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Happens to me [Sunku Workshop]

are my thoughts
like spilled pop corn

They stare
even mock
my puzzled look

My muse
has hundreds
mouths to talk

A New Day's Sun

Awake to face the noon day dawn
like a loving doe or that in a fawn
we all want to belong
I exist as a vapor then I am no more...
And then clouds form
when the invisible vapours
in the air,
condenses into visible droplets...
And thus the cycle continues...
sprinkled with a bit of care
the love to behold a new day's sun


Gazing at a map one day
for wanderlust had taken hold
urging me to get away
to somewhere new and bold.

Six Mile, Lowndesville, Mountain Rest.
I'd been to all these little towns
while on some former untold quest
to have smiles replaced etched on frowns.

Then there on a tiny forked road
the map displayed a tiny place
far from any city's overload.
My finger followed the map's trace.

Pulling The Green Chain

Fish tail, fish tail, half sheet,
working the green chain heat,
full sheet, fish tail, fish tail,
feeling good as the morning sails,
half sheet, half sheet, full sheet,
standing all day long on your feet,
full sheet, full sheet, time to change the cart,
the conveyor runs all day with just one start,
full sheet, half sheet, half sheet,
the green chain never stops,
the chain moves fast,
no time for talk,
fish tail, fish tail, half sheet,
defined fifty eight year old drinker Pete,

A President

When I think of a good commander and chief
I envision a being of purpose to say the least
His back will be straight as his feet follow suit
A man full of integrity and a real sense of pride
For his country and his people's rights too

Fairly handsome and not bearing any blemishes
He would speak directly from the hip with conviction
His judgement would begin to hand out retribution
Not be the puppet for another teams confusion
Understanding the masses because he has listened to them


You can’t expect
To get respect
Just, by standing round

You need to do
A deed or two
To prove, your moral ground
WIZDUMBs by JA 408


After the spirit of Kano,
one hundred twenty miles or so.
The dry wind blows, red dust grows,
red turning gold.
A force gusting long
creating, changing, strong,
a new day horizon, this "Harmaton".
Destiny blown to places unknown,
as I roam to find a place called "home".
Perhaps another land, places unplanned,
this ever changing land, I don't understand.


Kon ga, Kon ga Kon ga Kon ga
Kun du, Kun du Kun du Kun du
The ogene speaks in the hand of the priest,
With his one chalked eye of the gods
He dances in circle like a cock approaching a hen
Hmnnnnnnn with a shake of his head, he sits.

Why will the gods inflict me with females?
The great hunter, and the best of farmers
I’ve married seven wives, still, the gods are silent
My name will not stop in my generation,
Eye of the gods if there's anything let them speak.

Barrier Warrior:

Walls for protection
Security division
Free in detention


These hills and ridges I've been on
over all these lengthy years
have taken a heavy toll on me
with their beauty joys and tears.

And today i finally looked ahead
at yet another harsh steep trail
wondering how much longer it might be
before hips and legs would finally fail.

Then at last my gaze turned down
to a valley where a river flowed
slowly through more gentle lands
where rich green crops are grown and mowed.


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