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Secret Skies

In luster above our heads it dances
Stealing our eyes for those unblinded
Sweet greens and dark purple entrances
Expanding dimensions for the broad minded

In waves of solar storm it shakes our sky
Particulate matter excited and fast
Shine bright as solar winds pass by
Molten light from plasma at last

Zenith above us heads tipped up
In awe and amazement
We gaze in the heavens
And ignore the pavement

Clouds unformed hide from views
As our private show now continues
Eloquently shaping and breaking
Throwing off their photon hues

Subsiding light loses attention
Our eyes return to earth
Then brights and catches eyes in ascension
Private show proving all its worth

They are missing this...
All those sleeping below rainbow sky
Gone with the sun and lost in bliss
But the horizon never sleeps while they lie

This night you've been seen
Caught in the act
You've shown your wonders in wondrous sheen
A silent beauty on high in secrecy of pact

Never the oblivious know your mystic
Nor shall the ones who see speak of you
Blessed with a sign of a natural artistic
Your auroral might lost in memory of just us few
Please dance again light up our dark once more
Hopefully when you do...
We'll be somewhere in view...

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
Have you ever actually seen the aurora?
Editing stage: 


The beauty of the Aurora and the physics which causes it nicely captured in these verses. While I was in Canada few months back, it was expected that we would be able to view it but could not.


raj (sublime_ocean)

I certainly hope you may see it someday. Its probably my favorite natural phenomenon of all time. And if you watch space they can tell you when it might happen and if you may be able to see it. I used to go out and find a place away from light with a photographer and take pictures all night. Unfortunately the human eyes miss a whole lot. So the camera saved the night for us some nights. Its a lot more difficult to capture then you may think and we had a hard time. But once we got to the point we could see it all it certainly paid off. I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like it. Im glad you enjoyed my poem. I kept stopping and starting again with it. I didn't want it too narrow. This was something I wanted to take my time with and I'm pleased how it came out. I feel as though had I wrote this in one go it would've missed the sciences and uniqueness I had strived for. Thank you again

Unto Oblivion, We Depart

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