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Editing - polished draft


Angels fly
With beauty and grace
I could tell you are one
By the joy radiating from your face

You have always been my guardian
Protecting me on piers above
An advocate for peace
A soaring dove

You are the sun
Brightening my day
You can not protect me from all evil
But you try anyway

The Hallowed Black Pot

Passed by Aso the other day;
The hilly enclave in the midst of the three towns,
And witnessed the dance of the money bags.
Clad in robes of greed and lucre,
They twist their portly midriffs to the wanton beats,
Like beasts possessed by insane rage,
Bound in love by a common pot.


stretching gray
 sheet sentinels
  of bush


a symphony of rain
  a brook Rachmaninoff’s
   the cliche of entropy


Pastels of light
 reach canopy
  painting nature
   With one luminous
    golden strand


 crawling nose
  scampers retreat,
   as alien scents
    reach downwind


 Stark flamingo serenade,
  into the pink


the conjuring
 of disrobing life,

Could This Be True?

I first became intrigued when she said
she wanted to teach sign language at a
school for the blind

she thought people who spoke
with a British accent did it because
English was not their native tongue

she figured by attending enough spin classes
she wouldn't fly off into space
if Earth stopped spinning

she wished she had a twin sister
so she could know twice as much
or half as much...she wasn't sure which

Ode To A Space Heater (april contest)

oh, my little humming friend;

for beckoning my cats to
your pastures of warmth,
forsaking my lap
for another place to nap,
I can do nothing
but grunt
while freely admitting
a bit of jealousy,
we must do what's best for the cats

Oh, my dearest train station, how I love you.
The things you do are all so cool for the fool
That spills into your belly and runs like cold jelly
Trying to get someplace in a race whilst I sit
At your heart and am a quiet part of your pit
The pit of my dearest train station belching
Throwing up all the people from your misery
And then there is me quietly taking it in
You wonder why your bottom takes a pounding
Why all the rush and in such a hush whispering

Captive (cellar door workshop)

in brooding darkness
spoonfuls of lunar delight
induce swooning fools
to fanciful flight

wistful sighs
a twosome entwined
swelling fantasias
slowly arise

a whoosh of hope
has fanned rescue's flame
but the cellar door
slams all the same

so still

they remain


in silence

the brooding darkness


My Heart Needs You

Day after day
I think about you
Night after night
I toss in my sleep
Wondering what I mean to you
When you are away
I cry myself to sleep
Lo and behold I
Silently weep
For my heart cries out
Your name
But deep inside I'm feeling
The same
As I've done when we first met
Baby there is so many mistakes
That I regret

A Growing Need (Explicit content)

Like dawn in heat
I am already slave to your loins
our impending collision
the meeting of body and mind

A gentle run of tongue
shimmers parched rims,
lost fingers are confused
with buttons and holes

Slowly fabrics are rent
falling to retire in shreds
letting shadow and light
rest on the fusing of our skin

The rod of your desire
is arched to my wetness
as buds tip your lips
my mouth parts



Never knew my emptiness
Often getting into restlessness
Remembering the part that's bloom
I sat alone in the room

Just at my door a resounding knock
I jumped up to open the lock
There your charming and radiant pride
Quickly my heart’s door opened wide

Your warmth I got for free
Your song whispered love to me
As I reminisce your smile
I wish you were here a while


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