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Then and Now

then is not now
but somehow
surfaces for a
grasp of air
in present
if the then does not exist
how are we here now?
what was it then?
and what will it be? then?
then when?
and how?
is tomorrow now?
memories of
a child's hand
painted in colour
white curtains
that sway in the gentle breeze
and a moon as large as earth
of birth
in the depths
of forgotten thoughts
mixed and mangled
in silver and golden thread
memories of soft sand
memories of little feet that tread
on fresh cut grass
and purple skies that fall into the land
red stone, red dust,
fireflies and broken bones.
citrus musk for smell
and warm smiles that are known well,
sandalwood beads
broken tile
i wish then would stay for a while,
for now is too material.

Editing stage: 


The way I think...and today my interpretation
of this makes me think of fabrices..tapestries
The grass metaphor gives feeling
and texture...The reference to smell
Maybe because lately Im ironing my girls
clothes here..Work..meeting downtown
with their workers...

Summer for the winter clothing changes
the sun arrives and rain and sensation

I LIked the line "Then and When"
Its an unusual pairing I havent
read much lately
the twin to "There and Where"

The broken bone line for the fragility
of certian....For bone is hard like
life..and often has its breaks..

"citrus musk" a detail adding to
the descript..a very good line.

Thank You!

A great review by Esker, and was explicit enough for the now.
I am not sure if the now exists, it seems so fleeting consisting of an instant that has to be recorded in the memory of the thought or of the continuance of an action . Who knows what Now is, as it is so transient in the role of things, but we know Now exists because it is a boundary between memory and the many probability tracts we journey.
Take care in the Now, Yours Ian

Give critique to help keep Neopoet great.
Unconditional love to you all.
"Learn to love yourself first"
Yours as always, Ian.T, Sparrow, and Yenti

The problem with now is that it keeps fleeing into the then too quickly lol. You stated as much here as well as the frustration of trying to live in the ephemeral now........stan

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