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Editing - draft

Great Aunt Kitty...

Great Aunt Kitty was a flapper
The twenties were a blast
Short skirts and beads were the fashion
The mini-dresses of the past

Charleston dances and jitterbugs
Were all the latest rage
There was a ban on alcohol and drugs
Take a lead from the temperence page

Aunt Kit drove a wood-frame sporty car
She danced in many a hall
There was no drinking in a regular bar
Speakeasies hid behind a wall

Other Lands, Forests, and Rivers

Gentle breezes stir the treetops in this Rhine Valley.
Wooded hills become the realm of shadows
that engulf greening spruce trees.
Sitting on deck of our river cruise boat, I imagine
forest creatures preparing their beddings
for the nearing night, soon to be lulled to sleep
by a softly splashing stream fed by yonder minor
waterfall that’s only one of several tributaries
to the mighty Rhine on which I travel.

A Cannibal's Meditation

As often as one can find a hen
with teeth in my village, will I give
serious thought to religious fantasies--
other than my own.

Early childhood terrors, fostered
by my parents inherited superstitions,
still conjure up images of vengeful
“Muhungu,” the deity that stalks the mind
in his awesome shape of a Baobab tree.


There was a cliff, where we first met.
Below, perpetual waves crashed
At sunset, we watched the fishermen
return in dinghies.

She told me she was here for the moon
when the moon came out, she said
it looked like a rabbit's tummy
with the stars decorated as ears
and legs. I anticipated the pattern
and nodded happily.

We shared our stories under the
starlit night, there was a moment
of closeness in the air. That day,
my life changed forever.

Half-a- century followed...

Felix, My Black Cat Kills Time

Oh, you playful, naughty kitten!
One day you came to my front door;
I fed you salmon, tuna, shrimp,
Not caring where you’d lived before.

But soon, I learned, you must have been
Evicted from your former home,
And bad demeanor was the cause
That got you in the streets to roam.

Here, now begins the tragic tale
Of kindness reaping little thanks,
But even so, I do forgive;
I’m one who scolds—but never spanks.

I have a hole

I have a whole
angelina rodriguez
05/12/20 9:38

Death Is A Gentleman...

Look over your shoulder
See what is there
The air is much colder
You've stand-up hair

Nothing to see here
But you hear its' breath
Hello my sweet dear
It's me, your own death

I'm not ready to go yet
There's so much to do
Wouldn't make a bet
I was going to see you

Don't take it unkind
But, I don't want to go
If you really don't mind
I'm scared, you know?

Earthlings... [May Contest]

What an awesome place to live
This blue wrapped planet
Full of water
Circling a yellow star

They call it the Goldilocks zone
Not too far and not too close
Nobody here but us...
I wonder why no one comes to visit?

Maybe our neighbors are afraid of us
After all, we have let the place go to hell
Killed off most of the wildlife
And put up a parking lot

I see those unidentifieds zoom by
I'll bet they're scared of us
Kinda like being on the wrong side of the tracks
After dark

Escape from reality

There's a place I love to tarry
when my strength is gone,
when my eyes are dizzy,
when my stomach is churning,
when I am ridiculed and castrated by hunger,
I crawl to mama's fireplace.
I lie there and drift into fantasy-land,
where I dine with kings and queens.

There's a place I love to tarry
when mama has nothing to cook
and I don't know where my next meal will come from,
I slip into fantasy-land
and eat in grand eateries.

The Paintbrush

High in the sky, buried among the clouds
Warmth carried on the breeze
Painted vibrant hues of joy
Heavier, clouds grow, grey
No matter, high above is play
Sinking, unnoticed, heavy raindrops fall
Firm ground, jumping, shorter, louder
Climbing, reaching for the sky, no problem
Red paintbrush growing, covering, blinding
Kicking, screaming, prickly wind, hit in the face
Plant a seed, grow a flower, call for the rain, louder, louder
Still to jump, still to fall, forgotten
Puddles, flooding, sinking, take a deep breath


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