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police man assaults 8 year old girl in rape attempt

an officer who was a D.S.P. saw an ewe espy
as a barbie break august carve
needed a neck brace to cover broken skull
fractured with salivating injurious eye swap
on an errand to buy bean cake "she said".
petals pried and fried spurious
to recruits for the public enemy section

the soft young lock lowered on a mow
for the trim of hair and a gardener
never yet in the lower regions
fatwa of the polygamy and concurrence
back-dated from the chemical pip
of peninsula nose, primal rose
primrose time do not mirage two hands
she is a thumb and her fellow finger
there was once a winter in the quiet glade
hazelnut eyes skied by wet drips
shed in cruelties of weeping we freshets
blighted fret yet, a biological queen
in symmetric constitutionalism minstrelsy colostrum
spurting turgid Waterloo turbid
of a temperamental heat rash,
the pangs of parturition maternity monomania
catatonic amidst the death prepared, by coming
a black dusk see's her diamonds become fibrillate
wobbles as an analogy glpotheca the kindergartener
a receptive plant jungle perhaps performed
the beatific red balloon fly's unaware,
is this a trick by the frog to get wings?

cellular booth stevedore to relics
scrivener and usurer
or colporteur of ancient Aerie
the eye of Scorpio herbarium
dovecot and burrow,
an open byre to rookery and bevy team
coterie a hamlet ox-driven
superimposed claque costermonger terminals
staff haul for the caneille
as horde of choir pastels cuffle
mob of a rabble people menagerie,
the native descent- vintner for episcopacy of FUHRER.

a panel bunting at crest fallen weavers
autocracy the later day vanquished jeer
every mountain on the barren shaven nose print
loom fortum --interregnum judged of alimony
for offertory forbidden by time dipped in the war
we were not at war in this case
subdued on leaning lilies [ '' misentrepreneurship'']
the frog take wings plea
trapped in an interception speed-dial
to pilot corps corpse cup Kob- antelope
gallop and the evasive gallivant gallantry

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however I love your experimental language use. Have you read William S. Burroughs? I suspect you would hate his contents which is often explicit homosexuality and drug use, however he plays with language in a beautiful, graphic and powerful way as you do.
I have done a reading for you
I hope it does the piece some justice, I must admit it was quite difficult however, it does at least show your mastery and control of the language.
This is courageous, powerful work on a very difficult subject. I applaud you.

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'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

thank you very much sir i adore you

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