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Love can be reminded about

I look her in the eyes, I am not her, but I try to understand her. Sun contours her face.
I think it’s lovely. Still, I try to, understand. But She is not easy. Being a woman, she reminds me of a flower.
Like a flower, so the woman, complicated. But her beauty. I can think about. Perfume, I can
dream about. I think she’s cute, but my favourite. My little adult woman.
She remained me today of how much one man can love a girl.

Waking in the back of the police seat

Oh, bad, boy, oh, bad boy
What are you going to do?
When the cop is coming after you?
For better to act right
Not to play around
To curse and behave maliciously
Or else you serve
your time for crime
during a crisis
to be locked up
at the back
of a cop’s seat
in tears of horror
going for a long ride
to put behind bar
in a misery state of mind
to defend your case
at your own expense
with every penny that you’ve saved
for the attorney’s cost
to bring you out




Leaves are fully
off the elm early
pear apple cherry
plum in rhythm
to the cycle of the seasons

Towering Ent reaching for the sky
seems to have its own mind
can’t wait to start over
hasten a rebirth
one more time

Tomorrow’s Soldier

Why do we send our children to war,
To seek revenge or settle a score?
They’re young and strong and full of life,
They have no fear of trouble or strife.

We’ll fire them up and wish them well,
And then send them trough the gates of hell.
It’s just an adventure and it’s all so exciting,
Do they even know who or why they are fighting?

For those who return all battered and sore,
No thanks for fighting a rich man’s war.
A terrible waste of young women and men,
They did what was asked and they’d do it again.

The Storm

She looked out upon the ocean as the tide came rolling in,
I’d like to tell her story but where do I begin...
The mother of a child and the wife of her best friend,
Her family tree would never break but it would surely bend...

The sea looked so inviting as he pushed out from the dock,
He told her he’d be home again by three or four o’clock...
The seas can be so angry without much of a warning,
Things had changed dramatically since five o’clock this morning...

Creative Intoxication

My creativity embodies my very mindset
Inspiration expressed not just an outlet
My discretion as an artist not to be repressed
Laid out in any form allowing others to digest
Thoughts manipulated then conveyed
Carefully constructed, hoping your amazed
A creative mind never compromised
My message ambitious yet always realized
You influence my passions and intentions
You see your essence is forever mentioned
Never censoring my words or ability
You bring about a flexible Impossibility



Being considered dark, is not bad
Just mysterious, perhaps for some
And not readily liable to frivolity
Telling jokes and embracing jollity
Suggesting greater depths to plumb
But maybe an ironic smile, not sad

Dark, sometimes seen as frightening
Can also offer thoughtful inspiration
Imagining what may lie beneath it all
With little pride, less chance of a fall
And keeping hidden any perturbation
Maintain no desire to be enlightening


Another time, another place, it may have worked out fine,
A passing glance, a pretty face and perhaps a glass of wine...

But fate itself had other plans, it wasn’t meant to be,
‘Cause someone else had you and he just wasn’t free...

They’ve tried to keep their distance and they’ve tried to let it go,
And when they meet out on the street, they never let it show...

You’re little girl is pretty and your boy’s a handsome lad,
She looks just like her mother and he looks like his dad...

The Life of a Guitar

I was there in the beginning on that warm afternoon,
And I was there to serenade her underneath a neon moon...
I was sitting right beside you as you planned your wedding day,
And I played some cheerful tunes when a baby came your way...

I’ve been passed around the kitchen on some stormy winter nights,
And I’ve been called upon to end some very nasty fights...
I was with you on vacation in the Gulf of Mexico,
Where I’ve seen more shenanigans then folks will ever know...


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