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I Am Not

I am not anymore
cute and smiley
that's the least of it
the rest may be too gruesome to tell

I'll tell it anyway

a disjointed
and disappointing
tale of social and cultural deafness

I did whatever I wanted
without counsel
of elders of peers

rejecting appeals to "think about what you are doing"
I chose rather, to meditate on being "stuck in the Now"
no five year plan,
no what if's
no backups
or net

these few silly and pointless words serve only as testimony
that I survived
...though not cute and smiley anymore

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


YOu are cute and smiley but in a mature way. Its known as aging gracefully!

I write cute and smiley stuff a lot. that's the only place it shows up anymore. I kind of like thinking of myself as a grouchy old curmudgen at times. takes the pressure off.

thanks for your comments


author comment

A heart statement, a rebellious spirit: i don't think anyone should apologise for those things. xxx

Jenifer Jaspa James

you are absolutely right... a heart statement, but never apologetically

thanks for visiting


author comment
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