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Editing - polished draft


From my window woefully, I did see

All the world that passed by me

I did not invite the devils in

I did not commit the cardinal sin

Yet I drown in a lake of sand

As I seek one innocent hand

I carved my epitaph in rock and stone

The word “Peace”, that alone

I tried to live a life of contentment

While the gods in their resentment

Fortified in malice and greed

Leaving me in anguish and need

Of that which I was promised

And which I never received.


© 2018 Robert J Tucker Ph D

Visions within a dream

I had a vision. In it stood an ovally shaped cave somewhere in the centre of fantasies, away from the peeping sky. We dwelt in the the caverns of our deeds without dress or the burden of knowledge.

You dorsiflexed your legs to the rhythm of the ancient flutes and I was as Onyeneku; the head drummer that commands the muscles of the spirits sprawling in antelope's fitness. Truly all that lived were us in this cave somewhere amid the joys of companionship, away from the turbulent waves of intrusion.

At Crossroads

Meet me at the center of my dream, at the juxtaposition of time and moment, at the confluence point of my endeavours.

I met a chuckling stranger once, a score ago, by the entrance of the streets at the rustling of childhood fantasies. "What way are you headed my child" ? I sneered at his decision to stay blind to the apparentness of my direction. Still, reluctantly I pointed at a path, I saw him smile as he shook his head and I was irritated by the abrupt end of his expressions.

Spirit of a Negro

It is the origin and hope of a thousand children. Tis the love that transforms young seedlings to plants. Its breath canvasses the woods of the Zaire o'er the hills of Zimbabwe down to the lowlands of the Mozambique. It is the great tide that accompanies the Nile to kiss our cheeks at first light. Tis the stars that glitter when the sun slumbers in celestial furlough. Tis the bravery that enveloped the hearts of our forbearers. It is the burning lamp at the towerwatch of the Zanzibar. The courage to walk the dark places in mythical lore.

Everyone Dies In Their Nightmare

My eyes close in defeat to hormonal brawl, I am clothed in senile shawl as my lungs gave breath to sound proof sizzles of a bear. In a misguided drift from consciousness, I dissolve as smoke in an unconscious saunter. I have wandered aloft, I am strangely lucid then corded to a time machine, like a tossed coin there is a reversible swap in equilibrium. Recurent visions of events take me; some of which have been and others yet to meet the seer's light hence a premonition of sorts


Prudent do not need retractions
Focused shun all irrelevance
Wise review and revise actions
Pragmatic strive for a balance

Bold do right heedless of pressure
Good have a moral foundation
Humble not obsessed by power
True walk the talk with clear vision

In and Away

Here in the wake and want of you,
in the wetness and breaths that heave,
the taste of salt and of your hue.

Sharply flowing and heady, too.
Away from you I ache to grieve,
here in the wake and want of you.

Up late in constant thought of you,
trapped in the fantasies I weave.
The taste of salt and of your hue.

Each wasted moment that I rue,
each spot of you on me, I cleave,
here in the wake and want of you.

Tertiary tints:

An uncommon woman and a common man
Youthful, savvy, political partners in crime
Differing in creed but united in need to plan
A path to the top in record breaking time

Amoral obsession that would not be denied
With a slogan that would get the job done
Connived, survived and thrived as they plied
Their plans as “two for the price of one”.

Along the way came and went alliances
Promises, compromises, obligations
Dalliances, disagreements, disappearances
Reversals, reprisals and retractions

Parsing Personalized Patriotism:

What is true measure of a Patriot?
Marching and saluting an unfurled flag?
Cheering the fevered partisan riot?
Hounding one due to tagging by a rag?

Strongly supporting the right to differ
Holding our government accountable
Accepting good in opponent offer
Helping plans for nation to be stable

Soliloquy of A Demented Mind (Epilogue Side B)

For you I am dying
I am thine
I do not want to worm my way into your affections; neither do I want to inveigle myself to your heart
So I chase after you onerously
But even if I win your love it would be a pyrrhic victory because I would have lost so much energy
And that’s the worst part


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