious why that person chose to be such a way. So I asked as any poet would. Hopefully that person reads this
Editing stage: 


Why I chose to be such a way? what way? what is it that I chose....

I obviously can't, at this point, critique your poem...but I'm pretty much an open book...ask whatever you are curious, or PM....

should I be flattered by your interest, or cautious?

I'll CHOOSE "flattered"...until I know otherwise

thank you, I guess


I just think there is a reason you or anybody for that matter would choose their screenname in ways such as these. I was just wondering why brittle light? When you signed up for neopoet its like someone hands you a catalog and says you can name yourself whatever you want. This is how our poets will always see you. This is your identity as long as you're here. But yours is intriguing because no one knows why is the light brittle? Just small and there or weak to the touch. I wanted a theme and I questioned a name. So I decided why not ask in a way that wouldn't just be asking a simple question. Wasn't truing to freak anyone out. But if you named your account such a name then perhaps there's a reason. A place you picked up that a name. A developing of such a name over time. Even a story that isnt written with such luster can fascinate the world around you. Perhaps it was just a quick spur of the moment thing. I enjoy asking why someone would name themselves something like this. So I took your name literally and tried to rationalize it. But perhaps the story of it is more interesting then the actual story. Perhaps I've romanticized a name or read into it more then I should've. Still it was a fun poem to write. If you're at all wierded out by it I will take it off this website. But thank you for giving me a theme at 1 o'clock in the morning when writers block threatened insanity if I could not find something worth writing about. Hope you liked it to some point.
PS if you take it a bit more literal it may be less creepy(both the name and the poem I mean)...enjoy

Unto Oblivion, We Depart

author comment

No, don't take it down from the site.
I'm not weirded or creeped out... just unsure of your intent (at first)
now I know...a 'theme' to write upon

I took the name from a line of poetry I wrote before joining the site
It is referring to the fragile light of insight, shattering at the flick of finger, before a full scan of the "knowledge" can be captured...leaving only remnants to try and make sense of, or utilize...reflective of my poetry...almost, always almost!



You could share that. It is an interesting concept. And change of perception. I enjoy stepping out of my comfort zone and find it to be what poetry is really abou . Whether becoming the war hero in a war field or a vindictive murderer lying in wait. I live through these ideas. Something I will never do. Someone I'm not. Lives and memories collectively shaped through someone else's words. Or maybe its just slowing down to realize that there is a light breeze in the wind. All of this is why I wield poetry in my life. Thank you and if you do put that up please pm me and let me know.

Unto Oblivion, We Depart

author comment

all light is brittle and none fragile. Ceramic is brittle and yet can test great temperatures.
Don't mean to intrude. I came by for a poem and found an intriguing conversation to boot. I wonder what it says about my "nickname"? That I'm rather dull most like.

W. H. Snow

A poet is a nightingale, who sits in darkness and sings to cheer its own solitude with sweet sounds. Percy Bysshe Shelley

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when I first came to Neopoet, I wasn't sure what it was, so I chose a user name, wanting to remain anonymous until I felt comfortable, plus my step daughter was already on the site
and boundaries were necessary. Realizing it was a forever name wasn't that important to me at the time, but If I had a do-over I would use my given name,as you did.
I don't need to hide from anyone...and a rose by any other name.....

thanks for the brittle/fragile point.


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