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walk with me

Mist on the windows
shadows on the walls,
whispers in the night
from far away jaws

Softer are my cries
lighter my steps,
sinking ever deeper
into the depths

Thoughts of childhood
haunt my dreams,
my mothers waiting
eyes, are a gleam

The four walls close in
containing my pains,
hiding from the world
as it steadily gains

Thoughts turn to lists
that will never realise,
choosing to look backwards
at the love's that wont die

Memory's comforts
take me back home,
to places I wandered and
where hope lived to roam

my tears have dried up
a smile back on my face,
I'm ready for the journey
that I'll take into grace

my love will live on
in thoughts and words,
in each of you I leave
a song never heard

The walkabout girl
from down under below
has to leave you all here
within this golden glow

I no longer fear
what's coming for me,
I've repented my soul
my minds flowing free

The beauty and wonder
I've carved in my heart,
Is a gift for my God
my life's work of art

I give up to the stars
my pain and heartache,
to the universe at large
a love that wont break.

Always and forever
on infinitesimal sighs,
I will cherish each day
right to the day I die.

Don't cry for a loss
there isn't one,
death cant defeat
what's already won.

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Reading your poem felt like watching the gentle flow of a meandering river wetting the shores ready to flow into the is good to see you back Jayne...and wishing you the courage to stay well and feel good...

sending your way magic dust and warm hugs...

raj (sublime_ocean)

our mortal souls
a great beginning or
a great ending

all our acts
are progression
to change
of what we are
where we have
and where we
shall eventually

thank U for
sharing the journey
and your writing

I hope there will
be more Jayne!

there is also the knowledge that as long as someone is there to remember, you will live on!
You will have many, many people to remember you and your work, you have made a place in many hearts. I only hope that I will have as many places to live on as you do. Love and higgest bugs, ~ Gee.

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you are also


you were 44 years
4 and a half years ago
so why not revise your portfolio

you also are




Those places are not yours to rush toward, there is a time that a door will open.
Dwelling on these things will cause unrest within your Soul.
There is a theme here that has tried to see beyond that door before it opens, that you are not afraid to embrace the inevitability of us as we journey, there is a time allotted to us and it will be as a surprise.
Let us dwell on the now we have here, look out of your window, watch the old lady walk the street, there in a blink of an eye she will be gone to sweep away the fears we hold.
One day we will run along the beach feet flaying the warm sand, throwing up the grains to catch the sun as they settle in their haste, as I have been told many times there is no time in that place, so we are there already and the warm sand is held where the think slows things down for us to see.
Now one day at that time come join me in my cave we will have a cup of tea..
Loved the write though it was so sad in a way that is at the discretion of the reader,
Yours as always, Ian xxx

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Unconditional love to you all.
"Learn to love yourself first"
Yours as always, Ian.T, Sparrow, and Yenti

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