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Indifference unsheaths its bitter
As mercy gathers her ruinous
The joker jests in courts of
A king he laughs at mistress
Envy fancies his moldy coat
As pride recites the songs he
Clairvoyance struck blind--
Her vision beneath
As deceit he grins though
Rotton teeth
As doubt drinks from the
Bitter cup
Greed will empty it--then
Fill it up
Vision blinks--eyes full of
As a lie and fear walk hand
In hand
Forgiveness finds her new
Cold shoulder
As lust instructs the way to
Hold her
Guilt it hides in footsteps
Remorse withdraws--his path
Is cast
Death he hides in sunsets
A birth alights upon dawns

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What did you think of my title?
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I have but one observation at this particular reading.... The pattern on the page is so evenly proportioned it keeps the eye from reading it without a bookmark or ruler. Maybe you would consider grouping lines and providing spaces between groups (stanzas, if you will) at certain intervals, just to aid the eye in reading. Cheers.

'write on! let these words free.'

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