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Editing - draft

Wishful Thinking... [Spreading Wings]

Born To Be Wild
I float upon stormy seas
Forever in my youth
Can't bring me to my knees

I'll ride the blustered winds
All my care-free days
Don't think of me a fool
I won't ever change my ways

I'll tame the ways of age
Figure out the road
Keep on jumping all around
Like Spring's hoppy-toad

So, don't tell me to "Go slower"
I just won't comply
If I say I will, my friend
Just take it for a lie

The Fog

It’s coming. I can see it.
Huge, ominous, void of hope.
Like a cloud of fog.
And I can’t escape it.

Light doesn’t go far.
Terror of knowing where this goes.
I’ve been here before.
Here it comes.

Encased yet lost in it.
The coldness seeps in.
Every moisture drop is a thought.
So many it's overwhelming.

Can’t think, it’s in my brain.
It’s in my lungs, can’t breathe.
Panic starts to rise.
There’s no one around, alone.

The Human Emotions

Ichor set ablaze
My rational thought is a sky clouded by subjectivity
Those that provoke shall meet only fury
For aggression is the only answer to the anger brigade

Waterfalls lower down from orbs
Rejected and dejected
I have been absorbed
By a state that is decayed yet poetic

My outer tissue is met with prickles
All are out to attack me
No one is a safe guarantee
My psyche has turned brittle

i didn't make it

I didn't make it,
if you have found this letter its too, your too late
I am tiered, I'm tried off not being able to get out of my bed.
I'm tired of having this consent heart ach
I'm just tired off life
but when someone asks me if I'm okay and i say I'm fine with a smile on my face,
but little does anyone know the bloodshot eyes stared back at me every night
as i place the blade on the bathroom side,
little dose anyone the showers they start to sting
and the numbers on the scale they go down.

Aussieland is Calling...

I'd like to live down-under
In Aussieland by the sea
With wallabies and waves of thunder
And Eucalyptus trees

The Outback filled with the songs
Of Kookaburra birds
And frog-filled billabongs
Grasslands and kangaroo herds

I'd listen through the night
To Aboriginal didgeridoos
Watch the sun come up bright
Look for spiders in my shoes

Ahhhh, the call of the wild
The Outback calling me
Me, a nature-child
A regular Croc Dundee

In The Middle of The Night...

Nightmares coming in single file
Black cats of Poe and hurts of the past
One-eyed and scared most of the while
Filled with fear; No, love doesn't last

Care thrown aside like his lost love
Monster of hate shows it's sad form
Push comes now, then the big shove
Frenzy of rage becoming the norm

The axe of power, smashing out life
Hiding the crime behind a wall
Found during a search, for the lost wife
The voice of a cat, brings his downfall

Dreams of Mayhem...

Dragon's breath blows from the fire
His shirt and cloak doth steam
Eyes of red and yellow stare
He's caught up in the dream

The rumble of the beast in him
Answers to the storm
Rain sheets down to mask his howls
In a night of emotions torn

The scent of prey, is washed away
He's left with naught a smell
The fog creeps in to cover tracks
That will lead him straight to Hell

Nothing Is Wrong...

My mind destroyed by the effort
of making sense of truth
I think about what should I say
of today's unbridled youth

All for lack of a message
I do not hear what they may say
it's shrouded by entitlement
Is this the modern way?

Give them an A for effort
a trophy for being there
Doesn't anyone ever fail?
If they do, I don't know where

Failure is not an option
but neither is a win
Because no one wants to lose
the race the world has put us in

Old Copper Coins

We're tying up memories to sell, but the rope we use is frail
We stole it from our childhood tire swing
'Cause now we're older and we've got no time for games
But is it worth it? Just for a gain?

Last spring they poisoned the soil
Cause we were stealing what we thought was free
But it turns out in life that there's always a price if you wanna take the fruit from the tree


People won’t remember
the things they say
the actions done
that they’re hidin’.

People won’t remember
the injustices started
the overwhelming problems
created by that uncaring family.

It’s the moth caught
by the spider,
there is the deer
choked by the catamount.

You’re slippin’ on the ice
losing balance walking in the mud
scratching for a handhold
while falling down the cliff.


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