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Lead Kindly Into The Night

I once composed

A poem for a Virgin
who was always afraid of a man
was married and
taken away to a far off land

she had none of her trusted ones at hand
thus I spoke

Lead kindly into the night
with hubby aright
be faithful all night and life
be a good wife

nothing and no one
but your husband is right

he will take care of you
only if you always lead him


into the night
till twilight
all your life
and I was right

What’s Meant to Be

We say each moment has vast possibilities
And choose our direction carefully.
We hope for fair wind and calm seas;
If all fails there’s this reliable decree-
Things happen as they were meant to be...

Friends and loved ones die suddenly!
The pros have memorized their blessings
Assuring us the more we believe
Somehow we will be soothed of grief-
Things happen as they were meant to be...


Tonight I heard a barred owl call
in the hollow right behind my house
among the oaks ancient and tall,
perhaps it just had caught a mouse.
Two others answered before long.

Then soon it seemed the woods were full
each trying to outdo the other
beneath a moon that tended full.
They flew from one tree to another.
I realized they were singing their love song.

Like God

I weep
and god never could

I love every inch
like god never should

I breathe air
god doesnt breathe
I eat and taste
grow cold and hot
worry and fear

will die
like god
never will

and will never live in this house thatched
with bones like I do

so this is an old unspoken prayer
to be
and fixed in fullness
of eternal expanding ecstasy
like god
to never be


I’m a cheese wedge head
all bone and dry gizzards,
green and yellow.
I’m one big shiver
with a goon by my bed
whispering in my ear.
I know you’re there
get the fuck out of my hair
and my broken world
where my thoughts burn
and I crack even more
until the front crack
meets the back crack
and I become a total whack
like my molester predecessor
uncle Jack.



America is a synthesis
cultures, peoples, and races all have been put in our blender.

At least that was the original intent.
Where all would be free to pursue
something about Life and Liberty,
something about chasing that elusive happiness.

These were Rights.
Somewhere imbedded
in our collective consciousness
these are Rights held dear.

We’re not just a blend.
Not only a experimental concoction,
the whole thing wrought by human fires
cast into an ever-changing mold, an Amalgam.

selfie me (MAY Contest Final)

They called me a machine gun poet
shelfish only about me
till I took a selfie
and laughed so loudly
all Neo poets smiled

no right eye
right ear shaved off
mustache all sliced
(half only) LHS
many teeth still in my lower jaw
none in the upper

then when I blew my nose
I heard some one say
'Have your selfie taken by me
and see
how all Neopoets
fall for thee

ME ( selfie May contest poem)

The red of Carolina mud
runs thickly in my veins
all it's rebellion, all its pains.
This is but just a part of me.

For I was born in Tennessee
it's sandstone lies here deep within.
It forms, perhaps the bones of me
as rough as stubble on my chin.

Though years have turned me lame and bald
and added pounds to creaky frame
leaving too many friends only recalled
I'm left mediocre without fame.

My life style (may contest).

When the evening comes
Everyone is moody
but only the stars in the sky can tell
of my kind
When the insects whistles
"The birds are silent in their nest"
And men are noisy with their nets
throwing in the 45cl seas.

Catching up their vibes
While the feeling lives in me
Starring at faces of different colors
But their smiles justifies the tales of joy
And the reasons still the value in my thought.

A Crazy Greek

A crazy Greek
Has lost his mind
Left his moral compass behind

no more apologizing
no now he is
thinking and devising
murderous plots
that will leave
enemies tied in knots

last night on CNN
He was quoted saying
This saga must end

World leaders are
Considering evacuations
After this lunatic’s
Live declarations

One article stated
That by tomorrow
Someone would be eliminated


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