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Livid(Olym[pic Workshop Anger)

You say you want forgiveness
For all of the wrong you've done
In putting the blame on me

My blood runs cold
At the thought of this
Then begins to do a slow boil

Leaving one
Seriously ill
To fend for themselves alone
Gone from sun to sun
Without so much as a call home

Undergoing so many tests
Not knowing what was wrong
I could have died at anytime
Left ill and on my own

What hurts the most
Is the lie you told
To those that offered their help

How could you have taken what they gave
To help care for your wife
Had the truth be known
You took a vacation from married life

Yet forgiveness you seek
But I am no longer week
And have made it on my own

I cannot forgive for the life
We lived
Or should I say did not
In the end
Scars won't mend
For what you gave
Is what you got

Style / type: 
Free verse
Last few words: 
workshop on anger
Editing stage: 


there is more of hurt felt in this poem than anger...the anger is felt but not to a level of the title "Livid"...i believe you may want to add a few more notches of anger to make it Livid...

having said that your poem certainly creates the scenes and encounters and hence it is very effective...

raj (sublime_ocean)

There is some anger in this poem but it is more about being hurt.

love lou

Stand tall, be proud to be who you are, give the world the finger!!!!

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