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Editing - draft

You Again!

You Again!

the enemy sits in wait
it hides from detection.
old as rocks and water,
it plots...
but it is sloppy
in its disguise.
for a nano second
I see a flash
a flicker
a flare...
of its throat
the sparkly vision comes
and shards of glass
my poor
defenseless eyes
then comes
the black holes
hanging in the air.
voices strike blows
can't take
much more
than a

Dirty Little Secrets (by: eddy styx)

Dirty Little Secrets

spying through windows
those dirty little secrets
not aired in public.
game faces not engaged
concealing smiles
not in place.
I note
exhaustion comes out
from behind the public
lies no longer apply
in the dying,
light of day
you can speak truth
your Devils!

A Simple Thing

Risky can be the way to love for
me and you and all
then on its behalf let life bestow
what it is that makes us grow…

be rules the way of truth now are
that not one soul gets hurt,
in the deep and darkest valley way
pride and glory find the day…

now if worth of you be the goal of all
pay your homage to this simple thing
and from all connected in the circle bring
our world like morning doves shall sing.

This Person Will Self-Destruct In...

How far can you let them take you
down the road of self-destruction?
While you try to build them up
help them in reconstruction

Do you let them take the food
from your family's mouth
steal your rent, your sleep
while they are going south?

How many times do you try
before you finally get tough
Do you let them destroy you
before enough is just enough?

Yes, we loved our son
but we had to let him go
Down the road to ruination
though we loved him so

No Matter What! (poem of the week contest)

No Matter What!

his youth was
still upon him,
although he knew it not.

when things
got a bit rough
he drew a hit of pot.

it didn't
make him wiser
confusing him instead

at the drawing table
when he should have gone to bed

not considering
any different, he knew he was right
refusing to reconsider other choices

he locked out
reason pounding in his ears
hearing only their exaggerated voices.

The Dance (by: eddy styx)

The Dance (by: eddy styx)

a stunning woman,
nature's work of art.
hazel eyes that flashed,
beneath a brunette part.

dark hair in glossy fashion
nature had not skimped.
her vanity was obvious
as she preened and primped.

the mirror, her bosom friend
this room had one on every wall.
a tiny woman, delicate and petite
for her charms, most men would fall.

noticing her lovely appearance
from across the well lit room,
crossing the floor, I bowed before her,
she not feeling her coming doom.



I Was Lost...

Lost in a daydream, symphony played
Floydesque notes drawn out
Time on my back, my hair is greyed
Music louder, hear it shout

Smooth drawn bows of violins
My ears filling with the sun
Shining diamonds are my sins
I really think the Money's won

Sweeping choruses, string voices strained
register bells are ringing
Them, who are us being drained
and they are still singing

Fluted notes being blown aloft
saxaphones fluttering wails
Cello marrying tones so soft
Tears that stream, filling pails

Just A Dream

Just A Dream

Sister's Monster (by: eddy styx and Cat)

Sister's Monster
(eddy styx and Cat)


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