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Be My Valentine

With words expressed in the dark
Has come o the fullest of light
When I looked deep into your eyes
Then I could see a future
A future filled with hope for a brighter future
The romantic touch of two hearts in love
A scent of dew from above
We treasured a red rose that was plucked a time before
Soft kisses & hugs
Light a candle as a vigil
To our romance with a dance
Be my Valentine
With two hearts together as one
We will forever be together with love

The arrival

Late morning. Cloudy.
White light fills the street,
muffles the horns
somehow making
white noise louder.

Whooshing of the tires,
clanking of the bare branches,
scarce applauding
of the windowpanes and doors.

Gray walls are soaked.
Roofs glisten.
People beneath
are umbrella-ready.

I do not have wings.
I fly with the sounds.
Into the open window,
through the balcony door
or through the wall,
this part I don't remember,
but I enter the room.

Cold Valentine Kisses [Sunku Workshop]

opens her
darkest closet

intimate sighs

wailing storms
lulling within

Now a Sunku, with rhyme

No scars
the past gone
you cannot see

when dark
so pitifully

I learn
what it was
that made me be me

The first version-
No outward
damage can be seen
the past,
therefore can not have been.

Still in the dark I sometimes see
the things that made me truly me.

haiku senyru sunku how about free stylers a Lovedlu

Would you care to create
a brief poetry
on the lines of above
very brief
must convey freely
ADD your piece here only
if you wish
Lovedly 77 nearly + &_

eg of a Lovedlu

O passer by
we came, bye
adoration why!

she loved
tasting lips

a demon came
plucked her away
they both vanished

under covered
all norms abolished


PAID IN FULL (Sunku shop)

Ink blots
of deep red
on sandy ground

in clear sky
without lightning

Brave men
no return
tears shed at night

Tick talks [Sunku Workshop]

Tick talks
of father time
is menacing

silence of
my solitude

wakeful sleep
like a witch hunt

SunKu 2 Workshop

Red roses
Through blue violets

White tulips
Sway in the wind

Holding hands
The setting sun.


ice melts
fog rises
the pond is gone

wings swooshing
geese has landed

I am
still running
shores of my past


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