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You Can't Take it With You

Squander your wealth on selfish wants,
Spend it all with no regrets,
Because taking it with you,
You might as well forget,

No you can’t take it with you,
And you won’t be coming back,
This much I know for sure,
Cause I ain’t never seen a Hearse with a luggage rack,

No you can’t take it with you,
This much is plain,
Because your dead,
So what use would you have for it anyway,

Spend your money,
Or give it to a friend,
Don’t worry about how much it costs,
Because you won’t care in the end,

Live life to it’s fullest,
Leave no stone unturned,
Dance inside the fire,
So you know what it’s like to get burned,

Cause if you don’t,
Then you won’t know,
What joys may come of it,
And you’ll have no scars to show,

When you get to heaven,
Or hell as it might be,
You will be an outcast,
And everybody will laugh at thee,

Cause if you think about it real careful like,
A thought will emerge,
Who has lived a fuller life,
The saint or the scourge,

The man who loves his life,
And all those he has in it,
Might feel as though his life was grand,
But his fire was barely lit,

And the guy who hates the world,
And everything within,
Who kills and steals for just mere thrills,
Will end feeling naught but chagrin,

Instead you need a balance,
Of the two of these in you,
A little heaven and a little hell,
Will leave you smiling when death comes due,

Don’t love to much,
And hate to little,
Or vice versa,
But find a spot somewhere in the middle,

Leave this world at peace and know,
That life and death,
Like all things,
Must come and go.

Zachary J. Eakin

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What I have been saying for can have all the money in the world and all the possessions but you can't take it with you in the end, so why bother hoarding it or focusing on it!!!! I love the line about a hearse with a luggage rack. Sounds like something I would say!!! Good write.

Keep Writing,

"Quoth said the Raven, NEVERMORE"

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