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Can you see behind my mask?
Can you see my pain?
Can you see my despair?
Do you even see me at all?

I wear a mask
I wear a mask of fear
I wear a mask of pain
But it is invisible
Only seen by others like me
The outcast, the lonely
The forgotten of this world
Can you see my mask?


I went where I might escape the clock
no plan where or how long I might go,
looked on the path and saw a rock
kicked it and almost broke my toe.

What the [email protected] and what the F%^k !
I yelled as I hopped around
just out of sight of my old truck
then glared at that "rock" still in the ground.

This time I used a careful nudge
then realized the rock was rusty steel.
Leave it to me to once more misjudge.
I reached down and gave it a light feel.

Long Time Lived

High gravity days
that pass so slowly
in a grey haze
days never-endin
mean I guess
my life is subjectively


I must confess
it feels I've been around
for a thousand years
more or less

It ain’t all bad
in those dark extended times
not even sad
still dance a jig
now and then
for the nature of me is


So maybe when
I meet my young man’s death
I won’t lament
A life misspent
but glory in its joy



A fine gray mist hangs low in the frosted air,
all the way to the ground, as if the grayness
of a frigid sky could reach and slap the earth.

Everyone is wearing winter colors, and their
dark figures blend well with the callous cold;
skeletal trees seem aware of coming frost.

Waiting for public transport, I look up the track,
mist so fine I see clearly to the top of the hill.
Behind me, a family waits to cross the street.

Significant Connections

Since early Stone Age cavemen
We’ve been drawn
To light within the darkness
And then finally to dawn
But just like a grand piano
Has 88 different keys
The tenor of light
And how it effects us
Has many different degrees

Though we know the moon
Is merely a mirror for the sun
It casts its calming spell
On almost everyone
Gives the night a peace
It didn’t have before
Shines a glow of love
Upon both sea and shore

See Ya...

Bright lights and peering close
Look right here, at my nose
Uh huh, Hmmmm, Let us see
What your eyes reveal to me

Kindly smile and conversation
Concern for eyes, my avocation
I see your problem, you need glasses
Too much strain, too many classes

Or is it just getting on in age?
Do the words blur on the page?
We'll fix you up, leave it to me
Pardon the pun, "You will see"


69 69 69 96
I matched the lips to the ass
I am not a robot

The one who owns the earth.

Serpentine, that river
Meanders through the valley
(he sees it by degrees of descent)
Turn from smooth thin snake

To fragment, thicker foam and then
Rushing torrent.
Where he fell, no-one knows
Yet pride up there, and its beauty

Was the primary cause
(he hears a quiet applause).
He is everywhere at once
And, at once, within one

He does alright among us, but
One thing has come undone
Invisible, he might argue
That original sin was not his

Love And Light

It's a lot to say
about much of nothing
it's time to find space
safe from the BS of life...

the coming together of minds
is not impossible
everybody in the same maze
searching for a way outa...

ideas and creativity
like stars in the night sky
stay put waiting
for great minds to look up...

sovereign of destiny
once you know
awaits your attention
love and light...


a one dimensional
XXX boner brain
in a three dimensional hologram of consciousness
i am a dumb wind
a slouching mongrel soul
carved in corpuscles

its twenty six dimensions stupid!

mind like a radish in a shit slum
inhabiting a no return winter
of hollow helled mountains

soon to be dead
like disappearing smoke
i hear my voice
trying to count molecules
with a slathering tongue
needle numb
and a brocaded Vox throat of tears
while eyes plead floating
like cataract clouds


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