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Editing - draft


I'm that light in the dark ,
Not the usual that defeats darkness
Or that which presence can't be denied.
I complement the lightlessness
And my dimness leaves me unidentified

I'm that light in the dark,
Not vibrant like the faintest flash
Or visible like the weakest star in the night sky.
You know, the dark comprehends my shine
And my glow is invisible.

Cat Tails...

The dog lies under the old oak tree
and the cats stand idly by
"Let's get old Blue to chase us
I'm so bored, that I could cry"

"Nah, it's too hot and I fear his age
Might cause him to have a stroke"
Simon Siamese said it with a grin
Voice purring as he spoke

"Let's go down, to the barn and see
If the mice will play
Let's see who can catch the biggest
I'm feeling murderous today"

I'm done

Tried to take my life in the summer,
Goodbye to the crazy bitch,
That no one bothered understanding,
Until the no meds, free forming apocalypse.

They chose to turn me away
"not today, you will be just fine"
Took the ticket to nowhere.
Just a waste of their time, and mine?

They don't like my attitude,
they sit waiting for me to cry,
I can't reciprocate their platitudes,
I told them I wanted to die.

Katzenjammer (Caterwauling)

No sleep will come to me tonight
although this human’s dog-tired mind
is weary from past days’ turmoil
and never-ever ending grind.

Where is my restful sans souci?
Where is the grotto that still gleams
in sapphire gem stone’s royal blue
imbedded in my Capri dreams?

Repose does not come tonight--though
not a cricket chirps below the window’s
sill to keep me from my well-earned
slumber. Moonlight’s glow

Listening to the Wind in my Carob Tree

When night zephyrs raise fairy dust and lay
it finely upon my writing desk, that’s when
I sense history’s presence in my home.

A silly Sonnet about Kissing (or something)

Some maiden thought, because I stole a kiss,
That this would lead to marriage vows and such;
Imagine her laments and hissy-fits
When I just thanked her, very, very much.
But Lynda; wow! she kissed me then as well,
She kissed me hard, and drove me near-insane.
And when she whispered “Jerry, go to hell,”
I guessed she would not kiss me so again.
But now she strokes my beard with loving touch,
And kisses me—while I play my cello!
Then she says that she loves me very much--
I get mushy, even somewhat mellow.

Boundless (January Contest)

(Content/trigger warning)

I lost my virginity
On a shore lined with dark caves
Near a polluted green sea
Drenched in crashing, boundless waves.

He wrested me to the ground,
Told me I’d feel mighty fine;
Undressed me without a sound,
Said he owned all that was mine.

I asked the sea what I should do,
The crabs that scuttled nearby
I asked the baking sunlight too
And heard discordant loud reply.

The boy with the face made out of gold

His face was made from gold flakes and stained glass
He says the words of sweet symphony’s in my ear at my worst
He shows the sides of an adolescent with a heart made out of sapphire

As we grow, we begin to understand the ways of this plummeting planet
We go through it step by step together, we grow with passion and pure intentions
As we grow together, we know what it’s like to be hurt by the world, we pick eachother up

Johnson and Johnson and Saturn...

Sitting with Pop, watching 'Carson'
He's had both his shots
The 80 proof whiskey and his insulin
The TV blares another commercial

He is confused; "Why are they showing a car
When they advertise a science program?"
Now, I'm confused ???
"They said Saturn is coming next"

No, that is a car commercial, Pop
"Jeez, they are so fast, Last time, I thought
That 'Johnson and Johnson' was selling asprin
For the headache you get from buying their car"

On the Dude Ranch (a Villanelle)

Fair autumn came; oh, what a day!
Fresh breezes cool this arid land
While in the pen two fillies play.

It’s sunrise—“Giddy up,” I say.
The rooster crows to beat the band,
Fair autumn came; oh, what a day!

Now Sunday riders come— I pray,
But then bring out the granny stand,
While in the pen two fillies play.

Dudes wear tall hats, but with dismay
I note the sandals I had banned;
Fair autumn came; oh, what a day!


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