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Turtledove’s Lament

Turtledove’s Lament

I hear the sweetest “Coo-coo-rooo,”
The calling of a turtledove—
No doubt, she’s asking, ‘Who are youuuu?’

I coo, “Are you the dove I love,
The one who’d fill my feathered nest
With bliss—and preen my love-filled chest?”

But now I hear one “coo-coo-rooo,”
Announcing prior ownership.
In sadness I coo my ‘Adieu,’

Lament this star-crossed bird courtship,
And fly away to distant trees—
No more to “coo-coo-roo” my pleas.

In Inferno con te

‘Twas once, I the muse be

In such times without clarity

I, was your flame

you were my air

at your words I could but stare

I, the fire you fused

alas you could never choose

for I,

The secret in the gardens of your paradise

Awaiting our judgment never,

in inferno eternally we are together…


Soft rain drops gently through new leaves
then drums upon my roof of tin
now before the summer yet begins
brought by warming summer breeze.

The squirrels pay it no attention
unlike if it were a real downpour
lashing at windows and door.
Their actions displaying little tension.

Among the green are blooms of spring
from white and yellow to deep blue
with heads of grain also in view
accompanied by birds which sing.


At a recent funeral wake
My face was wreathed in smiles
No one guessed the reason why:
Anusol had soothed my piles.

Preparation H has its fans
That I really can't dispute;
But Anusol is just the tops
If relief is your pursuit.

For Bob

It was a winter dance
in nineteen seventy-four.
A hundred years ago,
yet, here you are.
Did you know
how classy you were
at seventeen?
Well, I will tell you.
Your eyes confessed
more hope
than truth,
and your silence consoled
more prayer
than thought.

Silently Into The Loving Night

Silently into the night
into the silence of the chilly fright
with softest music did they us delight
a distant note on a lively accordion
followed by a reverberation on a violin

silently into the eerie night

sounds of soft musical lovely quotes
to our ears were like soothing anecdotes
sounds of soft musical lovely notes
to our ears were like smoothing anecdotes.

Animal Stories

A kitten snuck back in the house
but his momma was on the quick
to lecture him for being late
and how she had been worried sick.

“Okay, mom, so I’m a little late,
but why shouldn’t I be allowed
to live at least one of my 9 cat lives
the way I please," the brat meowed.

Two herrings met in the Baltic Sea;
one was grouchy, one was chipper.
Chipper: "Hey, pal, where’s your brother?”
Grouchy: 'Am I my brother’s kipper?'


Mysterious hands
and political statements
painted onto wall

painted balloon just lovely
shredded to prove point

Spiderman in bin
masked nurse in the hand of boy
playing superheros

Locked down in your home
rats run riot in kitchen
a cue for the cheese

Reality art
Season's greetings it's not snow
simply pollution

Innocent child born
babe in crib, camera on
social media...

Wolves in the Walls

Outside in the dark forest, the wind blows cold,
Whipping frightened peasants' faces, making knuckles ache,
The oppressive dark hangs like a heavy blanket overhead.
Wolves run out there among the trees, leafless and gaunt,
Seeking their prey among creatures great and small.
They roam between the glittering frozen branches,
Hungry for blood and flesh, lusting for the kill.
The only barrier between my terrified soul and the wind
And the ravening wolves are the poor walls of my home,


After the garrotte of the oppressor,
quartering, gauntlet and bludgeons,
came armies and builders of railways,
when Earth People had retreated
into pockets of resistance.
Europe’s hounded families
heaved across the Atlantic,
gambling on hopes and dreams,
copper cooking-pots,
bibles, linen, silver spoons,
oaken dressers salvaged
from the Great War, heirlooms.


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