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I love you like a butterfly;
my stomach flutters,
only for you.

I love you like a diamond,
sparkling and glittering,
when I look into your eyes.

I love you like raindrops,
that embraces the leaves with tears,
when we're apart.

I love you like a lighthouse,
with its guiding light,
always there, forever beckoning.

I love you like a mystery,
which I can sense,
but not explain.


I am unique you know!
Light and darkness is of great importance
Without hydroquinone, the morning dew
How can the charcoal turns light headed
Or disguise in another face unknown
Oh! Mothers tongue long aborted
The straw we all emanate from
Search for the black goat while the sun smiles.

How To Lose Your Mind

First, you decide you want to lose that fat ass
Pushing its way through the stitching of your jeans.
Then you grab on to every piece of fat sticking out
Pass the hourglass silhouette you've drawn on yourself.
Keep a food journal. Take a record of every morsel
That goes into your mouth. The pancakes, the bacon and eggs,
That salmon you ate for dinner last night. And yes,
That enormous slice of chocolate cake that made you swear
You’ll definitely start losing tomorrow.
Write down every calorie.


What joy in the jubilant sunrise!
The tournament won by my team;
An MRI that shows the cancer is gone;
I share the joy of young romancers
Who have discovered pleasing a lover’s body,
And the contentment of the old partners
Who cherish the memories of skin;
Of the generations which grow so fast
With the stare of wonder in their eyes;
I feel the joy of travel on breezy seas
To islands inhabited by migrating birds-
And always my face carries its one smile,
The indistinguishable crescent smile

Deep pt I

Life secretly offering fleeting moments of happiness…
but the underlying sadness creeps through; the grief of human condition always seeps through from the unconscious
. I always imagined it as the watery liquid separating from the unctuous and the solid matter of the brain as a pervading force that relentlessly pursued my happiness.
I am reminded often that this life offers no protracted security of contentment only taunting bits of joy
. Is that what we must satisfy ourselves with then?
We are to be grateful solely for the passing seconds of joy.

Aman Akpa

Seven times you came
Seven times you left
How we did not know?
Seven times is heartless Aman Akpa.

Seven times you've sucked our mother's breast to drought
Seven times indeed you left it sagging
Seven times is cruel Aman Akpa.

Seven times you heartlessly came toying with a home
Seven times we smiled and cackled in laughter
Seven times we jumped and told our friends we had a brother
Seven times we frown and cried that you are gone
Oh Aman Akpa!


Strong stone stands sentinel over streams
Singing with silver whispers.
Sliding over slick shelves of shale,
Slipping between sheets of slate,
Slicing through sandstone,
Serene streams shuttle
Sediment to the sea.
Stone stumbles and shatters,
Sluicing downstream.

Poor Cousin Deciduous... Nov. Contest [Naked Trees]

Giants, masts of ships
wearing coats of fir
Sails of cloud do whip
passing where we were

There is a sea of conifers
Juniper and Pine
Cones of seed for dinners
though not yours and mine

Birds and squirrels in nests
Warming in the sun
Mother Nature does her best
Though summer is all done

Her needles sew up tight
clothes of forest green
It's really such a sight
And no naked trees are seen


Round Round Round
Vast Vast Vast
It doesn't get easier,
It doesn't seem lively again

Surrounded by emotional outburst
Yet,Want to Write?
Tell it to me,
When will the emotions not outburst you?

We never get to live a life full of fun
And even if we get to just for half of the day
For that period
Our memories are tied down to our own self
Our own way of living...Our loneliness!

Cassiopeia's Dream


O my unrivaled lover,
You refuse to accept the tender love I give.
But deep in Cassiopeia’s dream lies my hope
A hope filled with desolation and thorns

A faintly hope Tex-ares had for Cassiopeia
Come to me now we are young
Show me the care of your love,
That cupid may smile on us.

The eons fleet's and flies
And we are getting no younger
Lost moments can never be regained
And we can never get younger than we are.


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