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Memory Link (primal poetry)

A trumpet has been blown
For unity
For brain work
For love
For peace

The flute has given
The rhythm
The melody
The hope
The joy

For the time of old
Never dies
Our forefathers
Our forethought
Our time to renew

For the colours we see
The sounds
The timing
The prime
All started afar and now and ongoing.


Upbeat (Primal poetry workshop)

The pulse of the rapids
Slapping down the mountain
Always the same
Never the same
The roar of water
Ice clear from the mountain tops
The crash of water on rock
In beats of upbeat
In commotion
Upbeat upbeat
Loud locomotion


Primal beats

Before space, before time,
there is a different heart beat,
without deviation, without pause.

It’s the perfection, before the bang
flung out eternity, and all of infinity
to give to the mind a home.

The purity can never be attained,
no longer instantaneous to the all,
unless you be a binary particle.

My human blood cannot take
the monotony, so the beat speeds,
it slows, becomes silent at times.

My mind wonders, it looks back
on itself, and wonders if it is now
the eyes and ears of the universe.


Inwardly numb

I embrace the darkness
further than emptiness,
I am come unto the night
numb I sit lightly on glass

A lick of fire diminished
on the touch of my skin,
under my cold haunches
slivers slice my knees

As blood surrounds form
gasping reflects nothing,
red colours the correction
and now not a dicky bird.
I once lived with devotion
cherishing you like gold
I held your sacred flesh
proclaiming you as one

The Scream Continues

Floating above the darkness
Watching from the highest plane
Tree branches that turn to hands
Crooked fingers digging in
Blood dripping, dragging me under

Fighting, screaming, intertwined
The flames of love and hate burning my skin
The devil I know
Is safer than the one I don't
Our flesh combined, turns to dust

Raw and familiar
Will the pain ever end
The pounding, the shouting
My mind whirls
For Christ sake, just leave me here


Leaderless Times UPDATE

A witness or more
are watching
the arrogance that
flows through those
wolves in sheep's
clothes who would
if they could
steal the eyes
from the living
and the dead,
to hide in their
disguise those
conservative right
who lay claim
to their Faith
will fill their coffers
with hate and war
at the expense
of the hungry and poor,
the weak, the sick
and the old.
But try as they might
a witness or more
are watching them
as they sit up on high

Only A Hint

flavored water
is the sexiest of drinks
like a person in just
their underwear

with lemons
or silky

a strap of
earl grey tea
only a hint
of clothing

like the human form
doesn't need much
to taste
full bodied

& sweet

WHAT (Primal poetry)

What will I write?
if not for those unpretty lullabies
brewed by our fathers,
the scotch we all sipped from.

Then what will i write
if not mosquitoes, homelessness, corruption hmnnnnnnnn.

write about love how?

About beautiful trees and how birds sing
but still how?

for we see them as stupidity
since our neck is stiffed to the bush
and glued to burdensome life

The Reason I Smile

You might ask me
The reason I smile today
Let me flaunt it a little
I’m wearing the smile that
You put on my face.
Wondering, I’m amazed by
Your haughty grace.
So many unforgettable hours
Squeezed in between
The hands of a clock. They raced
Past us fast, Tick Tick Tock!
Now, in my fondest of
Memories you lay. Robust with
Attitude, that lovely sway and a
Rocking laughter. All of it
I pray you would keep
As you, with you forever.
Don’t get me wrong. Your

Sunlight Like Crystals

garden paradise
swan lake
shimmering sunlight
like crystals
on the watery surface...

turtles at the waters edge
swans hiding beneath underbrush
stork nearby
middle of the lake...

kids play at the play ground
parents nearby
watching over their children
birds call
mating in midair...

butterflies flutter
yellow jackets
black and yellow bumblebees
sip nectar from flowers surface...

showers of light like stars
pulled me
spiraling in the wind
as the sunsets...


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