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March 2021 Contest Announcement !

Come join this month's contest. This month we are asking our members to write a poem about a different perspective. All poems must be 18 to 32 lines and written in western rhyme abab rhyme pattern.
Best of luck to all our contestants

February 2021 Contest Winner !

Congratulations to Ray Whitaker
For winning the February 2021 Neopoet poetry Contest.
Please view the winning poem at

AC Election: Announcement (February 2021)

Our election begins today, with the following individuals on the ballot:

Ray Whitaker
Michael Anthony
Alan S Jeeves

The election will continue until Saturday, March 6th (5 pm Eastern Time).

You may view the voting guide (and candidates may update their responses) here:


Shoot The Breeze With Geez

This Saturday March 6th, come and join us in our live chatroom at 8 PM. (EST). Our chat host Geezer will be entertaining you for a one hour event. Click chat on the top of the screen and spend your Saturday night with our awesome host .

It is time, once again, for the elections to take place for all of the three positions on the Neopoet AC.
The new AC will be the 27th. Neo AC and successful candidates will hold the position for a one year term.
At the end of that term of office new nominations will be invited and an election will take place to determine the 28th, AC.
My compliments to all candidates.

Kind Regards, Alan ~ Current chair, 26th. Neopoet Administrative Council.

February 2021 Contest Announcement

Come dive into this month's poetry contest. Bring your creativity and live on the wild side since there are no rules.
Your poem has to be for all audiences so please no explicit content.
Good luck to all our contestants may the best one take the prize of a 3 month premium.


January 2021 Contest Result !

Congratulations to Mark
For winning the January 2021 Neopoet poetry Contest.
Please view the winning poem at

Thank you to all the contestants of this and all contests.

Open Nomination Period

The open nomination period for the next Administrative Council is underway:

Nominate yourself or any other member for the AC at:

Nominations are accepted until midnight Eastern Time (NY), February 12th.

We expect the election will follow approximately one week after the close of the nomination period.


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