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necro neon[auschwitz alpha-zed]

ashbrook stroll the wars go out blood less
only to conceal blood haberdasher
dressed with negro catacombs. Niagara cataracts
the executioner slashes one limb dribble
sells it to the trader necro
our future child's postmortem
opium mothers are glad they came tame.
financial starvation as a weapon
like defacto and dejure abrasions
first said watch-dog eradicating concern
parliamentary trial DE-riquor echelons
slums deter tether mead's
giving amputee's a new lease of legs
internationally brackish amazons raisins defre
150 rifles destined a bully
Harlem like Garkem,
how many black spots make one leopard idea?
this asylum truth whom i wish it was granted
was the mango seedling cessation
the count Carl constellation
dead stars echo on the march again,
anthropology of a crustacean
winnowing sea crests, brevity and bravado
figurine rainbowrain pagan ritual
emulsions where a wormwood star fell
print reed rid into the sea severance,
and may all things fair and equal wrathful
fossil in the symbolism of eglantine genuflect
an expanded absorbed tyrant
to the stranger yet a twin
i know you , but you i know not.
excursiveness of a plankton,
the murky waters are raging
to walk alone and brace it
untamed now, the day was arrayed
black was the wedding gown
adorn to born princes their crown deprived
consumed,mad man is vast volley in sunny trolley
under caravan hive Fowler
foul flowers sudden sod in i hiccup
willows shrink crude cell fattened
shell bell bail tell gruel meld-drama
tractor driver: roof calibrator mellow
pure water seller boy: none here, i sleeps where i likes
" advantageous onset", the trader: boyz you have a dream
the aid: impenitent big stout
under the night Chapman
lay him restless not peddler
days of grime shoulder days
by morning, the tractor owner
knowing sleep tires Tyres
the boy he was trampled over
the young boy, he was only thirteen.

murdered we all, but why him
late her pardonable unquestionable, gam school
in hoax horse blood dolmen dole man incinerator
the hunter, is he greedy or seeming?
dressed with negro death is in this wonder
precipice i ice coppice auspice
frozen shed light less likely
barbarian religion region, lost despotism
never more crowd backdrop
Banns treason taxonomical giver parish
nowhere involved in pursuing conveyance
clairvoyant time, immortal table
flesh eaten like ashtoreth made of metal green
leaping of giants only to fall nursing hearts
these calyx cat sisters;
this is the fourth child a little orphan child
sulking helplessly poignant pundits
cash madame teller cement caddy sea meant
isn't chariot ?or arc carrot carrion Iscariot
a riot cheap change he claims griot
this is his land but i assure him
ground grasses pedicures cuttle gory
glory homecoming of untimely fruition
carried cherished a wait while charade
bushes comb catch her? the witches wishing well
stertorous rec censure mulberries
more bellies factitious fact tit through us
tat that timers- meat, fish and sleep
testimonies cords from us, save his only illumine
through the frail weeps towards the holy temple
Jerusalem leads us maketh the moonsun
with his bare hands hath established morte
demerit inherit grew and founded weaklings
winds that sea pass excel err
suffix surf sphinx office of fizz
fix i x haggard hag, peg claw leg
splint flint int. ant tan Nat
cat act rat, sex ton sect. on
mid maid made, weed scavengers
and plants vamp the tramp
whose lamp is lamb cramp.
hamstring ham on string
i wonder the gem of its procreation.
in the under channel o, vessels fortify
but shard sang shank sank sad
cough links string brink sinks
shrink drinks think, bough boneheaded slough
Felix onyx howling at pitch-dawn
brown boot-leg- as apes that are
drill till bill pill- peel until pearl
endanger dangle ranger, bull manger lull wager
it seems you have inured a debt,
to your own honour?

Editing stage: 


is that it is hard to read.
Remember poetry is an act of generosity, an act of giving.
Break it into verses, don't be so harsh on your reader, although I totally accept the reader needs to accept the harshness of the content.
Repost it revised and I think it will get more feedback.

Remember, we are reading on a computer screen where we can escape at a click of the mouse, not on a printed page which is inescapable.

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