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saturnine arnica

Freud and schizophrenia,
saturnine arnica
junipers broll on Nausikaas
balms to bid him stay
brim suffocation of arnica,
or razors that cut through
puckered pine, porcupine
abacus of beads
stringed: placid
then plucked to viola
silhouettes of dusk
forgets all wavy auburn's,
therein awakened hamlets,
and kindred teeth break
shards of jowl

and pass, not dawn
letting gambols
of coral reefs
abandonment, the
faint whisper of a grass

hamlets heinous,
haggard hag, howling heaps
how has harangued

well wishers wallop
wriggle, wanton woes worry
wad wear worms

banquets bore beagle

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Amazing word choices and sounds in this poem. So many literary devices, which is great in an experimental poem like this one.

Could you tell me about the meaning behind it?


Critique, don't comment.
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