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Agamemnon and the minx of shallot

mother i am deeply depressed
panels of the old liver automation
disquited with ascending from gloom
to easen the path of the hearse

the briars of solitude recedes the night
the great discharges in the tomb therein be
mural Cynthia and her heavenly accomplices
sponge with gall of their luminescence

each night in apocryphal solecisms
ill omens the monument in the towers cruet
throttles to raze the scarlet pimpernel
and window tresses dream the ghastly entourage

swarthiness of cloaks with the blue froth
foils of gory grasshoppers impress their nozzle
we muffle with the sandals of tramps
to balm the censer gorgoile valium

globetrotters of seaweed and bouquets
affliated with the forgone inexistence
afflicted gossamery and adjoining colonnade
walking upon the sea of redolent pottery

in darkness to ride the sorcerers pandemonium
titan of the true metamorphosis of sleep
the stealth breakaway of Agamemnon
to shoot wild birds that stroke lamentation

and how should i assume this calamity
for enumeration in the morass of spells
that the one drop of life inhales detriment
golem with the intransitive growth with redundancy

the minx of shallot by her observant window
pours forth illicit suave of recitations
to hoar the poacher with her quivered arrows
on guts that flayed of the ragged delusion
day by day, drowning alongside the lore

Editing stage: 


dazzled by the perfect words
u are very bright
professor Carl is like this
even in high school
we could barely understand
what he was trying to tell us
The passion of his delivery
though we caught
Like your poetry
its like beautiful Graffitti
something crafted
like my autistic friend
who can speak
has a newspaper
route...reads books
in the library

intelligence is such
an illumination round
in the desert night

Love the clever word
took me a long time
to answer this one..
I read and read it

shallot...a word I had
not heard in a while

intense...well paced
superbly fillagree work

thank U!

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