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Come Out & Be Heard

Poet to poetry hide me from society melt me in the fervor of sullen brevity !
there are lines being drawn in the sand let the reader understand in the furtherance of the plan...
A challenge to be set free is a question of time use logical persuasion from behind
the clock on the wall has holes in the side with a sought grained polish of dust
talk with me walk with me through the passage of time with a highway with cars without tires
the mere notion of intellectualism has taken a back seat toward compromise to its twisted lies...


3:00 o'clock
In the morning
Another restless night
Gasping for air
More dreams of fright

He comes every time
Whether wanted or not
The demon that haunts me
His rules I was never taught

If only I had listened
When he spoke
Maybe he’d let me be
The bruises have healed
But I can still hear him
Inside of me

Talking brings it
To the surface
Holding it in
Makes it worse
All I want is to
Break his curse


Happy, Sad
Confused, Frustrated
Vexed, Tired

I’ve got bunch of questions I would love to ask you
That’s if we could meet?
I don’t want to die now either.

Probably you will burn me down, out of anger,
With your ever blazing fire!
Maybe cause of the crazy Questions I’ve got.
Questions like.

Why does MONEY, have to be the main Factor?
Why not something much easier to get like STONES,

The Tarp's Ministry

A memoria, palms risen, black candle headdress
a clown shuffling tarot, lamps bursting
Long noses, carnival ministry grounds
of a dream's tarp skin marred
by an opal double with flowers from
his tomb. by this sense I can trace her absence
How does her ellipsed scent remain?
I meant to ask to do you smoke
from a doll catheter or from vape?
Who was that who did?

The Killer Family Dinner...

The air breathed homey smells
down the corridor
The kitchen blew hot spices
sweet and sour went to war

There were voices in excitement
I heard them rise and fall
Low rumbles of adults
children laughing in the hall

There were Indians and Pilgrims
a costume here and there
There was a great, long table
that was flanked with many chairs

I peeked into the kitchen
I saw pots of food galore
Covered dishes sat a waiting
in the oven, several more


If you see
A poor old man
Sitting on the street

Then pick him up
Dust him off
And put him on his feet

But if he starts
To complain
By giving you some lip

Then sit his ass
Right back down
And don’t leave him a tip

The Absurdity Of Word.....

The Absurdity Of Word...

Sharp intake of breath as I pass
the Sunday worshippers, with
their spotless dogs roaming at
their freshly shined hews.
Or maybe not.

Won't be long now till I’m
home drying the mutts with
their own howl this time,
listening to the blues.
it’s all I got.

The hills I’ve walked upon today
won't ever produce the rivers of
Babylon, but they stretch five
hundred miles in dreams alone.
I do give it little thought.


Today feels unreal.
I can’t believe we are not part
Of the same world anymore.
I never thought that the last time we talked
Would be the last time we ever talked.

The first memory that popped onto my head;
Those Saturday mornings at the Burges football field.
When we would just play football all day.
No rules, just us doing stupid shit.

I remember how when I told you
How I felt unhappy with my body
You motivated me to lose weight.
You told me that if you were able to do it:
That I could too.

Post contest reddish wagonish Titanics


She Smiles Beautifully
Imagine her at the beach
in smiles only
like in
Sink the Titanic
the princess barely wore
a diamond necklace
as her painter lover
painted her immortally

then in a Red wagon
they did lay
palms stains
on the glass walls
which still remain
on display

where’s the hubby
He ought to be rubbing honey

only in smiles
no bikinis

wow he must be funny
sending you all alone

Understudy Buddy

under the microscope: Let's examine
unavailable, classes evading
unstocked pantry for feast or famine
under-studied, (reflected in grading)
under construction: mental blockading
unfocused on visions he should observe
unmasked after years of masquerading
unfaithful servant, unwilling to serve
uncanny abilities to un-nerve
unquestioning, (not very quizzical)
unswinging strike, (never could hit the curve)
unconcerned with the metaphysical
unprepared for any upcoming quiz
underachieving. He is what he is.


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