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The Comic Cowboy

With his goofy hat,
Topped with a smelly cat,
And his girlfriend named Pat,
And those insane suspenders,
That may have been in a few blenders,
He had the truck with the messed up fenders,
He looked like a goon,
When he carried his little spittoon,
And his bird dog named Coon,
His lip packed with Skoal,
All he did was mine coal,
Pants tucked in his boots,
He sure was a hoot,
And he sure as hell couldn’t shoot,
He couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn,
And when he missed he said darn,
He tried to shoot that barn,
And missed,
Well then the neighbor was pissed,
He hit that yak,
And that was the end of Zack.

Zachary J. Eakin & Celia L. Eakin

Last few words: 
My cousin and I wrote this poem while drunk. I think for all that it came out pretty well.
Editing stage: 


A fun piece that missed the barn twice that was the only wobbly in this fun piece, fun read, Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

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