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A meeting in Washington lol..(Sunku)

I wait
Sitting here
Clothed in shade.

Wine flows
A soft voice
Enjoying now.

Memories glow
The past eclipsed..

A Love (Sunku)

Hold me
I may fall
Could it be love?

Those that fail
Look in my eyes

I am whole
Please fly with me

Eating Well... [Sunku Workshop]


Southern Soles
Steeped in soy sauce

Assuming Airs


You are the one I see when I close my eyes.
Yes I think of you even when I'm high.
To get you a smile,
I can travel nine miles.

Thoughts of you enlighten my day
In ways I cannot write but say.
Our memories occupy my mind.
And I don't want to hit rewind.
Thinking of you brightens my face,
And our remaining days I don't want to waste.
For this few days cannot last forever.
But forever, I want to remember.

Lets create memories we will never forget.
Knowing each other may we never regret.


Only few can tell if a smile is fake,
An empty smile is easy to create,
You simply move a muscle and there you go,
A deceiving mask to make sure no one knows,

See a frown can ruin someone's day,
Set an unhappy mood to their dismay,
So put on you're fake smile,
Pretend your okay,
No one should know you feel this way,


A bow
held over
violin strings

pause before
striking a score

for the cue
from Destiny

will have to rename you as

Great analysis
fire there isn't so wild
to evaporate all water
nor is there so much water
which can quench the burning fire

thus we know that firemen
love water women
each out smarts the other
and ecstasy is subdued
so nothing much left to bother.

Egged On...

There are vicious little critters
Thought Killer to himself
They’ll jump you in a minute
Like that hairy little elf

Just a jiving little be-bop
Playing eleven games
Misfit, hairy, fuck-up
To give him several names

That’s OK, says Killer
I’ve never eaten elf
But, there always is a first time
I can can him for the shelf

Keep him for a rainy day
When I need something new
Tenderize him with a pounding
Make him easier to chew

Tears (Sunku New Style)

I cry
Not for you
Just the memory

Flowing free
I turn mirrors

Inside me
A truth of love.

Take care Ian.

Unborn Friendship

I live in lovelihood of words
and letter combinations.

I float between
the windows in my room.

And February fog
invited in,
still hesitant and eerie,
hangs at my door.

We will be drinking hot
and aromatic grog
with fruits suspended in magenta.

We will be drawing sketches on
the dust of cinnamon and pepper
and talking only
about things that matter:


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