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Editing - draft

Still Truckin'...

And as we lay in shadows past
The ghosts of voyages come
Sailing past each brother's vision
Dreams of youth and daring fun

Time and distance wears us out
So many miles we've left behind
Crazy fun and broken dreams
The things we thought we'd find

The rain runs down the leaking gutter
Drops to drum on an empty pot
Splashing life everywhere
Keeping time as we never thought

Reading a book

If everyone was reading a book right now
How quiet it would be
The deluge of skin-flakes
Our shorted-out bodies
Whirling without a gunshot
The flaccid wonder of us
The hundreds-and-thousands of our eyes

Geetime... May contest

Wrestling with words
as I watch "The Man"
Pay attention as best I can

Wrestle on, stay in kayfabe
Don't let them know
Keep on truckin', go Gee, go

MJ, Neo. and Geezer's Killer
Love Wendy, my long wife
These are the things, make my life

The Lonely Hill

I walk upon a lonely hill
Its soft song echoing in my fragile ears
Radiating past yesterday’s sorrows
Its frigid hands grasping mine
Longing for a place to call home
Longing for me to whisper
Into its bestial hair
For my feet soon plummet
And my legs soon follow
Falling deep into
A cascading waterfall of stones
Comforting my broken bones
As the waterfall had once flown
But how that fall has grown
As it sits on an ascending throne
On that hill that is so lone.

Into legend she strides.

Green fronds of life
adorn a sacred shroud,
laid in the silken bed
you nearly convey life

A golden cup is passed
trembling breath its shine
masters drink from a red lip
all shivering at the gods wine

Men in long cotton suits
admire your swoop and sway,
A lady cheers your passing
venom stuck in her teeth

Your coat slips down long legs
groomed, glimmer and glamour
Always on top, even retired
you slayed them all in a blink

The Spill

We sat at our spot
The backwash embankment
Bald Eagles perched
On tree bones petrified
Over lush lily pads

We reminisce of the Gulf
Times we spent there
Everything clean and bright

Our hearts soften
In speechless empathy

Visions of tropical life
Falling into deepest depression
-When storms approached

Ode to my Number Two (April Contest)

My dearest number two
I love you very much
In your school house yellow
A dandelion feel

Through my nose and sinus
You return me to class
Second grade aroma
My dearest number two

Bring ideas to a point
Sharp or dull you contrast
My dearest number two
All angles can be seen

If you are ever wrong
My dearest number two
Nibble on your soft end
Then erase to a smear

The Angel


The Angel reached out toward my face and said
"Dear child be free"

I turned and said "I can't I'm lost, my path
I cannot see"

"I do not know which way to turn
to stop the pain inside,
an empty spot lays in my heart
from tears that I have cried"

"I feel wore down and weak right now
from years of being strong.
Now that it's time to help myself
I'm doing it all wrong"

Here we are

You held my hand,
As we walked down the aisle.
After crawling through these years.
Years of insanity,
Insecurities, Struggles,
And Pain.
We cried, We laughed.
But here we are darling.

The last say

A storm of darkness prevailing on
Inside the body that holds this song
Lucifer entered open heart on display
Thought by thought, consuming the dark
My fallen angel never to part

An overwhelming thought too think
An end to agony that persists
With something as simple as a 'click'
Or maybe, a pop, drop or swallow
Dancing devil shook me and left me hallow


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