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Be The Star!

If you can't
fetch the stars
in your palm,
mimic the way
they cradle
the milky way
at night.

Emit light
in the darkest

guide with
the lost souls,
and yet keep your
and pride.

Princess Petra

Her hair shone golden like the sun Her clothes of threads finely spun When she spoke her voice was soft Like music to the ears When she walked she walked with grace That suited one so fair of face She won the hearts of all she knew Their darling Princess Petra

(L i f e)

(Life) is in parenthesis
birth on one side,
mystery on the other
in between
what we make of it..

The Cure of Nature

the sound of my
anxious thoughts
like an anchor
pulled up over the gunwale

compete with
the sounds of

the waves
lapping the side
of my boat

one is as heavy
and severe
as a stone
dropped in dark water

descending towards
a silty bottom

the other as buoyant
as a bubble

ascending towards
the light

I could have been

A General of poetry,
but wasn't tall enough
as the Eucalyptus the Cyprus
nor the loaded Oak
but was like
a Weeping Willow

I could have been the lone Idol
standing upon the hill
like the Statue of Liberty
but was just a small bush
like the melee
any human could push

I could have been that poetic star
of Neo
tall as tall could be
but was like a
last spark of coal
just extinguished
so how could one be

Elia Abu Madi's:A Worm and a Nightingale (Translation)

A nightingale was once detected flying high
by a crawling worm, who complained with a sigh:
'Why couldn't I wing' she moaned: 'Oh! Why couldn't I?'
'Be content", said a wise ant, "don't aim to fly'
'Why would you soar up, to be shot, to die?'

'When earth's a safer haven for you and me, don't aim for the sky'
'It's better to hush up and be content than naggingly keep asking, why?'

دودة وبلبل

I Leave The Bathroom Lighter

I've done it once, i can do it again
I've done it twice without a friend
I've done it 6 times in 3 days,
pauses, rewinds, cause delays.

I do what I can

Green grass. Dark blue rooks.
Shadows spread on the meadow,
lazily silently wet their feet in the brook.

Insects are storming the evening.
Their angular legs are loud.
Transparent, glistening wings are strong.

Short showers lean on their shoulders,
cut through the sun. I want to do something,
stand on one leg like a dancer on top
of a big rock and sing like an opera singer,
or jump high and gracefully
like one of those famous ice skaters.

An Uber Ride

the Uber driver
said, you have
a choice
between Beethoven
and beat boxing

I said, you have
a choice
between freestyling
and a free ride

we both laughed

I covered my mouth
with my hands
and let the spit fly

Come Back!

Last night I was leaving
the dance floor
I suddenly realised
what would happen
to you for sure

I fell off to slumber
counting the days of living number
later fell into deeper isolation
if you know what it meant.

Early morning my normal
waking up signal failed
lights were off
'twas darkness

I did not know who and why
folks were pulling me
they wanted me upstairs
else I should give up my wealth.


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