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My friend Ana

I've been broken into pieces,
Too sharp to touch,
Too hard to find.
Take a deep breath babe,
I know I've gone too far,
My new tight fit jeans sure look swell,
But I can't feel my hands or feet anymore

A Sonnet for Teddy

Dedicated to my Poetry Friend
Teddy, “The Moon Goddess”
From Jerry, the Moon Worshipper, lol.

Travelling to Hope

Oh but what is life
without a few bumps in the road?
As long as you know
at which moment
to put your foot down
on those hardened breaks

Slowing down a bit first, of course
Once you have stopped
you catch your breath
and you can breathe a sigh of relief
Regaining your fighting spirit
to then change your destination.

my sea of sorrow

I sit here sipping life’s sea
of sorrow
as the tides of time turn towards
Oh how I try to kill this trend.
But I know the
Rain of pain
Will never end.
It only waters
My tree of memory
Then all the
voices of you came flooding
Back to me
I need another glass
Again in
order to forget and
make my
Mind pretend.
That our love
didn’t really end.

Setting The Table

My hands smooth over
each tight fold
in the tablecloth,
your hands
slip the warm rolls
between the sweating crystal.
We steam the silver
with our uttered breath -
rub spoons,
buff forks
as one butter knife
abandonedly slides
off the table
onto the floor.
No senseless worries -

the butter
has melted.



Just use your own brains

if you have one

otherwise others will implant

their sillier one’s on yours

you will simply twiddle your thumbs.

if you succeed they will yell

see what I did you tell

but if you fail

they will say idiot

why did you not use yours

at that time

I had a very high
did not take a small job
as I had held higher ones

then for three decades

I have been sitting

daily at my window

composing poetry
who will read me
you will not

Sonnet to Parting

Your beauty did not wane with fleeting cheer;
What bold adventure would I not accept
On your behalf, but for this truth: it’s clear,
Your love broods in bewilderment, and kept
From mine—all for the sake of being true.
So I concede; I know you cannot break
A solemn pledge that’s still upheld by you,
Not likely to be shattered for my sake;
But since I must depart, one final thought;
I pray you won’t forget these words I say,
With which I end a love that’s been for naught?
Then know: If you should think of me some day

Thoughts Gone Astray

Cold callused hand of fate
let hold your grip ,so tight
Let me spread my wings and take flight
to a new and bright tomorrow
abandon all the toil and trial

Show me where I should be instead
stop playing dreams through my head
I know full well where I need to be
uncover these eyes so they may see

So lost among the distant plains
deluged by the persistent rain
obliterating all of the pain
but leaving one empty
still the same


voice of youths have gone global.
in clenched fists.

drama at depth of brutality. you thought
you can fool them for ages. but
couldn't cage their will for long

they are left free!

spirited spur in streams of endless flow
snake the streets. angst outpouring:
voices made manifest.

headlined horrors:
innocent bloods were shed in rented graves.
bones broken. ladies raped.
ezu river fed up with corpses;

Pull Back The Curtain...

The Windows of The Soul
Are not the eyes, it seems
They are the ears that hear
Spoken, broken-hearted dreams

Doors can be locked up
Against the breach of trust
Fling them wildly open
Do not fear an honest thrust

There is no better way
To tell of an honest man
Than to hear their words
Speak of an innocent plan

So, do not meet in darkness
Speak out in brightest day
Let your truth be known
It is the only way


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