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Editing - draft

Sweet Mercury

If I could have been there
To hold your sweet hand
Before I’d come
I’d smooth out the sand
Quiet the ocean, silence the birds
So Your last loving song
Is all that I heard

K. Mulroney

A Reflection (November's Contest)

Do you believe in God, or two or three,
of life after death, of resurrection,
such issue of to be or not to be
you need to consider, with reflection.

Has big-Bang really found the universe,
and magically settled the galaxies,
and all the details, well-shaped, and diverse,
Have they been found by mere feigned theories?

No Man, in short, would shape the smallest pest,
Nor let the sun to set or rise from east.
The Man can't let the fish in seas deep rest.
Or gift the earth with rain, oh! What a treat!

Autumn’s Lovelier Nights (CONTINUUM)

A continuum poem

These are leaves
which surround me
in my back yard
as autumn advances
the night is always young
as I peep
through my window daily
all passers by smile at me

are you composing poetry
the night makes me dream
of the morn yet to be born
ere arrives another fresh dawn
another autumn is newly sworn

Snow Date... November Sonnet Contest

Shall we prepare love, for a winter's day?
A snow filled sally to a sloping hill
You have a car sir and I have a sleigh
We have warm clothes love, please do say you will

A fire to warm us, we can be alone
A picnic basket, filled up with delights
Won't say where we go, and turn off the phone
We will stay for hours, mayhap until night

A sonnet for you, kisses for my face
Wine with the cheeses chocolate candy
Come with me darling, down hill we will race
It will be such fun, it will be dandy

children and sports

they move all so fast

your eyes could not ever see

power of their minds

C#-tis Interruptus

All right, let's knock this assignment out
*looks at obsidian screen*
What a nice contrast with that neon green font
*cracks knuckles, and begins to type*

XmlDocument xml = new XmlDocument();

Dang fly, get out of here!
*lyrics of Monster by Mumford and Sons crosses mind*
Music! That's what I forgot! Let's fire up Spotify...
*sings along with song*
What was I doing? Right. Homework. OK

XmlDocument xml = new XmlDocument();
xml.LoadXml(str); // suppose that str string contains "<Names>...


Her purple-dyed faux fur jacket
made her look like one of those
lucky rabbit feet on a chain

Oblivious to the stares
she strutted her stuff
in her Uggs and Lapland ear-muffed hat

Eyes glazed in shopping mode
she ran rampant through her list
wrestling her credit to the ground

Elbows bloodied from making way in the crowds
she's good with her social-conscience
she refrains from kicking them when they are down

One Eye On The Weather...

A bleak winter scape
Painted beyond cold panes of glass
Scarified grass withered and dry

The wind screams insults at him
Rattling the sill, seeking egress
The Wolf is at the door

Scarred wooden desk
Steaming cuppa coffee
Half smoked joint and cookie

The crap in his lungs
The ache in his bones
His robe belted tightly

Outside his domain
The world bright and cheerful
Bah! Humbug, a prisoner of himself


autumn wind blew strong and the night leaves
cast shadows like hands scratching ground
the sounds were the sounds of old echoes
who whispered their way into terrified ears
while hearts feared all the trees would come down

the moon hid unlit behind black sky
mars, red-faced, escaped his jailed form
the giant was there, nonetheless
and his essence escaped, away, light years to fly
through that sky's dark and grey crying clouds

Up All Night...

Night wraps around long shadows
colors them darker still
His soul huddles with magic
bending it to his will

Crouching in the darkness
his eyes glowing faintly red
The blood of his victim clotting
as he sucks the eyes from it's head

Crimson fluid flowing
tasty as can be
He slurps, swallows and belches
ready for course number three

He finds it hangs where he left it
like a spider-meal wrapped in silk
High in the tower of a castle
a snack, like cookies and milk


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