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of Saturdays with jam and cream


The Autumn sun is bright,
yet no heat
is carried on its' rays

All around the morning,
signs of an approaching Winter

The extra jumper I wear
(my fishing jumper)
offers no promise of warmth ~
too many holes for the wind to whistle

On the street
trees crackle in the crisp air
and chimney smoke,
too cold to unfurl,
lays like a sleepy lover
curled around the rooftops

The smell of pine is strong

shoulders are hunched inside jackets
with turned up collars

Coat pockets
cradle clenched fingers
in coloured wool
and pale faces hang
from under lowered brims

I make my way to the coffee house

The aroma of roasting beans
heady perfumes
and freshly toasted bread
is warming,
like an open fire

The comfort of sound ~
soft rustle of newspaper page turning,
muted clatter of kitchen crockery ~
hiss of steam from coffee machine,
muffled conversations, and
stifled giggles
remind me
of Saturdays with jam and cream,

Of kohl rimmed eyes and
smokey lips stained red

Of a time
when the possibility of everything
lay open
and the delicate balance of promise
swayed before us,
like the polish of silver
on starched white linen


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like the prelude for a novel, setting the scene for memories of a lost love. From there, it can go anywhere. Spy-thriller, murder -mystery or romance novel. I enjoyed the scenes being set and the vivid colors and reflected emotion. Very nice. ~ Geez.

There is value to commenting and critique, tell us how you feel about our work.
This must be the place, 'cause there ain't no place like this place anywhere near this place.

Thanks for the read and
for your words, I really what you have
to say here, and I like where it took you.

author comment

For many, to read and write poetry is a necessity - like air and food. This poem sustains the reader, satisfying in every way. I especially love the stanza referring to the comfort of sound - a sense not appreciated as much as sight or smell. This is so lovely and fulfilling. Beautiful.
Thank you,

Thank you for such lovely words.
I appreciate that you liked and
singled out that stanza.
Thanks for giving thought to this write.

author comment

For those who have trouble deciding what the difference is between chopped prose and free verse Poetry.....well here it is. Most excellent free verse in my opinion

a most appreciated comment. finding that difference,
that balance, is something I strive for in every write.
it can be a delicate balancing act times.
I so pleased that you feel this worked.
thank you.

author comment
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