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I Think I'll Have Another

Bob Schoenbeck died
thirty years
after he took his last drink.

I never really considered alcoholism
until I realized
I couldn't get through my day
without a bottle,
at least not the stressful ones.

And I guess it doesn't matter
what we say to our therapists and friends.
The only important thing
is our perception, right?

And so I guess I'll have another.
I guess this
is where the long train ends.


I wish I was as skinny as my shadow
I wish I was as easy to hide
I wish that telling the truth was easy
And just as hard to tell that I lied.

Everybody can judge except me

I have no Wright to judge anyone... Man or Woman I have no right because I have no rights My rights were stripped away the first time I lost my sanity I have no right to love or to be loved For me Love is a Myth I have never experienced that emotion cause everytime I think I am close I lose which I thought love was...


"I must study politics and war, that my sons may have the liberty to study philosophy."..John Adams

How impertinent is real blood, as always,
To those not bleeding from all the little wars
On every continent; these tremors
From the plates of earth shifting into place
From the molten core of men’s hate;
Rage like lava fills the streets and swamps-
Yet I sit in these comfortable gardens
And contemplate, and contemplate.


They brought their cross to us
we carried it,
The white cross
replaced by the dying black cross
long buried in the cemetery of memory
This cumbersome cross
attached to the black neck

My mouth must not eat rotten yam
Blame me not either
A dance with the legacy of my father’s
The Amadioha of Ndi Igbo, the Sango of the Yoruba’s
a symbol of tourism long stolen
what story for the generation unborn
what will they see

EBE MMONG (Wedlock of the Gods)

Old men with wet dreams,
never tied to a woman
Some live and die married to spirits...

Young women with stale clits
never urged by a man's touch
Some live and die married to spirits...

Ebe Mmong,
The betrothed of the gods
Some live and die married to spirits...

Awan Mmong
People robbed of life's pleasures
Some live and die married to spirits...

Wedlock of the gods
Men and women married to mermaids
Some live and die married to spirits...

"A Field of Sunflowers"

A Seed Head

Once more I stand in awe
curving away seeming to fall,
row on row of polished stones,
a beauty reflected, wind honed

There in the distance I must go
a spiral path of seeded cobbles so.
The stones seem to grow larger,
as I walk with the greatest care

What’s this I see at the end,
there green triangles wait for me
Then waving bright as the sun,
large yellow banners one by one

Tangle Falls

Cascading water, escaping it's frozen jail,
dancing over rocks, it anxiously fell,
glacier water escaping it's genesis years,
bouncing over rocks, falling like tears,
it jigged and it jogged,
tangoing over fallen logs,
a tangled foot began to slip,
it suddenly lost it's grip,
I fall, fall, into the falls,
I fall, heeding their call,
I fall for it's charms,
falling into it's arms,
I fall, feeling their force,
I fall, following their course,
as it enfolded me,

Age wth Grace

Well we all have to age
some day
one day
but age we must gracefully
not many come to hold our hands
maybe contagious
may be you will seek
so stay afar
don't ever expect
you will have no disappointment said Buddha ere

but now a day’s who listens
one listener is rare
so I read you
I don't stare

I see myself like you without hair
eyes dark stark and bare
and look into the far depths of maddening darkness
but with no despair

One Is The Loneliest Number

In the distance, by the lake's edge,
beneath the day's twilight, the water
echoes a calm feeling.
The cob and his pen float in rhythm,
unattached from the world,
as their plumes stay dry.

As I watch the vivid creatures waltz
with beauty and grace, my thoughts
recall a room full of lilies,
and the drama of a wedding dress.


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