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The Fountain Pen of Youth

we don’t stay young
for long

unless words

flicker the flame
of innocence
and wonder

like a stirring story
of a baby with blocks

making his own first

with the alphabet
tracing letters
that will one day

give news
of war

but a million

Ode to my Number Two (April Contest)

My dearest number two
I love you very much
In your school house yellow
A dandelion feel

Through my nose and sinus
You return me to class
Second grade aroma
My dearest number two

Bring ideas to a point
Sharp or dull you contrast
My dearest number two
All angles can be seen

If you are ever wrong
My dearest number two
Nibble on your soft end
Then erase to a smear


The morning breaking fast is done
way back about nineteen sixty two.
This field now fully in the sun.
There'a a full day's work to do
in Mississippi summer's heat.

We pile out of the pickup truck
men from the cab, kids from the bed
all hoping with a bit of luck
some clouds will form to shade our heads.
but sky stays clear and blue and neat.

And He Smiled...

When he walked into the bar
He got the stranger stare
He listened to the whispers
Of the dusty drinkers there

And he smiled at the silence
That settled on the room
At the barkeep leaning over
Making motions with a broom

Hey, what can I get ya?
A frown upon his face
Saying to himself
You should pick a different place

But the boys that shot some pool
Didn't look up from their play
He could give him just one drink
Send him on his way

Love Rests

Love Rests

I walk the red earth, tears flow
To me who visits here knows
I stain the soil in velvet tones
Earthen brows my family holds

A mound that masks a beauty
Not your beauty but mine alone
The faces that were love to me
The warm arms that held my soul

Stretched in welcome I draw near
Never seen by mere mortals clear
There in my mind they always live
Therefore for ever they can give


I have just one drop of love left,
My last bit of nerves ebbing through,
One last precious bead from love's reft,
And I want to give it to you.

How laughter decorates your sweet face
An angel with such amazing grace
That I write this falling from the highs
Into the deep abyss of your eyes.

Look into my eyes and see a heart very true
A vegetation of affection spreading through,
And it takes two souls to make affection grow strong,
You are the only right thing in a world so wrong.

The Angel


The Angel reached out toward my face and said
"Dear child be free"

I turned and said "I can't I'm lost, my path
I cannot see"

"I do not know which way to turn
to stop the pain inside,
an empty spot lays in my heart
from tears that I have cried"

"I feel wore down and weak right now
from years of being strong.
Now that it's time to help myself
I'm doing it all wrong"

Ode To The Dudes That Made The Roads (April Contest)

On land that once
Was rightly famed
For forests lush
And fields untamed
Lakes or mountains
Or swamps unnamed
Nature bursting

There came some men
To blaze a trail
With key to open
The jungly jail
Over hill and
Down the vale
They forged a path
With frame unfrail

So we can get
From here to there
The house’s stoop
To market square
We’re not like birds
Through open air
But ground starts covered
With snag and snare

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Mirror Me ROSE (Actual Title)

Remember the rose
so remember
a rosy mirror

remember the rose
a symbol of life

Youth shrivels away
as one comes of age
I pass away from this page

Remember me as a lovely anonymity everlasting
as does a rose symbolize it
for the human being
past present and future
for generations gone and those yet to seed

the rose alone never dies
as in pages of books it always lies
as a hall mark of time
so remember
the garden of life says so
and of beauty symbolises roses


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