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stainless steel

the binding head meets the turbine river o!

alloy and to the sights, rusts annoy
the chrome of colour chromatography
distasteful marjoram for the hand pleaders
that smelt the soul, with jest teasers
same with the blizzard fog, and gizzards
torn and stained between the teeth

the size of accommodation is huge
none left undiscovered in rediscovery
primate prints, and yolk shells
therein the flesh drains, must dwells
with the lightening stroke of harsh pelts
strove that men mustn't be Topsy-turvy ash gust

must they be the supplement of the trees well being
stems cooled the leopard withered sands
the romping serenade is clear assault
browning the assiduous industry, brine salt
wind tuft brigades, to sturdy halt
found not with the ear of musics demi-quiver

rather for the large crazed march pasts
of ancient suspects , thought to be missing
pages that were found in bewildered archive
the sun that believes in talisman, blots arrive
or seek mirth by avenging spirits in manacle hives
moaning " sheep"... "sheep" , preys courted consumption.

there is still an exploit of her appropriation,
the soul is the stainless steel.

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I've read all your works, but haven't commented on many (lol - i think i may have commented on only one - so sorry) as I find them very hard to understand
lol - you are an esker quadrupled.... at least I get some of what he writes....

That's not to say what you write is not good (I have included you in the class of esker) - there is a lot of imagery and the words roll easily, on the whole, off the tongue. I just have nothing to say

You're just too deep for me.... and you are, no doubt, writing from the perspctive of where you are - your cultural heritage, that I have little knowledge of.

It might hielp the reader if you wrote an author's note in the 'last words' section to perhaps steer him/her in the direction you want them to take

I will continue to read your works, as I find them intriguing, but I can't promise to comment on them..... just know that I do enjoy your writings, but have not the ability to critique them

Love judy

'Each for the joy of the working, and each, in his separate star,
shall draw the Thing as he sees It, for the God of Things as They are.'
(Rudyard Kipling)

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