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catechisms of damascus

the legible conundrums of the sweeping wings of an albatross
though the breath of the morning
where the crickets initiate their assidous toil
milk mingled of negligence to dystrophic awaited death
and the gullible faltered malady
amidst the lachrymose songs of gloam

belles dulcimer of the tattered sheets
is graphite ensembled of glass bread
spent fumes on the patter of earthenware
glittering the cluster of overcrowded necropolis
gone dusk feasible of the unripe animalculum
that sneaks to glimpse his share of earth

the muteness of the withered polish petrifies
shods of irate preachermen and apostles
misgiving lucid of the sprinkled sawdust
exodus of detrimental oust acquisition to pyromaniacs
a pyre man in stakes of sacramental cremation
medley of lay imprecation in parody of umbrage

the littoral lights of the dell wan
resignation recommended discontinuation
contentious for the neccesity imposed by alienation
a cesspit for intermediate paucity
in despair of transactions for boarding life
that shews the concept of adjascent heaven

the dwelling abode for lifes extension is probate
not that i say, but that time tells
and the brutal spades of the dusts clarification
valedictory brass in the turbulent widows decimation
ants eat, smaller ants disect a split spleen
of the condensate impairment buffers the absorbing

... or the idioplasms and flax
that filches the vast glazier of nominal instability
a cadre of the terminus for hereditory infirmities
doctrines in neurologistic exchange for the dying grass
exhume incendiary strike the forest match
and engages the welfare of the bier

had i not seen this entitled proliferation profligate
[ lipsticks for fatter pockets and liatany taxes]
where the blinded was healed by pulpit ventriloquists
and lame that walks coupled spectators stranded
for the greyhound bus of cougars and plausible blood liped
medieval mettle of absentmindedness
that the jingoists transgressed to circumscribe


i say, there is someone in this building that suffers from the syndrome
and Koch's and anaemic sickle and Downe's
the spirit will move and this person will be rectified
if you believe this shout a big...
[ pallete for the clamour of miscegenation]
ajax and ullyses for achilles battle shield
irascible will the gloom jabber of taunted proletariats
clown cloths with zigzag and papier mache
mucus nitric and fog specimen dense the dormancy
the backyard is wad and splatter uncircumsized philistines
trignometry parallel to A2b2c2 and the syllogistic
ignomimy to the habeas corpus and solstice appurtenance
in the placid tenancy robust for competitive voices
'' the melanin and prolactine of child birth is close
there is no gargantuan fallacy for devils downsizing
and the amazement of the cherubic prowess, precastinates not
it says, there is one of such germinal solar plexis
and the spirit has aureole over my capacitated cramium
descended with, you in the middle, stand up! "
the payslip was an accorded somewhat mega patron
whose dressing embellished premium aristocracy
" it was you the pneuma hagion prophesys the foetus,
and the messiah in your abdominal divinely poaches
- say char, i receive it! - take it !..?? "
i liquidate infectious to you, and eulogize syncretism
there is not utmost drool to the rendition
for minstrelsy of lark of the morn
that was foraging for electra of deserts
but whose intentious bureaucracy is praline
to clatter for nutrients of the latter day,
worse more, seeks an appetizer of pocket infrastructure
whose beguile orchestra is the nearby governmental acidity
that loots pages of the book of antagonizing talmud
and in my place of reorientation the citadel clutches
malachi that need the first of flocks propitiation
somewhere, somewhen, there is gambol gesticulation
i wasnt there yesterday when they rehearsed
how to arraign the riband divinely foregone
for centuries in bubonic plaque that revisit caveat emptors
and reprieve the swelling unbecoming of putrid sheba

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Your words are so high I had to stand on the shoulders of a university Professor to read them, the works is great and rolled around with the cymbals of knowledge to make points seem nearer but not may can have a professor to stand on.
Take care out there, I think if you wrote a few pieces for those that have just learned English then I think you will be able to teach the children about the world,
Yours as always Ian..

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Unconditional love to you all.
"Learn to love yourself first"
Yours as always, Ian.T, Sparrow, and Yenti

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