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Door To The Universe October Contest

Windows and Doors

the door to the universe is open
a star so bright like a spaceship
so close I think it landed
in my backyard one night.

in the wee hours under darkness
I rose from slumber unawaken
dreams and visions no nightmares
before exiting the door that opens every night.

windows of light surround me
blues, purples, and whites
comforts me when I'm unaware I need it
I'm never alone in the space I'm in.

Some Sad Dark Secret

‘Temper your enthusiasm,’
She said,
‘The extremes of your reactions;
You should have
A more conventional frame
On which to hang
Your unconventionality.’
‘Don’t push people,’
She said,
‘You make yourself vulnerable.’

Was I hiding
Some sad
Dark secret from the world?

heaven's open doors

Take me into your open arms

take me out of this horrid harm

I'm falling apart piece by piece

I need your help and this pain to cease

so help me rest and help me last

and when I finally come to your rugged path

let me in and please don't laugh

my hair is cut and a rugged brown

my face is scarred with a permanent frown

my clothes are torn and my skin is leathery

my eyes are dark and my brain is feathery

my hands are bloody but still have strength

my posture is bad but my form has length

Donkey Spoofs

There was that donkey I called “Rex;”
A mighty funny beast was he;
Oh, at my sight he seemed to smile
As happy, friendly as could be.

He’d trot around the heaped manure
Then brayed and wished me a good morn,
He raised his little hoofs up high
And begged for apples or sweet corn.

One day, some Sunday riders came;
While I stalked through the pen,
Ol’ Rex approached me from behind,
And “assaulted” me right then . . .

DOG DREAMS. ( for The Stream)


My buddy lays asleep on the floor
curled up, nose to tail,
then turning on his side, his paws start moving
as if running after some canine interest,
nose twitching, smelling in sleep
he is now running away as fast…. as if …

now there’s a soft yelp of anticipation.
I’m looking to see if his are eyes still closed
my buddy is totally asleep

The sweet silver swallow

The sweet silver swallow
flys for tomorrow
Trying to leave all
It’s sorrow
For it soars
Towards the sun’s
Gates that holds
The stream of
future’ hopes.
and all
Past’s unaccomplished
Completely demolished


Cracks creep out of the hole in my heart
Splitting, splintering me apart.
I try, with hot tears, to seal them close –
Each crack a canyon which my grief flows
Down in streams of boiling tears;
This grief only widens and deepens my fears.
I wish to be healed! For this bitter rust
Corrodes, like acid, my broken trust.

Goating Around

I used to share my kitchen
with a Goat called Tina
yes you heard me, a Goat
She was the cutest animal
she used to make her way in
and sit on the couch too
She was such a great Goat
she thought she was a Dog
I didn't have the heart to tell her
she wasn't, so I just obliged
That's the luxury
of a life lived in Tuscany

Not too shabby.

Saying Goodbye to a Rococo Lady

(a Freeloader’s Farewell to his Lady)

“Oh, parting is the sweetest sorrow,”
is what a “wise” guy once had said,
and so, that rascal gave you notice,
packed up his stuff and fled.

Don’t be sad, my dearest lady,
and, please, don’t shed a single tear,
as he departs from your chateau,
and henceforth lives no longer there.

That rascal had once endeavored
to live with you, shared wine and sweets
and played Corelli on his cello,
but now I fear, he’ll walk the streets.

A Lonely Cottage On The Moor ~ October Contest

The window that I peer through
At summer's break of day;
Way out, afar, and near to
I see the dawn of May.
Through the age-old pane of glass,
A masterpiece for sure,
A portrait of a different class ~
A painted Yorkshire moor.

The sun alights the heather
Though not yet coloured mauve.
The season's fur and feather
Create a treasure trove.
The image through my window square,
Just as the sunlight, that day, came ~
A pictured landscape bordered there
Inside my cottage window frame.


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