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This is the stream - you can see all poems on Neopoet, live, as they are created.


Other Lands, Forests, and Rivers

Gentle breezes stir the treetops in this Rhine Valley.
Wooded hills become the realm of shadows
that engulf greening spruce trees.
Sitting on deck of our river cruise boat, I imagine
forest creatures preparing their beddings
for the nearing night, soon to be lulled to sleep
by a softly splashing stream fed by yonder minor
waterfall that’s only one of several tributaries
to the mighty Rhine on which I travel.


When I know I’m down and out,
When I feel sad and need to cry;
When the pains are intolerable,
Everything begins to go awry.

When I think about my lack of fortunes,
I realise the devil has the best tunes.

When darkness comes upon me,
While my bitter pains never let go;
When I think of her and why she left,
My heart is filled with informal woe.

When I miss touching her under many moons
I think of the devil who has the best tunes.

Alll My Lettuce...

Alll my lettuce, I will give to youuuuu
Alll my lettuce, I will give to youuuuu
You've asked me for mine and I say that is fine
Alll my lettuce, I will give to youuuuu

At the burger joint, where we have just ate
We had the big burgers and said they were great
A soda and fries and I won't tell you no lies
The catsup was missing and I was really pissing

But alll my lettuce, I will give to youuuu
Alll my lettuce I will give to youuuu
Alll my lettuce, alll my lettuce....

Raspberry Hill

In 1943 I was too young
for that ongoing war.
Coal-fired locomotives,
smoke-belching dragons
dragged draftees away
to boot camps, then to be
swallowed up in battle.

Train loads of young men
passed Raspberry Hill.
At each whistle blow
we children stopped
picking berries from bush
and each other’s lips,
rushed to the bridge, leaned
over the railing,
for the dragon’s smoke
and vapor to carry us
to his fearful
lair among the clouds.

I opened my eyes

It was with love that my today started out,
and it made such a difference to all things.
The sunrise was the loveliest one I had ever seen,
as it came with the new dawn

The dawn chorus filled the air,
where all the birds seemed to sing, just for me.
There was a flower that had been struggling
just outside my window. It burst open for me today;
it was the loveliest flower I had ever seen.

Lovely Dale

A very beautiful vision
in the distant horizon
I see
as you are narrating your
love engraved poetry

neither the stars will be thee
nor will I be
as a shining

yet our true love
throughout the wilderness
will stare
where will you be
I, where

yet the moon
in you
in me
will always be

By the Still Water's Edge

I gazed down from the water's side
To see a silver gleam
And standing staring looked and tried
To see beyond the stream.
The clearest water sparkling, pure,
Below me stilled and calm;
Its cooling, soothing, fooling lure,
Seductive in its charm.

I saw a young man peering on
With eyes that conquered all.
But in a moment he was gone ~
Uncanny, I recall.
Beneath the surface he was there,
A soul of twenty four,
Then vanished in the swell somewhere
And left me by the shore.

A Cannibal's Meditation

As often as one can find a hen
with teeth in my village, will I give
serious thought to religious fantasies--
other than my own.

Early childhood terrors, fostered
by my parents inherited superstitions,
still conjure up images of vengeful
“Muhungu,” the deity that stalks the mind
in his awesome shape of a Baobab tree.


he'd never forget
his marionette
pure innocence
through and through
in her dress
of blue so fragile
so sweet
never dreamed she'd meet
such a man who seemed
more wonderful than
prince charming
and he was disarming
while he tried to gain control
of her very soul

Dante's reply

if not my love be tangled
would I be?

Standing upon such fire
In misery

How could I forsake love
that is of burning flames

In a jar suffocated by closure

My air frozen in an untimely death

My ever aching wish to
spread your fire

leaves my soul and mind
in a world without thought

There will never be a place
I would cherish more
in life or death

Therefore, I could only be truly satisfied

In paradise or hell

as long as I am with you.


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