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I like a person with a nice smile.
I hate people who are hostile.

I like it when people tell the truth.
I hate it when people are uncouth.

I like people who look out for the underdog.
I hate people with rehearsed dialogue.

I like all the beautiful ladies.
I hate the God Hades.

I like the word from the wise,
I hate dirty little lies.

I like all walks of life.
I hate my ex-wife.

I like all animals.
I hate all scandals.


Coffee in the morning.
Heeding the warning.

The kids next door.
Wiping out an old Score.

Children when they Laugh.
Looking at your better Half.

Ice cold coke Cola.
A date with a girl named Lola.

A family that drives you Crazy.
A co-worker that isn't Lazy.

Taking care of your Pet.
Finding your favorite Cassette.


You see a junkie, I see
Low self-esteem.
You see a problem, I see someone
Swimming against the stream.

You see a cocaine fiend, I see
Pain and fear.
You see an inmate, I see
A bum-steer.

You see an alcoholic, I see
You see a loser, I see
Future sobriety.

You see an addict, I see
Someone's child.
You see a disgrace, I see someone
Whose problems compiled.

The Garden

THE GARDEN Lavender enthroned, beneath blue skies, The breath of the Lord Praises Mary

We are

We wait for things to happen
We wait for change to come
But what we miss to understand is
we are what needs to be done

We are the things to happen
We are the errands to be ran
We are the fights to be fought
We are the battles to be won

We are the sensitivity to be felt
And the hatred to be gone
We are the ones to care
We are the humanity to return

We are the dreams to be reality
And the realities to be undone
We are the hearts to clean
We the trash to be burn


The pain of life blows like a heavy wind, bringing trouble to my dieing soul, I try to rumble but I stumble so hard.
I hear a voice booing me, so i grab my booze and drink, gulping in like I am gonna be saved from all the drowning, the voice is gone but I want to be gone too, so I got a blunt, lit it nd dragged in to rag my lost soul, I got so light that I walked into dark rooms with small spaces.
Poppin pills brought me joy but it didn't last to the morning. Injecting myself for pleasure, to feel like a man only made my veins go vain.

COMMUNION [Hard to Breathe May Challenge Contest]


She had had surgery two days before
She’d waited a little too long before seeking relief, I think
Even the best cardiovascular surgeon there in the CCU
Performing, reconnecting her circumflex artery ...on his best day
Could only do so much for her, ischemia there just too profound
So sitting up in bed with her nurse’s help, she rolled her eyes back and died.

CLOSE JOURNEY (Poem of the Week Contest)


Just want to walk with you,
go into the soft distance
perhaps into a cave with hot springs
where the entrance is a bit narrow
gently pushing we two walkers close together
and touching the amethyst crystals in the walls.

I think I can go there with you
unconcerned about where that destination may be
go to a closeness where our fingers arch, and toes extend
that place where sweet is the only oder.
In there, the Qi blends
into smiles.

Just because you don’t want to
doesn’t mean you won’t get wet
don’t let that make you blue
that’s just the way things are set

hard to think that this is the way
gotta get used to that space
hard to thnk that you might not have a say
see this everywhere on the planet, all over the place.

Today is only another knotty time
today is only ‘nother sticky day
tomorrow could be different, sublime
tomorrow might not be different, nay


Sometimes there
Messing up my hair
But I don't care
Places you've been
Things you've seen
You sure are pleasing
On hot summer days
Loose leaves dancing
Follow me along my way
Some people curse you
But I think you're o.k.


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