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Editing - polished draft

A Captain Speaks

As a bit stream,
into which river would you flow
if given the choice?
All is ahead, it is all there for you,
yet to be discovered. 5

You have motion and your dreams.
You burble some times with love,
and the restlessness of youth
drives the conviction that
You alone hold the power of the future. 5

The Standoff

You are not far away as the crow flies

I will be back with you by sunrise

The rain it starts to pour heavy down

As the blood soaks into the ground

As it slowly seeps into the soft dirt

I pray for less, but I get more hurt

I am a wanted man in this town

So I fire off just one more round

I have never been a violent man

The Police just do not understand

I feel a sting as it enters my mind

Hurt more when you left me behind

I know that they will lay me low

As through my eyes blood flows

Emotions In Seasons: How I feel and my favorites

December finds me at my hearth
warm-faced, poking up the fire.
Sliding into my favorite chair
book in hand, new worlds inspired.

Outside, snow is softly falling,
accumulating a velvet blanket of white
while I recline dreaming of good wishes,
candles lit on this Yule night.

January, the Sign of the Wolf
this year, meets with the full moon,
coming together in thoughts words and deeds
bring all aspects of life in tune.


Hold your head up high
Keep your shoulders square
Walk through the crowd like a winner
Smile and nod when you see them stare

Be brave and courageous
Never ask God why
He knows exactly what's He's doing
You'll never win if you never try

Prepare with a determined mind
Just do what you set out to do
Because at the end of the day
Your attitude is what defines you

a lovenote from the author

it’s the excitement
of running into your parents’
long, strong arms
after they arrive home from work.

maybe it’s in the back of a car,
or sitting on a pier,
the first time those butterflies flutter
as he leans in and kisses you.

it feels like that weight
you didn’t notice flattening your chest
until your best friend stands up
and tells those bullies to fuck off.

it’s that moment,
either playing soccer
or singing on a stage,
when passion prevails your whole body.

Christmas comings

Christmas comings

Sleigh bells ring
Kids play

Santa Claus comes

Christmas all day
All night

Everyday we
Spread love

Through out the year
For love


She argued about it
that: “Who knows what that is…
I raised a rock musician, and this
doesn’t belong in a poem,”

“No one will understand what that means…”
as if the adverb wasn’t an understandable action
and that she would, in her attack-dog way,
just be the final judge.

B And E

The same night once a year, someone breaks into my house

I have tried to catch him, but he is sneaky as a church mouse

I try to stay awake to see him, try as I might, but I never do

He doesn't just break into my house but my neighbor's houses too

They say he wears a red suit has a long white beard like a coot

He is said to carry a big bag stuffed with all kinds of loot

Once I set a trap for him of cookies and milk inside a glass

Almost caught him that year, but he was way way too fast

Pictures in Frames

As I amble through my days
people I love are no longer here,
but they frequently return to me
in unexpected moments
The memories often repeating

These keepsakes of them
alight in my thoughts
and find purchase in a smile

Keeping them close to me
on a cold seashore in winter,
in my dark hours with hit-and-run rain,
and in pictures in frames
still telling their stories

The Lost Samurai

She walked in the garden with flowers in her hair

Sounds of melancholy strings filled the night air

The pond was full of roses that had begun to fade

In a glass case in front of her, her lost lover laid

In her eyes, cold tears fell as she began to cry

She wept over her lost love, her lost Samurai

He was struck a mighty blow while at a far war

He fought bravely but was failed by his sword

In his last moments, he could only think of her

Of her tender lips and her sweet smell of myrrh


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