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Euclidian Squares

manicured vision-scapes;
nature trimmed into straight lines
and angles, sharp, clean, respectable.

obviously, to the symetric eyed,
it is the preferred version.
such a squared-away world
is not a place for me to be.
I'm a cock-eyed slob of a caretaker
indeed, a zenish-zoned snob
with my own rustic code
...let it go, let it grow, let it flow.

unkempt means time unspent
on policing tendencies
of leaves to blow
snow to fall
grass to grow

it has been my experience that
leaves blow away
snow will melt
grass has a terminal heighT

patients, not geometry
is my strong suit

it's gorgeous!

,,,but for those damn community standards....

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


Community standards?

mow your lawn, repair the porch, remove any undergrowth, or overgrowth, prune the trees, rake the leaves, shovel the sidewalk of snow etc.,

in other words, Keep your place "Squared-away" the way the the others around you like it.

"local norms bounding acceptable conduct"...(wikipedia)


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