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She has long hair,
Her hair flows through the air,
Her hair shields her eyes,
So her emotions remain trapped inside,

He has short hair,
His hair just sits there,
It shows clearly his face,
His emotions are on display,
With all there beauty and grace,

She has no hair on her head,
She is bald instead,
But her emotions are still trapped inside,
Her feelings she tries to hind,
She's loosing her mind ...
and her life

I live (Sunku)

I live
without form
just to be me

some can't
accept me
as just myself

I add
to the mixture.

SunKu 10 Workshop


In tune
with nature
our creator

I eat
live for me

vomits me out


Since the tender age of sixteen years
you've journeyed from your home.
Risking defamation , often jeers
as through the world you'd roam.

The fires of your own belief
blazed fiercely from your eyes.
The core of your message always brief
"Don't listen to the king of lies".

So many others preached like you
but they wound up with feet of clay.
Their false faith was seen through
and their integrity soon went away.


Spring before Summer
and Autumn before Winter
Seasonal Splendour

Letter To Jesus (possible song lyrics)

Letter To Jesus
Suffer little children come unto Me, You said,
But I look around and see little children suffering instead;
Where are You, Jesus when these innocent ones
Are being ripped apart by the screaming guns
Of the warrior screaming out Your name as he raves?
Is that You weeping silently beside their graves?

This is me (Feb Contest)

I became aware
There in the evening of my time
I looked at things past
I had to smile no chaos

I watched for many years
There the world turned
It was kind to my ways
Quiet thoughtful days.

Now as night comes
It seeks to bend my time
I resist saying I am fine
These days are the best.

I watched as stars shone
They have always stayed for me
Twinkling in the night
The sun shone during the day

My Love (Sunku)

Felt anew
Born of the wind

Touch inside
Time no obstacle

Love tasted
Forever joined..

As always Sparrow in Spring..


Sweet corn
chicken soup
served steamy hot

of corpses
in each spoonful

Goose bumps
of guilt made
me chicken out

SunKu 9

Blue skies
dark as night
jazz on my mind

can’t shake
lingers inside

no gift
to sing jazz
I write the blues


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