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ecumenical vaccine of tongue shawls

when the dearth of bronze is cast
hollow sprinters that magnify passivity;
when they bud to humans,
brothers, of the holy ears
phases the regression of outgrown eerie
the blackness for burning kettles
on wood fires: scaly
where there is molestation of name
the flaw of creations lingering in the universe
or a game of cards, the jar of hearts
in the ghastly befall of evening nights
and for fragrant fouls new men are stranded
the eyes that deliriums pellucid festivity

the north-west wind sprung
to reach its potential body builder
who was seated in the fogs of disappearance

the old, is a reflective picture, of ourselves
like the showers that sprinkle a baby born
and sigh " i was only awoken and drudge"
to skilm water parts like shear butter
the double edged slaughter of silence
and the idyllic resort chanters of fire
who in porcelain sherbets, still coal
the eaten half corn cobs by bird
who in the flames of enchanted minstrelsy
[ angelic attachments of stud voice]
do depart, as kings enthroned; abolish
to fare the tides, and sing a songswan

that lie a fruitcake on the dead shores
moors of the bound back anchors
strips vegetal on oaksmoke gloom's
for the night that carry the wastrels
vice by all intent; to forfeit their bodies
do they? stroll at ease or blink
and wink the sweethearts of twitch chords
mantra of holy to sing, no longer: they bother
and to plant the sacerdotal broken orbs
the shy shatterer , who takes no offerings
redeemed by the purification of trenches
while in streets; the flood, no longer gutters
a place to spend, a head that knows
and moon veals gathered; across the ocean
discretion to know whose selves, reply reconstruction
to praise the lark, from naught his voice redeems
the slacks, to retrieve, the pollen of dew
a kid cat in the lonely barren elevation,
to sieve the hands of colony
nor bereave, nor agony
of the complimented eye shadows
whence the helpmates of his guardian, arose
mocked in the few sand chromes of dust
quest his hibernate self, quells to brim
the guest appearance, of his soul

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excellent words
there is a rolling flow to the works
hi intellect from solid strict teaching
it reads in the work
I enjoy your poetry for its abstraction
yet the thread of sync is there

thank U!

Mr Wolf!

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