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For Paul And Andrew

They don't post much
as they are much
Too much.

Altruism is the highest form of giving behaviour
They don't post on Neopoet much
as what they do is give, give, give.

They don't give much feedback
as they they know
that all will blow smoke up their asses

Paul doesn't give feedback especially
as his words will be given,
despite the best intentions of our objectivity,
a royal piss in the pocket.

Their humility and generosity
is the highest form of giving

They have given and given and given,
not just the money
(which is a lot)
They have given spirit of generosity that few
if any
ever give.

Let's name a Paul and Andrew day.

I would suggest that the day be

(Piss Off Early, Tomorrow's Saturday)
But every day is POETS day,

So let's celebrate Neopoet
and how to do it?

Tell poems,
dirty limericks,
a poem that moved you,
A lovely lyric in a song,

Each moment passes
never to return again
never forgotten,,

Last few words: 
A timely tribute.
Editing stage: 



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author comment

Saints Paul/Andrew Day,

This is a day that for us, is everyday,
all of us who love and use Neopoet.
Two new day saints in their own way,
so if you really revere them, show it.

This is a site that helps make us better,
nicer people, but also at what we do,
Soaking up poems to the very last letter,
twisting, fixing, critiquing till it’s blue.

Colouring my world more than a little,
these guys are as the Elf say’s, humble.
Crossing oceans to give their last spittle,
we get all this, still some of us grumble.

St Paul/Andrew day has now been created,
let it now in your memories be seared.
It lasts all year round, and I’m truly elated,
ever thankful to a person, most weird.

Roscoe Llane,

Religion will rip your faith off, and return
for the mask of disbelief that's left.

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