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thought for the day

running in place gets you nowhere
hiding out does the same
missing out on what life has to offer
methinks is a bloody shame

Shiny, streamlined smart
phone, tap, tap, tap.
Tiny, morse messengers, summon
our silicon gods.
Didn’t you know, the world is flat
and reduced
to the palm of a hand?
We have such power.

Sleek, sexy smart
phone, tap, tap, tap.
Hand held, caressed.
we worship
our sugar coated tablet,
which holds such power.


You can’t expect
To get respect
Just, by standing round

You need to do
A deed or two
To prove, your moral ground
WIZDUMBs by JA 408


I stepped outside
To see the view
The sky still dark
The rain just thru

Then the sun
Burst out its rays
And they shown down
Thru all the haze

So it appeared
As if next door
The arc those blazing
Colours bore

It seemed so close
I could just reach
And with my hand
Those colours breach

And as I stood there
In the light
It was so clear
It was so bright

The air was fresh
So clean and pure
I was amazed
By its allure


If you’re hoping,
that your dreams come true
You’re dreaming about,
what you’d like to do
But it’s a mere illusion,
wishing in your sleep
A dream, that once awake,
you’re hoping you can keep
WIZDUMBs by JA 737


If you’re of the mind
That your life has been unkind
I wonder how you’d fare
With misery everywhere

It’s better to accept your lot
And build on what you got
Then perhaps you’ll be of worth
When you finally, leave this earth
WIZDUMBs by JA 734

Grey smoke

In the lonely hours.
When Dark Shadows surrounds me.
And Burning goosebumps emerge.
I see that image again.
On the broken mirror, beside my lamppost.
Her hair dripping wet.
Watching my portrait all day,
Like Crystalline reflections.
I skipped a breathe, and watched.
Being swiftly chased,
Down the dark alley into a pit of echoing voices.
I screamed, but there was no one there.
So I asked you?
Can I lay by your side.

Ode To P.T.S.D.

Ode To P.T.S.D.

When hope is but a memory
of things that were not meant to be
frozen in a frame of mind
that sanity has left behind

days seem long and full of pain
a never-ending acid rain
eating at your very soul
until it is no longer whole


Poetry, is not just
The rhyming of some words
It’s an expression of a feeling
Which a heart shepherds

A rhapsody of heart and thought
Immersed in joyful bliss
Or dashed upon those rocks
Of agony’s abyss

Pictures made of words
Painted by a quill
Words that dance and twirl
At the penman’s will

The fusion of a thought
With the gift of soul
Emotions that are freed
Without any control

You are what I was dreaming of

I am not scared, maybe I should be
because I think you are what I have been missing
my whole life—
when I was moving with my heart full beneath the moon
pierced by the most aching of longings,
pulled towards a mystery that I could not place or touch,
I think I was dreaming of you—
and this dream bloomed
by the sea, beneath a glowing amber moon—
she was looming above the rolling waves, demanding my soul and body to open
in ecstatic dance
and oh, open I did
I was dancing like an angel on earth


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