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She was broken.
Negligence & betrayal,
had broken her delicate soul.
Eyes that once held so much light,
Were empty hollow holes.

The monster came at night,
And now her innocence has gone.
They filled her full of emptiness,
And made her feel it was her in the wrong!

She was afraid.
The pain and anger runs so deep.
Her fragile mind full of torment,
As she cries her self to sleep

Bubblescope [Sunku]

amidst clouds
ready to bolt

with torrents
uplifting mood

on rapids
icing on cake


Money here, money there, everywhere
you make the world go round
miracles and wonders lies at your finger tips
healing and deliverance is just a click
then who say money gives you bed not sleep.

you are the salt of life
you are sweet like honey
like an umbrella in the time of rain,
those who found you finds shelter
then who say money gives house not home.

Rain/Raindrops Renga 18

Each droplet of rain
a mercenary of life
god sends from the skies

we hear them knock on roof tops
waking us to join rain dance

Love fall from heaven
dark skies rain clouds are forming
silvery droplets

body cries out for comfort
from a stream boiling inside

Sun heats the waters
mist is freed of gravity
the clouds puff out full

butterfly exits cocoon
as clear drops fall on my head

Sometimes as drizzle
at times in heavy torrent
drops of rain perform

Beside Myself

Because of the noisy river
I can't hear my own thoughts

It is a nice interruption
Nature yelling


Caught up in
The abundant flow

Of everything
Beside myself

The Last Sound

from strict and logical Baroque,
to whimsical passionate Jazz,

from screeching streets
to dialogue of thought and hunger,

towns’ breathing
from morning yawns
to electricity of evening laughter,

the wheeze
of changing wind,
the rap of melted snow,

the thunder,
the cries of newborn foxes,
the acorns’ clatter on the forest floor,

the noise
around me when I wake up -
illegible mix of chirping,
snoring, neighbors' chat,
and resonant thud of the past.


Blue Skies black to night
the devil and God must fight
Silver streaks of light
man runs and hides in pure fright
Rain washes away the blight

Essence [Tanka & Sunku Versions]

i. Tanka Version

like musical notes
true essence of a poem
is sensed with eyes closed

we don't need to touch the buds
just inhale their mood in bloom

II. Sunku Version

need not
touch a bud
to feel her charm

the innate
virgin beauty

her vibrant
poem in bloom

Dream Running

Cold white fire burns filling the far background.
Blown away sleepless side snaps distracted,
front and back determine being foreground.
Great white dead cedar down with gaping holes
seven count in all, low slung garage doors.


I am afraid mother, why do they want to kill us.
Why do they take our land, herd us like animals.
Yesterday we were playing ball in the rubble
of all those bombed out building, when we heard
a familiar sound. Everyone started running, but
Yaseem did not know and no one dared go back
for him with explosions going off all around.

I hear you at night crying in your room, and
I also begin to cry. I miss him too.


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