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At the Pass

The White Mountains appear blue.
Autumn colors are a frame.
I've had a hunger for this view.
Hues of red and yellow are brilliant
like the stars above this north country
on clear moonless nights.
Oak is magnificent.
Holly is the brightest red.
There is evergreen, vivid green,
much a part of the scenic scene.
A white birch stands alone in a field
but it certainly is not felt alone.
The Twin Mountain peaks are fogged
and the highest ridge disappears in clouds.

Forty Fifth Class Reunion (November Contest)

Forty five years, no final kiss
Doubt I'll ever see her again
She was still a magnetic force
Same as rolling in autumn leaves

Her memory, sweet affection
Aroma of clinging soil
Filled my senses, warming autumn
Dead winter of hopeless desire

Northwesterly winds immature
Just like my life in our youth
When naked we held each other
And believed only we could know

Forty five years after the dump
What the fuck was I expecting?


my step mom comes over to my office intermittently
turns on the computer and opens the emails
in the dark of night
making all cheery bright and lighted for my mourning arrival

so kind of her
making sure things are ready to go
she always the epitome of efficiency

did i mention
she's been dead now for over 20 years

The Bell

Again tonight a hazy hue
Suspended there within my view
I watched in awe while wide awake
then said a prayer, "my soul to take"

I have no fear of the unknown
and do not feel I am alone
Good or bad I have no clue
I hope and wish that it is you

Is this my mind just playing games
Or have I finally gone insane
A sign from you, that ringing bell
or something evil straight from hell

Keeping It Simple One Day at a Time

Dying to be Read 1982-1991

The Perfect Rhyme...

All My Life I've been searching for The Perfect Rhyme

From the sands on the shore To the stars in the sky

Through the seasons of time , The reason I'm alive

I long to find The Perfect Rhyme

I know not how it started

It just happened one day

People told Me I was crazy

They would always turn away

I would just turn the page

Writing until My fingers bled


I hear the water in the park
I hear the wind in the trees
I hear the sound of a meadow lark
Birds chirping in the distant breeze

Learning to appreciate the simplest things
To most is so unnatural
Next best thing to having wings
Or having a favourite pal

To observe the world around me
"What took me so long?"
To learn to let it be
Simply partake in a song

Surrounded by loved ones
Life has taken a turn
In love I have lost
Now I have won



My Quill

Submitted by Robert Tucker PhD on Sun, 2018-08-26 11:28

Day Dream

The grand master hung over me
And shadowed all but the rolling sea
In the flowered green hollow of the valley
The fairies and elves danced with glee
From the perch high above I could see
The coloured bridge that often covered me
There In that unknown to dare all fantasies
While travelling untested paths to condone
All I did see whilst contemplating alone
In the vision that willingly guided me home
And each moment spent at dusk
A new adventure was mine to entrust
And guide those to a needed seer

For Mia

In the golden light of forever
shes skipping and dancing about.
She's running along with unicorns
of this dears I have no doubt.
On earth she was a treasure
that god had lent for a while,
gentle blessings were bestowed
from her laugh and in her smile.

Warm baths and warm hands
some of her favourite things,
nail polish of various colours,
until she heard an angel sing.


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