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Editing - draft


FOIA: Redacted

and here is the proof of
blank blank blankety blank
it baffles the mind that
blank blank blankety blank
recently revealed by
blank blank blankety blank
we all should sleep with one open eye


Time Well Spent

floating away
adrift in a daze
out of my mind's
tedious maze

time is now mine
to do as I choose
I choose to do nothing
so nothing I do


Universal Deja Vu

Memory Banks

some memories remain
bright and shiney
sparkling like golden coins
on cold volcanic ash

helpful maintainers of the way
rekindling faded or failing hope;

the bursting joys of youth playfully resurrected
the replay of one's first love, dancing naked
but for a moonlit tierra of daiseys
that trophy year, becoming a winner
when dreams seemed limitless

these are the sweet goading motors of forward motion

To My Friend ( June contest )

My Dear friend,
Time passes and I sometimes cry,
One by one my friends seem to die
Let me at least take the lead this time
I don’t mind, I know the journey will be fine.

But my friend let’s wait a while before I go
There are many things I wish to know
All these years we have known each other
I have loved you so, like one of my Brothers.

It is not of you I need to know, but your Sister
Did you know that I always loved her so?
Time again reared its nasty head.
We separated, sometimes I wanted to be dead.


storied face
shmata chic
hilarious taste
tangles her English
with yiddishe schtick
quizzically eyes all
modern kitsch

a boasting pride for
her matzah brei
thinks she deserves
a nobel prize
she's being sarcatic
of course she won't win
it taste as bland as
the box it came in

Mirror Acrostic

Perfectly molded for this fat old saP
Always painting true scenes of malitiA
Trained, competitive in studio arT
Recalled by friends always being on paR
Incredible with fired hibachI
Clams fresh from the shore steamed in a net saC
In the pot with gallons of Bud brewskI
Attentive, smart, that’s my dear PatriciA


ism is not a prism
nor is it a prison
it's not established
until it's finished

if all I knew were isms
I would more than likely
be solely alone and unlikely
like if I was into Marxism

which I am not however
so I say to those whomever
pull up your trousers and be aware
it's coming from over there

the diabolical aneurism


awash in muddled isms
slung about
like turd tossing monkeys

a stench

saturating the senses
smearing reflection
polluting all elixirs of hope
into potions of despair

who is immaculate enough to be immune
who is slippery enough to come out clean

Bait Thoughts

bon vivants annoy me

early teen girls are scary

smart people tend to think
they have no character flaws worth mentioning

credit where credit is due; lazy people ARE aficionados of "chillin"

stupidity doesn't mean one is bad, but it is definitly dangerous

pretty women live in an altered state

stop knocking bass players, they can't help it

skinny chefs insinuate dubious skill

prancing musicians - STOP IT

losers and fishermen are prolific inventors of excuses

Rialto REM

The Rialto Theater was ugly brick
Dirt washed concrete from exhaust did then stick
Expresso Pizza is still a hang out
For the longest time, best pizza no doubt

Rialto was busy that Friday night
Insides decorated in black and white
To sit center of the musty theater
Soon to be sold by James Hill the realtor

From the right room corner came flashing light
Soon obvious, a fire causing fright
Everyone running and stumbling, a mess
Now in comfort and so thinking to bless

The Reality Coach

so I'm a hard ass
gruff and blunt
but I don't lie
or prevaricate

why call that mean

truth comes in words
or consequences

would you rather
make a fool of yourself
or have me school you
so you don't

it's up to you
but I already know
there will be
tears and tantrums
either way

give me a hug

and let's get back to work


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