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I’m In Love... Again (Primal Poetry Stage 2)

On a good day
It’s everyone I see
(except skinheads)
On a bad day
It’s just one or two,
Who shine.

But there is one species on this planet
That hearing one of its own in distress
Runs towards
Instead of away
(that’s us, by the way)

It’s not just our big brains
Or opposable thumbs
We care for each other
Humans are fucking commies by nature.

You may talk of human nature as greedy
As power hungry,
That’s not you talking,
It’s religion
And business
Need us to believe in our badness
So we can be controlled.

I love you.

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 

and broke my own rules by enhancing the trance pharmaceutically, and wrote this verbatim when I came back.

The guide word? Love, of course.

Neopoet Directors

author comment

Nah, just kidding. Although, I had a sneaking suspicion. I will let you speculate as to my participation as a sober persona, [grinning unmercifully]. Your argument of the human race as being genetically inclined to help each other in distress, is not easy to defend. We are just as easily persuaded to kill each other for trivial things, such as: You stepped on my new sneakers, you owe twenty dollars for a bag of weed or you tried to steal my girlfriend. [ I suppose that you could argue the point that, "You owe $20 for a bag of weed, is business]. And we are not the only species that will help each other out in time of distress! Anyone who watches those wildlife shows; will see at least one scenario of a water-buffalo or wildebeest charging a lion or some type of big cat, to save another of the herd. I guess I should just shut up and leave you to your loving mood; at least it's a change from all the other crap one sees humans perpetuating on each other. Nice job!
~ Gee.

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but there is a large body of anthropological evidence that supports our collective nature as a significant factor in our success as a species.
All the petty brutality you refer to is indoctrinated into us by religion and capitalism.

Don't you see how power depends on making us not believe in ourselves and each other?

Neopoet Directors

author comment

I do see the effects of religion and capitalism. I do not see the affect of it in the frailties of human nature, that will allow one to murder, cheat, steal and otherwise do carnage for such petty offenses as I mention. It is not religion or capitalism that says we should kill someone for a simple act of stepping on someone's foot or wearing a certain color shirt in the wrong neighborhood. ~ Gee.

Comments and critique are a vital part of our community!
Critique or comment today!

a statement you make there weird. seems like politics is our common enemy.

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