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milksop secateurs

metrical metropolis iridescent
the merino's now grazed mercerized
eating sky, breeding sly,
to sing a mezzo contralto
of messiahs born in mews
was Jesus a sliver simian-
you call all Africans apes,
tardy that lambs and silage
all life's still need a ripcord
in the day of deaths evaporation,
stevedore in the wharves offshore

we took to the ogre of shriek!
a solar plexus rich of henbane solenoid
last to recall an invoice quiescent
uncouth in the mundane of restlessness
like waves hurl upon an irate tide
purulence and the worms, make man
the tobacconist hardly to blame
for the stiffen cause of death

a brunette wore a stiletto heel there
it was appertaining in unlikely restraints-
she was seeing the animal world talking,
invincible, for an abolition of plutocracy
the polar polecat profuse, no prime poise
no mirrors,no sacrilege of sadism
russet olives, and torn a dove vine-
to tergiversate, give now, cloud bread
even the terraphine is a ventriloquist
awestruck by natures feud vengeance

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To my mind poetry of the highest order, Emeka.
I have only one suggestion, and it's going to sound very strange, but I think it needs a tiny splash of graphic ultra-violence, for the colour red.

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