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Bed of Darkness

I have had
so many awakenings
the glint of sunlight
on black stone
colorful fabric unfurling
in the wind
on sea or
backyard clothesline
the lively caw
of a quick-
eyed crow
and the rooftop
it flies from
somebody’s phrase
like a key
unlocking a door
in my soul
and yet my soul
climbs back
into the bed of darkness

And You Touch Back

We wear each other’s reflection
We carry each other’s shadow

We wear each other’s sorrows
We carry each other’s terror of darkness

Some guide us to pillars of marble
Others lead us to the wildflowers

At times my eyes see the veils of light
At times others see the dew of milky way

We can wear each other’s smiles
We can hide in the masks of sadness

So these words touch you somewhere
And you touch back.

Slant rain on a Wednesday

I turn off the radio's tin clatter voices
they detract from the matter at hand
which is here, like a mandated choice
that knocks you sideways with a command

That tells of winds immaterial source
and drives the arrows of searching rain
into a long dry land, riven
from the sobriety of a dry course

The rain, blast aslant by the bellow of spring,
its first longing chant, in retreat, the winter wind
I watch as it transcribes buildings dry wood grey
into soaking red brown blocks, the droplets impale.

remembering summer

A new day is born
plants have newer leaves
spring had sprung
now will bring seeds

apples and oranges and watermelons and pineapples ,
yes peaches and pears
berries all kinds
grape vine
red wine

plenty of bananas

all just nature's
gifts free
but man will en-cash it
all do see

so behind your houses
in the lawns
plant guava trees
be happy its a sweet drink
and also for the mind
a nourishing ink


On the old steps Tomcat watches the cars.
He waits for the Man to return home,
to share a can of sardines, and perhaps
to sit with him on the porch,
while he is drinking his beer.

But today is a rainy day.
The man will not show up until late.
He will go directly from work to the bar
and come back with a girl.

Sometimes they are nice to the cat
and pour him a few drops of creamer,
they have with their coffee.

Tomcat does not like rainy days,
but he likes when girls scratch his ear.


Hold your soldiers,
hold your thugs,
hold your fire
against the people.
The nations are thirsty
for peace and unity.

Stand together,
stand for all,
stand to build all in one.
the future is crying,
the future is scary.
but the nature has it's laws,
nature justifies.

I hear a child cries,
for his parents are no more.
take the baby
give him life.
For him the nations are ours.
Our nations, our prides,
We must save the nations.

Hurricane Florence

She may not hit us directly
We may feel her wrath precisely
Her eye moved to the right
North Carolina's plight.

They say it’s as bad as Hugo
Twenty nine years ago
My spirit knows her greatness
Understands her fierceness.

Clouds so beautiful, my heart soared
Sunset most glorious days before
Gloom of destruction in the clouds
Thick gloom blankets the south.

I fear not her rage
Mother Gaia's wage
Fires on the West coast
Hurricanes the east coast.


Some people say
“Haters gonna hate”
but like Shakespeare says
“If you prick us,
Do we not bleed?”

A tree is right
To fear a chainsaw,
Though it might still
Fill the forest
With its seed

I Like to Bob my Head in Cafes

I like to bob my head in cafes
drinking my turmeric tea
and banana toast
with honey
and peanut butter
while Toto plays Africa
over the speakers
in the ceiling.

I like to remember who I was
who I am
and who I can be someday,

Visions within a dream

I had a vision. In it stood an ovally shaped cave somewhere in the centre of fantasies, away from the peeping sky. We dwelt in the the caverns of our deeds without dress or the burden of knowledge.

You dorsiflexed your legs to the rhythm of the ancient flutes and I was as Onyeneku; the head drummer that commands the muscles of the spirits sprawling in antelope's fitness. Truly all that lived were us in this cave somewhere amid the joys of companionship, away from the turbulent waves of intrusion.


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