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symbiotic for pace

momentous seclusion in bracelets
salted silt bristling bed
twin dis-part in aeons
and a doe on the brink skein
brown backed a sand pyramid
tri rising the collar baked
well far for the desert scene
in the forests with a rush
ribbon of a gazelle and her elongation
freedom frisk for a patrol pedestrian
be this before Venus vanilla twilight

transcendence bath the earth surrenders pure
silver schemes along the broken moon quills
petalloid on . When her frail jaw snatches
fills the mouth precinct for its sacrilege

the pounce was here nefarious
this was to be dismembered
diminish at the jowl of a jackal
the cannibal carnival carnation
even every foot-print of numbered
constrain lurked, as the devourer perceived
feeble also that for use her crane neck
upon her glory filled nature's beauty
..... her gone, her gone
that was in ever frolic sustainability
for the flames that flourish inn-fountains
someone with anathema instinct cavities
two disdain paths that repel fusion

........... life is mocked at sudden death
such to a kind faced fine gazed
buzzed butterfly, whose business was just to be there
wisdom for its ignominy overall
to cherish and admonish a contextual
feeling of love such a strange thing
hearse ceremonial pass his turn much more
grief the long black ants cavalcade

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Review Request (Direction): 
Is the internal logic consistent?
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