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My Heart Throbs

Time is an unique gift of nature
to all each one
no two are exception .

I know you all know
what Shakespeare said about time
If I quote it
someone will say cliche.

I restrain so...

In the midst of company
I am alone
so lonely.

Suffering the scolds
and colds
of being.

Each one has to
So here I am before a NEO world
so much involved
in the Primal Poetry Class

I observe so many poets
are also twiddling
their poems
now no one reads.

Almost There

Call me baby
Text me if you want to
Let me know you’re ready
For me

Can you feel me on the stair
Hear me climbing
Up the darkness
Rising to your need?

Text me baby
Call me
Tell me what you want
From me

Are you waiting in the easy chair,
Or are there rose petals
Strewn across the floor
To our waiting bed?

Call me baby
Text me now
Pursue your pleasure
On me


Here we go another round.
Seems that I've been here before
and not very long ago.
repeatedly on the same ground.
Another pass beside the shore.

Why. I wonder, is it so?
I get this sense of de ja vu.
I've been in this self-same spot
where the tall green grasses grow
taking in exactly this same view.

Perhaps my mind's begun to rot
or maybe it's reincarnation.
Maybe interdemensional drift
parallel but the same spot
due to nuclear vibration.

I’m In Love... Again (Primal Poetry Stage 2)

On a good day
It’s everyone I see
(except skinheads)
On a bad day
It’s just one or two,
Who shine.

But there is one species on this planet
That hearing one of its own in distress
Runs towards
Instead of away
(that’s us, by the way)

It’s not just our big brains
Or opposable thumbs
We care for each other
Humans are fucking commies by nature.


First Contact

We dream of flying saucers
with grand sci-fi hyperboles
of take me to your leader
Or humanity is good to eat.

Somewhere a planet orbits a star
where the gene pool went berserk,
but that speck is absurdly far, far
away, a grain of dust in the dirt.

What could come of this reunion?
Time will always be a mystery
in the solitude of imagination-
But let Voyager cruise the galaxies

Waiting for the Vampire

There’s a gathering
here full of fear.
We all await
our victims' fate
with each meeting
soon to come
with the Lovely One
who wants nothing
but our blood.
She is clever
and deceiving
as She prepares
Her room for feeding,
and She smiles at me
while she pierces
and sinks deep
through my flesh.
My Red flows
into her tubular tooth
and holds it there
to keep it fresh.
After all is said and done,
I part ways with her
and say ‘Goodbye,


her tongue rattles a smoky gauze
wet lipped licks a velvet pussy
holding her slavering heart

tin tin deo

while she finger painted her inside
thighs honey glazed red
hot as a fever
her mouth pours out of itself
a flagellating tongue fluent
cum blizzard

tin tin deo

dumb founded happy cross-eyed
her head like a carved moon
swaying asylums of shrieking beds
curved slick as a honeymoon dick

tin tin deo

Call me

If you call I'll answer to ...

Primal Poetry Phase 2 UPDATE

Tunneling through
the smell of earth
the worm I am.
Others move next to me
and break into my furrow
only a little though
I am moving too fast to
stop for them
alone in my narrow row
water seeping in
it’s cold
I move faster now
with no one in my way
I stay moving
through the smell
no hunger here only fear
I need help. No, I don’t
onward to that sound
breaking through the ground
rising up above
There is a light in gold
it’s warm
I found my home


Fourteen (July Pleasures)

Boston to Florida, wide body flight.
Twelve hundred fifty eight miles - excited
Blonde hair, strong and stalky, she’s right for me
Pleasure at horse ranch off Tamiami

Size six warm satin-like foot soles - pounding
Femoral stroke, knee-crotch draw up – heightened
Pounding and more pounding - suddenly numb
Shizammadammazippidydooda !

Out of the love-nest newly born hatch-ling
Cow pasture, backseat - disinterested
Repetition - orgasmic vagaries
Old man, young man - weighted as a Brahma


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