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Long Nights

Shades of the soul
refusing- - - to close,
another- - - long night.


Mornings infused with autumn now,
vestiges of night cling damply
in dawn -light glow...
... birdsong echoes in hollow rings
through thin pale mist
curling down the ever-green hills...
Just beyond her kitchen window
a tree fern stands
like a one legged triffid
thick moss adorns his southern side
- still damp with early morning dew...
Strange days, she thought
- sweeping rain
heavy showers
scattered sun
gusting winds
- four seasons in one...

A Ghostly Dream

Last night I was visited
by lost boys, I once knew.
Long ago when we were young
their lives were spent too soon.

Taken by a wicked war
the ground soaked with their red
while a government's only interest
was in the counting of the dead.

In my dream their specter
was a ghostly grey and white
all that was left of how
they suffered from the fight.

Then, one boy, I recognized
stepped forward close to me
in vivid living colors
I remembered him instantly.

Haiku Poetic Selfie (May Contest)

eyes squinting sunlight
kissing diamonds on the sea
gives rippling water

Zen-ful form of self - evaluation. (May Contest)

She felt her body with
blind fingers. ....
.... feeling the hard curves and
shriveled bones of an old woman -
When did she get old?
Crone-like... crow-like.... desiccated feathers dried to leather;

She felt body with
blind fingers. .... Self-examination before
'selfies' became
a zen-ful form of self - evaluation. ...

Dark Angel ...

Poets first poems
This is an early piece from almost 20 years ago - rip it to bits (please)

You came to me you had the key
unlocked the fastened door;
I could not see the destiny
that lay upon my shore.
Your touch so sweet made me complete
you filled me to the core.
Angel, my Sweet Angel
you’ve been this way before?

The Story of Her

The Story of Her…
the child knew them
round and real
red tempers caustic
hot searing tongues
sharp metal words
flashing gnashing
colliding crashing
she felt their scorn
and watched it castrate
all her dreams and
natural senses
with physician precision
until far too late
there was nothing left
but the fractured fate
of her childhood lost
time and space
has changed her place
she can see them now
like etchings flat
and frozen blue
they cannot move

To Conquer Fear/ May Contest

I feel sick….Not nauseous, or ill….. just sick
Obsessed with perception and depressed from deception
Mind games…. Mortality…. Morality…. Out of control
Unable to just chill…. And just roll with it
I’m thinking too much… out of touch… out of sync
Head full of bad wiring… I just sit here and blink….
Why can’t I just deal with shit, why can’t I rise up?
To conquer my lunacy, and stand up… JUST FUCKING STAND UP!!!
The fear is paralyzing, and I wish I could shrink
Into something less OBVIOUS, something much less distinct

Senryu (going out) May Contest

shaved, ‘stash and hair trimmed
aviation frame sparkles
my partner to dine


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