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The Sun Came by Etheridge Knight [Spreading Wings]

The Sun Came

And if sun comes
How shall we greet him?
—Gwen Brooks

The sun came, Miss Brooks,—
After all the night years.
He came spitting fire from his lips.
And we flipped—We goofed the whole thing.
It looks like our ears were not equipped
For the fierce hammering.

All is Nothing

Once you have it all
there is nothing more to gain
this is the cost 
and this is your pain
to have more
means to have less
to be wealthy 
you must be poor

with nothing in hand
you have everything
there is some much to give
and much to lose
only when you know the truth in it all

with it all 
you find no love
with it all 
you find no hope

with it all
you must realize
you can't buy any and everything

This is why 
all is nothing


I am the most powerful in the realms of time and of no time.

I exist purely by necessity, yet I am abstract.

Sweeter than mangoes I am, but I will warn, I can taste like a lime.

He, who also exist by necessity, was thrashed, disparaged, and sortied; this was no act.

Because, when a man learns to love he must also bear the risk of hatred; so, for me, he died.

You, yes you, cannot hide from me, and you cannot find me.

For I am not something you find, I am something that finds you, no lie.

Passionate Inferno (Explicit Content)

As I lay beside you
The bonfire in my chest kindled
As our fingers brush and our palms meet
The blaze grew stronger
As our limbs entangled
Our faces draw closer

When our lips introduce themselves
The flames expanded
Our tongues meet and our desire grows
With my touch stroking your thigh
I could feel the ardor radiating from your skin

While I stroke your cheek
A fiery night full of passion arises
And the inferno consumes my heart.

For when you've experienced heartbreak

When life distorts and pulls,
I have nobody else to see
that will hold only to me--
for all of me

The stars align in a new ornament
The moon whirls in a new way
Because of you,
I can make it through one more day

If you were to say to leave
I'd leave in slump
I'd give you some space,
just enough to breathe
If you were to say to jump,
I'd jump in a second
so the last thing I'd drink in
would be you

Michael, I love you

God, who are u...?
What are u?
What is your Name?
Who is your friend?
Can I be your slave?

A Jovian Revolution

Surrounded by a Cimmerian cloak
I revolve around my stormy parent
Who in turn revolves around their temperate caregiver
All is synchronous

Resisting the solar guidance
Of my boiling grandfather
And the stormy one
Of my turbulent father
My Galilean self retains an icy form
And instead, I follow my own conscience

Though I am the smallest of my siblings
I am by far the brightest
And despite my cold exterior
My peculiar self will only garner admiration
From the voyeurs that call themselves terrestrial

Crimson Squid of a Cimmerian Sea

Crimson Squid of a Cimmerian Sea,
You Hide Your Habitation
From us Voyeurs of Fields, to Vacate
A Society of Ambiverted Souls
For one of Solitary Folk,
Sparse From one Another, Free and Atypical.

With Caliginous Waters Circumjacent,
Your Negative Yolk Nauseates
Those Without a Tartarean Wittiness.
Covert Romantic Causes Repute
Of a Bitter, Obdurate Bohemian.
Though Sardonic, Truculent, and Sharp,
In Sombre Idiosyncrasy you Shock.

What Hurt You?

My heart is my shield
I wear it on my t-shirt.
All it takes is a pair of scissors
to split my heart in two.

I notice everyone's eyes cut like blades
freshly forged at dawn.
Everyone’s mouth is a gun
ready to unload a round into our shields.

What hurt you,
they might ask.
My eyes say it all
nothing but everything.

Love is amazing.
Love is cliche.
Love builds kingdoms.
Love is what killed me.

Any Saturday Night

Any Saturday
And crazy takes its due
Life gets like those wild nights
Turning on the oddest of trysts
In the twilight
Darkness sighs its last testament
At dawn
Death whispers
Sweet denial
“Not now my love”
And as whispers do
It fades
Like a lovers promise
Leaving me alone to live this life


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