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Sunku 5 Workshop

Feels like crap
In this sunken place

Is as a
withered dead rose

Have no zeal
Under dark clouds
The sunsets
And it rises
Both are beautiful

Storms rage
Hides the sun
Nature just waits

Strives and grows
Strong among thorns

Editing stage: 


Oh I missed these interesting poems.
They smell like thunderstorms and roses.
They feel like separate creations and yet are connected by the symbol of rose. The volnerable, immanent and short lived beauty.
Thank you for sharing.

I think that we might want to discuss here
how we break the lines.
The most common way of doing it is when you want to pause.
So I would not leave a particle to hang at the end of the line. Even if it destroys the count. The ultimate goal is to create a poem a perfect syllabi progression.


My forte is short poetry writing. It’s why I love this workshop. SunKu is new to me. So break the lines how you view it. I inculcate it in my poetry style. I’m not educated in Poetry at all. I just write what I feel.

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Collaboration Poetry Workshop

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