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The Gift

He gave her a gift on their final day,
She looked at it briefly and threw it away.
“I don’t really need reminders of you,”
And that’s when he knew their ‘story’ was through.

It pierced like a sword through a wounded heart,
A passionate love had fallen part.
But It is what it is and it was what it was,
Time heals all, as it usually does.

She boarded her flight with no hesitation,
And headed off to a new destination.
He’s not a victim, he tried to be cool,
He thought he was smart, now he feels like a fool.


Thy body of a goddess
Thy make my feelings shatter & crumble
Humbled at your might
Beheld in your sight
Heart wishing, smutter
To touch ya, heaven send me
Held in my emotion
Thy behind add lustre to sheer of my heart
Mine hopeless hopeful heart,
To snuggle up into thy warmth
Like a baby in a cart
Warm and tucked, loved
Fleeting emotions of lust
Shame with past
Falling in love
I wanna be cast between thy calves
Hear me thrust,
Feel my warp
As I move husk in thy park

The Cup of Hermes

I called my lack
The absence of interest
I had no strength,
Crawled like an infant

But somehow I knew
While drowning in quicksand,
I couldn't get a view
Thus, I gave my harvest and shared my few

During those moments of weakness
And feeling blue

But this time I choose
To flood this pool
My Cup of Hermes
You are always full

My core

Do not leave your core, my friend
You know the law
That which governs you
And makes you raw

Do not dismiss your call
You are the all
The rise and you are the fall
Breathe with cause

Take the walk
With pride, do not pause

By the end of war,
The truth you sought
Becomes the fruit
You sow

I want to write a poem

I want to write a poem,
without the themes and structure,
without the syllables and imagery,
without meaning,
just because I feel like it

I would love to write this poem,
with repeating lines like I don't care,
and words that don't go with each other nor make sense

I want to write, because I feel
I don't want to write to be right
Do you understand?

The Last Time

Had he known the last time they made love,
Would be the last time they’d make love.

He would have stayed a little longer,
Held on to her a little stronger.

He would have gazed into her eyes,
As they said their last goodbyes.

He would have sat beside her bed,
Till there was nothing left unsaid.

He would have rubbed the back of her neck,
And given her cheek a little peck.

He would have sat her in a chair,
And took some time to brush her hair.

What Is It?

What is it?
When your heart skips a beat,
What is it?
Is it someone that you meet?
What is it?
With a flutter in your heart,
What is it?
That you never want to part?
What is it?
From the time you say "Hello."
What is it?
You know! That you'll never let go!

What Does it Mean??

Why must I always feel like this
Sadness, with a heavy heart,
Like my life feels like it's gonna stop
And did it ever really start

I think I'm hearing voices, songs to be precise,
I thought it was the radio,
But no radio was in sight
I've caught a glimpse of something,
Out the corner of my eye.
But the music has intrigued me most....
Have I lost my mind?

If I died tomorrow,
Would the people I needed most
How could they care?
To them I'm already a ghost.

A Great Lady

To touch without shame,
To talk without fear,
To listen and be heard,
Is something I hold near.

A love we know will end,
Makes it a special love indeed,
A friend, a companion,
I am sure we all need.

For my accomplished accomplice

Smile stay be with me always
sexy lady eternal flame light of my life
wonderful haunting aching crying raging at imagined deceit
coming up for air with a smile and your golden eyes

You touched a place no one reached before
nights days all your crazy ways
wise alive carefree smile
companion friend don’t let this ever end

We’ve got so far to go
farther still when we get there
but I wouldn’t want to get there
with anyone but you


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