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Editing - draft

i wonder.

sun drags itself past sparse clouds
above thick wet fever air at sea level
like a drip of melted butter
stained the great blue blanket.
the worst has passed, but the foul-smelling streets
are still partially flooded in many places
yet to completely dry.
there are patches of floating green algae beginning to clump
into masses resembling tiny islands seen from space,
while some bigger ones are reminiscent of river deltas
in the shallow obsidian glass water
obscuring my reflection.

My sleep being deep and brief
Waking to the new moon sky
Out under the stars I step
Time suspended in my eye

A shining perfect orchestration
Singing down from up above
Performing double brightly
Songs of universal love

These questions with half answers
Become a lavender sunrise
The stars have reached crescendo
They’re saying their goodbyes

They leave, and leave me thankful
On this and every single day
Grateful is a habit now
Love will always find a way

Mellifluous Melodies

Melodies intertwined like gold filigree,
Mellifluous melodies must they be,
Echoing within cathedral walls,
A voice from which emotion calls,

Ancient, enticing and drawing one in,
To experiences never done or places never been,
Connecting with something not known,
Something felt but not shown,

As the chants come louder and unite,
A feeling of resolution and right,
A single voice to end what always had been,
Only to hear and never seen,

To some a deeper meaning drawn,
To others a mellifluous melody gone.


I know that I'm good enough for me today
I know the mistakes I made yesterday are lessons
I know some lessons take repeating the same mistakes
I know that I have little control
I know the control I do have lives in my thinking
I know I'm worthy of love because I love myself
I know self love is the root of my happiness
I know my happiness attracts meaningful relationships
I know these relationships perpetuate the habit of self love


What we wish all our lives
Is for days to rush and hurry,
Until the next paycheck comes,
How to survive we always worry.

Trapped in a loop, we all are,
Running only to stand still.
We may even sell the car
Just to pay some f**king bill.

Brain fools itself into thinking
A small difference can be made,
But somehow life’s final bill
Ends up being overpayed.

If only we could hit the brakes
While hurtling to our crate,
But there’s nothing we can do,
Nothing but accelerate.

Enticing Autumn

These first fingers of frost
Encroaching swift and ever regular
Enticing Autumn to relinquish her embrace
Harken the rise of Winter’s heart
To whom they owe their reverence
Illuminated by dawns early rays
A legion of crystalline adherents
Stand perched upon the brink of rapture

Can I have my life back

Why am I still here?
Why do you insist on keeping down me here,
Just to make my life more miserable.
Why do you make me hang on?
Hold on for dear life when I’ve been slowly loosing it.
Why do you take away all my fun, everything I do in life to enjoy,
I wanted to live, but everything that’s worth living for, you took from me.
Being happy everyday, trying to be faithful,
I’m crumbling inside, lying to everyone.
I plead with you, and you don’t answer.
I beg for my life back, but I don’t receive.

Ephemeral Love

Ephemeral love,
A bittersweet kind,
Love of the body,
As well as the mind,

Like the rise of the sun,
It’s glow lasts a short while,
When said and done,
It leaves only memories that linger,

Of a connection so strong and deep,
A river whose current pulls lost souls in,
Making them whole after a leap,
Coming out reborn into a world anew,

I long for less longing

Oh you, my darling, are my heart's desire
But love is fleeting and it might not last
My angel and my devil will conspire
My will is fragile as if made of glass

I wish I could say that it's all your fault
Your beauty and your smile, they make me cave
I'll lock away my fears inside a vault
Though tempted, I won't take this to my grave


Colorless, a weighted haze
Your eyes are blanketed
Your touch is callous
Skinny fingers with thick beaded rings
Ugly jewels to hide the obscene

Torn up jeans
with safety pins down broken seams
A familiar pair of shoes
Whose laces fray
But you are too afraid to lose

Chipped nail polish
Chapped and broken skin
Snowing from your lips
Through the little hairs on your chin

Dancing and skiing
Past mountains
Of upturned acne
And downturned dimples


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