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High And Mighty

jostling for position
elbows bear the brunt
I have a primal need
to always be in front

It soothes my precious ego
when I can see ahead and
pretend a sense of prescience
to those that think I've led


once upon a hunch
(which proved to be amiss) I
lured my flock of lemmings
off a mother fucking cliff

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


Off they went
through the dense wind.
Eyes opened wide
for the first time,
tails straight, fingers spread.
Some of them landed
on a pile of twigs
others are still flying.
Lemmings are my people,
I am their king.



I love the spirit of this poem

smooth and tight
you wrote it right :)

Beautifully evocative personification of the blundering fool whos name you know
Hopefully there are some who will follow down his rabbit hole to nowhere good and those, many more standing at the precipice listening to the heavy thud below

There they go, no way to stop most of them, because they have already committed! Oh well, who needs Lemmings anyway? Liked the rhyme and near rhyme. Nice and tight as Zebra said. Oh my, am I turning into a Lemming? ~ Gee.

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