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Editing - draft

Over You

1 heart, 1 head, 1 voice

2 people

3 reasons not to love you

4 reasons I should

5 friends tell me I shouldn't

6 girls before me - wow

7 "accidents" I can forgive

8 will break me

9 times you've said we're through

10 times too many tears for you

11 long months I called you mine

12 short lines to get over you 

When Autumn Leaves (october contest)

One of my wishes still vivid in mind
Is of Autumn nights with your hands so kind
And kisses among musty leaves
Return from beyond choppy seas

Clear as ringing from the schoolhouse bell
Wondrous you as a southern belle
We rolled within windbreakers blue
It was only our existence that we knew

We didn’t know time an Impale stake
Would kill it all for another’s sake
Your tears rolled down that innocent face
There was anger in our 'hood - loss of grace

Autumnal Equinox

Equal day and night
That leads to days of fright
The light of day pours into
Black, dark things that go BOO!

Then wind whips up the crisp leaves
While green needles sway in the breeze
Hats and scarves come out of hiding
While witches their brooms are riding.

The Summer is gone and so are you
But my heart still yearns for a love that's true.
I wait for Winters hoary frost to make
My heart feel less of the ache.

no meteor, no dinosaur
what on earth is hitting the earth
a heat wave is melting our mother's floor
what caused this mega maniacal birth
of a baby in heat, grown to child on fire
aged to rage while fed by men
birds cannot sit on a red hot wire
more heat keeps coming what happens when
atmosphere in heat will seek to sex cloud
arms of our mother are warping and burning
her clothing now torn bursts to flaming shroud
while the blood in her veins is churning
and boiling and rolling to ashes and soot

Of Enigma

An Enigma -
Many came to ask me about death

WHEN we were younger
we asked elders

Why don't you want to die
why live so long
are you afraid

Now I am at that border of life
@nearing 80
I ask myself why should I die
I will never again come by

So now I terribly feel shy
not wanting to
say good bye

The Jewel

He pondered the suffering in his life,
Imagined colored piano keys.
Did he become wound, or was he the knife
That cut off dry branches from old dead trees?

He could still hear words from an old school house
Where inside there were books and learning things;
He could picture his granny's old worn out blouse
While he dreamed of poets and queens and kings,

The Weight Of Words

The Weight Of Words

In my youth, words were an anchor,
defining the acceptable,
passing judgement on my actions,
and marking life's expectations.

In adulthood, they were purpose,
as I shaped the jagged pieces,
of failed assumption and regret,
into dreams I found worth living.

As a father, words were power,
to sweep away limitations
and pave the paths of my children
with unbound possibilities.

Naming a mountain once more

Naming a mountain.

THERE was a time I came from the north
Slow through the thick wet world
On approach, would see
It’s great hunched shoulders, reared
Against the wind, as the ground below fell
And the world disappeared

There was my beacon, tipped with
A man made broadsword, perched
At the highest point, placed,
When I was small, far, abroad
A great beacon tower to cast
Out the word, to every listening
Wireless blood in the land

The father's Work

Are we sneakily promoting senseless free flowing mischaracterizations by implying blindness concerning the beautifully vibrant tones... and uniqueness of
our black, white, and brown skins?
Even more, quiet demand kow tows to [A] political correctness that only
unmasks the unreachable achiness of what's not possible.
( at any rate ), does our arrogant subconscious context suggest flaws in the father's work, or are we really at times, so easily...………………………

" saw through?"

You Rule My Darkness

In dreamlike sleep you walk

Desperate need of rest.

You speak I do not listen.

Overcome with dread

For the feelings on which you fed.

I go screaming into the night

Never sure of what to do,

Because I'm so in love with you.

Wrist to wrist I take your blood,

Cutting and then cursing.

Little drops mingle.

We are as one.

Finally, the night is done.

You awakened

Saw the nasty deed,

Saw the sleeve on which you bled

Held me with the bloody knife

Bit my neck.


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