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Vegetable Heads

One can see the cubed orange lights on the street
Each with an ambulatory head with dressings
Which leak from the solemnity of their stabbed tongues
Each bearing a communion wafer
Each bored by their jester caps
And the only times their mouths open
Is when you’ve gotten sleepy
and their bells ring


bell tower
gong bang delight

twirl waltz time
in moonbeam bright

High sky
sings lullaby

steam minor key

orchestra pit

Sunku 5 Workshop

Feels like crap
In this sunken place

Is as a
withered dead rose

Have no zeal
Under dark clouds
The sunsets
And it rises
Both are beautiful

Storms rage
Hides the sun
Nature just waits

Strives and grows
Strong among thorns

LACKING (expanded)

Way back in my days of football
I'd don my pads and play the game
and think that I'd given my all
but now I know it's not the same.
Football never left me lame
nor made me answer reaper's call.

Then later in the free market
I'd " fight" for my market share.
In hindsight it hardly meant a single thing.
Day's end found me in my easy chair
all of my body parts still there
no war nightmares making my head ring.

PARKLAND (Sunku shop)

doors and lives
of innocents

soft and dear
strewn by monster

is certain
but will not heal

Dancing Dan

Driving down the road in my car,
on the sidewalk, I saw a star,
moving, he was groovin' to a tune,
on a sunny, sunny afternoon,
in a state of locomotion,
in his dance devotion,
high stepping down the block,
he glided above the walk,
walking fast with a purpose,
displaying a energy surplus,
headphones keeping out the traffic racket,
always wearing a hoodie jacket,
sporting Ray Charles sunglasses,
entertaining the stuck in traffic masses,
ke was known as Dancing Dan,
dancing like nobody can,

SunKu 4 Workshop

Our love
Like winter’s
Dead twiggy trees

Two ships
In the night
Missed each other

The search
For our love
Halted long ago


Every day among the unkempt humanity
On foot, in cars, on bicycles,
Sidewalks, escalators, the register line,
A path in the wooded alleys of the park-
Total strangers make a momentary connection
With no regard of what or who they are-
A form of electricity between the eyes
Evokes an involuntary sudden smile.


Walls crumbling in storm
birds deserting cozy nests
cathartic tears

SunKu 3 Workshop

I’m bored
Life suck
Stuck in this house

I Write
I Create
I Watch YouTube

I Feel
Trapped this cage
This room
These four walls
Like a prison

Find a park
To nature walk

Swan Lake
I need you
And your life force
Hump day
Will it end
I Feel insane

I Got to go
And reconnect

My Car down
come get me
This house
It drives me
Straight up the wall


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