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Editing - polished draft

Rogue State

What constitutes certified rogue nation?
When criminal leaders commit murder
Without any fear of repercussion
Tar victims as threats to social order

The judicial system will not assist
As subservient serfs dismiss what’s fact
When the victims’ kin in their claims persist
Servile stooges react as per their pact

However despite all their state power
The time of reckoning is drawing near
As victims’ kin bask in their winning hour
And the criminals face justice and fear

Big Brother Bug:

Ubiquitous assignation of guilt
Targeted persons accused of treason
No remorse for the innocent blood spilt
Knee jerk rule devoid of rhyme or reason

Coddling potent criminal elements
Constant monitoring of victim’s kin
To try and prevent the truth issuance
Relentless actions convict the vermin

Lead err less

The elites have failed us he admonished
Rightly stating the crux of the problem
But his own record was also tarnished
Being for eight years the elite emblem

Ignoring massacre violations
Of allied regimes, yet giving them aid
While victims not supplied even rations
Nobel Peace prize prematurely outlaid


My Angel
The gel
Soothing my sore
Forgiving my flaw

My Angel
The well
Watering my dry heart
Making a heavy heart light

My Angel
The jewel
Gotten with no price
Yet priceless

The nectar that
Sweetens my heart
Making me merry
When weary

Oh no! She I adore
Yet shows her the door

Colonial Cur:

It lay curled at the feet of its masters
Eagerly barking or biting on cue
No sense of its past or its ancestors
Gorging tiny scraps that were its true due

With the Sun setting on its patronage
Whimpering cur was lost and left behind
It whined and wailed in its sad, lonely stage
Deserted by masters, shunned by its kind


Black and dark
Mind often obscured
Historically backward
Holistically awkward

All hopes are seen dashed
New garments get stained
Deceptions ring in our ears daily
Political mentors get masked

Adversities intersects us
The race becomes farther
Generations come and go
Condition remains the same

Who will lead us out?
How did we get jammed?
Where have we gone wrong?
Why are we here?

Aye Witness

What if one was a witness to a crime
Ordered by a rogue leader from the past
And Justice staff would not spend any time
To prosecute, leaving victim aghast

What if the rogue not pleased with live victim
Sent officials to ensure victim’s death
Sickly rogue hoped to have vigour and vim
But fought panic and chronic pain in stealth

With protective layer feuding and frayed
Internal dissension and mounting din
Ruling forces increasingly arrayed
Baying for blood for political sin


In my opinion
The most common, rude and annoying thing foreigners say to Irish people is
When you tell them you’re Irish and they reply
So you’re British?
Like that wasn’t something so taboo
Like our ancestors didn’t fight to be free and no
Before anyone says it
No the Irish have not been persecuted like the blacks, the Hispanics, the Muslims
Or any other oppressed nation of people
But we still fought for our freedom
Like many we were trapped, ruled over
Second class in our own home

Tasseled Dreams

The thought of the future we will never have was pollinating foul fuzzy particles in the air,
slowly following the wake of all those tasseled dreams I held onto to for far too long.

The most intimate revelations can often expose plagiaristic suppressions that we’ve most likely,
have already tried to to forget; suggesting to anyone on the outside looking in,
That there was a rancid cowardice secreting from the pores of all those who would deny the most basic of fundamental decencies to he equal fellow man.

Statued before the Sea

I stand before the sea,
the wind from my right,
the sun from my left;

and down the funnel
the sea sings a lullaby...

Oh boundless, boundless,
softly roar if you will
as you light your borders
on the great, wide sky!

Sing, great mother,
sing before me
in love's varied hue.

I close my eyes,
I drift,
I return to you.


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