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Women Warriors

The oldest sister I met last,
will come back to her.
Chris Ann taught me knowledge,
the science of building,
the power of thought.
Deborah taught me people are real
the value of love
Barbara taught me that we are
often a reflection of the world
and we can change it.
Adrienne taught me poetry,
the power of words.
Patience taught me
love in adversity.
Charmaine, the first and last,
taught me I am not alone
we can triumph.
My mother taught me
the value of goodness,
above all else.
Do you wonder that I value women warriors?

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I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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of women warriors too. I have five sisters and although I am the oldest of the family, I too have learned something from my sisters. I love and respect them all and although our family dynamic has changed frequently over the years, we are all close. Of course, we have had some differences through the years, but for the most part that has been between us older children. My mother is and always has been my favorite warrior. She has raised all of us mostly by herself and endured the abuse of two alcoholic husbands [who she cared for after separating from them in divorce] while they died. She is ninety-two now and lives in a nursing home. Yes, women warriors are the most underrated of all. Thank you for sharing. Nice ! ~ Gee.

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A good list of things you have learned.
Now it is time to apply it. (I am joking)


This is a beautiful smooth and iconic write. It feels like those women built your virtues from the inside out Every one should have a sister that teaches them sensuality I'm very much in favor of that ;)
The last line a perfect finish. Love in adversity sums it up Thats what my marriage has taught me and that what my beautiful daughters constantly reinforce and amplify
Well said weirdelf and thankyou for a wonderful poem to read

I feel a bit squeamish about this one at times, us Aussies are supposed to be a bit more laconic in expression.

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author comment

Not at all. Its just right Any more spare and it would be incomplete.

the way I read it is that we keep learning more n more from many about art of living but best among the learning is the warrior spirit [fighting qualities]

raj (sublime_ocean)

not just in the execution of your art, but also in appreciation and understanding of it.
I don't mind saying now that sometimes I wondered if you had read the same power as I wrote, but lately your understanding and sensitivity has increased remarkably,
spot on here. Thank you.

A new workshop on the most important element of poetry-
'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

author comment

for letting me know that I read it right and your words of's like tonic...

thanks again..

raj (sublime_ocean)

I found I wanted to say I "liked" this work, & then worried you might take offence at that - My only critique would be that the first line feels extraneous & I feel it leaves something hanging around incomplete, let me know if I've missed something there. Otherwise, I really like it, no point in commenting further, it works & I feel I completely relate.


My dear friend always told me "Water the seeds of joy first"

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