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Editing - draft


I don’t think you can fully get away from me.
When you’re with her, you’ll feel the ghost of my love.
You’ll open your eyes after kissing her and you’ll think it’s me.

I’ll haunt you everywhere you go.
Every road you drive, every street you walk,
Every goddamn second of your life I’ll be there.

I’ll be waiting, watching, lurking.

I think you killed me.
My soul is not tethered to my body,
My emotions switch on and off at an instant.

My ghost holds all of our secrets now,
So I don’t have to.


From the get-go everything seems dirty
or just a little bit more than a little bit
or enough to notice.

To sit my city girl in the Mooshtang's bucket
sends us down roads bent, to the liquor store and more.
She is the last and only one
with strawberry red hair and dopey smiles
-the real ones mean so much fun!

I Miss You

We didn't talk today

You couldn't even look at me

But that's not even the worst part

The worst part is...

I know I can't fix it.

I can't turn back the clock
And make a new ending

I can't go back
And do things differently

I can't unsay the things I said
Or undo the things I've done.

So here we are.
Two friends
Turned lovers
Turned strangers once more.

And I can't even tell you I miss you.


your life,
was like a night game
played out in the rain...

your love,
like fabled moths
flying to the flame...

your heart,
like a songbird
trapped in a gilded cage...

your soul,
a wounded animal
twisted in pain and rage...

your eyes, spoke to me
of the tiniest desire,
as you ran out of speech...

reaching out and touching
just one precious being
to set both our souls on fire...

Colors On The Canvas



On cool moist virgin sand

in front of fire clouds

under the rising autumn sun

where there are no ripples

on the quiet Atlantic

or even a single sea gull

to sit by

is where you are found . . .

when faces that have smiled

slowly bridge from colorless places

impossible to forget


I feel your blood drip down my face
As I pick you up from the dirt

My energy is high
My thoughts are focused.

I feel a surge of adrenaline
rush through my veins

Find the wound,
Stop the bleeding,
Numb the pain,

Found the wound,
The bleeding won't stop.

Pressure, pressure,

The bleeding won't stop

Chest compressions, chest compressions,
Chest compressions...
Before I knew it,
You were back in the dirt.

Killer Rush (by: eddy styx)

evil permeated
the room...
where they met to seek
and call out the Doom

the sacrifice was
innocent and unaware,
yet he did agree to
the promises of the affair.

for the sweetness,
kiss of needle to skin
the sharpest prick
drove away thoughts of sin.

a vein is struck as
plunger draws liquid surge,
blood flowing into barrel
slowly as drug and soul merge.

eyes roll back in head as he
is one with his addiction
she is his seductress...
his lover and his affliction!

Grapefruit and Sugar

For all the love I have
Of the sand and sea
The rays of the sun
The rain and the mountains...

For all the love I have
Of yellow flowers
Grapefruit and sugar
The smiles of strangers...

For all the love I have
Of snow and hot showers
Music and sweet coffee
Driving at night...

I love you
Most of all

Our Family Feud...

What's the answer to the question?
When can I be heard?
Things seem to be all wrong
Can you give me another word?

What does it look like from here?
The others might win through a steal
Who can you really trust?
I just don't know how to feel

Talking shit about each other
Jealousy rears its' ugly head
You cannot ever escape
Not even when you are dead

Blood is thicker than water
But not so much as alcohol
Be careful of what you say
The others are building a wall

Rid Myself of You

I've ripped off my skin
I can still feel your touch

I've bitten off my tongue
I can still taste you

I've poured acid in my eyes
I can still see you

I've busted my eardrums
I can still hear you

They say time heals all wounds
I call bullshit

Nothing can cleanse me
From your sins


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