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The next time a thought comes
A hungry long-necked vulture

And it tries to shred your peace
Eyes homing on horses fleeing lions

Open up your palms
Maybe hooves might outdo paws

Keep them abut, reader’s style
Neigh too, nothing’s new about roars

Count all the sprawling whorls
As you sprint, kick from the rear

There are a billion patterns of you
Dizzy them with a circuitous race

Lines of beauty thicker than despair
The vulture would seek a meal elsewhere


Moon light slips and seeps to touch
your delightful savoury curves as I peep
let my fingers trace their softness
to bring you pleasure quivers of joy,

Uncovered your glow with warmth
tremble in desire as my tongue probes
freely invade the privacy of your body
taking turns to lick dig and delve with zeal,

Raving uproars, barbaric clamour for more
induce a mayhem of desperation within
surge of a breathless surrender to my whim
cool work, widen’s resources to my glee,

The Superlative Moon

The silvery lustre in its new found aura
touched by passion softly unveiled
manages a shy smile to the warmth
of burning raptures woefully induced,

Seduced layers kissed by stars vanish
as her trembling mounds and craters
challenge gravity to cry, ooze and froth
inflame desire in misty uproars of thirst,

Invading beam of joy merges to herald
enveloped by ecstasy in skilful surrender
to thrusts and recoils in rapturous activity
reaching a new state of no return apogee;


How bright those first sunny days of Spring
When the showers of March cease pouring down
In the last few weeks of April, as birds sing
And flit from tree to tree – the soft sweet sound
Of returning light to warm a world chilled
By the dank cold of receding Winter.
Like a young girl bedecked with every frill,
Concealed in every dark recess hinter
During that time when Night is long and Day
Passes by with scarce a flickering sigh,
Nature brings forth her brightest garb as May

Spring Fling (April Contest)

You were my spring fling,
I held your hand and you held my heart.
Memories were said and done,
major became minor but still, we'd sing.

You were my early bird,
softly speaking as dusk became dawn.
I'd look at you and think of sweet heaven,
and we would love without saying three words.

You were my buttercup bright,
the sun smiled on me and I smiled back.
Eyes glazed with dew as we wined and dined,
I'll know you forever, all day, all night.

thought for the day

running in place gets you nowhere
hiding out does the same
missing out on what life has to offer
methinks is a bloody shame

Shiny, streamlined smart
phone, tap, tap, tap.
Tiny, morse messengers, summon
our silicon gods.
Didn’t you know, the world is flat
and reduced
to the palm of a hand?
We have such power.

Sleek, sexy smart
phone, tap, tap, tap.
Hand held, caressed.
we worship
our sugar coated tablet,
which holds such power.


You can’t expect
To get respect
Just, by standing round

You need to do
A deed or two
To prove, your moral ground
WIZDUMBs by JA 408


I stepped outside
To see the view
The sky still dark
The rain just thru

Then the sun
Burst out its rays
And they shown down
Thru all the haze

So it appeared
As if next door
The arc those blazing
Colours bore

It seemed so close
I could just reach
And with my hand
Those colours breach

And as I stood there
In the light
It was so clear
It was so bright

The air was fresh
So clean and pure
I was amazed
By its allure


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