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"Primeal poetry stage Two"

Today as time ceases.

The beat of the universe slowed
There an opening, I had to reach for
A lighted place full of unconditional love.
There as I felt my way, around all things stopped.

I can only hope that one day you will feel
I hear the whispers of the years.
Knowing that I can be part of the whole
I cannot tell much, or they will lock me away.



Im worried about you
your acting really new
you never were the same
I think were the ones to blame

Your health is a secret
that's not how it should be
your the only one to keep it
you should at least tell me

I can see we stress you out
when you get mad and start to shout
yes, I know it when I see it
and the look on your face does fit

im mad, sad, worried about you
what your feeling, I don't have a clue
I want to know your feelings
to be more open


When all fells
I will stand tall
When all turned against
I will console again
If all give you war
I will defend and stay just.

When the trees are green
We shall listen to the sweet songs
of birds and watch them dance
And when the darkness comes
I will lead and guide you home.

When the light shine
We shall dance with our shadow imitating
For love is in our midst
And when the skies are falling
I 'll be standing right next to you
For it takes only a brave to be a hero.


Remember just one thing
Should you forget
every moment of my life
I sacrificed for you,
the scooter rides
the car drives
the walks to the club
the mall and back

your security
every moment to moment
was always upper most in my mind
as always was and will be

but remember this
should you feel the age
the deafness
the disgust and frustration
deeply sunk

Complicated Relationship

you know
I could do nothing
about it

(I am like a lamb
that does not know
the eagle overhead
is in its descent)

seeing her light
I began to hear
her siren’s song

(and when the talons
sank deep I struggled
but not to escape
to hold on.)

for without her beacon
I should surely perish
on the jagged rocks
of the sea


There's a shadow that is cast upon the wall,
From the TV that drones mindlessly, ignored;
Forlorn and forgotten, a face hangs.
Perhaps, one day, I shall see whose shadow is cast,
But every time I turn my head the shadow passes.


it's coming near the time we
this time last year,
everything was shiny and
this time last year,
there was a me & you
this time last year,
i was open to everything and
maybe i shouldn't have been
wearing my heart
on my
opened me up to your special
brand of
so here's to my naivety,
they're one in the same

Primal (primal poetry)

I hear a rhythmic beat
and my heart goes primal.

Complexities upon complexities,
like numbers gone mad,

drifts away from my mind
and my world knows peace.

The heart of the universe,
I hear its beating, I feel

a rhythm engulfing me
a first spark of creation.

I see the snapshot left
of the transition universe.


Hairy Tendency

my beard is wild
like vines on a farmhouse side
or a red-headed step child
I'm desperately in need of a trim
but like rainwater
overflowing a bucket's rim
or like weekend visitors
to the battlefields of Antietam
I'm embracing
the extended reach
the ecstatic lessons that
growing nature can teach
because not everything fits
in civilization's tidy box
it spreads like love
or chicken pox
and though we benefit
from culture and vaccines
forests cut down

A Quiet Thunder (Primal thoughts)

It was a time of joy
At rest there me as a boy
Then the colours came.
Gentle shades to put me at ease.

I did not understand
Here I was in another land
Not physical, but that of the mind
I felt sick, then fear stole the day.

I was too young to be treated this way
The colours subsided into the norm
I heard voices so very far away
Yet when looking, they were inside.



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