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nakedness up front
stripped off to their birthday suits
now, yes ladies scream.

Signora Teddy's Passion Food Spell

(Teddy speaks:)
Oh, husband, lover, does your heart
no longer flutter at the sight
of your dear Teddy?
Does her form
no longer fuel the old delight
that twirled you into passion’s fit?
Perhaps cruel years have all-too soon
transformed once youthful skin into
That of a shriveled, mildewed prune?

I sputter and assure her, No—
my sluggish hormones simply failed
to tumble and scramble in their former rush;
they rest there in a state of jumble.

Cold, Orange, Leaves

Slippery, cold, pure, drops of oxygen,
slide down the side of my overly-heated face.
Sizzle. Sizzle.
The sound, the drop of dew, sizzle, sizzle,
as it slides down my oxygen-sucking face.
crackle! snap! pop!
Crackle, crackle, pop.
My black Nike's white "N" logo reflects,
bright, white, light
Ahead, at last, I spot the misty meadow up ahead.
I sprint towards the finish line!
Faster, faster, faster!
Time, non-existent.
Planet, unknown.
Suddenly, I am struck!

Senyru and Haiku 60 and Fabulous

Fabulous 60
A Queen born in October
Carolina Girl

A bit of Sunshine
Faries came to celebrate
Sprinkle Positivity

The Best Holiday

sweet delicious poison
is given out at every door
little innocent children
dress creepily to ask for more

bags with gory faces store the addictive treats
stores are selling the toxins for a bunch of weeks
Adults who won't dress up are waiting there at home
The kids are trick and treating, while parents let them roam

Defining Courage

How does one define
the courage they have within?
is it as simple as love?
Family who truly believe in you
who surround your darkest day?

Or the love, you chose for yourself?
an understanding husband, or wife who tells you
everything will be alright

A friend well chosen, who makes you laugh regardless

A son, who gives you the prospective
to what’s worse,
a bully at school or a Surgeon
who will fix you all at once?

Pamela’s Pretty Pictures

Pamela Prichard paints such pretty pictures
Though she is completely colorblind;
She can see some shades of black and white,
But gorgeous colors she sees only in her mind.

Pamela Prichard paints such pretty pictures:
Bouncing beach balls, gulls suspended
In a steady breeze; kids at play, smiling,
And Summer days that never ended.

Pamela Prichard paints such pretty pictures,
Helped by friends—and one device:
An artist’s wheel with letters, numbers,
Each one an oil paint color signifies.


Africa is the darkness that lingers still
A fur of Savannah that spreads through,
A blanket of forest that grins.

It absorbs the sun rays, but turn it into darkness;
Blackness, of course, they see it different,
How can bamboo monkeys be so rich?

So they come to us with an assumed superiority attitude,
We are supposed to be wretched of the earth
Blessed with this exclusive race of benevolent souls,
That brings aid to our uncivilized corners.

Balance Population

You speak on behalf of the 7.5 billions
2 billions were good enough
when you were born

when you were born

Now you can take part
with the
no villain

will make the world richer again
one year lesser population
if all did 6 feet apart remain

still many will be rooted
fresher billions
will have a chance
to be reborn
not in vain

to be born in the
Gardens of Eden
where it is
all roam naked as birds are free


I love you telescopically –
No, I do not speak of stars,
Though, my love, where’er you are
Each sunray is a galaxy.

But, dearest, telescopic means
A love that is all of me,
And beyond what I can be
So that my love is splitting seams.

My love reaches the greatest heights
And finds that you are higher.
My love’s a kindled fire
That dances with the Northern Lights.

My love spreads wider than the seas
But seeing you are the sky
My love would take wing and fly
To love beyond the galaxies.


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