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I hypnotized the dream doll
it came yesterday
The soft pickle hands, the big eyes

I could touch its dreaming
Its hands gnarled
It did play

In a vacant hothouse
strewn with metal orchids.

It came with a dream catheter miles long,

It was there I began to worship
I could hear it breathe
I came to be the templar
A vanguard for hollowness

It was a matter of looking after--

I was there the night the eyes opened

A king divested by the fall (November Contest)

A king, divested of his golden garments
splayed wide upon the autumn earth,
exudes a benevolent lover’s charm—
his silent presence can disarm.

Overt, he has become a host
for jet black crows upon his arms—
no more sweet escorts for this king,
but sudden shudders in the winds

Of ages, he has become a master
not of war and not of wine,
not of striving, straining, seeming
but of poise and ease of being.



There is a war
A struggle of the Nile people.

The Jews claim Pharaoh started this war,
but the Jews do not fight in it for they too are casualties.

There is a war some chose to fight with guns
And others with their mind.

A fierce war in the Niles and Mississippi
A crazy hatred in South Africa.

There is a war in the rivers of Mississippi against the sons of Cush
The east cannot move to the west and feel at home.


Roaring like an angry lion
Fearless like a beast
Keeping high their morale
With their nations' flag hoisted high in the air

Fighting in the face of death
For their nations' destiny lies in their hands

Through tide and wind
Thick and thin
Hunger and thirst
Battles were won
And the enemies were conquered

The victor packs the spoil
And the defeated retreat in shame
But the soldiers suffers the most

Many died on the battle field
Leaving behind families and kids

See More Joy

for I exist as a vapor
then I am no more
tranquility with whispers
inside the corridor
instant gratification to some
wonderful personifications
we exist as nomadic herdsmen
drifting away in the desert
Jesus was a sailor when he
set forth on the water
called out to Peter to meet him further
in every circumstance
we shall learn
to take part in the dance
nothing comes by chance
walk with me come take with me
one hand to hold a heart will bleed
many running to & fro

Will You Love Me Day After

Will you Love me
day after tomorrow
as you love me

Come and open up your heart
and say
Do let me know
what part in our lives we play

will you love me
day after
as you do

come sweetness
my life
my honey
my moon

my sun,
my everything today

will you love me
day after
as you do

Love do frankly

My Goddess from the Silent Stars

When she returned to me that day
And saw I’d ceased to hope or pray
She tore the thorn crown from my brow
And swore to me this sacred vow:

“My love for you will never cease
And even when I seemed deceased
To you – while all your hair turned grey
I never really went away

And now I’ve knocked upon your door
Your aching heart will ache no more
For I will heal the hurt and pain
And never make you grieve again”


Vultures are feasting on the remains of unleavened bread
offered as a burnt offering to God
Vultures are feasting on the carcasses of stillborn
With bald heads on emaciated skin
shivering in the cold.

Nobody cares, kings rule,
The politics kill them, they are led to the pit
They are offered as burnt offerings to God.

The house of God is a rotten den
Infested with epidemic and immoralities.
Dirty, stinking, 'unswept' and unkempt,
The porches and the tabernacles are eaten by termites


Because of love, we saw each other and our eyes met . Loud sound of my heart clasping within my chest echoed even moments after you left.
Because of love, we couldn't stop thinking of each other, and I wonder in my mind, why I keep remembering those eyes.
Because of love , our path crossed again and we smiled at each other like long lost friends at a reunion.
Because of love, we prayed and hope and wished and dreamt of meeting again.
And because of love, we met yet again and couldn't let the chance of exchanging words slip us by.

Beautiful Sadness

Beautiful Sadness

I have observed a reversion
to the wild;
the sounds,
the ivy,
the shrubs,
the trees,
shelter feral houses.


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