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My Tinnitus Came Out in Sympathy

My tinnitus came out in sympathy
When I heard a Mozart symphony
It was like he’d got it in fer me
For the key he used was a minor G
And it sounded like a cacophony
Or the bells of campanology
at St Paul’s Damascene epiphany
which reminds me of an analogy
with the Beatle’s famed discography

“For Christ’s sake LET IT BE!”
Said Lennon to McCartney

And so he did

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Just having a bit of fun.
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have tinnitus? It can be horrible, and yet I have had many remarkable things happen because of it. I have written a few poems about things misheard because of the way the tinnitus loses certain tones. Some people have voices where I miss part of the words that they speak, so it sometimes comes out as a completely different word or sentence. I have also missed insults that I would surely have taken offense to, and subsequently made trouble for me. [Punching people in the nose, is mostly frowned on]. Well, you have given me a laugh this morning, so I guess that is fun. Thank you. ~ Geezer.

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Hi Geezer. Yes I do have the dreaded T but I think I am lucky because I just get a constant high pitched steady note in my right ear (that I could identify with an oscilloscope) which is probably less discombobulating than some people experience with irregular whistling etc. However, if I listen to a big orchestra the tinnitus starts screaming which is very disorientating - hence the first two lines of the poem. Yes I do mishear words occasionally which I put down to getting worn out hearing rather than Tinnitus.

author comment

How did I miss this? It was fantastic, loved every line and rhyme and the ending was perfect. Ruby :)

Give and grow - let's raise our verses together. I'm happy to comment on your work and appreciate a comment on mine.

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