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Forum topicWHY IS FREE FORM PREVALENT TODAY? scribbler1001 year 3 months ago
poemA TASTE OF SALT scribbler161 year 12 months ago
poemRipples and Echos... Geezer192 years 8 months ago
poemWaiting pleiades22 years 9 months ago
poemof Saturdays with jam and cream pleiades63 years 3 months ago
poemSeptember pleiades73 years 7 months ago
poemJuly pleiades33 years 7 months ago
poemPicnic by Limay Gracy93 years 7 months ago
poemLow Setting Sun Lavender103 years 7 months ago
poemSon of the Moon Dramen8523 years 7 months ago
poemCoffee Lee83 years 7 months ago
poemWHERE TIME STANDS STILL scribbler63 years 12 months ago
poemPLEASANT EVENING scribbler174 years 11 months ago
poembesser blocks (with video) weirdelf375 years 11 months ago
poemEARLY SPRING ( first sonnet 5th try ) scribbler166 years 8 months ago
Blog entryA GOOD HAIRY BEAVER scribbler196 years 10 months ago
poemBeyond the Circle themoonman207 years 1 month ago
poemLast thoughts while drowning weirdelf167 years 1 month ago
poemIntricate Sickness Esker57 years 7 months ago
poemM a r a c h i n o . . . Esker810 years 10 months ago
Blog entryThe more I learn the less I know weirdelf1111 years 4 weeks ago
Blog entryThe musicality of language. weirdelf1511 years 1 month ago
poemS L O T * * * T A N G E R I N Esker411 years 1 month ago
poemheaven loved1111 years 1 month ago
poemWho I am Starlight811 years 1 month ago
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