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Stale Biscuits

I'm so boringly over
hyped hoopla around new fashion
like patent leather,
or shark skin spray

If you do fall prey,
scuff that sheen right away.
Sooner than later
you'll be as dusty as the Mojave anyway.
Might as well get a jump on
being passe,
out of date,
so... yesterday.

face it
embrace it

the only trend I follow these days
is to keep on getting older

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


Activity in your French class:
Melisa took a spot number one.

Email message:
Regretfully disagree you suck,
not publishing your crap at this time.

A letter from a friend:
Thinking how to politely tell you
to fuck off.

Why everyone is so nice to me?
I ask myself, take a deep breath
and write another landscape poem.

This time it is about a bench
on the edge of a steep river bank
and a leaf swirling around.

But maybe instead I have to write something about fashion?
Fashion and false
sound close enough
to make a good alliteration.

Style is different altogether matter.
Style is a stiletto or an armor.
It depends whether one plans
attak or defence.

When in style you can pull off
an ugly word and a goofy shawl.

Style helps to survive
the polite defness of the world.
I will not write about fashion.
Fuck the bench-landscape too.

I will take a sit
on the steep river bank
and do Nothing.
It feels damn good.



the distinction between fashion and style is not lost on me.
style, to me, transcends time and place
Fashion is all, and only, about time and place.

Please, don't sit too long on that river-bank-bench
...without your notebook at the ready.

cool counter-punch poem


author comment

thank you, you are fun to communicate with!!!


OMG a poem for seniors :) I resemble that remark of course ;)
Your write for me is particularly evocative of the technology craze after I was told my some 25 yr old techy how every body like him stood in line to get the latest greatest whateva
The new fucking I phone
The latest must hear z gen trend in music or off the street threads
and various other blithering blizzards of more of whateva floats their booties
I myself am waiting for the all you can eat bimbo sex robot slave 2,0
Yes made out of sugar free cheeze cake and jelly donuts
Ill probably croak before I get to take her for a ride
Its a delightful write and so is IRiz'eS comment :)

Hang in there, pops
she sounds like the perfect mid-night snack.

delighted you liked it


author comment

A few ideas. You started the poem in the first person, end it there.

the only trend I follow these days
is to keep on getting older

Also the whole poem reads nicely from line to line. Each line has weight, can take a slight pause...what a line should do! Except "passion" kinda sticks out a bit out of place. Easy to fix...

I like your poem and so get it. The other week I was browsing through the style section of the NY Times getting nauseous. $2000-20,000 watches. I looked at my watch, cost me around 2000 (pennies)! I overpaid.
I was in the fashion business for 50 years. All that time being right there with the pulse, important to know whether tulips or orchids are the hot flowers on the dresses this season. As soon as you leave the industry, who gives a flying...

I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance
ee cummings

Your editing advise always seems so "obviously right" in hindsight.
My blind spots welcome the service of a '"seeing eye" poet.

I, myself, really enjoy the "who cares" looseness in Old-Fogeydom.
It suits me fine (raggedy mess that I am)



author comment

the same guy I was fifty years ago, [minus the bell-bottoms]. Jeans and T-shirts, leather jacket and hat.
Never got rid of my mullet for long. Once or twice, when I really needed to for a job. But as soon as I got the job, my hair came out like Samson's! I was bored with the job by the time I had to choose between the job and my hair, or they stopped caring. Yeah, I identified with being passe. I'm always more than a few years behind. Fortunately, I seem to be in good company. ~ Gee.

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