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About contests

To Submit a poem to any of our contest please click on following link

Notice to all Neopoet members submitting poems to contests. Make sure you select the proper contest from the contest dropdown which is about half way down on the submit a poem form. We will no longer be considering poems that have the contest title in the title of their poem. This does not apply for the random challenges.

Beginning May 1st is proud to announce our new and improved contests that you as a member may participate In. The following contests will be the official contests of the site.


Neopoet Monthly Contest this monthly contest will have an anonymous judge that is changed monthly. The judge chooses the theme and rules of each contest. The winner receives a three-month premium membership and a 25-dollar gift certificate to If the winner already has an existing premium account with Neopoet then they will receive a 35-dollar Amazon gift card. There are also Neopoet products that can be substituted for the cash such as a Neopoet t-shirt, Neopoet mug and Neopoet Tote Bag.  All tangible prizes are only available for our United States and Canada members currently. International members will receive an Amazon or Visa gift certificate. All winners will have their winning poems placed under contest wins on their respective profiles and the site news.


The Neopoet Contest A yearly contest of the twelve-monthly contest winners. The winner of this contest will be chosen in the month of December the winning poems will be circulated in a special edition of the newsletter. Our members will participate in choosing the Neopoet poem of the year. The Neopoet will be provided with a one-year premium account and a 100-dollar virtual visa gift card.


 Neopoem Of the Week Contest A weekly contest where a poem written in the previous week can be submitted to that week's contest by selecting that particular contest from the contest drop down on the submission form. All poems posted outside of that week will not be eligible. The winner will receive a Neopoet prize package. International members will recieve a 3 month preimum account. If they have a premium account a 5 dollar gift card to will be provided. Members of America or Canda that choose not to provide their address to the contest department will be awarded a 3 month premium account. Due to the fact that this is a weekly contest there will be a minimum of 6 poems . If this is not achieved the Neopoem Group will use poems in the stream also. 


Neopoet Random Challenges Contest will be a monthly contest that consists of four topics that you can chose from. Whatever topic you chose must be the title of the poem you submit. At this time all who complete the challenge will be provided a certificate of completion. These Certificates will be limited to those that use one of the topics as the title of their entry also the poems must be written about said topics. The monthly challenges contest will have one monthly winner. The prize would be a three-month premium account. If you already have a premium subscription, you will be rewarded a 10 dollar amazon gift certificate . The monthly winner will be posted under contest winners on their respective profiles and in the site news.

Note about prizes to our international community. At this time Neopoet will be providing a 5 dollar visa card if you use we will also accomadate you, due to shipping restrictions and rates. This applies to the Neopoem of the week contest! Tangible prizes will only be delivered to United States and Canada 

To visit our current contests please feel free to click this link


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