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Editing - polished draft

I’ll Follow

Wheresoever on this earth
You feel you need to go
Allow me to accompany you
Bathing in your glow

Proximity is my desire
For when you hold me close
My soul ignites eternal fire
My heart is like blooming rose

But roses fade with summer suns
All things move in waves
You come and go like senseless tides
And all the force they have

Change the faces of my shore
Shaping our tomorrow
I take your hand in solemn vow
Where you go, I’ll always follow

We Could Be Legends

We could take this world by storm
We could heal the hearts that are torn
We could protect others with our lives
Or fight the darkness until light arrives

We could be why somebody else doesn't quit
We could be the ones the world can't forget
We could set this whole country on fire
We could take a risk and live on a high wire

Second Cup

She stands in the doorway
twisting, turning, and stretching,
intent on informing me of her decisions.
A velvety-smooth approach
I’ve delighted in many times.

“I think I’m going to have a second cup of coffee,
and stay in my pajamas a while longer.
I hope you’re okay with this?”

“I think you would be foolish not to,” I say.
“The best thing about knowing you’ll have a second cup
is it makes the first cup that much more amazing,
because you know you’re going to do it again.”


It is gone.
That pink and red muscle
Dissolved like candy
In its own fluids.
Or a curled pillbug
Surrendered to sleep indefinite
By the lottery box.
How it yowls
Cold from the living room
And severs from me
My child,


It’s cruel
hard standing here
watching you lying there
wasting away

Another day
you get up fight through it
and we forget
you’re dying

It’s cruel
now that you’ve turned your life around
and we’ve found we can be here
for each other

It’s hard
not knowing how long we have
will we meet again on the other side

Caught a glimpse of you sleeping
pillow pulled tight
holding on
for dear life

Pearls at Your Feet

I watch pink-blue horizons
as visions of your face
fade in the sinking sun
burn me in flames of your grace.

Reflections of satin white seas
open and shut walls
the Elysium of endless dreams
where shadow and light fall.

Nameless on these pages
weaving sweet tapestry
in sonnets, poetic sequences
as every word comes rapidly.

Secrets of your heart
touched by subtle motions
rise with a rising star
at the start of profuse notions.

Watch them- these masters of the stage
They take a bow to flaunt their privilege
a pseudo handshake of comradery
They speculate and cast the blame
contrived in their efforts to keep the upper hand

They’ll make you feel like less than nothing
forever chastised by their misogynist motif
they’ll trade you in- like a foreign currency
with no regard to what you’re worth

The Composer

I don’t know if she understands
the music she makes for me like I do.
Even though I can feel it plainly
simply when she breathes.

I listen to it over and over.
A melody so beautiful
it makes me feel sorry
for the shortcomings
of the best blueberry pie.


Screams into the night

Darkness gobbles up light

Drops in the blood

Rains down like a flood

Sharpness in the pain

Dwells within my brain

Fissures in the seams

Nightmares in my dreams

Why do you haunt me?

Your screams will not let me be

My eyes cry each night

To your everlasting delight

Underneath the Moon, you lied

You drew me in like the tide

Broke my heart on your rocks

Now me, you do ever mock

I sunk like a stone is my heart

Your screams keep us apart

The Morning I Turned Into a Fox

From the kitchen door
I bolted,
Taking the tablecloth with me,
Egg yolk
Coagulating in my fur.

You did not run after
Calling my name.
I wouldn't have understood
Your strange mewling, anyway.

I foraged,
Sang high-pitched tunes to
Mother Void all night.

The morning I came home
The screen door was open
Like a tin ellipsis.
I reeked of dirt,
Leaves, mud-caked feet.

You barely looked up
From your plate,
And pulled out my chair.


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