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Humour Still


You are still
As wonderful
As you ever were
I assure you
I will read you still

Today’s unintended theme


Hence all comments
May not be considered
As still
You are still
Too good
So be still
That we all know still
Be the best one still

All these comments are
For you still
Why do you ask still?
It does me still


A veil of sadness
conceals her eyes
she averts his gaze,
integrity doesn't lie.

Retreating into silence
she hopes to hide.
He exaggerates his charms -
attempts to restore lost pride.

Ended engagements
are harder for one
someone stays behind
the other, chooses to run.

Someday they return
perchance to see,
if the grieving partner -
awaits a new entreaty.

Most grevious of all
is their intentional forray
to seduce the lover yet again,
only to stage another get-way.

Christmas Limerick

Though its Christmas, He won't come again,

As BIG G. Himself tried to explain

To His heavenly Host

Even told Holy Ghost

"There's no virgins, nor any wise men."

Pumpkin pie

There's really nothing better
than a fresh pie
cooling on the counter
just sitting there - almost ready to eat

And after you get done
whipping the cream
with a little sugar
not too much - just enough
it's perfect to top it all off

A perfectly browned homemade crust
flour,butter and a pinch of salt
rolled out and crimped around the rim
It's just a major accomplishment
that makes the day a lot better

A cell of flesh and skin

Here I live
In this cell
Made of flesh and skin
Yet, once I did fly
To the heavens so high
Singing songs of love
That rang out
Clear as church bells.
Fate or karma
Came stepping in
Arresting me in flight
Only watching me
As I fell
When I crashed
No one came to help
Broken winged
I laid dead
In this lonely hell
Is dead, dead
When you can still hear a hum
Even in the silence
Of my restraints
Chains made of veins
Tightly woven

(eddy styx and Dan Watts) Lady Pain lyrics

Lady Pain
by: eddy styx and Dan Watts

wild horses
couldn’t stop her
from ruining her life.
She was hell bent
on destruction
and all her
shuddering denial
denied her intentions
of exposing her
tender pink
silk and satin
and all her
feminine frills
like tea and crumpets
she needs her fix
of love and pain
laced with daily

Bemused Rumination


the balm of barometric exuberance.
This night
no longer young, dissipates.

the dewy welcome of sun-quaffed green.
revive severed umbilical dreams.

the present with fleeting acumen.
ceases yet emerges again tomorrow.

the kindling of autumnal reticence.
genial kindnesses shall spring.


Half Cut Moon

Glimpsing the suns face
The half cut moon drains pallid
Its dark side, hidden



solitude is quiet
in a
cacophonous sort
of way.

solitude is a print
with no

solitude requires

solitude is a memory

solitude is its own


When you're at school the buggers hold you down,
So many rules to control you
and make a child conform.

The teenage years are when most rebel,
Spirits are crushed under the heel
of expectations.

When you leave education behind,
Relief isn't found.
Eight hours a day under the boss man's cosh.

Pressure to conform and marry,
2.4 children and a terraced house.
Or at least be part of a couple.


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