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Editing - draft


I wore fear
like a winding sheet,
leaving behind trails
of dead dreams

I held hope in my hands
and weeping, it slid
through my fingers
evaporating to naught

I undulated to music
praying for redemption
within the passage,
I was left bereft,
still, taciturn

But by relinquishing velleity
into the firmament,
and smashing my glass heart
for the loves' of my life

I've begun to believe
in miracles again,
I am finding the way
that comforts my soul

Your Leather My Lace

stripped of feelings
freedom from my heart,
might trip again but
will not fall apart.

you will never know
the mess you made.
trying to get inside
let it go, it will fade.

you think you know me
but you're wrong you do not.
I have fanned my fire
from warm to glowing hot.

you had the real thing
but threw it away,
now you dare to ask
for me to stop and stay.

I no longer care
so I give fair warning,
you may spend the night
just be gone before morning.

Sometimes, I Cry, and That's Okay

Sometimes I feel like I need to cry
And that’s okay.
Those are the days that I look forward to the most.
Those are the days that I need the most.

You taught me to stuff my feelings away
Because they weren’t as important as yours.

You taught me to hide my face
Just to save face.
Because you needed a smile on your mask.

You taught me to keep my throat locked up
In fear that I might say the wrong thing.

Curse of the Shu-Shu...

A big and black behemoth
looking like a hearse
Incongruous pearl-white top
couldn't have made it worse

My sister's daughter Julie
Couldn't say her name
her little mouth said Shu-Shu
I laughed and was to blame

She thought it awfully funny
when Uncle Guy would laugh
Shu-Shu sister Sheila
wasn't mad by half

A curse brought on by Shu-Shu
everytime she wanted rides
Transmission faults and batteries
flat tires by the roadside

I saw a video of a fish with a harpoon through it's head
You probably saw it too because it was all over the internet
It looked like it hurt but somehow it didn't end up dead
It was still swimming until it got stuck in a fishing net

I wonder if the other fish found it funny
Me? I didn't laugh at all
I know how it feels to be kicked whilst you are down
It's like watching the ocean waves roll, but they never reach the shore

Psychosis (In The Land Of Chaos)

I live in the land of chaos.
My mind has a mind of its own.
I struggle with normal situations,
Relationships are always unknown.

Psychosis, it’s called, so I’m told.
When you hear and see things not there.
Some call it clairaudience, clairvoyance,
But most are blissfully unaware.

Some might say that I’m crazy,
That’s something that I’ll always fear.
I know what’s real and what’s not but
I see what I see and hear what I hear.

The Queen of Hearts...

A curvaceous body hid
her frozen, cold steel heart
The warmth of imagination
disguised that awful part

Though there was no intention
he felt the steady draw
of lips and hips to his
and thought about the law

As he first felt desire
rise up in his veins
the thought of sin and punishment
said he was insane

She redoubled all her efforts
made him want her more
Her skin was warm and soft
she thrilled him to his core

Challenge- In the Land of Chaos

War, what a shameful thing to see
That brings termination to mankind
Causing everything to become a nightmare
With all these horrible crime scenes
Like a living place in hell with a disaster
To see such madness turning into a ghost town
with all human deadly flesh body
dripping blood turning into a river flow
skeleton bones stay on the side
that filled with horrifying cries
Is this how we want to see our future build
With people suffering from fear and death
their lives become shattered and helpless

Be a Light

If you can change the world
Only change it for the better
If you can write your story
Write it and follow it to the letter

If you can create an atmosphere
Make sure you give a positive vibe
Never put others down to act cool
Be the reason others feel alive

In a world where all people do is fight
Change the trend and Be a Light

Love Lost In The Land Of Chaos

Asking me what you did wrong,
I told you that you did not listen,
you are not listening to me still,
could have wiped away tears that glisten.

You were too much of a Man's Man,
a two-fisted hard bodied drinker.
you never noticed it was slipping away
what you needed was a good head-shrinker.

Figuring out the mess you were creating
did you think in your hands you had it made?
Love was a treasure you could not tarnish
if only you had followed your heart and obeyed.


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