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the oceangate

[ sound waves of scenic sunsets... fills the horizon]

when fingers stream upon the mandolin
and prepuce oleaginous from the show
nautical miles navigable, yet irascible sea
pretzels of premature iris chewy
obelisk to a nuptial rapture of valediction

Aramaic verso , trifle pronged taco
verdant tack, sultanate suchlike
sucrose suds, outrun primogeniture
invidious screed forgone of expense
sclerosis scrawnier , titular saprophytes

repress republicans; Saunders portable
nestling oak gall larvae, a shy squid
bedknobs know of this infidel, in lush forests
and injunction, the spirit of the seaside
piroques glide the reflection of mystical waters

diamond clarinets, of a clear coast beach
coastline in the native mainland, gravitas modernity
splendour of canoes to a tropical paradise
o Africa! , dare i set foot on this heaven
and see cuisines of royalty, squalid

beyond, six ravens in the tower of Charles
and constable of naval ships. in Piccadilly
a gaggle of geese, mussels between black wall
swan upping doggets coat in upper Thames
decorum of Casper the black cat, Afrosaxons

Last few words: 
can we say Africa is as beautiful as heaven is depicted, there is only immense wastrel of the African pragmatism
Editing stage: 


owned cats
get along with africans
cause I get along with open
did I say open minds

Your writing is enjoyable
to read
I have read much
quite booksmart although
the technical aspects of
writing..spelling..I aint
so that hung up on or
care to be good at...
Word use here is like
always with your poems
If I can handle Milton
the englishman of
long long ago and his
thick volumes of works
I can enjoy much

other then to say I love
elaborate and ornate
detailing of this work...

Thank U very much Emeka
Mr Wolf!

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