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I sat staring at the wide open spaces,
Leafing through my tears and fears,
Seeing I was a part of, and above
All that would slay me.

But then a small child passed
And asked, as a child will ask,
"Who is that Mummy?"

A satori had seized me
An instantaneous jump.
I was pulled, whole minded,
Into the purity of innocence.

And released into that world
I rose on a cloud of pure bliss.

Some words about "Love."

So, fellow travelers, what is love?
It is said to be the highest developed sense--
next to hunger--in our human existence.
Hunger and love drive us humans
to achieve our highest and vilest goals.
Love is the human voice that resounds
through the universe like Gabriel’s
trumpet on judgment day. It is the cosmos
speaking loud and clear. What else?
Love disguises herself as a radiant butterfly
or a flighty, flirtatious gypsy girl
raising her colorful dress by the hem,
causing the unaware to lose control.

Lights, camera, action

My broken heart
has been
to the depths of hell,
where serpents tail licked my soul
and spat in disgust

Te... te... te...

and after

whipped me up
and threw me against a wall
covered in red ivy

Smashing my lifeless body
leaving me slumped on the bloody ground

and yet

My soul arising from these chains
I have dragged around for so long

Awakening to rays of sun
and the sound of the birds
singing a song of joy.


Its 3am,
I feel numb
Im slowly dying
Feeling the tears roll down my cheeks
Unable to sleep
Its 3am
I havent slept in days
Unable to eat even a piece of toast without feeling disappointed in myself
Im broken.

What is Silence?

Silence is snow falling outside your door
Turning the world into seamless white
Covering up all things ugly and impure
Quietly caressing the earth through the night

Silence is a mime telling stories without words
Using only features on his face recorded
He's understood perfectly though his voice isn't heard
By all that see him he's greatly adored


I know that these days are now true
The before times what you had to do
Times change my friends from what we knew
The ups and downs we saw them through

I have looked through the window
It is life I saw scurrying around
We mock the termites and all the ants
Now look at us doing the same dance.

There is no way that I can see
No directive for humanity
This is just a random thing
We exist only because we begin.

Searching for an Inventive Poem

I searched for a poem
in the rising sun, in
the absent moon, in
the darkness of nights,
and high-lighted noon,

in the shops and the streets,
in green medows and weeds,

I searched in the broken shells
and the empty shores, in the
unbeatable forts and
and broken walls.

I searched under the rainbows,
among the clouds,
in the far horizon
where the ocean and the sky bound.

I searched for a poem
And here it's found


A late spring night and a storm rages
as I sit alone with one lamp on
thinking of the coming ages.
It is mere hours until dawn.

The lightning strobes and thunder blasts
and rain assaults my small abode
yet my mind drifts to the past.
The memories are a heavy load.

Then recollections come to a stop
beside a creek and ruined bridge
back when I still had hair on top
and stood observing far side ridge.

The waiting

waiting, always waiting
some to be born
others to die
rows upon rows of people
what is it all for
empty rooms with empty chairs
all to be filled with the ones waiting

Time travels in a Mobius strip
we travel the same path
endlessly floating between
past present and future
always waiting in time without end

Ode to Passionate Modern Lovers

Passion rarely dies
[email protected]
Aussies are too
all know it

I love the beach
and your sunny
sun down the ocean
snap its a beauty
have you ever read me my
Moms Smiles
do please


when riders ride
they ride like


They never look back
were's my valet
and now
do read this

Lovely must have been
her ass
or horse's
will you help
find hers


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