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Editing - polished draft

Odds Are...

Odds are something
Made up by man
To explain his failures
In reality
Everything is fifty-fifty
It either will
Or it won’t

Apricot Maso-kiss'd Yelpings

poetry is our riskiest breathplay:
wringing throatgrip wrought from unringed fingers
blood-choking-out and about our routines

cross-faced confusion/ red-cell infusion
our Bodies Electric with Whitman's words
oh! Little death expression impression

dated, mated, asphyxiated
pen sputters ink in gasping sentences
oratorical rhetoric silenced

angered almighty 'ass-fixed', (apt statement)
two curmudgeons bludgeoned; Eros dungeon
rejoiced in moist merger, innocent ooze


tick-tock tick-tock running out of time,
tick-tock tick-tock life is slowly drifting by,
tick-tock tick-tock pounding in my head,
tick-tock no time left,

stuck on repeat,
tick-tock a steady beat,
tick-tock here we go again,
tick-tock tick-tock it never ends,

time is a bell ringing in my ear,
it's a repeated tick-tock i can always hear,
it's a constant reminder of the time,
we have to live before we die,

Magpie Hill

As I sit on Magpie Hill,
amongst a kaleidoscope thrill,
caramel hillsides and hidden glens,
watching my dog run with canine friends,
chasing The Magpies, chasing some cranes,
to me it seemed rather mundane.
Sitting there enjoying the breeze,
enjoying life and changing leaves.

Ode To The Cellphone [March contest]

The cell phone that refers not
To a captive phone in a cell rather
A must have for the mobile lot
Constant companion for their blather.

What really puts many in a fright
That the towers of babble shut down
Taking away the essential birthright
Leaving the victims in a meltdown.

So, conversing when running
Communicating while driving
Speaking and showering
Calling during a meeting.

Addicted to calling culture
Endless appetite for the app
A creature of every feature
You are wired all over the map.

Putrid Precepts:





Forest Tapestry

A gentle breeze,
kiss of leaves,
each branch of the tree,
has it's minuet,
in forest tapestry.

Poplar, pollen, in drapery,
hanging moss,
lichen, so tirelessly.
Bush, tree, weave,
changing forest tapestry.

Raging brook, over flow,
nature changing, texture show.
Rock and stone, carelessly strewn.
Creating a home,
in forest tapestry.

Pot melting?

From all the places
An ethnic stew of faces
New castes of races

Fresh Canvas

Waves push to the shore quietly
Whispers of breaking up
Embers freshly burn out
Caress the silence in reflection

Nostalgic ocean remembrences

Springtime evening aroma of love

The sand warms naked feet

Affectionate embraces mourned

It’s washing away

The Lake During Winter

black ice
fracture echo

lay back
frozen bed


warm day
frosted night
settling moans


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