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Editing - draft


Filet Mignon, was an easy choice
Slept on it until that morning voice
"Time Mark, need to shave off that damn shag
No more (this) day for a lousy brag"

So it went, there was still some more time
When suddenly there was a strange chime
Was it something odd one of them said
Or was it from deep inside my head?

What choice did I have left in this world?
Scared, so revolting down tight I curled
Dragged me up to carry me screaming
A boy wanting mommy seeming

On Your Knees...

The night creeps in
on hands and knees
too ashamed to face the day

It gives no clue
of why it cries
if it knows, it wouldn't say

It brings the nightmares
and with it Darkside
pulled from within your shell

Full of teeth and claws
to rip apart your dreams
and take your soul to Hell

Awake Entranced

Walking the half mile a whiff of rain
Pelting like vanilla wafers.
Doors are always a cause for anxiety
Tasting like black mambo venom.
Ideas of what to do began to swarm
Black tornadoes whirled me blushing
There is no way in the lock is engaged
Reminiscent of her peach candles
On lips chaffed waiting for me
She is there looking at the knocking
Of rusty knuckles black and blue rainbows.
Fading like an old record that breaks like steel
She is soon a ghost of palm trees and coconut

American Currency (with a Boston drawl)

There once was a man from New Englin
Tried wiping his arse with with a Linkin
Looked down in surprise
With wide open eyes
To see it was really a Jacksin

Chasing Stars...

An idea pulses brightly and I try desperately
to catch it before it fades away
It's as though it is a shooting star
racing away over the horizon

Sometimes, a thought is one of many
like in a meteor shower and it follows the rest of them
across the sky and disappears into the void of forgetfulness
while you are still separating it from the herd

After the quartet (for Phillip Adams)

After the quartet:

As one long note, bowed to thinning silence,

We politely held applause, watched these magicians

Who flout all laws of natural science,

And float above our quiet adulation.

We got home, drawn of emotion, that such

Profound things as these could be given

To a silence that filled an empty hall before,

Then put the radio on, in the want of more.

We listened to Chopin and the rain as ever

Poured, in this neck of wood, strummed, lapping

Ceaseless - almost, then came perceived calm,

Another fire sermon

I saw there was a twig on the horizon
by raising my gaze up and down

Yet knew the blaspheme arrived on
When one runs from the hills and the town.

To that sacred sulking perpetual sea
green in its puke of the world

Here we have laid it, beneath our clean feet
To bathe, cool, and immerse

That the currawong sings in a blackened tree
may be nothing short of miracle

To you or me, whose eyes in colour, see
where the poor fool should fly to

Save Me...

Mr. Policeman, I don't want to die
I just want to go home to my wife and children
I just want to keep the fruits of my labor
I just want to support my family

Silence... There are no policemen, because
anyone who joins the police force is a retard
who just wants a reason to kill someone.

Please Mr. Soldier
Use your skills to save me
From the bullets and the rage
Of those that want my land, to enslave me

Sweet Mercury

If I could have been there
To hold your sweet hand
Before I’d come
I’d smooth out the sand
Quiet the ocean, silence the birds
So Your last loving song
Is all that I heard

K. Mulroney

A Reflection (November's Contest)

Do you believe in God, or two or three,
of life after death, of resurrection,
such issue of to be or not to be
you need to consider, with reflection.

Has big-Bang really found the universe,
and magically settled the galaxies,
and all the details, well-shaped, and diverse,
Have they been found by mere feigned theories?

No Man, in short, would shape the smallest pest,
Nor let the sun to set or rise from east.
The Man can't let the fish in seas deep rest.
Or gift the earth with rain, oh! What a treat!


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