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Self Surprise

furrowed brow
snarly smile
my fist flew
teeth a'flying
and he's down to his knees

it felt good

so tired of these
nasty ass mother fuckers'
attitude attacks

one punch,
or a thousand,
won't change anything
but it felt good
really good!

and to my consternation,
I felt damn good about it

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


the Knight on a board of black and white
the many moves this piece can do....
How we live...
and on extremities
causes man to lead mass migrations

and the snarly attitudes
be they street corner thug
patrolling the

the bashers
or the Power mongers
turning down a mortgage
loan..a job interview
from malice alone
for fun..For an indifference
or No reason whatsoever

sometimes it just
comes from society
from the one on one
a balance
the intuition as animals
to launch our offence

and even when
this occurs
we Indeed feel good

Ooops Through our
own full smiles!!!

Thank You!

brazen and dangerous
stick to mind sockets

like a kid
telling it over and over
it plays
better....and better

bad tasting medicine to some,
but the cure is worth it
ask any man
who is out in it...
this cranked up world

thanks for taking the time to comment
I am always appreciative


author comment

to some and the past present and future..
From Metropolis to Aldous Huxley
and Racheal smoking her cigarette..More Human then Human..
Humans follow...Lead...rebel...

our words like viruses waiting
to infect the waters of meeting
Like running to the heart of rivers
and minds of the hungry agitated

the trigger for any little moment
is the swing..

inertia I say

always enjoy reading your striking
works here
Like poetry of old the content is


Sometimes it feels good to feel good about a badish thing, he probably deserved it in the poem or real life LOL ;) I liked this poem its different from the norm most people wouldn't write about something like this, maybe ? because they would feel embarrassed that they had succumbed to their base instincts and everyone would know.

I really like the content you've given me an idea for a poem :) thank you

love JC xxx

("Always and Forever") - (Never lose a holy curiosity.-Albert Einstein)

I hope most people don't expect poetry to always be goody-goody, emo, happy/sad, poor me, sentementality.

Let it rock & raw all night long
not all poets are wusses!

glad you found some redemptive quality in the poem

stay tough!


author comment
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